Saturday, February 27, 2010



The Macedonian delegation at the winter olympics in Vancouver, Canada consists of 3 participants. Antonio Ristevski in Alpine skiing, Rosana Kirovska and Darko Damjanovski in cross country.

Kirovska and Damjanovski have finished their contests. Kirovska finished at the 77th place of 78 participants and finished with 9 minutes and 47 seconds behind first placed Charlotte Kala.

Damjanovski finished at 85th place of 78 participants with 8 minutes and 90 seconds behind first placed Dario Cologna.

In his first contest at Alpine Skiing, Antonio Ristevski finished at 53rd place of 103 participants. Tonight at 19:00 CET he will have his second try in the slalom discipline.


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The smoking ban, introduced in Macedonia this January, is supported by 60,5 percent of citizens, says the survey of 'Dimitria Cuposki' Institute.

33,4 percent of respondents don't approve the law that bans smoking in all public places, including offices and hospitals, and even outdoor locations serving food or drinks.

The survey, being conducted on February 17-21 with 1,162 respondents, also shows that Macedonian Army and religious institutions enjoy the trust of 10,9 percent, followed by the Government - 10,5 percent; police - 8,3 percent; President - 2,1; Parliament - 2 percent; judiciary - 1,9 percent. A total of 34,7 percent however consider that none of the institutions deserves their confidence.

MD: At least there are some supporters. And that in a country who finds itself in the top 3 of most smokers in the world.


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Fattened by recent heavy rains and melting snow, the Ohrid Lake is 21 cm above the maximum limit point.

Spokesperson for Crisis Management Center (CMC), Misko Taleski made the remarks this afternoon, confirming that the water-level of Ohrid Lake has increased by 1 cm compared to previous day.

“Although the water-level of Ohrid Lake is slightly increased, the situation remains stable”, Taleski said, adding that the forecasters predict good weather.

“The volume of inflowing rivers gradually decreases, which means that the water-level of Ohrid Lake will remain the same and if the weather conditions allow the water-level might decrease”, Taleski said.

MD: Citizens in Ohrid are worrying recently about so much rain and the rising of the water level. Some parts along the shores have already been flooded and the rain doesnt seem to stop anytime soon.


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Wednesday, February 24, 2010



This is Macedonia's entry to this year's Eurovision songcontest. What do you think?


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The United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) today announced that the so called "Macedonian Patriotic Organization" (MPO) is no longer part of the Macedonian-American 2010 Census Project Coalition for the 2010 United States Census.

“UMD led efforts to form the coalition so that several Macedonian-American groups could work for a common cause – an accurate count of Macedonian-Americans. Unfortunately, the MPO deviated from that goal by calling on its members to identify themselves as something other than Macedonian on U.S. Census forms,” said UMD President Metodija A. Koloski, who continued “After discussions amongst members, the Coalition determined that the MPO should no longer be included in the Coalition which is continuing its efforts to educate Macedonian-Americans of the importance of participating in the Census and to respond in a consistent manner to questions relating to race, ethnicity and national origin.”

Members of the Coalition now include Friends of Macedonia, the Macedonian American Cultural Organization of New England, the Macedonian American Friendship Association, the Macedonian Arts Council, the Macedonian Mission for Humanity, the Macedonian Orthodox Philanthropic Society of Columbus, Ohio, and UMD.

The American-Canadian Macedonian Orthodox Diocese, has given its blessing to the Coalition’s efforts and Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Atseff (USA, Ret.), a first generation Macedonian-American, continues his service as Director of the Coalition.


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UN mediator on name issue Matthew Nimetz said Tuesday in Skopje that he hasn't brought a new proposal, but several ideas for moving the negotiation process forward.

- I haven't brought a proposal. I believe it is very important to talk and see how far we have gone. However, I have some ideas for advancing the process. I believe it is very important to speed up the talks and make certain decisions, Nimetz said prior to his meeting with Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki.

- The matter is well-known and you cannot expect some magic to resolve it. You should be aware of the problem's complexity and settle it, which requires political action from both sides, Nimetz said, expressing belief that the two countries could settle the row for a short period of time.

Commenting his decision to visit Skopje and Athens after a seven-month break, Nimetz said now was the right time to do this.

- A long time has passed since the election of new Greek Government and I am looking forward to talk with them. We have been arranging these meetings for a while and now is the good time for me to come. The international community really wishes to see a solution to this matter, which is not only bilateral and regional, but also multidimensional, Nimetz said.

This afternoon, Nimetz is scheduled to meet President Gjorge Ivanov, and tomorrow Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski. He is heading for Athens on February 26.

The UN envoy last visited Skopje and Athens last July after which he froze talks due to the elections in Greece. Although he announced their continuation right after the Greek government's composition, there were no public activities in the past few months. Nimetz's office has said there were separate communications with the two sides, but would invite them at a joint meeting "if and when he believes, or when both sides believe it could be useful".


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Thursday, February 18, 2010



Series of three advertising clips within cycle "Macedonia Timeless", directed by Milco Mancevski, produced by Elena Staniseva of "Banana Film", has won a top award at advertising festival "Mobius" in California, USA.

The three clips - Macedonia Timeless, Temples and Archaeology - won the "Golden Mobius" award in category "Recreation/Entertainment: Tourism, Hotels, Resorts, Spas".

Clip "Macedonia Timeless" has also been nominated in selection "Best of Show" in TV medium, alongside clips from France and Australia.

Established in 1971, Mobius Awards is the oldest, independent, international advertising awards competition. Entries are judged by an international jury on their effectiveness and creativity.


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Some recent update on Macedonian Major League Baseball player Kevin Kouzmanoff.

Kevin Kouzmanoff admitted Saturday he's been a long-time admirer of Eric Chavez.Now, he's headed to Oakland to possibly serve as his replacement.

The Athletics and Padres completed a four-player deal on Saturday, one that sent Kouzmanoff and Minor League infielder Eric Sogard to Oakland in exchange for outfielders Scott Hairston and Aaron Cunningham.

The slick-fielding Kouzmanoff -- who has also displayed pretty good power numbers despite playing three years at the pitcher-friendly PETCO Park -- fills a position of dire need for the A's, who don't believe Chavez -- coming off two back surgeries -- can play third base on an everyday basis anymore.

"Eric's a heck of a ballplayer, man," Kouzmanoff said in a conference call. "I've got some competition, you know? And he's actually been one of my favorite players to watch. I've admired him for a long time and love his game, love watching him play. It'll be exciting to get next to him and take some swings with him."

Kouzmanoff, going into his fifth season in the Majors, batted .255 with 18 homers and a career-high 88 RBIs in 141 games for the Padres this past season. The 28-year-old, originally from Newport Beach, Calif., was a sixth-round Draft pick by the Indians in 2003 and had a 16-game stint with them as a rookie in '06.

He was then traded to the Padres that offseason, and in his three years in San Diego, he's hit .263 while averaging 20 homers, 82 RBIs and 147 games each season.

Like Chavez, Kouzmanoff is pretty good with the glove, too.

The right-handed-hitting third baseman committed just three errors at the hot corner in 2009, setting a National League record for fielding percentage for a third baseman at .990.

Each year in the big leagues, Kouzmanoff's fielding percentage has increased, from .857 in 2006, to .932 in '07, .974 in '08 and the NL record in '09.

"Years ago, when I first got into pro ball, I was told I had a good bat but I was a little rocky defensively," said Kouzmanoff, who's arbitration-eligible for the first time this offseason. "As soon as I heard that, I realized there was another aspect to my game I needed to work on, so I've been working just on my defense hard for years now, and I think it's finally starting to pay off now with a lot of reps."


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Tuesday, February 09, 2010



“A journey measured in friends, rather than miles”.

This is the story of 3 ordinary men undertaking an extraordinary journey.

The Road to Macedonia is a journey of 5000 miles, however for the 3 riders it is not only a demanding ride but a chance to meet old friends, understand different cultures, and rediscover themselves.

Why? Because there comes a time in everybody’s life when they ask themselves what have I done? What impact has it had? How can what I’ve learnt be passed onto the next generation? And finally where am I going next?

Meet Paul Oxborough; at 40 he is taking stock of his life by making a return journey to a country that is very special to him, Macedonia. Paul has worked throughout Europe all his life as a filmmaker and youth development worker, with the aim of empowering young people to change for the better. With a mid-life crisis looming it was time to get back on his motorbike and find out if it has been worthwhile. This is also a story showing young people achieving extraordinary things. Accompanied by two other riders, each with their own personal reasons for discovery, development and change, Paul plans to make this journey, traveling through many of the countries he has previously worked in, meeting old friends and making a few new ones along the way.

For his companions this will be an all new experience, embroiling them into the cultures, homes and hearts of the people they visit. Inspiring, educating, challenging, this journey will question many of the values they have inherited. By experiencing the cultures first hand will their views change?

At the final hurdle our intrepid crew will be met at the Macedonian border and escorted to the capital city Skopje by the Macedonian Night Wolves, the largest motor bike club in the Balkans; this will culminate in the celebration of the Road to Macedonia, now they only have to get back. Only for this journey the team plans to return back in a very unique and unusual way…

In summer 2010 the social adventure begins, in a six part high definition documentary.

“Our destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things”

MD: This should be interesting, kinda reminds me of those National Geographic documentaries. Great to see the've picked our loved country. Looking forward to it! Make sure to tell everybody about this. You can find more info about the Road to Macedonia after the jump.

  • [Road to Macedonia]

  • []

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    Macedonia is drawn in the Group B in the qualifications for the EURO 2012, together with Russia, Slovakia, Republic of Ireland, Armenia and Andorra.

    The Macedonian national team was drawn in a good group with familiar opponents. Macedonia already played against all of the teams from the qualifying group B and knowing the opponents and their skills, advantages and disadvantages, Macedonia has the biggest chances for winning at least the second position which will take us in the play-off.

    Russia is the leader and favourites in this group, while Macedonia will fight for the second position with Slovakia and Republic of Ireland while Armenia and Andorra are the underdogs.

    The group winner qualify automatically same as the best-placed runner up, while the remaining second-place finishers will face each other in the play-offs.

    Group A: Germany, Turkey, Austria, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan
    Group B: Russia, Slovakia, Republic of Ireland, Macedonia, Armenia, Andorra
    Group C: Italy, Serbia, Northern Ireland, Slovenia, Estonia, Faroe Islands
    Group D: France, Romania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Belarus, Albania, Luxembourg
    Group E: Holland, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Moldova, San Marino
    Group F: Croatia, Greece, Israel, Latvia, Georgia, Malta
    Group G: England, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Wales, Montenegro
    Group H: Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Cyprus, Iceland
    Group I: Spain, Czech Republic, Scotland, Lithuania, Liechtenstein

    MD: This can be pulled off. We think Macedonia has now the best chances they have ever gotten to make it to a tournament. We are able to beat them all, only Russia should be a problem.


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    After the investment in Serbia, expectations of the Macedonian government that the Russian oil company Gazprom will enter the Macedonian market are growing. The company will be perceived as a serious partner in the development of the Macedonian gas pipeline system. Macedonian finance minister Zoran Stavreski confirmed that Gazprom will participate in the gas pipeline construction.

    "Based on the determined gas pipeline project of the Macedonian government, there is a clear interest in cooperation with Gazprom.

    In this regard, I re-affirm our willingness to close the clearing debt with the Russian Federation through the gas pipeline installation project and I expect full support of Gazprom," Stavreski said. Closing of the debt worth USD 60 million is expected in two months.


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    Monday, February 01, 2010



    A unique film bringing together personalities from Iceland, Norway, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Macedonia will have its Washington, D.C. premiere on Monday, February 1, 2010 at the Jewish Community Center in downtown Washington.

    The film - A Name is a Name - is directed by Icelander Sigurjon Einarsson, produced by American Jason Miko, narrated by Brit Sir Andrew Motion (until May the UK's Poet Laureate for 10 years), and features music by Morten Harket, lead singer of Norwegian rock group a-ha, Icelandic bands Sigur Ros, mum and Earth Affair, Brit Graham Nash, California band Monte Negro, and Macedonians Kiril Dzajkovski and the late Tose Proeski. Macedonian production house fx3x provided the production team, equipment and facilities to create the film.

    At its heart, the film is about the Macedonian people and their desire to have their name and identity recognized. The 48 minute documentary takes viewers through the Republic of Macedonia through the eyes of a Scandinavian traveler who speaks with Macedonians from various backgrounds who tell the traveler what it means for them to be Macedonians. The film's title - A Name is a Name - is a song from Morten's solo album, Letter from Egypt, released in 2008.

    The film is being sponsored by the United Macedonian Diaspora and will be premiered at the Jewish Community Center, 1529 16th Street, NW in Washington, D.C. at 7:00 pm on Monday, February 1.

    For more information, visit the website of UMD at and for more information on the film visit Both the director, Sigurjon Einarsson, and the producer, Jason Miko, will be on hand for a question and answer period after the film.


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    Building of the new Phillip II Arena in Skopje moving along.

    (Photo credit should read

    [MD Network]

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    The secret service informants active in the period after Macedonia's 1991 declaration of independence should not be spared from the ongoing lustration, Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said on Sunday.
    The premier stood in opposition to the decision of the Constitutional Court to probe the provision of the new lustration law that concerns informants from this era.

    “We are the greatest supporters of the lustration but we do not have influence on the Constitutional Court”, Gruevski said. “One other party unfortunately does has influence,” he noted, hinting that the main opposition Social Democrats party, SDSM, was somehow involved in the latest decision.

    The Constitutional Court recently temporarily froze several articles of the lustration law in order to investigate their legality under the constitution. The court intends to consider whether it would be constitutional to let lustration apply to secret service informants from 1991 and onwards. It also froze the lustration of heads of religious communities and several other articles.

    Gruevski supported the people who protested in front of the court on Saturday against the freezing of the provisions.

    About one hundred people, who said they were victims or relatives of victims of the secret service informants, blamed the count for trying to protect their wrongdoers.

    The Social Democrats responded to the situation, saying that it was yet another attempt by Gruevski to intimidate the Court.

    The PM recently repeatedly slammed the Court for being a puppet of the SDSM after it annulled as unconstitutional several government initiated provisions from the past year, including one for religious classes in schools.

    The lustration law was part of the agenda of Gruevski’s main ruling centre-right VMRO-DPMNE party when it came to power in 2006.

    The law was intended to instigate a nationwide lustration process that would prohibit former collaborators and informants of the secret services of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, SFRY, and the early Macedonian state, from the years 1944-2008, from holding public office.

    The Commission for Verification of Facts earlier said a total of 60 senior officials, including the head of state, president of the parliament, prime minister and government ministers had passed the lustration successfully. The country recently started the lustration of judges.


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