Thursday, May 31, 2007



A Wild beach near Gradiste is about to become a nudist beach as of this summer if approved. The initiator for this project is, Goran Milik, the owner of the Sexy-shops "Valijant" who wants to create a super modern summer place just for nudists.

Yesterday he officially asked permission for doing this, the outcome? we don't know.

"I don't know why it shouldn't be used as a nudist beach, part of my idea is to make shower cabines and some bars, so the nudists can have a great time. If everything goes well i am hoping to see the beach opening at the first of July. The beach is already names as "Valijant beach". At the opening pornstar, Niki Belucci will provide the music who has become a popular DJ as well." said Goran Milik.

He also said that there will be a rich summer programm with famous pornstars who will come to Ohrid with tourist tours.

MD: Creating a nudist beach that's one thing. But bringing pornstars to Ohrid? that is ruining the image of this beautiful region, Ohrid should not become a sort of "Las Vegas". We'll see.


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The Macedonian national football team is carrying the goal at Biljanini izvori in Ohrid where the team is preparing for Saturday's match against Israel.


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Macedonian Police cracked down on an international human smuggling ring in a comprehensive regional operation, in which as many as 16 persons were arrested in Macedonia.

The Ministry of Interior announced that the action was carried out late Monday and Tuesday morning on different locations in Skopje and Gevgelija, after four-month surveillance and other operational measures.

As many as 150 members of the special task forces took part in the busting operation, in addition to 100 regular police officers, deployed in two dozen teams.

All detainees are Macedonian citizens. During the search of their homes and other locations, the police found several passports, stamps and photographs; intended for making false passports and personal ID cards of other states; a handgun and other items.

The arrested are suspected of having smuggled over 100 migrants from Albania, Turkey, and China. Pakistan and other Middle East countries.

"The price of their admission, producing personal documents and transfer to Greece totaled about 5.000 euros per person", said Ivo Kotevski, assistant to the Interior Minister.

Four of the 16 detainees were in charge of organizing the migrant groups, and the others were responsible for receiving, boarding provision, producing false documents and illegal transport.

The Police are due to hand over the detainees to an investigative judge, once they complete the questioning procedure.

The busting operation, coordinated by the SECI Center in Bucharest, was conducted in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, BiH and Austria.


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Wednesday, May 30, 2007



Piano virtuoso Simon Trpceski, accompanied by ten young Macedonian music names, will perform in Skopje’s Army Hall on June 19 and 20 at 20,00h, each lasting for about three hours. Cellist Nikolay Gimaletdinov will perform as guest at the concerts.
The June 19 concert’s program includes pieces by Brahms and Mendelssohn, while the following evening is comprised of works by Chopin, Schubert, Liszt, Grig, Dvorak, Paganini, Elgar, Sarasate.

“This is a unique project and opportunity for the public to see me in another light. These concerts will be my first serious domestic performance of chamber music and I am happy to play alongside young and talented Macedonian musicians”, said Trpceski at Monday’s press conference.

After the concerts, he will leave for the Festival of Chamber Music in Risor, Norway, where he is scheduled to play the same program. The latest CD by Trpceski, which includes pieces by Chopin, has been enlisted by the global critique among the best editions for 2007.

MD: Simon is getting more and more popular day by day across Europe. Appearing on charts, magazines, reviews and commercials at iTunes for his album.

  • [Simon Trpceski]

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    Macedonian Australian football club, Preston Lions have extended their unbeaten streak to 10 matches after an entertaining three-all draw with rival South Melbourne (Greek based) in round twelve of the Foxtel Cup at Bob Jane Stadium.
    Zoran Petrevski, Tony Sterjovski and Marinos Gasparis were all on target for the visitors as Goran Lozanovski's men made the most of some patchy goalkeeping.

    It was Preston who had the initiative early on and were ahead after only seven minutes.

    South Melbourne worked their way back into the game as Nick Curtis' strike from outside the area found its way into the back of the Preston net after only 15 minutes. Preston took the lead for the second time in the match in the 67th minute.

    Preston thought they had the game in the 71st minute as Marionos Gasparis struck the ball from almost the touchline and bent the ball into Tosic's back post to give the Lions a grip on all three points. Billy Natsoulis handed South Melbourne a lifeline with ten minutes remaining. South Melbourne continued to press and their hard work was rewarded as once again Natsoulis found the back of the net to complete a remarkable comeback and level the scores at three a piece after 86 minutes.

    Preston Lions are currently on fourth place with 20 points, next week they will face Essendon Royals, who hold the third place of the table.

    MD: Again unbeaten, too bad they didn't win though, but better luck next time at home against Essendon!


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    Athens is in a awkward position regarding the name dispute with Macedonia after Skopje won a "confidence vote" from NATO and Washington, Greek daily Ethnos said on Tuesday.

    One of the most important messages to support Macedonia will occur on 28-29 June in Ohrid, during the meeting of NATO defense and interior ministers, Greek daily said.

    The Ohrid meeting will put Athens in difficult position because it will demonstrate NATO's commitment to overlook the problems in relations between Greece and Macedonia, in order to secure Macedonia's NATO membership.

    According to Ethnos, Athens has not yet decided who will represent the country in Ohrid. Greek delegation will be put in awkward position simply because the country's name will be used by the host country.

    On the other hand, if Greece doesn't attend the meeting, it will be a major blow on constructive stance of Greece's foreign policy, Ethnos daily said.

    MD: That's a dilemma they have :) Nice to see they finally get the point that they are on the lose!


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    Tuesday, May 29, 2007



    Macedonian top model, Marjana Stanojkovska (23) from Skopje returned from the pageant contest "Miss Hawaiian Tropic International '07" in Las Vegas two days ago where she managed to get in the top 15 of 80 participants.

    A part of the prizes she has won with this contest, is a working contract with the famous and most watched television game show in the USA, "Deal or no Deal", recording tv commercials and being photographed by the best photographers in the states.

    At the contest, Marjana was wearing corset, creating of Aleksandar Nospal, the same Karolina was wearing at the Eurovision of 2002. As in the style of the Falanga of Alexander the Great, she also had a ancient Macedonian shield and spear.

    These accessories caused a small problem at "Alexander the Great" airport in Skopje. The border police thought Marjana was exporting Cultural heritage, after half an hour explaining to them what it was about, she finally could take of for the USA.

    MD: That's wonderful! Let's hope we'll see her in Deal or no deal soon.

  • [Marjana @ Hawaiian tropic girls]
  • [Hawaiian Tropic Int. '07]

  • [Vest]

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    Pobeda from Prilep are the champions of the Macedonian first football league of this season. This time Macedonian football was interesting like never before and the champion had to be decided in the last round.

    Before the last 33rd round Pobeda had 2 points lead over the former champion, so Rabotnicki still had hopes for the title. In the last round they had to win over Makedonija GP and hope for a surprise in Tetovo where Pobeda played away to struggling Shkendija.

    The thunderstorm during the match in Tetovo didn't stop the celebration of Pobeda's players but it only delayed it. The heavy rain forced the officials to stop the match for 20 minutes, so this match ended later. At the same time Rabotnicki Kometal had to win on the derby in Skopje over Makedonija GP so they can keep their chances for the title. The football fans in Skopje saw great play full with goals, chances and fighting spirit on both sides and a match that ended with 3:3 and 3 red cards. With this result Rabotnicki lost their chances for the title even before knowing the final result from the match in Tetovo where Pobeda secured their title with an routine 0:2 over Shkendija.

    MD: Congratulations to Pobeda! Thanks to for the news, look for more after the jump.

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    MD Network

    It's the biggest hit in Macedonia and elsewhere in Southern Europe at the moment;
    Deep dish - We gonna feel it

    Any ideas for the next “Song of the Week”? Let us know!
    Mail to:

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    Jugglers, acrobats, magicians and musicians from all over the world, along with 38 domestic entertainers opened Friday the second edition of “Buskerfest”, which will be held at several Skopje locations until June 3.

    The audience can enjoy the acts, including playing with fire, music and diverse dances, along with the clowns and moving statues dressed in costumes.
    The manifestation is organized by civic association “One Way”, under the auspices of the City of Skopje.

    MD: Nice initiative! Skopje needs more of these street performers, like almost every capital city in Europe.


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    Government allies VMRO-DPMNE and the Democratic Party of Albanians (DPA) are expected to continue the talks to bridge the crisis in the coalition government.

    After the late Sunday's meeting of the Prime Minister and VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski and DPA's deputy head Menduh Thaci, the follow-up of the talks is almost certain.

    Gruevski and Thaci made no comments on the meeting that took place at VMRO-DPMNE quarters in Skopje.

    The crisis in the coalition government deepened late Saturday after the statement of DPA's deputy head Menduh Thaci, saying his party will drop out.

    He blamed the ruling VMRO-DPMNE of non-compliance with the agreement. Thaci also objected the lack of communication between the government allies.

    Prime Minister Gruevski denied the alleged final agreement between VMRO-DPMNE and DUI, which was the main reason for DPA's outrage.

    Gruevski made it clear that Thaci was kept updated about the negotiations with DUI. He qualified Ahmeti's statement that everything was agreed as "speculations".


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    Monday, May 28, 2007



    Macedonian football coaches, Cedomir Janevski and Bosko Djurovski both managed to get some international fame in European football.

    Cedomir Janevski, former Vardar, Brugge and Macedonia NT player, now head coach of Club Brugge from Belgium lead his team into the finals of the Belgian cup and managed to win it on Saturday against Standard Liege with 1-0. Cedomir left Olympiakos CFP as assistant trainer in December of last year and he followed up Emilio Ferrera in January, who was fired because of dissapointing results.

    Janevski signed a contract with Brugge untill the this summer as head coach and is asked to continue at Brugge after June as assistant coach. He had much comments and no one really believed in Janevski when he began, but he proved everyone was wrong, on the day that he and his team lifted the Belgian cup, he did what no one expected, Cedomir just did it! Will he stay at Brugge as an assistant? Or will he go to another club and continue as a head coach?

    Other Macedonian, Bosko Djurovski, former FC Red Star Belgrade(Crvena Zvezda), Macedonian NT player and elder brother of Milko Djurovski managed to win the Serbian competition and the Serbian cup as head coach of FC Red Star Belgrade.

    MD: Congratulations to the both of them! Maybe one of these two are a good replacement for our NT when Katanec is gone?

    [Club Brugge]
    [FC Red Star]

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    The United Nations General Assembly has elected former Macedonian foreign minister Srgjan Kerim as its president. He will take over when the 62nd session begins in September. From U.N. headquarters, VOA's Peter Heinlein reports the president-elect played down expectations for radical change of the 192-member body. The election was by consensus, in the world body's tradition.

    In an acceptance speech to the assembly Thursday, Kerim pledged to help promote effective multilateralism to tackle global issues. However, speaking to reporters afterward, he cautioned not to expect dramatic change in an organization where members often have conflicting views.

    On issues such as expanding the 15-member Security Council, he said his goal will be simply to "push the stone forward". "You know this organization started with 11, then to move to 15 it took years and years," he said. "So now we are discussing it 16 or 18 years. There is no magic stick of the president or of the secretary-general, which can make things go or stop them. I don't think that it is a problem of the organization always, and that it is inherent in the United Nations that they are not efficient by definition, by default. No, it is sometimes the lack of political will of the states."

    Kerim served as Macedonia's foreign minister in 2000 and 2001, and was later ambassador to the United Nations. He is currently manager of a German-owned media company.

    Because of a dispute with neighboring Greece, the country is known officially at the U.N. as The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. It is listed alphabetically among the 192-member countries under "T", for "The." While many nations refer to it as simply "Macedonia," but Greece objects, arguing this amounts to a territorial claim on Greece's northern province of the same name.

    When asked by a reporter about the name dispute, the General Assembly president-elect diplomatically avoided the issue. "As you know, on that very issue, the secretary-general has his envoy," he said. "The envoy is in charge of it. The two governments, the government of Macedonia and the government of Greece, they are negotiating, talking about it, and I would leave it to them. The president of the General Assembly and the General Assembly should not interfere in that process."

    Kerim assumes the General Assembly presidency September 18, when the next session convenes. His term runs for one year. He will succeed the current president Sheikha Haya Rashed al-Khalifa of Bahrain.

    MD: Congratulations to Kerim! He is the first Macedonian with such a function.


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    Local media report that the crisis within the ruling coalition in Macedonia deepens.

    The International Macedonian Revolutionary Organization-Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity(VMRO-DPMNE) and the Democratic Party of Albanians (DPA) coalition is put to the test with the resignation of the Deputy Minister of Interior Refet Elmazi.

    As a mark of solidarity, Deputy Director of the Bureau for Public Safety Vsfi Doko, high official in the Safety Security office Remzi Salihu and Head of Department for Civil Affairs Nafi Doko also handed their resignations Saturday, Macedonian Kanal 5 reported.

    MD: Menduh Tahci, vice president of DPA already said that DPA is leaving the government.


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    Saturday, May 26, 2007



    A retired British teacher in her nineties took a cab to Aegean Macedonia to see the site where Alexander the Great took lessons from Aristotle, AFP reported on Thursday.

    Kathleen Searles made the trip from Britain to Aegean Macedonia accompanied by her nurse, spent half an hour at the site of Aristotle's School, then got back in the cab for the journey of several thousand kilometres (miles) home, ANA said.

    Searles had a lifelong dream to visit the site near the city of Neguš (Naoussa), where the famous philosopher tutored the heir to the Macedonian throne and other nobles in 342 BCE.

    The teachings of Aristotle, one of the leading philosophers of the antiquity, are believed to have heavily influenced Alexander, who resolved to spread ancient Macedonian/Hellenic culture in the vast empire he subsequently carved out in modern-day Turkey, Egypt, Persia and India.

    MD: Very interesting, much respect to that lady! And also to the cab driver :)


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    FK Vardar will play in the first qualifying round of next season's UEFA Cup after beating league leaders FK Pobeda 2-1 in Thursday's Macedonian Cup final.

    The Skopje side twice evaded the Pobeda offside trap in the first half to take a decisive lead as they claimed their fifth cup success. Dimce Ristevski sent Hristijan Kirovski through on goal to beat Darko Tofilovski for Vardar's first after 22 minutes, and captain Wandeir was then allowed to slip the net to double his side's advantage five minutes later.

    Aleksandar Krsteski and Blagoja Gesoski both missed presentable chances to get Pobeda back into the game before Miodrag Jovanovic's 72nd-minute shot was only half blocked by Vardar goalkeeper Jorde Georgeivski, allowing Marjan Nacev to score. However, Vardar ended the game looking the more dangerous side, with Tofilovski making saves from Wandeir and Ristevski.

    Pobeda Prilep must now settle their nerves and look ahead to Sunday's league finale, as they travel to FK Shkendija 79. Two points clear of second-placed FK Rabotnicki, a win will guarantee them their second title since independence and a place in the first qualifying round of next season's UEFA Champions League.

    MD: Congratulations to Vardar! Now it's awaiting for the winner of the league.


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    In glamour and style, the keys of the Bentley were handed over to the Macedonian buyer, and also the first Macedonian to buy a Bentley.

    More specific, it's a Bentley Continental Flying Spur which will be driving thru Macedonian streets from now on.

    Trajce Leov, owner of "Leov" company got his new car's keys personally handed over by a representative of "Bentley Wien" at the special handing over in hotel Aleksandar Palace.

    MD: That's a hot car! May mister Trajce enjoy his new toy on the MK streets!

  • [Leov Kompani]

  • [MakFax]

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    Jail sentences for bribery, ranging from six months to two years, were pronounced to 13 police officers from the Bogorodica border crossing.

    Around 50 police and customs officers from the border crossings, which were taped while breaking the law by receiving bribe of 5, 10 or 20 Euros, were arrested in February this year.

    Highest sentence of two years was sentenced to the head of shift Igor Markov.

    Lawyers of the accused after the sentence said that some of the accused carry absolutely no guilt.

    The 13 police officers on Wednesday will be released from detention and will remain free until the validity of the sentence.

    Only one of the police officers was acquitted.

    MD: The fight against corruption, it's a long one, but step by step we'll get there


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    Friday, May 25, 2007



    The latest archaeological finding, a sculpture of the mythological flier Daedalus, the father of Icarus, was recently excavated at site Plaosnik in Ohrid and presented before Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and the media on Wednesday.

    "The bronze sculpture is probably unique on the Balkans and beyond, because there is no similar one recorded in professional literature. It is believed that it dates from the Macedonian-Hellenic period, 2nd century B.C.", said director of the Bureau for Cultural Heritage Protection, archaeologist Pasko Kuzman, adding that the sculpture had an invaluable historic significance for Macedonia.

    The Government finances archaeological excavations within project for revival of St. Kliment's University in Ohrid.

    MD: Wow, the findings keep on going and become everyday more interesting! Read more about the myth of Daedalus and Icarus on the link below.

  • [The myth of Daedalus and Icarus]

  • [Vest]

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    Greece is one of the few countries in the EU with a significant mining business and exports of mineral products. This growing sector in the economy, especially in the mining of lignite, is becoming increasingly more valuable for the country.

    The Ministry of Development is now proposing that gold mining, begin in Aegean Macedonia, on Chalkidiki.

    MD: Too bad Greece is taking the 'Macedonian' gold. There is said to be gold in the Vardar Macedonia region too.

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    Macedonians in the federal electorate of Scullin have won a long fight to start their own ALP branch, despite strong opposition from within their own party.

    Unsuccessful attempts to set up a Thomastown West Macedonian branch through the ALP administrative committee last year forced branch representatives to present a controversial motion at the party's state conference in March. Under conference rules, the party must consider any motions put forward, a loophole exploited by the group with the first application for a new branch to the conference.
    Branch president Sasha Nackovski (pictured) said the branch was open for business after its first meeting on May 10.

    "We had to exploit an ALP loophole to get this branch going," the Mill Park resident said. "This is a very significant victory for my community."" Mr Nackovski said the loophole was used to overturn rejection by the party's state administrative committee. "There was a lot of bad feeling from our community towards the ALP over this," he said. "I had a lot of support from the community. . .time will tell us what the impact over this will be."

    Scullin has 753 ALP members in eight branches, including three ethnic branches representing Greek, Italian and Turkish backgrounds.

    Whittlesea councillor Stevan Kozmevski, who presented the motion, said it was a 'real battle' to have state delegates see the benefit of having another ethnic-based ALP branch in Scullin. "We were going around and around before the majority agreed at the state conference," he said. "But we overcome every hurdle. This is a real victory." Cr Kozmevski said the Macedonian community would have a real say in the ALP and Victorian politics. "I'm quite sure the Macedonian community will take it on with open arms," he said. "It will be a voice for the Macedonian community within the ALP to express their views."

    Mr Nackovski said the aim of the branch was to give Macedonians, especially the younger generation, a voice in the ALP. According to 2001 ABS figures, 6112 Whittlesea residents, or 5.4 per cent, were born in Macedonia, making them the second largest ethnic community living in the city behind Italians.

    MD: Something good for the Macedonian community!


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    Macedonian Economy Minister Vera Rafajlovska called today in Beijing the Chinese companies to invest in the Macedonian duty free zones.

    In the course of the talks with her host, the Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce and Head of the Department of European Affairs, Yu Guangzhou, Rafajlovska presented the conditions and possibilities for investments in Macedonia.

    Marija Vesova, the spokeswoman of the Economy Ministry, told Makfax that the Minister insisted on persuading the Chinese side that Macedonia's population should not serve as a basis for assessing the market, as it broadens significantly when taking into consideration country's membership in CEFTA and agreements with EU.

    "I believe China will find an interest to invest in our free economic zones, which will bring it closer to the European market", Rafajlovska said.

    Macedonian Minister accepted gladly the Chinese offer to send experts to Macedonia to convey reach Chinese experiences in attracting foreign investments, having in mind the fact that over 600.000 foreign companies are registered in China.

    During her visit to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, Rafajlovska presented the tenders for small hydroelectric plants and several projects including Vardar Valley, construction of highways and skyscrapers.

    Macedonia has gladly accepted the offer to take part at the Agriculture Fair slated for November in China.

    Before heading back to Macedonia on Sunday, Rafajlovska will pay visit to several high-tech industrial zones.

    MD: The Minister also said that Macedonia is preparing intensively for participation at the EXPO 2010, which will take place in Shanghai. Chinese are slowly taking over the world, so let them spend some money in our country too! :)


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    Thursday, May 24, 2007



    The Macedonian Cultural Center in New York will dedicate Day of Literary-May 24 to Heraklea. Debate of academics and professionals referring to this significant Macedonian site will be held, along with a photograph exhibition and a video-projection.

    The brochure for the U.S. public reads that Heraklea is a strategically important and rich site in Macedonia. Part of the site includes valuable monuments from the Roman period, as well as rich floor mosaic done in different techniques at 1,300m2.
    Moreover, Heraklea was an important center located at the road between the Adriatic and Aegean seas.

    MD: If you are able to visit, you should, look for more info at the website below

  • [Gallery MC NY]

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    The new Sports stadium in Skopje in the middle of construction. The stadium is built for the European Women's Handball Championship 2008 which is being held in Macedonia.

    PHOTO/Daniel Maco (Photo credit should read Daniel Maco/@ Xtratime Forums)

    [MD Network]

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    The 10th international children folklore festival “Ss. Kiril and Metodij” was formally opened in Ohrid’s Antique Theatre on Wednesday, followed by a parade through the town’s streets.

    The traditional festival, which lasts for five days, will include the participation of ensembles from several Macedonian cities, as well as clubs from Poland, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and Bulgaria.

    “This year’s jubilee edition includes the performances of about 850 children from eight European countries”, says festival director Dobrivoe Manasievic.
    After the Ohrid concerts, festival participants will visit Struga and Vevcani, where children will perform in their country costumes. The festival will be closed with a gala concert in Skopje’s Universal Hall on Sunday.

    Ensemble of folk songs and dances “Koco Racin” from Skopje is the organizer of international children folklore festival “Ss. Kiril and Metodij”.

    MD: This is a great event, organized by Ensemble "Koco Racin" from Skopje.


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    Manifestation “Days of Macedonian Culture” is held for the first time in Novi Sad and Zrenjanin, Vojvodina-Serbia this week, untill Friday.
    “Days of Macedonian Culture” includes Macedonian artists, as well as Macedonians living and working in Vojvodina. Special guests are Kaliopi, Vasil Zafircev, Ivana Tasev, Bodan Arsovski.

    The formal opening is comprised of a photograph exhibition by journalist and photographer Ivana Tasev titled “Personal Space”, which was promoted in Skopje’s cultural center “Tocka” in 2006.

    MD: After the other days of Macedonian culture in Cologne, again a great event, paying a tribute to our culture.


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    Wednesday, May 23, 2007



    Dragan Dautovski promoted a Neolith pipe excavated in the Ohrid-Struga region in Bitola Center of Culture. The pipe is over 7,000 years old, made out of burned clay.

    According to Dautovski, a few such pipes have been revealed in Neolith settlements in Macedonia.The promotion was held within the establishment of the World Center for Macedonian Neolith Research in Bitola.

    Culture Minister Arifhikmet Xhemaili said at the ceremony that Pelagonija has started to reveal the oldest Neolith artifacts before the world.

    MD: This is very interesting, recently we informed you also about a 6000 year old flute which was found and also played by Dautovski


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    A Macedonian delegation is staying in Rome to attend the traditional ceremony, 'Macedonia Honours Saint Cyril'.

    On Thursday, Pope Benedict XVI will stage an audience for the Macedonian delegation, headed by Parliament President Ljubisha Georgievski.

    Georgievski is scheduled to have a tête-à-tête meeting with the Pontiff.

    Macedonian delegation, which includes Culture Minister Arifkemet Xhemaili, will place a wreath at the tomb of the scholar Saint Clement at the San Clemente basilica on the 24th of May. The Head of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, Archbishop Stefan, will hold a prayer service.

    The observance of the traditional event "Macedonia Honors Saint Cyril" began in Rome on Tuesday evening with the exhibition "Macedonians Bronzes", prepared by Macedonia Museum at Palazzo della Cancelleria Gallery.

    Parliament President Georgievski will meet his Italian counterpart Fausto Bertinotti.

    MD: Nice initiative! Several bronze pieces which were found in Macedonia are exhibited in Rome and the event includes a promotion of the Italian-language monography entitled Byzantine Macedonia, written by Sasho Korunovski and Elizabeta Dimitrova.


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    Germany's support to Macedonia in terms of cooperation on a governmental and parliamentary level will improve the already solid political, economic and cultural relations.

    Macedonian Ambassador to Germany, Gjorgji Filipov, said this at the opening of the manifestation "Macedonian Days 2007", taking place in Cologne.

    The Cologne-based information center "Europa Direkt" stands behind the event that will last until Saturday.

    This traditional manifestation is aimed at presentation of the political and cultural specifics of the aspirant-counties for membership in the European Union, Macedonian Foreign Ministry announced.

    The event opened with an art photography exhibition "Motifs from Macedonia", displaying works of the Macedonian photographers Hristina Patcheva and Dejan Kolevski.

    A serie of lectures, and an electronic version of Macedonian-German dictionary will be presented.

    School children and students will take part in a quiz show including questions relating Macedonia's geography and culture. The top-ranked participants will receive symbolic awards and a trip to Macedonia in the summertime.

    Milcho Manchevski's "Before the Rain" and Darko Mitrevski's "Balkan-kan" will be screened in the course of the manifestation "Macedonian Days 2007".

    MD: This is a great event! Let it be a succes


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    The United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) called upon Australia to urge Greece to uphold the rights of the Macedonian national minority living in this country.

    UMD's appeal to the Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard, comes in the eve of the meeting with his counterpart Greek Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis, who is paying an official visit to Australia.

    "UMD encourages the Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard to use his meeting on Wednesday, May 23, 2007 with his counterpart Greek Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis to call on Greece to cease the repression of its ethnic minorities", UMD's letter says.

    The organization of the Macedonian Diaspora also urged Canberra to recognize the Republic of Macedonia under its constitutional name.

    "Australia should play a more constructive role in Southeastern European affairs by recognizing the Republic of Macedonia under its constitutional name, as have the majority of permanent members of the UN Security Council, and by encouraging Greece to meet its human rights obligations and to protect the civil liberties for all of its citizens" says the letter.

    Reminding on a series of facts relating violation of human rights of minorities living in Greece, including the Macedonian one, UMD has notified Howard that the Council of Europe, OSCE, State Department, the European Court of Human Rights and a number of international organizations, have all found Greece guilty of human rights abuses.

    Therefore, United Macedonian Diaspora urged Australia to condemn the violation of human rights by Greece, to call upon this country to protect the human and civil rights of all of its citizens and to recognize the Republic of Macedonia under its constitutional name.

    MD: Karamanlis and Bakoyannis are both paying a visit to Australia and New Zealand. Australia has probably the most Macedonian diaspora members and still not recognized us under our constitutional name, they also have a big Greek population.


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    Tuesday, May 22, 2007



    Health Minister Imer Selmani issued an order prohibiting swimming and recreational activities along parts of river courses of Vardar, Treska and Pcinja.

    The announcement specifies that the prohibition applies to the Treska River - from the Matka Dam to the mouth of Vardar River, Vardar River - from the mouth of Treska River to the Greek border and Pcinja River - from Katlanovska Banja to the mouth of Vardar River.

    The prohibition has been issued upon authorization of the Agriculture Minister Aco Spasenovski and in accordance with IV and V water cleanliness level, established by the Healthcare Protection Offices.

    MD: We dont know about the other ones, but we don't think anyone wants to swim in the Vardar :)

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    Macedonian Australian football club, Preston Lions extended their unbeaten run to nine straight games by defeating rivals Heidelberg (Greek community). In an intense struggle, a Johnny Sapazovski strike on the hour was the difference between the two sides.

    With the game coming to a close, a goalmouth scramble in the Preston penalty area resulted in a red card to Michael Miskas and a penalty awarded to Heidelberg in the 88th minute. Miskas was shown the door by referee Perry Mur for a deliberate handball on the goal line. Nick Marinos stepped up for the Bergers but his shot smashed against the crossbar, into the back of keeper Aceski and out for a corner.

    Next week the Preston Lions Football Club meet its other and, probably biggest arch rival, South Melbourne (Another Greek based club) in round twelve of the Foxtel Cup (VPL) on Sunday 27th of May at 4.30pm at Bob Jane Stadium. The match is only open to Southern Melbourne fans though.

    MD: Wonderfull! On to the 10th victory in a row and let them smash the South melbourne Greeks too!


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    US President George Bush will announce on the 10th of June in Tirana, Albania that Macedonia would receive an invitation for membership in NATO under its constitutional name.

    Greek newspaper Ta Nea published this information today, adding that the Greek politicians are helplessly watching the developments leading to defeat in the battle on the name.

    The paper says that this event would take place a month after the letter sent by the US State secretary Condoleezza Rice to the Macedonian Foreign Minister Antonio Miloshoski, confirming US's strong support to Macedonia's efforts to become a member of NATO.

    Ta Nea slammed Greek Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis on her tepid response to Rice's letter, suggesting that Minister should have send a note of protest, instead of commenting that Greece and not USA is bordering with Macedonia.

    MD: Opaa! That's right, only Macedonia for us!


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    MD Network

    Roger Sanchez is visiting Macedonia soon, so here this weeks song of the week: Roger Sanchez - Turn on the music

    Any ideas for the next “Song of the Week”? Let us know!
    Mail to:

    [MD Network]

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    Monday, May 21, 2007



    Yesterday morning, Macedonian Gligor Delev conquered the highest mountain in the world, the 8.848 meters Mount Everest.

    Delev, born in Skopje who lives in the Canadian city of Montreal, climbed the top as a member of the Alpine expedition "Est Everest 2007", which exists of 10 Alpineers from Serbia, Bosnia and Republika Srpska.

    The expedition will return to the Base camp today. Currently they are 1 km below the highest top.

    Delev is a medical emergency specialist who is a Alpineer for seven years now. Before the Everest he has climbed 20 mountains above 5.000 meters.

    MD: Thats great! Congrats to him! Dimitar Ilievski was the first Macedonian ever to climb the everest in 1989, but he past away when trying to come down of the mountain.


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    About 400 performers of authentic songs and instruments took part at this year's 33rd international festival "Pece Atanasovski" at Rudina near village Dolneni (Prilep) last weekend.

    The festival included participants from Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia and Australia.

    A traditional parade of participants through Prilep streets marked the festival's opening. Saturday's program also included discussions on topic "Issues of Current Interest on Music-Folklore Tradition", as well as concert in honor of manifestation "Prilep-City of Culture".

    In the course of the weekend, folklore lovers showed their skills in performing authentic songs at authentic instruments. A statue, "Gajdadzija" (Bagpiper) was presented to the best performer or a folklore group, while "Pece Atanasovski's Bagpipe" is traditionally given to the best foreign performer.

    MD: It was a succesfull event, with much attendants!


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    “An Inn on the Road to Europe,” a film directed by Mladen Krstevski, the production of MS Produkcija and Macedonian Radio and Television was shown this weekend within the 4th International Film Festival in Tupelo, Mississippi.

    “Inn on the Road to Europe” has been shown in festivals in Cuba, Greece and Armenia. The film stars Vesna Dimitrovska, Vasil Zafircev, Mladen Krstevski, Danco Cevrevski, Blagoja Spirkoski-Dzumerko. Director of photography is Slobodan Stojkov and Miodrag Necak has written the scores.


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    Saturday, May 19, 2007



    Balkan superstar Tiyana is charismatic, warm sophisticated and slightly wild, she exudes energy, has a great voice and has to be seen and heard! And now, she storms onto the UK music scene with her sensational new album “100 Reasons”.

    It marks a notable change of musical direction for Tiyana, seeing her embrace a new, edgier dance sound. The album is a confident collection of cool pop songs that is sure to affirm her position as one of the most exciting artists on the current music landscape.

    Her original new album tracks highlight the exotic musical influences to be found in always eclectic multicultural Balkan, and are reflection of her own experiences and observations. She has evolved into a sophisticated singer and songwriter. She has co-written all the songs on her latest album, teaming up with top producers/songwriters of the highest standards in current music industry.

    Definitely the one to see, in her up coming concert in September this year, in London 's favourite - Mean Fiddler – part of the famous London Astoria at 157 Charing Cross Road WC2.

    Rectification: We anounced that the event would be on the 23rd of this Month, as was supposed to. But the event has moved to September. We are sorry for the inconvenience

    More info will follow, closer to date...

    MD: That's wonderful, those of you in the UK, why not visit? Also the event will support the Leukaemia Research Fund. Thanks to Vesna for this one!

    For more details, check the link below or email to:

  • [Tijana Dapcevic]
  • [Leukaemia Research]

  • [MD Network]

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    High school graduates from Skopje and other Macedonian towns, together with about 24,000 counterparts from over 40 European cities, danced Friday "The Quadrille" of Strauss opera "The Bat". The manifestation is part of project "High School Graduates Parade", organized in Macedonia, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Serbia.

    "I believe this day will remain long in your memory, because you are at the beginning of a new part in your lives. I wish you happiness and success. You have the chance to put Macedonia in the Guinness Book of Records through the Quadrille", said Skopje Mayor Trifun Kostovski in the opening address.

    EU Ambassador to Macedonia Ervan Fouere saluted the high school graduates in Macedonian and Albanian languages, wishing them a merry life, just like Strauss' dance.

    "I am certain that you - the youth - will bring Macedonia into the European Union very soon", he added.

    According to organizers, the Guinness Record was been toppled by over 500 more pupils who danced, in comparison to last year's record of 23,628.

    MD: Congratulations to them all! And nice they broke the record!:)


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    A Lebanese-born German, who accuses the CIA of having kidnapped and tortured him, has been arrested on suspicion of setting fire to a shop in Bavaria.
    German police arrested Khaled al-Masri near the shop in Neu-Ulm on Thursday. He was sent to a psychiatric clinic and the fire was quickly extinguished.

    His lawyer said his client had lacked proper psychological counselling.

    Mr Masri says he was kidnapped in Macedonia in 2003, flown to a secret jail in Afghanistan and tortured there.

    He says he was detained for five months before being released in Albania after the Americans realised they had got the wrong man.

    Munich prosecutors have ordered the arrest of 13 suspected CIA agents in connection with the alleged "extraordinary rendition" case.

    Mr Masri says his case is an example of the US practice of flying foreign terror suspects to third countries without judicial process for interrogation or detention.

    He told the BBC in February: "I'm suffering from stress - this experience has left me traumatised."

    His German lawyer, Manfred Gnjidic, said Mr Masri had acted out of desperation after arguing with staff at the shop in Neu-Ulm.

    MD: You all may remember him of accusing the CIA and Macedonian police forces of torturing in a hotel room in Macedonia and handed over by the Macedonian police to the CIA who took him to Afghanistan. After a while he spoke out his story and there was much talked about in Europe after that, especially about secret CIA flights over Europe.

  • [November article]

  • [BBC]

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    The 3rd Aster Fest, a festival dedicated to independent works and film authors in Southeast Europe will be held on May 31-June 4 in Strumica and its surroundings. The festival is increasingly becoming appealing for young filmmakers in the region and elsewhere. It is announcing 50 short-length, middle-length and long-length documentary and feature films coming from 25 countries.

    Since last year, the documentary programme of the festival has become competitive, and best films are conferred Golden, Silver and Bronze Horseshoes upon a decision of a jury. What is interesting this year is that a few Macedonian films and works by Macedonian-born authors living beyond Macedonia are taking part in the festival.

    Competing for awards will be an extraordinary Macedonian-Slovenian production, the documentary authored by Petra Seliskar and Brand Ferro, “The Grandmothers of the Revolution,” a film that should open at the Frosina cinema within its regular repertoire; “A Trip to Vis Major” by Macedonian Belgian Georgi Lazarevski; Bulgarian documentary “In a Particularly Harsh Way” by Rosen Elezov; and “Sugar City,” a film pronounced the best in Greece and Cyprus; as well as Bosnian “Carnival” by Trieste award winning Alen Drljevic.

    The films are divided in seven programme categories: competitive Aster Docs; Balkan Fiction, One Woman – One Film, (Pan)Human Right, Mary-Dions, Moovieland, and Dedications. A special cycle with recent Albanian production will be shown this year in collaboration with the Albanian Film Centre.

    MD: That's great, Much luck to all the competitors!

  • [Aster Fest '07]

  • []

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    Friday, May 18, 2007



    World super star DJ, Roger Sanchez will visit our country this summer! He will fly to Skopje straight from the isle of Ibiza. In Ibiza he will soon start his "release yourself" resident in Club Pascha and his sunset warm up parties at club Mambo.

    The whole concept of "Release yourself Ibiza '07" will be taken over to Skopje, which means a big production and a big party before the yearly vacations.

    A bit about him: A Grammy Award winner, this New York-born DJ/producer of Dominican descent has been a sensation for years in the world-class clubs found in Ibiza and the UK, having also been influential as part of the legendary Strictly Rhythm record label of the early-1990’s.

    He started DJ'ing when he was 13-years-old, and Sanchez is today partially credited as being one of the preeminent DJs responsible for the popularity of the New York house sound in the UK and across Europe.

    More info on his visit soon...

    MD: That's great, he is very popular and we think many Macedonians are delighted to see him coming around. And again a star is coming to Macedonia, the list is getting bigger and bigger :)

  • [Roger Sanchez]

  • [Zazabava]

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    A structure has been unearthed at the Section 7 of the Skopje Fortress (Kale) during excavations of the fortress. The structure is unique because no such structure or item belonging to the Late Bronze Age has been found so far at the place. Importantly, the object has been unearthed on the whole.
    “In all this chaos, after three weeks of exploration, contours of a structure made in stone started appearing. It is interesting that it was restored for a few times in the past. This is seen by the control profile of a probe dug in 1953 by Petra Gockova. The probe cuts our structure in two halves. A few holes left from great massive beams that supported the roof have been unearthed as have a few smaller holes, and an oven for bread, which was restored at least twice. The inventory in the home was usual for the Late Bronze Age, in the period around 1100 B.C., archaeologist Dragisa Zdravkovski says.

    He explains that ceramic dishes, small pearls of green glass pasta have also been discovered in the vicinity of the home.
    “It is known within the Mediterranean archaeology that following the Trojan War a massive Aegean movement occurred when many tribes from Central Europe, Russian stepa moved to the south, even from Egypt, destroying everything in front of them. We assume that, practically, our structure might have experienced that destruction,” Zdravkovski explains.

    Archaeologists found another layer of burning under the structure, which they relate to another world disaster in 1550 BC when a volcano eruption on Santorini near Crete burst out.

    MD: Cool, what a find, that's very interesting. We always keep you up to date with all the archeological findings in Macedonia, the soil is so rich, so many has yet to be discovered so we can inform almost on a daily basis with something new


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    The Police filed formal accusations against employees in healthcare institutions in Resen, suspected of having embezzled more than 100.000 euros (6.2 million denars) in the period 2003 through 2006.

    Most of the funds accounted for patients' participation fee for medical services of the Resen Healthcare Center, which were covered up or not transferred to the account of the Healthcare Fund.

    The accusations have been filed against G.A., 61, ex-acting director of the Resen Healthcare Center, L.B., 42, ex-chief of the economic and finance department of the Center, and T.N., 55, ex-director of the Resen branch office of the Healthcare Insurance Fund (HIF)

    The illegal activities consisted of failure to transfer to the HIF's account as much as 2.6 million denars generated through the participation fee payments, and unpaid participation fees for medical services provided to the employees themselves and their friends and relatives.

    MD: No comments...


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    Thursday, May 17, 2007



    Darko Mitrevski’s film “Bal-Can-Can” is still touring world festivals. The latest information on the Macedonian blockbuster is that the film was awarded the first award by the audience at the 11th European Film Festival in Romania. “Bal-Can-Can” was screened in the festival together with works by distinguished directors such as Jiri Menzel, Florin Henkel, Volker Schlendorf and others.
    The festival was held in Bucharest on May 3-13 and the event is continuing in four more Romanian cities.

    “Bal-Can-Can” left for Romania after festivals in Raindance, Palm Springs, Cape Town, Palic, Sinequest in San Jose, Huston, Miami, Atlanta. It is the winner of the Best Film at Motown Film Festival and was nominated for Golden St. George at the great Moscow Film Festival.

    A new film Mitrevski will work on is "The Macedonian Roulette" based on a screenplay by Ljubisa Georgievski.

    MD: Finally some international recognition! It's a good movie, they deserved it!

    As for us, we are back now, running 100%. We had some connection difficulties today, we are sorry for the inconvenience!


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    A Conference on boosting the regional competitiveness in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector, set up by USAID, is kicking off today.
    On the occasion of the event, Patricia Rader, the USAID Mission Director, said that "Macedonia is gaining a reputation as a country which is innovative when it comes to ICT, thanks to the wireless network built with the support of USAID and other projects that introduce ICT solutions to business, government and education”.

    Conference's sessions for small companies will demonstrate ways of doing business through the internet with multi-national corporations around the world and will showcase some of the technology accomplishments of Macedonian firms and institutions.

    MD: That's great! Macedonia is the first country in the world which is fully covered under a wireless network, but there is no one to use it :), as Macedonia has the most minimum computer usage in Europe.


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    An international show of figurative art is opening at the Villa Campolieto Museum at Ercolano in Naples tomorrow.

    Macedonian artist Zlatko Krstevski is representing our country in the show the opening of which is organized on the International Day of Museums, May 18. Ninety-four artists from 12 countries are taking part in the show.

    MD: Thats great! May it be well received by the Italian audience


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    Wednesday, May 16, 2007



    Tickets for the final evening of the Off Fest and the performance of Brazilian Bebel Gilberto are available as of today. Gilberto will have a concert in the Universal Hall on June 8 together with the Latin-American attraction band Foro in the Dark.

    At the same time, tickets for the second festival evening and performance of Brazilian singer and composer Marcos Valle with his six-member band and New York ethno-sensation Balkan Beat Box at the Hardrock Club on May 24 are also available.

    The Off Fest is opening in the Universal Hall on May 22 with Gottan Project for the performance of which tickets are available at Jugoton and Cuv de Cuv as are for all other concerts.

    MD: That's great! If you can, you should go, she is a great artist!

  • [Offest '07]
  • [Bebel Gilberto]
  • [Bebel @ Wiki]

  • []

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    The Museum of Macedonia is resuming a scientific-research project in the Roman Forum at the ancient settlement of Stobi. Archaeological research will be carried out in two phases in May-June and August-October respectively.
    Excavations in the Roman Forum started in 2003. The whole structure, around 800 square meters, has been encompassed with the excavation and has been opened to up to 5.5 meters in height. The building was erected in the 2nd century and actively functioned in the third century as well. Two new structures in service of the first one have been unearthed so far.

    Excavations are centred to the interior of the building, and work in the area to the east of the inner town wall is starting this year. A spacious room with floor mosaics has been found there.

    The second phase will involve Italian and Palestinian mosaic and architectural decorative plastics experts. Together with Macedonian experts, they will start preparations for reconstruction, conservation and presentation of the structure as a whole.

    Excavations this year are funded by CISS Foundation in Palermo, Italy. They will be conducted by a professional team of the Museum of Macedonia led by Mila Surbanovska. The team also includes Antonio Jakimovski, Goran Sanev, Kostadin Sazdov, Miroslav Dimovski and Petar Rizov.

    MD: Macedonia has much cooperation with Italy in the field of archeology!


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    Government's airplane returning from Brussels with Defense Minister Lazar Elenovski aboard, was forced to land last night in Germany due to technical problems.

    Shortly after taking off from Brussels, a safety alarm signaling malfunction of the left engine went off, which prompted the emergency landing, A1 TV Station reported.

    German Air Traffic Control approved landing at Munich airport, where maintenance staff confirmed the malfunction and started working on it.

    Macedonian delegation arrived in Skopje this afternoon via commercial flight.

    Macedonia purchased the aircraft Learjet 60 in 2005 for $11 million from Bombardier Aerospace company.

    The business jet "Learjet 60" received Federal Aviation Administration certification in 1993. It has capacity of 8 to 10 passengers and 2 crew members,

    The powerplant consists of two Pratt and Whitney 305 A twin engine, it has maximum speed of 860 km/h, rate of climb of 15.000 meters and the maximum range of 4.628 kilometers.

    MD: Luckily nothing horrible happened!?


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