Wednesday, January 31, 2007



A renowned French publishing house “Dauphin” from Paris has recently issued the book “Macedonien Express” within its edition “Langue Express”.
The book is intended for all French citizens, as well as tourists and businessmen from all Francophone countries, urging them to visit Macedonia.

The book has 200 pages, divided in 20 chapters, providing very useful and exhaustive information about the country’s geographic position, historical past, culture, language, development of literacy, literature, music, customs, economy, health, education, national dishes, wines etc.

Former professor in Skopje and Ohrid, PhD in linguistics Jordanka Fulon-Hristova is the book author. She has been living in Paris for more than 50 years, where she initiated the establishment of the Department on Macedonian Language, Literature and Civilization at the renowned Institute of Eastern Languages and Civilizations.
The book appears at the market together the Greek, Romanian, Swedish and Finnish Expresses.

MD: And again, some nice news about Macedonia , abroad.


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Percussionist Zoran Madzirov received a number of positive reviews for his latest album “Bottling Jazzy”, including the one at the influential Internet US magazine “All about Jazz”.

Magazine associates believe that the album Madzirov worked on together with Aleksandar Spasoski is an interesting mix of two authors that have nothing in common on the musical field, except for the wish to research directions that have not been researched before.

The article ends with a positive review, and the CD is assessed as “good merger of experimental and wicked funky groove”. According to “All about Jazz”, the CD is a “mix of modern texture from the 21st century, with an interesting jazz writing and concise improvising skills, in which one can enjoy”.

MD: Bravo, let's hope it will get more positive reviews!


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Tuesday, January 30, 2007



Vandals have desecrated the monument of the former President of Macedonia Boris Trajkovski, which was unveiled in his birth town of Strumica in 2005.

The vandals have damaged the plaque with engraved message voiced by the late President, which used to read "We are all sharing one and the same destiny called Macedonia".

Police set out an action for tracking down the perpetrators.

MD: Terrible, we just don't get why someone would do that, but there are some strange people on this earth


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The film, “Watchtower” or "Karaula" of director Rajko Grlic, shot according to the novel “Nothing Must Surprise Us” by Ante Tomic, has received the audience award for best feature film at the 18th Trieste Film Festival.

The film is the first regional co-production among all countries of former Yugoslavia, as well as Hungary, Great Britain, Austria, supported by Council of Europe film fund “Eurimages”.

MD: This Ex-yu countries co-production is a very nice and funny film! It was shot for nine weeks on Mount Galicica at the Ohrid Lake. Macedonia Daily calls it a real "must watch"!

  • [Triest Film Festival]

  • []

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    Macedonian Defense Minister Lazar Elenovski will be heading to Washington at an invitation of organizers of the traditional prayer breakfast at the White House.

    In the course of the five-day visit, Elenovski will be holding talks with representatives of the US Congress and Senate as well as with senior officials from the State Department and Pentagon.

    Macedonian Defense Minister will also meet with representatives of the Macedonian Diaspora, representatives of the Jewish community in the US, members of the National Albanian-American Council (NAAC) Executive Board. The visit will also include activities staged by the US Atlantic Council.

    Minister Elenovski will also visit the Allied Command Transformation (ACT) at Norfolk, with a series of briefings and a meeting with the ACT Commander General Smith.

    Elenovski will deliver a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies along with the US Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England and the Albanian Defense Minister Fatmir Mediu.

    The theme of minister's speech will be NATO in the 21st century - National Perspectives.

    MD: Nice, if it leads to NATO membership


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    Monday, January 29, 2007



    A promotion on the occasion of completion of part of the project "For European Macedonia" took place Monday at the Cvetan Dimov primary school in Skopje's municipality of Chair.

    The project on informal education "Together for European Macedonia" and the project on reconstruction of the Cvetan Dimov primary school are financed in the framework of co-operation with the Government of the Kingdom of Norway. A total of 5 million denars have been invested in the course of realization of the project, the Secretariat for European Affairs said in a statement.

    The project on informal education foresees extracurricular multiethnic classes. The project on renovation of Cvetan Dimov primary school foresees full reconstruction of aqueduct and sewage network including the toilets in the old school facility, which is attended by 800 pupils of Macedonian and Albanian nationality.

    The project is part of the initiative of the Secretariat for European Affairs of the Macedonian Government, which aims to improve the conditions and education process in schools across the country in cooperation and financial assistance by foreign donors.

    So far, a total of 50 million denars have been invested for the reconstruction of 15 primary schools and a children's embassy. Additional 32 million denars have been provided in co-operation with the Norwegian Government. These funds will be used for renovation of 10 other schools.


    Nice initiative by the Norwegian government

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    We would like to entertain you with this funny video of the famous Macedonian trio of K-15. We found it very amusing and we think you will too.


    MD: Just mad humour about Macedonia and the Diaspora, love it!

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    Macedonia will not come into conflicts with its neighbours because of their clashes with minority organizations, Macedonian foreign minister Antonio Milososki said in an interview for Radio Free Europe.

    Milososki added Macedonia would try to state in a constructive way that overcoming any clash “will be to their and our benefit and most of all to the benefit of the whole region”.

    Asked how much Macedonia could help Macedonians in the neighboring states, Milososki answered that a long-term and moderate strategy had been chosen.

    MD: He also said that Macedonia has allready done more than enough to solve the problems with neighbouring Greece, referring to the Flag change of the nineties. And that they will keep fighting for the name.


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    After "discovering" Croatia, Czech businessmen are now turning their eyes to Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia, Prague's media report.

    The companies and real estate in Macedonia and other Balkan's countries are a big hit among Czech investors, while the Macedonian Government campaign has been described as "a good business move".

    The local experts qualified the campaign promoting Macedonia as a business paradise with low taxes and simplified company registration procedures as "a good business move".

    "It might prove to be a good move, however, we are talking about an unstable developing market, therefore, I would recommend to our citizens to find a partner who is well acquainted with local situation", said Petr Wosmik, head of a big real estate agency based in Czech Republic.

    Czech businessmen focus their interest in coastal region of Montenegro, and in Serbian machinery production industry.

    Due to low prices, Czechs are buying property on a massive scale in the Balkans, Czech agencies specialized in purchasing property abroad report.

    MD: Nice, so the campaign is allready paying off!


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    Albanian writer Ismail Kadare caused "a diplomatic incident" in Athens by using the name of Macedonia, which Greeks consider to be a part of their national heritage.

    Athens's Mayor Nikitas Kaklamanis welcomed the Albanian writer at the beginning of a book promotion event, but as soon as Kadare used the word Macedonia referring to the Republic of Macedonia, Kaklamanis left.

    Kadare visited Athens to promote his books "Agamemnon's Daughter" and "The Heir" translated in Greek language, Albanian daily "Shqip" reported.

    The promotion of Albanian writer's books was sponsored by Bank of Piraeus, which conducts operations across Albania through the Bank of Tirana.

    MD: Bravo to Mr.Kadare! The right thing to do.


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    Saturday, January 27, 2007


    Funny Facts.

    Of course we come from our beloved country Macedonia, but what about other Macedonia's? Today we got you some information about several Macedonia's worldwide, 27 to be exact! The several Macedonia's are located all around the world.

    Let's start with the city of Macedonia in Ohio, USA. This town of about 9,224 inhabitants is located in the North-East part of the state of Ohio. The name is said to be derived from a small joke among divinity students at Western Reserve College, which in the early 1800's was in Hudson, Ohio. The students, who were called upon to preach in the small hamlet 6 miles to the north, recalled Acts 16:10: "...we sought to go to Macedonia, concluding that the Lord had called us to preach the gospel to them." ,referring to our country being mentioned in the bible.

    Also some Macedonians from the Diaspora visited the city of Macedonia once, playing a soccer game against the local "Macedonians of Ohio", taking some pictures with a banner in front of the town saying; "Dobrodojdovte vo Macedonia". That must have been a really funny moment. You can take a look at the picture below.

    Then to stick to the USA, we still have a small village, Macedonia in Alabama, with about 300 inhabitants. Followed by Macedonia in Georgia, a small community which got his name from Macedonia Baptist Church which was established in the late 1870s; from there an elementary school was also called Macedonia. Over in Illinois we have a tiny village of 51 inhabitants, with only 17 households having kids under the age of 18.

    In Iowa we have found a city/village of 325 inhabitants, were Hispanic people have a part of the racial make up. Next is the town of Macedon in Wayne county, New York, a town of about 8,600 inhabitants and as the town sources are saying was named after Macedon, the birthplace of Alexander the Great. It's cool to see some communities respecting our king. The first settlers arrived there in 1789 and was created from the Town of Palmyra in 1823 which was named after the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria. The opening of the Erie Canal (completed in 1825) made the communities of Waynesport and Macedon ports on the canal. Also the Macedon Academy, opened in 1841, set a standard for excellence.

    There are still other Macedonia's in the USA too, in Arkansas, Connecticut, Indiana, Kentucky, Lousiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pensylvania, Tenessee, Texas and Virgina.

    Now finished with the USA, we'll head over to Brazil, where there is a city in the Sao Paolo region called, Macedônia. The population is 3661 and the area is 33018 km². with an elevation of 502 m.

    Mount Macedon, a town located 60 kilometres northwest of Melbourne in the Australian state of Victoria Which is situated on the side of the mountain of the same name which rises to 1001 metres above sea level. Mount Macedon is best known for its collection of 19th century gardens and associated extravagant large homes which is considered to be one of the most important such collections in Australia. There are also koala's living in the area. Mount Macedon township was largely established by Melbourne's wealthy elite in the post gold rush era of the mid to late 19th century who used it as a summer retreat. The town of Macedon has a primary school which was attented by wartime Prime Minister of Australia, John Curtin.

    There are many other Macedonia's in the world too like, a Macedonia in the Amazonas region and the Bolivar region in Columbia, which is also called, "Caserio Macedonia" which means "Stable Macedonia". Then we have Macedonia in Cuba, Macedonia in Romania, two Macedonia's in Scotland and even a artificial island at the Solomon Islands, East of Papua New Guinea.

    You can see many communities around the world paid a tribute to our beloved country by naming it Macedonia, we hope you found it informative but most of all interesting! And who knows maybe there are many many other Macedonia's too. So if you happen to know about one, not mentioned above, let us know!

    Here you will find some links to several of the above described Macedonia's and below you have some pics we could find you.

  • [Macedonia, Ohio]
  • [Macedonia, Ohio Recreation]
  • [Macedonia, NY]
  • [Macedonia, NY History]
  • [Macedon Ranges Victoria, AUS]
  • [Mount Macedon Winery, AUS]
  • [Macedon Golf, AUS]

  • [Macedonia Daily]

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    The Macedonian feature film “Dust” by the world renowned Macedonian director Milco Mancevski has been shown on several TV channels in Mexico since last week. The film is titled in Spanish and the original translation is “Ashes and Dust.”
    A British/German/Italian/Macedonian co-production, “Dust” has been sold to dozens countries in the world.

    The film stars Joseph Fiennes (Eliah), David Wenham (Luke), Adrian Lester (Edge), Anne Brochet (Lilith), Nikolina Kujaca (Neda), Vlado Jovanovski (Teacher) and others. Dust is a film that speaks through an experimental form of cubist narration about people being the same anywhere. The film starts in present-day New York and goes through the Wild West to Macedonia at the time of the Ilinden uprising where komitas, soldiers and different mobs and cowboys confront each other. In 2001 “Dust” opened the Venice Film Festival.

    MD: Let's hope they like it just as Macedonians like their tv series so much!


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    A celebration on the occasion of taking oath of citizens who volunteered to serve military service in the Army of the Republic of Macedonia (ARM) was held on Friday in the "Alekso Demnievski-Bauman" barracks in Veles.

    This is the first group of citizens who volunteered for serving in ARM after the conscription was abolished with the Law on Amending the Defence Law, which states that citizens have the right to voluntary military service.

    "One of the tasks of the Training Command in Veles is to realize the basic citizen training for voluntary military service, which would last three months", states the Ministry of Defence communication.

    MD: The abolishment of that law was a good thing for Macedonia, many young Macedonians were delighted with that. Macedonia was one of the last in Europe to do so, however the Greek youth still have to go into the military.


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    Friday, January 26, 2007



    We have been informing you this week about the launch of Macedonia's brand new campaign to attract foreign investors under the name of "Invest in Macedonia!".

    Their website is running and it looks quite good, let's hope the campaign will work good too.

    Have a look at:

  • [Invest in Macedonia!]
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    An international architectural competition for a Mother Teresa memorial center in Skopje has been started by the Ministry of culture. The ministry is searching for interested architects. Every qualified architect has the right to participate in the competition.

    "The Initiative of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and the Ministry of Culture with the aim of building a memorial center, expresses the wishes and needs of all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia and unites their fillings towards the personality and work of the great humanitarian who was born in Skopje, Mother Theresa. This is a noble idea, which will express the respect for the name, the work and the humanitarian mission of this global symbol of philanthropy and the only laureate of the Nobel Price for Piece that was born in Skopje, Mother Theresa, Gonxha Bojaxhiu."

    MD: Good initiative, now let the architects design something beautifull

  • [Mother Theresa Competition]
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    Mitko Panov, the only Macedonian director with a Cannes’ Golden Palm, will take part in the upcoming Rotterdam Film Festival presenting his project “The War Is Over.” Panov has been invited to present his film within the audio visual programme called Babylon, a new initiative of the European Union that is being held for the first time at the Rotterdam Festival. Babylon enables independent film authors to mutually communicate and pack the films they work on much easily. As of next year, the initiative will be opened. For now, Panov ‘s participation is an exception because the programme only includes participants from the founding countries – Britain, France and Germany.

    “This is a perfect opportunity to give face and voice to those who are increasingly marginalized from the so call mainstream. This is an interesting topic because it enables any author and any country to position themselves with something typical in this hyperactive media space,” Panov says in the run up to Rotterdam.
    “The War is Over” is a family drama about an Albanian torn between the Balkans and Switzerland, between the material things and idealism, a story about the small man who desperately struggles to remain such despite everything.

    MD: Nice to hear, and we wish him much succes!

  • [Babylon Film]

  • []

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    President of the Republic of Macedonia, Branko Crvenkovski, said that the country does not insist to have exclusive right to the "term Macedonia" and to the historical heritage of ancient Macedonians.

    "Republic of Macedonia has never insisted, neither will insist, on the exclusivity of the term Macedonia or on the exclusivity stemming from historical heritage of ancient Macedonians."

    Crvenkovski said this in response to journalist question on Wednesday's statement of Greek Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis in Strasbourg, that he and another 2,5 million Greeks are at the same time Macedonians.

    "Therefore, if Prime Minister Karamanlis feels as a Macedonian, we will respect that. However, we expect the Republic of Greece to show the same respect towards the feelings of Macedonian people and citizens of the Republic of Macedonia", said Crvenkovski in Skopje on Thursday.

    MD: It's probably because of problems between him and the Gruevski government, why he is saying this about the exclusivity thing. It's not the best thing to say at this moment, again getting the image of a weak Macedonia in this issue.


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    The Greek Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis used a sharp tone in his address on Macedonia before the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) in Strasbourg yesterday, Greek media reported today.

    "Karamanlis stated clearly and strongly before PACE that Macedonia's unilateral provocations like changing the name of the Skopje's Airport from 'Petrovec' to 'Alexander the Great' are unacceptable to Athens", Greek daily Kathimerini says.

    The paper adds that Greek PM made it very clear Greece would not continue unconditional support to Macedonia's bid for membership in EU.

    Karamanlis called for reaching a mutually acceptable solution on the name of Macedonia under UN agenda, noting however that Athens would not necessarily back Macedonia if it fails to respect the principles of good neighborly relations and meet the requirements set by EU, Kathimerini says.

    "I am a Macedonian, as are another 2.5 million Greeks", the Athens-based daily quoted Karamanlis as saying.

    MD: Well if he is a Macedonian, he should act like a Macedonian too.


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    Thursday, January 25, 2007



    We knew there are many Macedonians all over the world, but we would never thought that there are some "Nashi" in Peru too!

    Thanks to our friend Mr. Grozdan from the Memorabilia blog, we can read about his interesting trip and his experiences from around the world. Let his story amaze you and enjoy, what we can call a real adventure!

    It is a long, incredible story how did I persuade my first and most capable (by all world standards of journalism) editor Jordan - Joco, Diviot Petel - Ivanovski to let me file from the earthquake-stricken Peru. If interested you can find that report here. It goes on.. The very next day after my arrival I called the Yu-embassy. For one it was practical: they would know if other journalists were there, I would feel a bit safer once they knew I was there, they would show some gratitude for the newspapers from home I was bringing and they would like to hear the latest political gossip and to find out, from a Macedonian, what kind of person was their new boss: ambassador Kole Casule, a fine friend of mine. The konsul-general, I think someone called Lazic a Montenigrin guy, told me that there were only two YU-communities in Peru. The ustashas those were the Croats and then the chetnicks which were the Serb nationalists. They were at each other's throats and the Embassy staff tried to be as neutral as possible.
    -Thus, no Macedonians that you know of, comrade Lazic?

    -No. There are, closest to your parts half-a-dozen or so guys from around Pirot, but they are Serbs: Ichkovic or Asparukhovich, they keep their distance, peasants, stink like hell, they have broiler farms around their houses, all married with local fat Indios from the jungle.
    This Lazic was some ignorant secret service fool sent to Lima as a reward before retirement. Most of the Consuls and Consul-generals of former SFRY were either formal employees of the Ministry of interior or their detached eyes and ears, the "co-operating comrades". Ichko, but also Asparukh or Asen would denote either a Bulgarian or a Macedonian whose father or grandfather insisted on such a name as a clear sign what is their political orientation. A sort of defiance to Serb pressure against Macedonian ethnicity.
    -Could you call them they are first-door neighbors, may just as well chat with them, how and why did they come here.
    -Piece of cake.

    He, actually, took me there. Stayed for a while and when the hosts had begun playing worn-out singles with Macedonian songs asked me whether I did not think it was time to go.

    -I'd like to stay, folks, but it is far from here to the center, so I better get a free transport back. They lived somewhere around Miraflores of what I remember, near the sea and I would not get in any cab because it was totally unsafe. (There were reports that big, plump people were abducted and killed because gangs out in the provinces made amulets of human fat: I was a perfect target for those.)
    -No way, we haven't eaten yet. The fun is just beginning, they said. And you have not told us anything. Neither have we,-said a guy from the souther Macedonian town of Valandovo, Ichkov.-We shal drive you to your hotel.
    When we were "all among us" the Macedonian men and their Indios women with handsome kids, the story opened up. They were partizans, some 30 all in all who towards the end of WW2 decided to march to Salonika, to Solun, and liberate it because they expected that all the partizans will go like one body and one soul to liberate ALL OF Macedonia. They were sorely mistaken, but they found out that little fact too late, when, surrounded, they were taken prizoners of war by the British and American forces. They were lucky: the Greeks would have killed them all.

    The war raged for another three years but they were sheltered in Anglo-American camp. To be returned to Yugoslavia they would have been surely shot by the YNA (Yugoslav People's Army) as deserters and traitors. The Greeks wanted to kill them all without trial. So, when the Americans asked them whether these boys (they were all 18-19 would agree to be resettled to America - they accepted.
    Only when they boat reached Panama they realized or were told that their final destination was Peru. half a dozen, desperate and with idea that it was their last chance to rich USA and Canada (traveling peniless over all of Mexico?) dived from the boat with a hope to swim to the shore.

    -We have seen them eaten up by the sharks minutes after they hit the water.
    -Why don't you come back home?
    -We can't, they'll shoot us.

    I could not believe my ears. Told them that Kole Casule, a partizan like them, a good guy, a writer and a proud Macedonian is coming as ambassador, that he will help them for sure. Their eyes welled with tears of hope and desperation.
    I got stoned.

    Upon my return I wrote series of articles about them. One day now Petre M. Andreevski stopped me and said:
    -I want to shake your hand. For your serial about the Macedonian in Peru. The truth will not die.

    I would like that at least some of them enjoy the Indian summer of Valandovo and Dojran.

    MD: Amazing!


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    Macedonia will launch a media campaign in 35 mostly EU countries aimed at attracting foreign investment to the impoverished Balkan nation, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said.

    The campaign would promote the advantages of investing in the country, including company-friendly tax policies, a simple company registration procedure, and low inflation, Gruevski told local reporters.

    Dubbed "Invest in Macedonia -- A New Business Paradise in Europe," the campaign would also highlight the fact that the country is now part of the Balkan free trade zone, giving companies access to 650 million consumers.

    "Macedonia has EU candidate status, and we expect this campaign will attract the interest of foreign investors to invest their money in our country," the premier said, adding he expected the campaign to boost employment.

    Macedonia has a jobless rate of 35 percent, one of the highest in the region.

    However the government of Gruevski, an economist who came to power in mid-2006, forecasts gross domestic product growth of 6.0 percent this year, up from last year's 3.5 percent.

    MD: That's nice, hopefully it will help a bit, because foreign investments in Macedonia are very low


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    Macedonian Police pressed criminal charges against Lazar Mitrovski, Secretary General of the Football Federation of Macedonia (FFM) for suspected use of forged university diploma during his electing in 2003.

    The Police also announced that Mitrovski is suspected to have destroyed the forged diploma last year, in fear of being discovered.

    According to the Police, these actions of Mitrovski are criminal offenses "Forging an official document" and "Forging or destroying business documentation".

    The investigation determined that in 2003 Mitrovski was appointed to the position Secretary General of FFM with a forged diploma from the Electro-Technical Faculty of Sarajevo University. University education was one of the conditions that the candidates had to meet to become Secretary General of the Federation.

    MD: Some action is taken, but now FIFA has come with critics, acusing the government.


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    Wednesday, January 24, 2007



    FIFA and UEFA have sent a letter to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Macedonia following the closing down of the Macedonian FA offices on 15 January and the holding of some of the members of its management at the ministry for long hours.

    FIFA and UEFA are surprised by these actions by the Macedonian Interior Ministry, in a move that violates the principles of autonomy that applies throughout the sports movement," the world and European football bodies said in a statement on Tuesday.

    FIFA and UEFA are asking the Macedonian government to bring the situation back to normal and to immediately stop interfering in the running of the football association," the statement added. In the coming days and weeks, FIFA and UEFA will determine what action to take in response to the situation that has occurred in Macedonia should the Macedonian government continue its interference, which contravenes article 17 of the FIFA statutes.

    MD: They can even forbid Macedonia to play it's upcoming games, this situation is very bad, and we don't think they'll get out of it soon


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    Macedonian-Greek problem with the name is unpleasant, but it is bilateral business and the European Union (EU) can not give specific suggestions here.

    German Ambassador to Macedonia, Ralf Andreas Breth said this on Tuesday in Skopje in front of the members of Macedonian-German Economic Association, while presenting Berlin's priorities during the German presidency of the EU.

    "I consider Macedonian-Greek relations to be good, especially regarding the economic cooperation. The name dispute certainly is unpleasant, but EU can not give specific suggestions here, that's what the mediator is for", said Breth, answering to the question of Makfax journalist.

    He announced that the Process of Stabilization and Association of Macedonia to the EU would continue.

    "We cannot talk about specific date, but it is clear that Macedonia must continue to work on the implementation of the necessary reforms", said Breth.

    "Regarding the implementation of reforms, I said there should not be "destructive quarrels" between the politicians. Much more attention should be paid to the essential problems such as combat against crime, cadastre reforms, judiciary etc.", said Breth.

    German Ambassador also pointed out that several times he pointed out to representatives of the Macedonian Government that EU topics should become topics of Macedonian citizens.

    Regarding the visa regime, it is decided to start talks about its alleviation.

    "These are not German-Macedonian negotiations, these are negotiations with the EU, and by the end of March regulations should be adopted contributing towards alleviating the visa regime", said Breth.

    The Ambassador also pointed out that many German companies are interested in cooperation with Macedonia, and some of them would like to invest. German Ambassador declined to mention names, in the interest of the cooperation.

    About the situation in the region, Ambassador Breth expressed hopes that Serbia would get a pro-European government, and said that EU supports Ahtisaari's efforts in finding solution for Kosovo's status.

    During its six-month presidency of the EU, Germany will aim its efforts towards ratification of the constitution, economic dynamicity, energy policy, security policy, social dimension of EU citizens, as well as the climate changes.

    Under the motto "Europe will succeed only together", German Ambassador said that the aim is EU to get closer to the citizens and stop it from becoming a project of the bureaucrats.

    MD: Well, let's hope is indeed not a EU problem, they should say that to the Greeks so will stop treatening Macedonia by mention a Veto


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    Aneta Lesnikovska’s dogma film “Does It Hurt” will compete in one of the most prestigious European festivals, 36th Rotterdam Film Festival. With the financial support of the Macedonian Ministry of Culture, the film will be converted to the HDV format necessary for its presentation in Rotterdam (24th January through 4th February). The Macedonian director’s film has entered the main selection and is competing for Tiger together with 14 more works, young directors’ first or second films. The film has been announced on the Web site of the Festival as Dutch-resident filmmaker’s attempt to shoot a Dogma film in her native country. The selection in all programmes includes 44 world and 23 international and 30 European openings.

    Three Tigers monetary awards amount to 10,000 euros each and also include ensured distribution in the Netherlands and TV presentation by the VPRO network. The team from “Does It Hurt?” is announcing it as a film about and by young people in Macedonia, a modern story based on true events and persons.

    The plot is set in Skopje, and it was shot in locations in the capital and its surroundings. The cast includes Igor Dzambazov, Irena Ristic, Dejan Lilic, Visar Viska, Daniela Stojkovska, Bosko Bozadzievski, Miliana Dodevska, Kire Gjorevski, and Nikola Ristanovski and Toni Mihajlovski have special appearance. People from the Macedonian cultural stage and urban living such as Aco Stankovski, Nikola Gelevski and others also appear.

    MD: Let's hope it is going to be received well by the international public, and maybe even win some awards!

  • [Film Festival Rotterdam '07]

  • []

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    Tuesday, January 23, 2007



    Macedonia will become an EU member state, at least because it has better possibilities than Bulgaria, the editor-in-chief of the Macedonian Vecer newspaper Dragan Pavlovic Latas said in an interview with FOCUS News Agency.
    In his words the only problem in Macedonia is the inter-ethnic problem which generates around Kosovo.

    “Macedonia has higher wages than Bulgaria – the average monthly payment in Macedonia is EUR 200, while the average salary in Bulgaria has not reached this level yet; Macedonia has a speedway, while Bulgaria doesn’t; Macedonia has Western culture, which has been accumulated for 60 – 70 years with the free travel abroad, which something that is not a fact in Bulgaria yet… This means that Macedonia has a better capacity and will join the EU”, says the author of today’s article that call on Dosta Dimovska to "knock down" Krasimir Karakachanov in Sofia so that Pirin Macedonia could be set free.

    MD: Well, we all knew that, Macedonia was far more developed than Bulgaria , but the Kosovo war and the fightings of 2001 spoiled it. Also the USA usings of military bases in Bulgaria has played a big role for their entrance into the EU so soon.


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    All fires that broke out in Bitola area last night have been put under control, Makfax's correspondent reported.

    A firefighting crew is still operational near the village of Kishava, situated in the vicinity of Greek border.

    "The crew has localized the fire at Kishava also, however, large areas of low-growing and beech trees are destroyed", said Zlatko Sovreski, the Head of Bitola's Firefighting Brigade.

    Authorities raised sessions that all 14 blazes that broke out yesterday at different locations in Mariovo area, Pelister Mountain foothill and around villages situated along the Greek border, might have been set intentionally.

    "Fire outbreaks are unusual for this time of the year, however, it is common practice among the live-stock breeders to burn scrub down to create better grazing land", Sovreski said.

    Last night, a forest ranger crew caught two framers as setting fire near the village of Srpci. Bitola's Police is currently investigating the case.

    MD: As we said before, not a usual season for fires in the woods, but it seems they are set


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    More than 100.000 roes have been collected at the beginning of artificial spawning of trout, which started yesterday in Ohrid Lake, Makfax's correspondent reported.

    The Hydro Biology Institute in Ohrid is carrying out the spawning for a third year in a row. This year, the Environment Ministry set apart 1.4 million denars for this purposes, engaging 11 professional fishermen.

    After marking the fish, the catch is returned into the lake in order to preserve as many fertile trout as possible, said Goce Kostovski, the director of the Hydro Biology Institute.

    MD: Nice to hear that, there are almost no Ohrid trout's left and the ones that are, are being fished illegal in Macedonia but even more on the Albanian side of the lake, who don't even have a law on them. The best thing is to boycott the fishing, to never eat or buy a trout, in that way, they will not fish for it if no one is buying it. But that's impossible, and then again, it is so delicious and attractive for tourists.


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    Monday, January 22, 2007



    Here we continue about the recent scandals in the Football Federation of Macedonia..

    After all those other scandals, Macedonian media found out that the FFM is involved in another big scandal.

    It seems that the Macedonian Football Federation used fake Puma football jerseys! The FFM has ordered 4500 kits from a sport equipment factory from Prilep with a falsified sign of the official PUMA trade mark. The German sports company now issued a lawsuit against the Macedonian FA. A part of that equipment has already been distributed among the youth training centers in Macedonia.

    PUMA is indeed the official sponsor of the Macedonian national football teams. But although the German sports company offers the equipment for the Macedonian FA for discount prices (recently PUMA sold 2000 balls to the Macedonian FA for the price of only 1 euro each) it is obvious that the leadership of the Macedonian FA has other “calculations” and so they’ve ordered falsifications from the sports equipment factory “V&S” from Prilep. As “Makedonski Sport” reports, a lawsuit against the Macedonian FA has already been sent by PUMA, because samples of this fake equipment has been sent to the PUMA headquarters in Germany. Finally after all the scandals involving the criminal leadership of the Macedonian FA, some actions against them must be taken.

    MD: This is again even more unbelievable. We are wondering how do they get out of these pile of scandals. Probably many people will get sacked and even Katanec might be leaving. So Macedonia stands again in their firststeps as a Football Federation. Let's hope they will do right in the future and get Macedonian football at the top for once. But again, even if we call this "unbelieveable" , it just a matter of "Makedonska Rabota" as we say it in Macedonia.


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    The Macedonian football federation was in the media recently for some heavy scandals, and new scandals keep coming, like there is no end to it.

    A governmental labour inspection body, found out that there are less than 100 professional players in the Macedonian first league. There are seven clubs without even one registered player. The players were playing illegal, they were not employed and the clubs were not paying social insurance for them.

    There are some irregularities even in the Macedonian Football Federation (FFM), where some of the employees are illegally employed. This is a confirmation of previous media rumours, which said that the Macedonian Football Federation is not trying to solve those problems on purpose, knowing that if they start taking actions against the clubs, they'll have to shut down almost all of the Macedonian football clubs.

    In the football club Vardar, the inspectors discovered that there are only 10 people employed and all of them are coaches. The club has no contracts with players and wages and social insurance hasn't been payed since January 2006. Pelister has 20 players, but not one of them has a professional contract. Pobeda has only 6 employees and no one of them is a player. They have 22 players, 4 of them are foreigners and all are without professional contracts. While Renova has only 7 professional players. The other 13 players are registered as amateurs and students.

    There are in fact only 3 professional clubs in Macedonia, and even the general secretary of the Macedonian Football Federation, Lazar Mitreski turns oud he had a fake diploma from faculty.

    There is more, only one day after these scandal were announced in the media, Macedonian NT coach, Srecko Katanec announced his resignation in case the president and the general secretary of FFM lose their positions.

    The current situation in the Macedonian Football has negatively effected on him and he said: "I don't want to work with other people. If there's a problem and if they try to change the president and the general secretary, than that means that they will change me as well. The new people that will arrive can also employ a new coach, I don't want to work like that. I've been brought here by Hari (Haralampie Hadzi-Risteski - the president of the MFF) and Laze (Lazar Mitrovski), so I will leave with them in the case that they have to leave. I've informed the president Risteski about all this and I said the same to him - I'm leaving if they are leaving."

    There is even more....the situation is so bad that FIFA could dismiss Macedonia from participation in matches.

    Macedonian Police sealed the building of the federation late on Monday evening and tuesday night the secretary general Lazar Mitrovski was arrested. The situation in Skopje was monitored by UEFA, Utrinksi Vesnik reports. The Macedonian Football Federation chairman Hari Hadjiristevski said that there will be serious reaction directly from the Macedonian cabinet, the newspaper added.

    MD: This is unbelievable, so involved in all these scandals, even Katanec is about to leave. No wonder Macedonia means nothing in football. Or as Jadransport said, "Can we even call this football?".


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    The 41st edition of the largest festival of world music “MIDEM 2007” will be opened in Cannes on Sunday.

    This year’s manifestation includes the participation of representatives from 100 countries, including Macedonia. The country will have a stand, where the presentation of the Macedonian music industry is held under motto “The Wonderful Music from Macedonia”. It is comprised of a catalogue that presents the significant publishers and artists classified into categories classical, ethno, traditional, jazz, rock and pop music, as well as a compilation CD that is part of the exclusive promotion material.

    Production house “Third Ear” is the organizer and carrier of the Macedonian stand.
    Macedonia’s participation at “MIDEM” is enabled by the Ministry of Culture.

    MD: That's nice, hoping that more and more foreign people will listen to our wonderfull music!

  • [Midem 2007]

  • []

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    Saturday, January 20, 2007

    "A Moment with.....Miss Macedonia NJ"


    Dear Macedonia Daily readers, today we got you one very interesting lady, her name is Elena Damjanovska.

    Elena is the winner of the Miss Macedonia NJ contest of 2006 and we of Macedonia Daily are serving you with an exclusive Interview we conducted with her about the contest and her experiences.

    You should all take a look at the interview in our MD Corner by clicking on the link below!

  • [MD Corner Interview]
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    The Macedonian Festival of Epiphany, or 'The Blessing of the Waters' in Ohrid, is held every year on January 19. This is the special occasion when many daring young Macedonian men brave the cold water to dive for a cross after it has been blessed by a priest and thrown into the Ohrid Lake.

    This year about 400 people joined the festivity, however one young man, Dragan Naumoski, from the "Varos" part of Ohrid was the lucky one who caught the cross before the eyes of about 10.000 visitors.

    "I can't describe my happyness right now. I am jumping from when i was six, now i got it! Im really really satisfied!", seventeen year old Dragan said.

    Many people were not satisfied of how the festivity went, because only a part of all contestants were having the chance to jump of a boat, on which the priest was trowing the cross, and the rest had to jump from the shore which is more far away, thus less chance to grab it first.

    MD: Bravo to Dragan, however it is not how it used to be, today some are even using flippers and diving masks, which is not really fair!

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    The new signs of the Alexander the Great renaming of Skopje's airport are changed rapidly after the decision was made.

    MD: Looks Good

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    Friday, January 19, 2007



    The English version of Elena Risteska's "Ninanajna" is finding itself on the brand new Russian music compilation "100% HITS 2007". The compilation album as also many songs of world famous performers, like , "Bananarama", Tarkan, Melanie C, Despina Vandi and many others.

    The compilation disc was published by Russia's biggest record company, "Megaliner Records".

    Besides being pretty popular in Russia she is also mentioned among the biggest RNB performers on the popular French music website "The Super Trooper Blog", along with Beyonce, Pussycat dolls, Nelly Furtado, Shakira and others.

    MD: Well done! It finally seems like a Macedonian artist is heaving a breaktrough outside of Macedonia and the Balkans, that would be the first time. A first time we and all Macedonian singers have been waiting of for a long time.

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    Cornerstone of the Skopje Theatre, which is to be constructed upon the model of the old theatre that was destroyed by the 1963 earthquake, will be laid on Friday (Epiphany Day).

    Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski will mark the beginning of works, followed by addresses of Minister of Culture Ilirijan Bekiri and State Secretary Elizabeta Kancevska.

    Jovan Stefanovski-Zan and team of authors from “Euro Arch Design” are the project’s creators. Construction activities will be divided in several stages: first the exterior, then the interior, followed by lighting-acoustic.

    According to Government’s initial assessments, the theatre’s construction will cost about Euro 6 million, scheduled for completion in 2009.

    MD: This is a very nice project! Let's hope the new building will be just amazing as the old one before the earthquake.


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    The Macedonian and Bulgarian State Archives signed an agreement on publishing the recently discovered diary of Krste Misirkov.

    The diary is in the form of manuscript authored by the founder of the Macedonian national history, literary language and orthography, Krste Petkov Misirkov, which was uncovered in Bulgaria in late 2006.

    The State Archive of the Republic of Macedonia and the Archives Administration with the Ministerial Council of the Republic of Bulgaria agreed to issue a single edition of the diary in both languages.

    The manuscript, including 381 pages written in Russian language, is dating from 1913. Misirkov wrote it in Odessa's nearby town of Klimentovo, where he lived and worked at the time.

    "The diary, or the memoirs, include Misirkov's analyses and observations on the situation on the Balkans, with special focus on Macedonia and Bulgaria, as well as on the stances of the European countries toward Macedonian and Bulgaria", said Zoran Todorovski, the director of the Macedonian State Archive.

    He explained that articles and excerpts from the Russian press of that time have been
    enclosed in the manuscript, creating a clearer picture on the Russian relations with Macedonia and Bulgaria.

    The Bulgarian expert on Balkan's history, Cocho Biljarski, discovered the diary in a Bulgarian antique shop.

    "The discovery of Misirkov's unknown manuscript represents a great opportunity and also a great challenge", said Borjana Buzhashka, the Head of the Archives Administration with the Ministerial Council of the Republic of Bulgaria.

    Emphasizing that Todorovski was promptly notified about the discovery, Buzhaska said "The fact that Krste Misirkov's diary will be published on the behalf of both Archives is simply great".

    Besides this project, Todorovski and Buzhashka unveiled plans for embarking upon other joint projects, thus continuing the long-standing cooperation dating from 1991.

    MD: First time since long something is done together, but if its really good we dont know.


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    Thursday, January 18, 2007



    Renowned producer and biggest DJ in France Dimitri from Paris will cooperate with Vladimir Cetkar on one of his songs.

    “The cooperation and contact with Dimitri resulted from the success of song ‘Ocean of Love’ at several radio stations. Furthermore, he is interested in song ‘I Need You Know”, says Cetkar.

    Dimitri from Paris is a veteran of house music in France and one of the most influential producers of this trend in the world. His productions and mixes are filled with funk, disco and sexy house.

    MD: Cool, Cetkar is very great, and this cooperation with Dimitri will be even better


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    A celebration on the occasion of opening a Greek language class will be held on Tuesday in army barracks "Ilinden" in Skopje.

    As announced by the Ministry of Defence, the celebration will be addressed by Macedonian Defence Minister Lazar Elenovski and Greek Ambassador to Macedonia, Theodora Grosomanidou.

    The opening of the class will be also attended by the Foreign Minister Antonio Miloshoski, Chief of Macedonian Army Staff Miroslav Stojanovski, as well as accredited military attachés to Macedonia

    MD: If only were the Greeks so easy with the Macedonian language in Greece


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    The trial of Ljube Boskoski and Johan Tarculovski is scheduled for 16 April, reported Sitel Television from Skopje.

    According to the same source, the preparational meeting of judges, prosecutors and attorneys is scheduled for 12 April.

    Johan Tarculovski's appeal to defend from freedom was denied due to the trial being scheduled.

    MD: This trial is allready going for so long time now, like its never going to end


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    Wednesday, January 17, 2007



    Six people from the Vardar fan club were arrested about last night in Skopje over the incident when Bulgarians were beaten up before the memorial plaque of Mara Buneva on Saturday, Focus Agency reports.

    The "Komiti" are detained in the police department Beko in the center of Skopje.

    MD: The beating up of those Bulgarians was big news in Bulgaria, reacting imediatelly by calling up Macedonian diplomats to Sofia.


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    Landmarks of New York photo exhibition will be displayed from 17 to 24 January in The Museum of Contemporary Arts in Skopje.

    The exhibition, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, and the U.S. Embassy in Skopje, contains 81 photographs of New York City landmarks commissioned to mark the 40th anniversary of New York’s Landmark Preservation Act. The exhibition, which is being brought to more than 50 countries worldwide, highlights the vitality, diversity and history of New York through its landmarks.

    It features a diversity of photographs including civic buildings, factories, office towers, universities, museums, parks and houses of worship. By celebrating both well known structures such as the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge, and less known landmarks such as the Little Red Lighthouse in Manhattan, the exhibition will offer the viewers an opportunity to look into the history of New York’s people, their aspirations and values from the 1640’s to the present day.

    The exhibition will be alos displayed in the Local Institution People’s Museum – Art Gallery in Veles from January 31 - February 4, while the Cultural Center in Debar will host the exhibit from February 9 - 17.

    MD: Cool! that would be nice. Also as an extension of the exhibition, the Embassy will hold a student photo contest, under the name of “Landmarks of My Country,” to encourage young people of Macedonia to recognize Macedonia’s city landmarks. All high school and university students with Macedonian citizenship will be eligible. The top three photos will receive awards.


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    The meeting of the Joint Committee of the SFRY Successor States continues today in Skopje.

    The agenda of the meeting includes discussions on the allotment of the remaining 11 out of 18 diplomatic buildings belonging to the former SFRY.

    In the first round of dividing-up of assets, Macedonia has already met the 8% census and it gained the embassy in Canberra, a separate section of the embassy in Athens, consulate building in Zurich, SFRY's consulate general in Paris and an appartment residence in Rome.

    The property that remains to be divided includes the Embassies in Brussels, Stockholm and Copenhagen, the Seat of the UN Mission in Geneva, a residence, Embassy and a house in Warsaw, and the Consulate in Frankfurt, Germany.

    Most of the 67 diplomatic and consular offices in the countries across Europe, North America and Australia were divided at the last meeting of the Joint Committee of SFRY Successor States that took place in Zagreb last December.

    MD: The government is pleased with the properties they've got so far. The Macedonian media was talking about some properties the other ex-SFRJ countries did not wanted, those are probably going to Macedonia.


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    Several hectares of pine wood and juniper bush are on fire which broke out late Tuesday on the Baba mountain, near the Strezevo channel, at the Meolica locality.

    As reported by Makfax correspondents, because of the inaccessible terrain, the operation is carried out by teams of the Macedonian Forestry public enterprise - Kajmakcalan branch in Bitola, as well as the Fire Department.

    The Macedonian Forestry enterprise hopes that the low temperatures and the snow cover would help in localizing the fire and stop it from spreading onto the opposite side of the Baba mountain, near the tourist project, Nize Pole.

    MD: It's not so common to have such fires at this time of the year, but there's no news about how it has started though.


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    Tuesday, January 16, 2007



    A Museum complex “Macedonian Fight”, including the museums of VMRO and of the communism victims, will be located in three floors on the bank of the river Vardar. The Ministry of Culture has announced the international contest for a architectonic idea on the building.

    According to the museums’ program content created by director of the Macedonian Archive Zoran Todorovski, the complex is to have a display hall with 200 seats, hall for lectures, promotions and debates, an information center for about 50 visitors, a hall for projections, a library, a meeting room, depots and a parking lot.

    The VMRO Museum will present the history of this Macedonian revolutionary organization from its beginnings to the creation of the Macedonian state – ASNOM. The display will present documents and photographs and a few items.

    The display in the Museum of Communism Victims will be created as a continuation of the struggle of the Macedonian people for freedom, its Macedonian national state beyond the borders of former federal Yugoslavia.

    MD: Nice initiative!


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    The Macedonian Ambassador to Sofia Abdurahman Aliti was called to the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs after the incident on Saturday when a group of Bulgarians were attacked while attending a commemoration service in front of a memorial plate of Mara Buneva, the Macedonian National Radio reports.

    Earlier Bulgarian media reported that the Bulgarian Ambassador to Skopje Miho Mihov was called to Sofia to report on the case.

    MD: This would not help Macedonia any further in its aspirations


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    Romania supports Macedonia's aspiration to become a fully-fledged member of NATO in 2008.

    Romanian Defense Minister Sorin Frunzaverde said this in the course of a meeting with his Macedonian counterpart Lazar Elenovski in Bucharest today.

    Elenovski expressed hopes that the 2008 NATO Summit will be held in "friendly Romania", and will produce an invitation to Macedonia for membership in the Alliance, Romanian agency Mediafax reported.

    The Macedonian and Romanian Defense Ministers discussed also the restructuring process of the both armies, as well as their participation in peacekeeping missions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

    The highlights of the talks included the bilateral cooperation in the defense filed.

    During his working visit to Bucharest, Minister Elenovski will hold a lecture at the National Defense University on the topic "NATO perspectives of Macedonia and the Adriatic Charter signatory-countries".

    MD: Before, we've "helped" them, now we are in the position to "receive" help from them


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    Monday, January 15, 2007



    A major exhibit on Macedonia and Alexander the Great is in the works, slated to be presented at Paris’ Louvre Museum in 2010-2011. However after the exhibit stands Greece, trying to prove Macedonia and Alexander were Greek.

    The exhibit is being co-organized by the Greek Antiquities Ephorates of Macedonia and Thrace. The Organizers were saying that "the exhibit will be a good response to all those in Skopje who insist on altering Greece’s history."

    The initiative for the exhibit belongs to the Parisian museum. Last year, the exhibit’s French curator met with officials at the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki since most of the exhibits will originate from northern Greece. The exhibits will include architectural portions of the Palace at Vergina, remnants from the grave of Phillipos II and other Macedonian graves and significant findings from other regions which will be presented together with a collection of Macedonian findings already in the Louvre’s possession since 1917.

    The French museum is considering this exhibit one of major importance. It will allocate its largest periodical exhibition halls measuring a total of 1,200 square meters.

    MD: The Greeks probably feel they are losing control on their Macedonia and Alexander thing so they are trying to do everything to keep it in their hands, in the meanwhile we sit back and look how our government is renaming an airport "Alexander the Great"

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    The Serbian police are deploying along the border with Macedonia, finalizing the takeover of the country’s borders.

    When the current move has been completed, it will signal the first time in 90 years that all the Serbian border crossings are controlled exclusively by the police.

    Preševo Valley Albanians’ demand that members of the local, multi-ethnic force take part in the border police activities has been granted. Their participation was also a major condition set before Serbia in its bid to adopt EU standards.

    Border outpost "Robert Stošić" in the village of Čakanovac near Preševo was the first that the army handed over to the police. The remaining two outposts will be under the Serbian police (MUP) control by the end of the month.

    Preševo municipal president Ragmi Mustafa says the government has shown serious intention to take into account the Valley Albanians’ needs.

    “This type of border police will certainly have the best cooperation with the local communities, especially those living and working in the border area”, Mustafa said

    MD: Finally, Serbia has removed its military across the border, the other neighbouring countries have done it in the past, except Albania we think.


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    A number of old favourites are back in the running to represent Macedonia in Helsinki - with further details released by MKRTV of their selection process. Karolina Goceva, who took part in Tallinn in 2002 with the fan favourite "Od Nas Zavisi" is one of a number of returning faces. She's slated to sing the song Mojot Svet in the final on February 24th in Skopje.

    Jovan Jovanov (composer of the country's 2004 entry by Tose Proeski), Lambe Alabakovski (National Final 2006), Tamara (shortlisted in 2005), Gjorgji Krstevski (National final 2002), Ivana Andonovska (national final 2000) and Zoran Stamenkovski (national final 2000 as part of Magija) are the others making another bid for glory. They'll all be up against three wildcards - Biba Dodeva, Maja Grozdanovska, and the interestingly named Tuna!

    Elena Risteka's 12th place in Athens means Macedonia will have to take part in the Semi-Final in Helsinki.

    MD: Looking forward to see her comeback as well as the other songs. Lets hope one of them will take Macedonia at least in to the top 10 !


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    Politika today reports that Serbian police (MUP) officers, acting on an international arrest warrant issued by Macedonia police, have placed Poletan in detention awaiting extradition to Macedonia.

    Čočorovski-Poletan is suspected of having organized a cocaine smuggling operation that was to take nearly half a ton of drugs from Venezuela via Kosovo and Macedonia to Greece. Macedonians confiscated the cocaine at the Blace border crossing between Kosovo and Macedonia.

    Poletan’s attorney told Politika he will appeal the decision to deport his client, a Macedonian national residing in Serbia.

    In an interview to the Belgrade media several days ago, Poletan denied involvement in drug trafficking and accused Macedonian government of “framing her”. She was earlier identified as a close associate and family friend of Željko Ražnatović-Arkan.

    MD: So whe will be deported to Macedonia after all! too bad for her though


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    Sunday, January 14, 2007



    The people of the Vevcani (Republic :) were celebrating their carnival this year again with much fun! Where they showed the normal day life in a original , humouristic way! The Masked groups from the "Gorna Maala" and the "Dolna Maala" started as the tradition says, untill late in the morning.

    Besides the traditional masks, we have seen some new ones too, the "Desperate Housewives", "Urban Mafia" and a provocative act intended for the Greek-Macedonian problem.

    Today the "Vasilicari" will visit the houses of the people of Vevcani and the carnival will come to an end tomorrow with ORO in the centre of the village.

    MD: This is a long tradition and it is still very alive. There are also some 70 foreigners joining the festivity and it is been filmed by an Austrian production company, which will make a documentary about Vevcani and its carnival.

    [OH News]

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    Saturday, January 13, 2007


    Macedonia Daily

    Macedonia Daily wishes you a very happy Macedonian new year! We wish you all the best luck and health!

    Also we want to wish the ones that are celebrating it a wonderfull time, wether you are at the Vasilica Dance in Crown Point the New years dance in Sterling heights enjoying Aneta Nakovska, the The new year party in Windsor, any other parties you are going to or just celebrating at home!

    MD: Have a great time, and see you soon back on Macedonia Daily!!

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