Saturday, December 26, 2009



It depends on your musical taste if you like this or not, but it's a big fish. Macedonian Company AVALON will bring 50 cent to Skopje. He will hold a concert in the Boris Trajkovski Arena on 31st of March 2010 as part of his 'Before I Selfdestruct' world tour.

More info closer to date....but you can have a look at the link below.

  • [50 Cent vo Skopje]

  • [Avalon]

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    Wednesday, December 23, 2009



    The Macedonian Lions are back at it in the 5th Annual Canadian Multicultural Hockey League Tournament.

    Admission is only $5.00 per day, and you can see any or all games that day.

    All games are played at Chesswood Arenas, located at 4000 Chesswood Drive in the Sheppard and Allen Rd area in North York, Ontario.

    The schedule for the round robin play on Sunday and Monday is as follows:

    Sunday, December 27 - 6:45 p.m. v. Serbian White Eagles
    Sunday, December 27 - 8:55 p.m. v. Polish Hussars
    Monday, December 28 - 6:45 p.m. v. Israeli Stars of David
    Monday, December 28 - 8:55 p.m. v. Chinese Ice Dragons

    Quarter- and semi-finals will take place on Tuesday, and the Finals will take place Wednesday.

    MD: This is a great event and the Macedonian Lions are a great team. For all of you out there in Canada, come out and support the team!!!

  • [Canadian Multicultural Hockey League 2009]

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    Croatian TV hostess Nikolina Pisek has posed naked for the annual calendar of Tikves, Macedonia's leading wine producer.
    Pisek, 33, said the calendar was designed as a fairy tale that she had found very attractive.

    She added she had enjoyed the shooting but refused to reveal the amount of money she had received.
    The Croatian media have reported she received around 50,000 Euros.

    It wasn't Pisek’s first cooperation with the well-known Macedonian wine producer.
    Almost six months ago, she made a TV commercial for their new wine Alexandria.

    This move has been designed to remind us of the unbreakable bond between the wine, the beauty and the style of living. We, at Tikves, are especially proud of the story our unique premium wines tell – a story that can be narrated to bring along new consumers in the regional markets – said Gjorgji Petrusev, General Manager of Winery Tikves.

    The celebrated Croatian TV journalist and columnist, who became popular as the presenter of the Balkan Reality show “Operation Triumph” admitted that she had had little knowledge about the Macedonian wine, but the cooperation with “Tikves” opened new horizons to her.

    - The offer from Winery ”Tikves” surprised me, but also intrigued me into learning more about the wine, its production, consumption, its pairing with food, the serving temperature, as well as certain “secrets” of the premium wine, such as the fact that the Tikves red has the highest level of antioxidants. This is a piece of information that I liked the best…low calories, a lot of pleasure and moments to enjoy. I am grateful to the people of “Tikves” who helped me to discover the secret of premium wines – said Nikolina Pisek at the promotion of her cooperation with “Tikves”, held among the barrels, nested in the underground cellar of the Winery.


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    The report on registered calls through SOS telephone for children and youth will be released on Wednesday.

    The presentation will take place in the halls of the First Children’s Embassy in the World-Megjashi. Through the analysis done by team of experts, the report provides data for problems which face both children and their parents.

    During 2009 through SOS telephone for children and youth, there have been registered 377 calls.

    When taken into consideration all case categories, the most calls were made for family violence (91 cases) or 24.14% of the total case percentage.


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    A historic alliance between soldiers from Vermont and Macedonia will mark the first time that troops from a non-NATO country have embedded inside U.S. military units.

    In what Maj. Gen. Michael Dubie calls an unprecedented partnership, about 80 soldiers from Macedonia will deploy to Afghanistan and serve as integral parts of units from Vermont. The Vermont National Guard spent 18 months lobbying the Pentagon to get the partnership approved and finally got the go-ahead from top U.S. defense officials in November.

    "This was a major muscle movement to try to get this approved," Dubie said last week. "Everyone liked the idea, but it was tough because this is the first time a non-NATO nation is embedding inside a U.S. brigade."

    The coalition between Vermont and Macedonia dates back to 1994, when the countries were matched in the State Partnership Program, a U.S. Department of Defense initiative aimed at fostering strategic relationships with new democracies.

    The Vermont National Guard was paired because both regions are mountainous and approximately the same geographic size. Over the past 15 years, Macedonian soldiers have trained with their Vermont counterparts during exchange visits in both countries.

    The deployment to Afghanistan, Dubie said, marked an opportunity to cement the relationship and create a true brotherhood.

    "If you are willing to have a partnership that includes deploying to a combat area together, there's really no better representation of what partnership is about," Dubie said.

    Macedonia committed some of its best soldiers to the mission, according to Dubie, who said the Macedonians traveled to the United States last month to train alongside the Vermont Guard in Fort Polk, LA.

    "They're sending some of their special forces," Dubie said. "They're very professional. If we didn't have confidence that they were that good, we never would have gone through this very difficult process of getting this approved."

    Dubie said the Macedonians will play no small role in the war effort.

    "Some of them will be in leadership positions," Dubie said. "You could have a Macedonian squad leader in charge of people from the United States."

    The United States has worked closely with soldiers from around the world in a war effort that includes dozens of countries. Unlike those nations though, Macedonia however is not a member of the North American Treaty Organization.

    Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov visited Vermont earlier this year for a briefing on the deployment.


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    Thursday, December 17, 2009



    A total of 100 citizens of Macedonia will be picked at lottery Thursday evening for cost-free trip to Paris on Saturday, when EU's decision to scrap visa requirements enters into effect.

    Macedonian state television will broadcast the lottery. Some 10,000 citizens with biometrical passports have applied for the trip.

    All the selected lucky winners will get free air tickets to Paris. The government organized the trip to mark the EU's decision to scarp visa obligations for the citizens of Macedonia. Deputy Prime Minister in charge of EU Integration Vasko Naumovski and Interior Minister Gordana Jankulovska, as well as 20 best students, will accompany the lucky winners.

    The travelers will have a unique opportunity to land in a country, member of the White Schengen zone, without visa requirements. They will enjoy a sightseeing tour of French capital.

    The one-day travel also will include a reception at the Macedonian Embassy in Paris.

    The European Union lifted the visa obligations for the citizens of Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro. The holders of biometric passports will be entitled to visa-free travel to 25 members of the 27-nation bloc - except for Britain and Ireland - as well as in Norway, Switzerland and Iceland

    Finally, the time has come, VISA free regime. For most of the readers from Europe and USA its normal to travel where you want, when you want. But, it can do no harm to imagine how hard it was for Macedonians to be cut in their freedom like this, especially when in the past ( before the nineties) they were free to go and then suddenly they got a blockade.


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    Wednesday, December 16, 2009



    During 1989 to 1993 from secret funds of the Greek Foreign Ministry headed by Andonis Samaras, Greek journalists received $130 million dollars (US) to promote the "greekness of Macedonia"!

    Although these funds were originally intended for external promotion (read disinformation), they, according to the testimony of former Prime Minister Constantinos Mitsotakis, ended up in pockets of Greek journalists.

    - All of the funds were in black plastic bags, like those black trash bags you see, filled only with 5,000 bank notes. There were never checks, it was always cash. The money was mainly for propaganda over Macedonia's name, but instead of going abroad, this propaganda was directed towards the inside, our country - said Mitsotakis in front of a commission summoned to clarify the case.
    The payment of huge lump sums coincided with the independence of Macedonia and the strengthening of internal propaganda and the so called "macedoniazation" in Greece.

    This scandal, which was first actualized by Athens based Eleftherotypia was burried in 1994 though it re-emerged once again after Andonis Samaras was elected as leader of New Democracy, which suffered a defeat by PASOK in the fall elections.
    Samaras had been dismissed in 1992 as a Foreign Minister by then-Prime Minister Mitsotakis, who, like Papandreou has now himself assumed the foreign ministry.

    The investigation was completed without conclusions. These secret payments were investigated by Mitsotakis’ successor, the Greek Foreign Ministry, Government and current president Karolos Papoulias. The Greek Government issued no information and closed the investigation in the name of "higher national interests".

    The dilemma whether the Greek Government bribed journalists as well as publishers across the country to publish material that would promote Athens’ agenda hangs in the air.
    Andonis Samaras publicly acknowledged large amounts of money were paid to publishers, journalists, even local officials, adding all money were used for “national useful purposes”.

    It is indicative that all documents were destroyed prior to Mitsotakis’ takeover of Greece’s FM from Samaras - on April 13, 1993. Samaras himself attested that the documents were destroyed on March 17 that year. The only thing left are the total amounts and recorded statements - the money were distributed by (Manolis Kalamidas close to Samaras and Dimitris Avramopoulos, a man of trust to Mitsotakis).

    The scandal itself surfaced following the collapse of the Mitsotakis government in October 10, 1993. To make things more interesting, the Foreign Minister of the new government of PASOK - after Mitsotakis and Samaras - was none other than the current present President of Greece Karolos Papoulias!
    Papoulias engaged a United States attorney, former judge, who practically discovered the secret funds. The investigation never revealed the names of journalists and news organizations that were at the receiving end of these payouts.

    According to documents from the investigation on March 10, 1994 Mitsotakis before the Commission confirmed that there were secret funds from the MFA, adding funds also became available from banks and other large companies. Since taking office, Mitsotakis described the situation in the MFA as "bad" adding “presently we have only 40-48 million drachmas (220 thousand dollars), while large sums of money are directed to unknown persons without the appropriate paperwork”.
    Mitsotakis explained the funds were distributed by the Minister, and controlled by three member commission appointed by the Minister. All documents, if any, were destroyed twice annually.

    The former Greek prime minister asked Samaras to explain where the money went. Samaras never provided a concise answer, saying the money were spent on “Advertisement”.

    MD: Well, that's not surprising, they will do anything to convince the world


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    Members of the Greek nationalist political organisation Chrysi Avyi, held a march in Voden (Edessa) recently. Why did they choose the small town of Voden in Macedonia to stage their march? Clearly to let the Macedonians know their thoughts on Macedonia being Greek and the recent opening of another office of the Macedonian political party, Vinozito. Chrysi Avyi also plans to open an office in Voden as an answer to Vinozito.


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    The Unites States decorated 31 members of the Macedonian Army - ARM's special operation regiment for their participation in "Iraqi Freedom" mission on monday.

    Four of the members of the 11th ARM rotation in Iraqi Freedom mission received a meritorious service medals and 27 commendation medals of the US Army.

    A total of 493 members of the ARM special operations regiment and joint operations command have taken part between June 2003 and December 2009 in Iraqi Freedom mission in 11 rotations. 124 have been awarded with medals and decorations.

    - By participating in the Iraqi Freedom mission, the Republic of Macedonia has demonstrated that it is ready to join the coalition in the fight against today's biggest evil - global terrorism, said Minister of Defense Zoran Konjanovski in a speech delivered at the ceremony.

    In addition to Iraq, Macedonia takes part also in missions in Afghanistan. Lebanon, Bosnia & Herzegovina and provides logistic support to the KFOR mission in Kosovo.

    Macedonia will demonstrate its commitment to Euro-Atlantic integration, he added, by sending addition troops in Afghanistan in early 2010.

    - With our contribution, Macedonia already functions as a NATO member. So we ask to be accordingly valued, not to be awarded, said Konjanovski.

    ARM Chief of Staff, Lieutenant-General Miroslav Stojanovski said in the past 18 years Macedonia had managed to establish a professional army that took part in NATO, EU, UN-led missions.

    - The United States do not doubt that the Macedonian Army is strong, smart and ready for any mission. The country knows that the Republic of Macedonia is a close friend and an ally, said Thomas Navratil, US Deputy Ambassador.

    Presenting the medals, Admiral William Brown said foreign operations had showed to the world the capacities, preparedness and determination of Macedonia for Euro-Atlantic integration.

    - Macedonia is a key member in the Adriatic Group and it will play an important role in the enlargement process in the region. Macedonia continues to be a regional leader in promoting Balkan peace and stability, said Brown, adding that Macedonia and US fostered permanent partnership.


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    Wednesday, December 09, 2009



    The Macedonian president launched a scathing attack against the European Union condemning it for double standards.

    "We will not cave under any pressure to change our name or identity just to be a part of the European Union. We've lived this (hi)story many times before, not again. Whatever the outcome of the talks in Brussels, Macedonia will stay right here. We have a European perspective that will be achieved together, with the support of all ethnic and religious communities, all parties and all citizens of Macedonia", Ivanov emphasized.

    In the presence of foreign ambassadors in the country, he said that Europe unfortunately still has leaders who allow to be carried away by someone's petty interests and hidden agenda.

    "Any violations of EU's principles today, tomorrow will bring new violations, new disorders, dozens of new blockades. Who knows what will be asked of us tomorrow!? Macedonia gets a hesitant response, we receive requests and rules which apply only to us and change from day to day, we let obstructions and pressures from petty interests decide outcomes. We see the absence of vision at the EU. We hear of integration announcements first for 2012, then 2014, 2015. How we can achieve those terms? With obstacles and obstructions", asked Ivanov.

    MD: Well done Mr. Ivanov!


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    The EU's decision to scrap the visa obligations for citizens of Macedonia, Serbia, and Montenegro had a negative impact on hoteliers in Macedonia given the cancellations of travel arrangements, hotel association president said.

    Donco Tanevski, the Chairman of Hotel Association of Macedonia, said no reservations were made for Macedonian resorts and travel arrangements were cancelled after introduction of visa-free travel to EU countries.

    "Serbian holidaymakers were the most numerous travelers to Macedonia. There is an imminent risk that Serbian holidaymakers' presence in Macedonia drops by 30%-40% during the New Year's holidays," Tanevski said.

    He added that airlines' announcements of low-priced flights from Skopje to European destinations - two-way ticket for 29-99 euros - would make potential domestic tourists to book tickets at affordable rates and spend the New Year's holidays abroad.

    Furthermore, the announced rise in electricity price and the upcoming smoking ban will additionally hit tourism workers.

    Tanevski slammed the programme of the Agency for Promotion of Tourism, saying that programme was inadequate and drawn up with minimum funds.

    Tanevski urged the government to cut the value-added tax (VAT) to hotelier, an incentive that has been put in motion in the neighboring countries.

    "The planned flights to Ukraine, announced by the government earlier this year, were not put in motion. And for the next year, there is no announcement of new flights except for the charter flight to Israel," Tanevski said. He called on the government to make sure that road infrastructure is improved as soon as possible.

    He also complained that there are no long-term credit lines (spanning 15-25 years) with interest rates not higher than 4%-6%. This would help hoteliers and resorts improve their offers.

    "We are facing a hardship unless immediate measures are taken. There has to be more aggressive marketing. Otherwise, Macedonia's tourism will face tough times."

    MD: Well, those tourists who want to come to Macedonia, still will come. You can't force people. If someone really wants to visit Ohrid, that person will do so, no matter what. Macedonia will have more profit of these tourists than any massive tourist groups from Serbia who come just because they cant go anywhere else. This will also make Ohrid a more exclusive destination, like it should be.


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    Monday, December 07, 2009



    The Macedonian national waterpolo team is held at the Greek border being denied entry. The reason is the Macedonian insignia and 'MKD' code the national waterpolo players have on their warm-ups.

    If the waiting at the border continued, (3 hours have passed), the national team would return to Skopje and inform the waterpolo governing body of the incident, but they got entry into Greece after all.

    In the first match of this year's waterpolo league, Macedonia lost to Croatia 9-7, while Greece lost to Russia 9-6.

    The match Greece v Macedonia is scheduled for Tuesday at 17:30 in Athens.


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    SOS shop that keeps food affordable for people with less will open in Skopje on Monday.

    The poor will be given cards to buy the needed products for significantly lower prices.

    Economy Minister Zoran Stavreski and Labor & Social Policy Minister Xhelal Bajrami gave out the cards in front of SP market in Skopje’s municipality Kisela Voda.

    The SOS shops aims to help unemployed or those with low salaries by offering goods at lower prices.

    They can buy goods at lower prices in several SP markets and soon they will be able to get the goods at TINEX markets as well.

    Minister Stavreski greeted SP market and TINEX initiative to help people in need.

    MD: What do you readers think about this? React by leaving a comment.


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    A 25-year-old man from Bitola has from complications of H1N1 Monday, bringing the number of Macedonia deaths related to the virus to seven.

    The man who died Monday had other medical problems and was placed on respirator in the intensive care unit. He was admitted at the clinic for infective diseases on November 28. He was transferred from a hospital in Bitola with severe complications.

    According to latest data released by Public Health Institute, 2.770 new cases of A/H1N1 were reported last week alone, among them 140 are treated in hospital. A total of 13 patients were admitted to hospital in the past 24 hours.


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