Tuesday, September 29, 2009



According to European index for Health Protection (EIHP), Macedonia is ranked 24th among European health systems.

Macedonia has 576 points out of 1000, according to the survey conducted by the Health protection in EU in 33 European countries.

(Health Consumer Powerhouse) organization published a list on which Netherlands takes the first place with 875 points and then follow Denmark with 816 points, Iceland with 811 points and Austria 795 points.

Last on the list is Bulgaria with 448 points, whereas Romania has 489 points, Latvia 512, Albania 542 and Lithuania 546.

EIHP index consists of 38 indicators, divided in six departments: rights and informing patients, e-health, waiting for treatment, result from treatment, services and medicine access.


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Greece officially submitted a reply to the address of President Gjorge Ivanov before the UN General Assembly through its ambassador Anastasios Mitsialis.

Greece reacts on Ivanov's mentioning of Macedonia's constitutional name in his speech, instead of the reference in resolutions 817 and 845 of the UN Security Council.

"Fyr Macedonia authorities have demonstrated they do not respect Security Council resolutions, assuming an uncompromising position in bilateral talks under UN auspices, thus preventing a settlement in the name row. Instead of using the interim name, the Fyr Macedonia authorities are always using the constitutional name and deepening differences between the two countries", reads the Greek reaction.

Athens also sees Macedonia's suit against Greece before the Hague-based International Court of Justice following the latter's veto to Macedonia's NATO accession at the Bucharest Summit as violation of the 1995 Interim Treaty.

"Greece remains fully committed to the bilateral talks under UN auspices, which would result in an acceptable settlement that takes into consideration the legitimate interests and the sensitivity of both countries, thus closing the issue that directly effects regional stability. The name dispute should not have winners or losers, but be in the interest of both countries. Such a solution can be reached only if neither side tries to acquire exclusivity in the name use by monopolizing wider geographic term Macedonia", reads the note.

Ambassador Mitsialis is to deliver the reply to Ivanov's address at the General Assembly debate on Tuesday, where he is scheduled to speak on behalf of Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyiannis.


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During the summer tourist season, 135,000 overnight stays were realised in Dojran, which is 12.5 percent more than last year. With incomes that range from EUR 2m for overnight stays to EUR 3m, which includes service activities and entertainment, tourism has remained a dominant economic branch of this Municipality.

Furthermore, according to representatives of the Municipality, the biggest part of the income was collected by hotel capacities in Stari and Novi Dojran and 180 registered lessors of private weekend houses.

Representatives added that 10 percent of the mentioned tourist income arrived to the municipal budget, which is more than expected.


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Monday, September 28, 2009



A basilica of the fifth and a martyr tomb of IVth century are the new discoveries of excavation activities in the vicinity of 'Holy Transfiguration' Monastery near Zrze.

The discoveries confirm that Christianity was present in this area from the IVth century onward, archaeologist Branko Risteski told reporters.

These discoveries are very significant for us and they justify the financial means we have been investing in researching. This is grand historic treasure for our country, said Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, who visited the site along with Culture Minister Elizeabeta Kanceska Mileska and Director of the Office for Protection of Cultural Heritage Pasko Kuzman.


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DUI leader Ali Ahmeti described the Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski's reaction over Macedonian Encyclopedia as insufficient.

In an interview for Albania's Top Channel TV late on Sunday, Ahmeti made it clear that Gruevski has to condemn the act that incites war and he demanded that the encyclopedia be withdrawn, Makfax correspondent reported.

"The encyclopedia is a mean provocation by Macedonians and Gruevski is of Macedonian nationality. Therefore, a timely reaction is needed to avert escalation of the situation," Ahmeti said.

Several TV stations and print media in Tirana claim the encyclopedia had shaken up the government's work.

The media, citing sources close to Macedonia's government, claim that ethnic Albanian ministers in PM Gruevski's Cabinet had a bitter quarrel with their ethnic Macedonian counterparts regarding the encyclopedia.

The media in Albania say it is not enough Macedonian prime minister only to admit that some parts of the encyclopedia insult the Albanians but he should condemn the encyclopedia.


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Friday, September 25, 2009



Vladimir Golubovski of VMRO-NP and Janko Bachev claim to have evidence that confirms prominent government officials in 2002 had influenced those who created the census questionnaires. For this purpose a suit was filed to the Republic’s Public Prosecutor Ljupco Svrgovski.

According to them, this was done to show that Albanians constituted 25.17 percent of the population in order to justify the Framework Agreement which was based on a minority constituting more than 20%.

The census of 2002 was forged, and the percentage of ethnic Albanians in Macedonia is about 17 percent, not 25.17 as shown seven years ago.

This claim was presented before the Public Prosecutor Ljupco Svrgovski yesterday by the leaders of VMRO-NP and the People's Movement for Macedonia, Vladimir Golubovski and Janko Bachev.

Both have filed criminal charges and argue that at the time of implementation of the census immense pressure was carried against individuals who worked on the final reports. Golubovski and Bachev require immediate cancellation of the imposed Framework Agreement, which, as they say, the Albanians won, and Macedonians lost everything.

The Albanian minority by means of force, weapons and foreign mentors imposed on us to accept their demands as acquired rights, rights achieved with the Framework Agreement and not the rights of all citizens, such as birth rights. So in a situation where we know that the outcome of the census was falsified, and in a situation where this ethnic community continues aggressively with new demands that are disclosed as steps towards federalization, Macedonia simply must verify the result.

Moreover, it is well known that the ethnic Albanians were 16 percent, are now even less as their numbers will continue to decrease according to all statistics. We are witnessing as the Albanians realize their numbers are smaller and faced with a new census, they are becoming increasingly aggressive, says Golubovski.

Bachev meanwhile said there were numerous documents showing high ranking government officials involved in falsification of the 2002 census. In the process of gathering all the evidence, it’s been shocking for us to look at the level to which this falsification took place. The crime in the last census is just staggering. The parties involved, the technology behind it, the falsifications made by the field workers, the way the information was entered into the computer systems… all of this is falsified – stated Bachev.

Meanwhile the ethnic Albanians continue to torment the majority Macedonians and the rest of the ethnic minorities. Ethnic Albanian politicians are not liable for any of their statements even the public ones against the Republic. The government is silent to their threats, even silent when a Parliament party leader goes to lobby Albania to prevent Macedonia from entering NATO. No ethnic Albanian politician who have threatened the country with terrorism acts has been prosecuted.

Albanian students who can’t pass high school exams (like the rest of the students) are given free pass to the most prestigious medical school with their only qualification is being ‘Albanian’.

For how long will the Government, the majority Macedonians and the other ethnic communities tolerate this kind of aggressive behavior, threats and unscrupulous demands by the ethnic Albanian politicians and their community remains to be seen.


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Good news for Macedonian football fans! Time to throw out your fake Macedonian Puma football jerseys, because of this winter Puma will manufacture official Macedonian jerseys and will sell them in official Puma stores all around Macedonia.

The price of a jersey is set to be 65 euros and can be bought as of December. The Macedonian national football team has been using Puma jerseys for so many years now, but official jerseys were nowhere to be found, nor was Macedonia mentioned at the pumafootball.com website. Instead, Macedonian fans bought fake jerseys around shops in Macedonia, who do not even look like the real ones.


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Macedonia is set to host the annual session of the Global Alliance for Information and Communication Technologies and Development (GAID) in 2011.

Information Society Minister Ivo Ivanovski will hold press conference Friday to brief about the preparations and the benefit from hosting such an event.

GAID, an initiative approved by the United Nations Secretary-General in 2006, was launched after comprehensive worldwide consultations with governments, the private sector, civil society, the technical and Internet communities and academia.

With its multi-stakeholder approach, the Alliance reaffirms the belief that a people-centered and knowledge-based information society is essential for achieving better life for all.


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Thursday, September 24, 2009



On the 30th anniversary of this year International Cinematographers’ Film Festival “Manaki Brothers”, beside the three already announced Academy Award winners, Victoria Abril, the great European and the World star is also coming. As Labina Mitevska, the Director of the Festival said, she has been working on Abril’s coming for nine months.

The famous Spanish actress will arrive to Bitola on September 25th, and stay until October 1st. Bringing great stars to the Festival was one of the main ideas of Mitevska, hoping to make the Festival widely recognized and out of the so far closed society of cinematographers. “Very few people know about the Festival, mainly from this branch. Coming of the great star will open doors and enable the Festival to bring other great names in future, what is of great importance for its international rating,” said Labina Mitevska.

This years jury was also announced on the yesterday’ press conference. It will decide about the awards, the Golden, the Silver and the Bronze Camera 300. The President of the Jury is Peter Suschitzky, one of the two winners of the Golden Camera 300 for his life-time achievements.

  • [Manaki Film Festival '09]

  • [Mina]

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    U.S. Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg voiced hope that Macedonia and Greece will use the post-elections period in Greece to move forward in the talks on the name.

    Steinberg made the remarks at the meeting with Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly session in New York.
    After the meeting in New York, U.S. Ambassador to Macedonia Philip Reeker said the State Secretary Hillary Clinton's Deputy James Steinberg praised the efforts top create a better atmosphere in the talks on the name issue, the Voice of America's Macedonian news reported.

    At the meeting in New York, Ivanov and Steinberg discussed the cooperation in the framework of the Declaration on Strategic Partnership, signed by Macedonia and the United States in May 2008.

    President Ivanov's Cabinet said the president underlined that the planned deployment of Macedonian and US troops in Afghanistan next year, as part of cooperation between the Macedonian Army (ARM) and the Vermont National Guard, confirms the implementation of the Declaration in practice, and also signals high confidence and compatibility in the Macedonian Army in terms of NATO standards.

    Ivanov attended a reception hosted by U.S. President Barack Obama, bringing together heads of state participating in the 64th session of the UN General Assembly.

    On Thursday, Ivanov will meet with the UN mediator in the name dispute between Macedonia and Greece, Matthew Nimetz, as well as with the Jewish-American Committee, and with Macedonia's Albanians - members of the National Albanian-American League.

    Ivanov's Cabinet describes the meeting as a regular encounter and regular exchange of views.


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    After the initiative of the Association of Macedonians in Rijeka, Bitola mayor Vladimir Taleski and his Rijeka counterpart Vojko Obersnel signed an initiative on inter-municipal cooperation.

    The two cities will be cooperating in several areas – economy, entrepreneurship, higher education, tourism, culture and sports.

    Macedonia’s ambassador to Croatia, Danco Markovski welcomed the signing of the initiative. According to him, Rijeka is the bastion of Macedonian culture in Croatia, a city that allows Macedonians to show what they know and can, and there are also 157 Macedonians studying the Macedonian language at the Rijeka University.


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    Tuesday, September 22, 2009



    A monumental round-formed Macedonian royal tomb belonging to the 4th century B.C. has been discovered at the Pavla Cuka site between the villages of Bonce and Podmol, Prilep area.

    The tomb was erected with a ring of monolith stone blocks weighing up to 2 tonnes which have remained intact despite their 2.5-millennia age.

    According to archaeologists, the tomb is the only of the kind unearthed in the Balkans and it belonged to a great ruler.

    The finding has resulted from three-year excavations by Prof. Viktor Lilcic of the Institute of Art History and Archaeology of the Faculty of Philosophy, who presumes that the tomb belonged to the Pelagonija royal dynasty. A finding or an inscription will reveal which emperor the tomb belonged to.

    Pasko Kuzman, Director of the Directorate for Protection of Cultural Heritage, who visited the compound yesterday afternoon, said an adequate infrastructure needs to be built if one wants to reach to pre-history. He announced restoration, conservation and protection of the site.

    “This is of exceptional value for the Macedonian archaeology because such monumental structures are rare in the Balkans. It will attract much attention in the scientific archaeological community,” Kuzman said.

    Archaeological excavations will continue next year as well with the support of the Ministry of Culture. Field examination is led by Antonio Jakimovski of the Institute of Archaeology and archaeologist Dusko Temelkoski of the Institute and Museum in Prilep.


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    Three Nigerians were caught at the Skopje airport while trying to enter the country with fake passports. Police said they have filed criminal charges for smuggling migrants against O.B.I. (34), citizen of Nigeria, as he attempted to smuggle two Nigerians through Macedonia, Greece and then to a third Western country.

    The three were caught at passport control at the airport "Alexander the Great" with forged passports, thus prevented them to establish an international channel of smuggling migrants from Nigeria via Turkey to Greece and Macedonia, and then to a final destination in a Western country. Organizer through intermediaries came into contact with two Nigerian nationals, O.A. (26) and N.M.E. (30), who wanted to leave. He provided false invitations to participate at the Agriculture fair to be held in Skopje, and these invitations were entered with the names of the migrants.

    But at passport control checkpoint in Skopje was able to detect the forged passports. Further check in their luggage found their original passports. The Nigerian organizer O.B.I was given a detention of 30 days, while the migrants were deported from the country.


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    Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov is heading for New York on Tuesday to attend the 64th annual session of the United Nations General Assembly.

    President Ivanov will make an address to the UN General Assembly on Friday. Macedonian president will take part in a special session on climate change, the main climate-related event that takes place before the opening of the General Assembly proper. Macedonian president also will attend a meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative.

    During the stay in New York, Ivanov is expected to meet with the UN mediator in the name row between Macedonia and Greece, Matthew Nimitz.

    On the sidelines of the round-table sessions, President Ivanov will meet with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and NATO Secretary General Anders Fog Rasmussen.

    Heads of state and government and senior officials from 192 countries will gather in New York for the 64th session of the UN General Assembly to discuss climate change, economic growth and sustainable development, development of Africa, and fight against terrorism and organized crime.


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    Saturday, September 19, 2009

    "A moment with....Jarrid Frye"

    MD Network.

    Meet Jarrid Frye! This 24 year old basketball point guard was one of the best players in Macedonia last season. He was part of the team that took Ohrid basketball club AMAK S.P. to the national cup finals, where they played against Swisslion Pelister and grabbed the first title in the history of Ohrid basketball. Coming from Maspeth , New York, USA he continued his career in Macedonia immediatelly after his NCAA college ball days for the Sacred Heart Pioneers.

    In his last NCAA college ball season of 2006-2007, Jarrid averaged 13.3 points per game, 5 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 1.7 steals per game while his FIBA Europe stats are; 14 points per game, 3.7 rebounds, 1.0 assists and 1.7 steals per game.

    After winning the cup with AMAK S.P., Ohrid fans were dissapointed to read Jarrid was leaving. That one day before the second playoff quarterfinal game against MZT Skopje. Even for the players it was a mystery why he left so soon. They really could have used him in the playoffs. AMAK lost and went fishing earlier then expected after such a good season.

    We had a moment with Jarrid and asked him some questions, in our new interview, A moment with Jarrid Frye.

    MD: Jarrid! Thank you kindly for having this moment with us. You are an outstanding player and very popular among the Amak SP fans and youth in Ohrid. You are definitelly a big part of the succes of Ohrid basketball. That's why we found it so hard to believe you left, and that so suddenly during the playoffs. Let's start to ask you when was the first time you touched a ball and when did you fell in love with the game?
    JF: I started playing basketball when I was 7. I grew up watching my brohter and older cousins play a lot, and it just grew on me.

    MD: You have played in the NCAA for some time with the Sacred Heart Pioneers. How is it to play in the NCAA?
    JF: The NCAA was great. The competition is very tough, and the atmosphere is intense. Every game you must play your best.

    MD: After your seasons with Sacred Heart, you decided to play with AMAK S.P. in Macedonia. How was the link with AMAK created, why did you choose to play for AMAK?
    JF: After my senior year in college, I hired an agent to work in finding a club for me. I believe he had a good link with my first year coach at Amak. And from there I came for a tryout, and later signed with the team.

    MD: How did your family and friends react when you said you were going to play in Macedonia. It's for sure not one of the most known countries in the world.
    JF: No one really knew where Macedonia was at first. But we were all excited that I was going to play there, and get a chance to prove myself. But now, there are more people out here in New York that know about Macedonia !!

    MD: Did you like Ohrid and was it hard for you to get used to the city, the people and the culture? What about the Macedonian type of playing the game? Can you name some differences with the NCAA?
    JF: It was a little hard to get used to the slower lifestyle in Ohrid, things here in New York are much faster. But I got used to it very quicly. The people in Ohrid were very friendly and supportive, and I thank them for that. On the court, the game was also a little different for me. The European game involves more strategies rather than one on one. There were also some violations i had to get used to....as far as "traveling" and reaching fouls.

    MD: Do you miss Ohrid? What is your best memory of the city?
    JF: Yes, I miss playing in Ohrid...the atmosphere at the games was great !! The best memory would probably be when we won the Cup Title, we had good time celebrating that night.

    MD: Which beach and place did you liked the most in Ohrid?
    JF: In Ohrid, I like "Liquid" and "Kadmo"...I went there a lot for drinks and to relax.

    MD: So can you end the mystery and tell us why you left the club?
    JF: Wellll...there were some financial problems with the club. And we made an agreement to part ways.

    MD: Where can we see you playing next? Any new club?
    JF: Im not sure as of now where I will be playing....but as soon as I find out I will let you guys know !!

    MD: What is your favorite NBA team and your favorite player? Do you follow the NBA and recently the NBA Draft? Which player in this year's draft do you think we will see the most of?
    JF: I didn't get a chance to watch a lot of NBA when I was in Europe...but I'm a big fan of Dwayne Wade. I think Stephen Curry in this years' draft will do good also Ricky Rubio from Spain.

    MD: What about NCAA basketball? Any favourite teams or players?
    JF: havnt been keeping up with colleg lately either...I often check on Sacred Heart. Also Devin Ebanks playing for West Virgina, a friend of mine...good player.

    MD: If you could choose one basketball club in the world to play with, which one would you choose?
    JF: I would love to play for any NBA team..haha. In Europe I'd like to play in Spain or Italy.

    MD: Any plans this summer? Taking a vacation or are you going to focus on basketball?
    JF: Yea...I took a small vacation after the season to relax and take a break from basketball for about 2 weeks. After that I start to begin my workouts and work on my game for the next season.

    MD: How does your typicall day looks like?
    JF: I workout in the mornings ( Monday - Friday)...rest in the afternoon with my friends/family. Then I'll play in my summer league games at nightime. On weekends I relax, and go to clubs at nightime to enjoy myself.

    MD: Finally, what are your thoughts on the Macedonia Daily website?
    JF: I think the MD website is great.....It's a good way to find out what's goin on in Macedonia. I even have my friends and family looking at the website to get updates on the latest news in Macedonia !!

    MD: Thank you very much for having this time with us. We wish you all the best in your basketball career and keep us up to date when playing for your new club!
    JF: Thanks again for checking up on me....I want to thank Ohrid for their support for the two seasons that I was there. And I'm really interested to vist Ohrid during the summer months...that I've been hearing so much about..hehe !!! See ya...

    BubbleShare: Share photos - Play some Online Games.

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    Friday, September 18, 2009

    "A moment with.....Jarrid Frye"

    MD Network

    We haven't had an interview for a while, but we're all back again this time with Jarrid Frye, the 24 year old American basketball player who played with AMAK SP Ohrid last season and took them to the cup finals which they won.

    Stay tuned, you can read all about it tomorrow!

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    Macedonian Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki is due to hand over on behalf of President Gjorge Ivanov an invitation to Pope Benedict XVI to visit Macedonia in the course of 2010.

    In the course of the visit to Vatican, Milososki will meet with the Foreign Minister of the Holy See, Monsignor Dominique Mamberti.

    The meeting will focus on the modalities of deepening and improving of the bilateral relations and cooperation between the two countries in the areas of common interest.


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    The Macedonian Football Federation will no longer pay each national team player 5,000 Euros for a win and 3,000 Euros for a draw. Lesson learned after the last WC qualification fiasco where the team finished in its always reserved 4th spot.

    According to FFM's spokesman, the federation had 'waisted' 300,000 Euros in payments during the last qualification campaign only to see the team produce no viable results once again.

    "4th place is simply not accebtable, not when the federation has been so financially generous to our players" says a source in the FFM.

    The new system soon to be accepted will award the national team only when finishing second, possibly third in the group.


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    Thursday, September 17, 2009



    In Tel Dor, Israel a rare stone has been found, bearing a small carved image of Macedonian king Alexander the Great. Archeologists say this is a very important find since it shows the great skill of the artist who made it.

    "Despite its miniature dimensions - the stone is less than a centimeter high and its width is less than half a centimeter - the engraver was able to depict the bust of Alexander on the gem without omitting any of the ruler's characteristics" notes Dr. Gilboa, Chair of the Department of Archaeology at the University of Haifa. "The emperor is portrayed as young and forceful, with a strong chin, straight nose and long curly hair held in place by a diadem," he added.

    This small gemstone was found by a volunteer who was part of a team from the University of Washington, Seattle. The team was headed by prof. Sarah Stroup. Dr. Jessica Nitschke, a professor at Georgetown University, Washington DC identified the image as a portrait of Alexander the Great.

    The stone was found in the south of Tel inside the remains of a building from the Hellenistic period.

    Image credit: No'a Raban-Gerstel, University of Haifa

    [MD-Haifa University]

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    Macedonia withdrew from the Balkan Badminton Championship in Greece in a protest of host's blackmail related to Macedonia's name, Makfax news agency reported.

    Greek town of Polikastro hosts the Balkan Badminton Championship for youths under 19, which brings together young players of Balkan nations. Six Macedonian players, accompanied by two coaches, were to take part in the event.

    Macedonia's badminton players, angry that they were told by the host to remove the name "Macedonia" from their national dress, withdrew on the eve of the tournament Thursday in protest at the host's improper conduct.

    Greece, the host country, offered Macedonian players to wear T-shirts with FYROM reference.

    "The players, after consultations with the Badminton Federation of Macedonia (BFM), decided not to take part in the tournament and left the venue," Dime Stefanovski, the President of Macedonian Badminton Federation, told Makfax news agency.

    Stefanovski added that BFM has already notified the Balkans Badminton Federation about the incident.

    "Puzant Kassabian, the President of Balkan Badminton Association, welcomed Macedonia's move and endorsed it as only option," Stefanovski said.

    Greek side did not accept the proposal of the Balkan Badminton Federation i.e. if the host is insisting that Macedonians play without national insignia, all other national teams should also play under same terms.

    Macedonia has been admitted to the World Badminton Federation by the name FYR of Macedonia. The country has been admitted to the European Badminton Federation by the name Macedonian Badminton Federation.

    MD: Ridiculous! This is already the second time in such a short time that a Macedonian sport delegation leaves a tournament because of Greek blackmail. Two weeks ago same thing happened in Serbia at a sailing regatta. Greeks wanted Macedonians to take jackets off which said "Macedonia" and complained with the organizers. Is this sportsmanship? No, it's childish, very childish.


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    The 2nd International National Cuisine Festival and Beer Festival, including the Gourmand Weekend will open Thursday at Skopje's Kale fortress.

    In the course of four-day event, the Kale fortress will be a venue for presentation of a variety of food specialties from European national cuisines and more than 30 types of beer from European and Europe's breweries.

    This festival is a destination of quality entertainment and presentation of various beer brewers accompanied with fantastic food selection from the local restaurants engaged in this project, music animation, crafts sales and exhibitions, as well as artistic creations and entertaining presentations from Macedonia and from many European countries: Macedonia, Britain, Italy, Slovenia, Turkey, France, Netherlands, Croatia, Scotland, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia.

    With participation from around 200 musicians and costumed characters, the festival will offer lots of fun and activities connected to Beer, which will bring the city of Skopje inventive long lasting attraction, and will gain for the city to make a step forward with an image of European city and attractive tourist destination, for visitors from all over the world.


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    Vice Prime Minister responsible for European affairs Vasko Naumovski and US Ambassador to Macedonia Philip Reeker signed last night a memorandum of understanding between the Macedonian and US government.

    The memo, envisaging assistance for trainings and related activities, is part of the Declaration for Strategic Partnership signed by Macedonia and the United States back in May 2008. It encompasses trainings of civil servants in various fields in an attempt to raise the level of professionalism, but also to secure their posts in service of the citizens despite changes in government structures.

    Vice PM Naumovski took the occasion to note that the memorandum was a crown of long negotiations and preparations by both sides. Trainings for civil servants stemming from it will be realised between Macedonian and US institutions. Investments in human resources, he said, are one of the four priority areas for cooperation with the US government and trainings for civil servants are an extremely important support for Macedonia.

    - I am convinced the transformation of state services into a modern and effective system serving the citizens is the key for country's future progress. Administration reform is one of the most crucial priorities of Macedonia in its integration process towards EU, stated Vice PM Naumovski after signing the memorandum.

    According to Ambassador Reeker, the memo will protect US investments by guaranteeing that trained civil servants will remain on their posts and will assist Macedonia to make utmost efforts using the power of professionally trained public administration. He noted that US since the independence of Macedonia had invested one billion dollars in various spheres aimed at country's development.

    - Trainings in education, police, judiciary and defense will hugely benefit Macedonia. Trained individuals will be able to apply new and better systems at their work places, thus contributing to the advancement of Government's operations, stated Reeker.

    The US Ambassador said the signed declaration remains a priority for the United States and as a result additional programs and funds for projects have been provided.

    Asked by reporters why US companies and investments were scarce in Macedonia, in addition to Johnson Controls, and to comment the announced opening of new Chinese factory, Reeker stated the governments of US and Macedonia were working jointly to create adequate conditions to attract foreign investors and to make the country more competitive.

    - The American government is not controlling the companies in the country and cannot tell them where to invest. We want to encourage US companies to come here and to invest. However, I believe that with these reforms, which need to be implemented in order to boost the competitiveness, we will be able to convince US companies to invest in Macedonia. It is important investments to come from all around the world and we welcome every investment initiative in Macedonia, stated US Ambassador Reeker.


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    Wednesday, September 16, 2009



    Macedonian basketball team failed to secure a place in the quarterfinals of the European Basketball Championship, after today’s defeat 69:71 from the current European Championship title holders Russia in a thriller match.

    By this victory, Russia secured the third place in the group and entered the quarterfinals, whereas Macedonia ended its participation in the Eurobasket.

    Pero Antic was Macedonia’s best scorer with 19 points, while Russia’s Timofej Mozgov scored 25 points.

    MD: Such a shame, we were so close, and lost with only 2 points. Overall, Macedonia did a good job this year. Let's hope this means that we are a regular at Eurobasket.


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    Special crews on Wednesday started to pull up the submerged boat Ilinden, which sank in Lake Ohrid leaving 15 Bulgarian tourists dead.

    Experts from Croatia's company Dubina have been tasked to haul the vessel out of water with special balloons.

    A sightseeing boat carrying dozens of Bulgarian tourists sank just offshore the lake on September 5. A total of 15 people have drowned after the boat capsized in the lake. The vessel was 200 meters from shore when it sank rapidly at a depth of seven meters.

    Once hauled out of water, experts from Macedonia, Bulgaria and Croatia will examine the vessel to establish the cause of sinking. Initial reports say the broken steering cable could be the probable cause of the accident.

    Police officers and divers have been deployed at the accident site, near Eleshac tent site.

    Vesna Kicheec, investigating magistrate from Ohrid, is in charge of the investigation into the accident. Bulgaria's deputy attorney-general is part of the team running theinvestigation.


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    Macedonia wants name solution to be found but does not want to hold talks on national identity and language. It is unacceptable for us to negate 126 countries that have already recognised the Republic of Macedonia under its constitutional name, Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov said late Monday in his address in Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Berlin, media reports.

    Macedonia is the only country in the world that was conditioned for membership in the UN, in the NATO and now probably in the EU, Ivanov said, answering questions to the present guests on name dispute and Macedonian integration in NATO and EU.

    - With the UN Resolution 817 in 1993 it is requested to hold talks with the neighbour on differences regarding our constitutional name and we are doing this for 16 years. We should not discuss about basic right to self-identification and self-determination. Yet we have accepted to discuss, although we changed the Constitutional and flag there was no results again, Ivanov said. He underlined the interim agreement in 1995 in which Greece obliged not to block Macedonia’s membership in international organisations which was not obeyed in Bucharest last year when it vetoed invitation for NATO admission.

    In Bucharest we have accepted Nimetz’s proposal “The Republic of Macedonia (Skopje)” or to join NATO under provisional name “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” but this was not enough for Greece, Ivanov said.

    Macedonia actively participates in UN-led negotiations and mediator Nimetz during his last visit to Skopje on July said that Macedonian side wants a compromise. We are really prepared for reaching a solution, which will be a compromise. However, Ivanov said that compromise is like tango, it takes two to tango. Now the resolving of problem is again postponed due to parliamentary elections in Greece next month and presidential elections in the spring next year.

    Greek ambassador to Berlin Tasos Kriekoukis reacted on Ivanov’s address who said that Athens agrees the name of the northern neighbour to include the word Macedonia but with entry which would differentiate from the same Greek province and for international usage. He pointed out that larger part of region Macedonia belongs to Greece and made remarks on naming facilities after Alexander and Filip of Macedon, on erecting their monuments.

    Ivanov answered that the Republic of Macedonia does not ban anyone to be named Macedonia or Macedonian. He denied that Macedonia steals culture and history pointing out that as UNESCO member is obliged to protect cultural and historical heritage on its territory. He asked why Greece does not react the same for Bulgaria who erected a monument of Philip II in Plovdiv?

    I have proposal, president added, to accept the name “Macedonia 39%” because such part of region belongs to the Republic of Macedonia and 51% to Greece. But these 39% percent are 100% Macedonia and Greek 51% are only 5% from Greece, so hereon the question is posed who has right to be named Macedonia. Greek ambassador did not understand Ivanov's sarcasm.

    He assessed the provisional reference FYR Macedonia as absurd. He emphasised that Macedonia wants to be recognised as European and not as former Yugoslav. How would you feel Germany i.e. its eastern part to be named “former Soviet colony” or Americans to be named as “former British colony.” We do not live in the past but in the present, we are no former but real and want to be treated for what we are, with dignity and right to self-determination, Ivanov said.

    In regard to integration in NATO and EU, Ivanov said that they are strategic goals to which Macedonia is fully dedicated. He considered that integration in Euro-Atlantic structures should be assessed according to merits and achievements and the next logic and natural step for Macedonia is visa liberalisation and the start of EU talks.

    We want sincerely to become part of NATO and EU. We are prepared to make difficult decisions if necessary, but not at price to our dignity, President Gjorge Ivanov said.


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    Monday, September 14, 2009



    A big second half run enabled Macedonia to write their first win in the Qualifying Round 86-75 over Germany on the second day of action in Group E in Bydgoszcz.

    Macedonia now stand on a 1-3 record, tied with Germany, as both teams still hold a chance to make it to the Quarter-Finals.

    Vrbica Stefanov is one of the oldest players in the tournament and one of the most effective, with 25 points on Sunday.

    A tied game in the first half saw a much better Macedonia team in the second half who took over the floor on the way to their second ever EuroBasket Final Round win.
    "He's probably the best player in his age right now in Europe," said Germany's Coach Dirk Bauermann on Vrbica Stefanov who led Macedonia to the big win.

    The veteran point guard scored 25 points on 73% shooting from the field and added five steals, which are the second best individual highs in the tournament thus far.
    Jeremiah Massey added 16 while Pero Antic and Dime Tasovski had 13 each.
    Tasovski had five steals too and hit three times from distance, to write his tournament high right in the key game for his team.

    It was a 20-4 run late in the third and early in the fourth that pushed Macedonia from a one point lead to a 67-50 margin in the 31st minute.

    "We played better defense for 20-25 minutes and when we started to shoot good as well we opened a gap to decide the game," commented Coach Jovica Arsic.
    Macedonia scored only a single bucket inside the arc the entire first quarter but had four three-pointers to rely on and hold an 18-14 margin after ten minutes, behind ten early points by Vrbica Stefanov. Gecevski attacked the rim with efficiency and created a headache for Coach Bauermann but his team still couldn't gather enough points for a run.

    Macedonia earned their biggest lead, 47-40 with a big dunk by Massey but Staiger was still on fire and hit again from distance only to see Jagla follow him and cut the margin to one.

    A time out called by Coach Arsic changed things in favor of his team.
    Two steals in a row by Macedonia capped by a buzzer beater catch and shoot by Pero Antic set the margin on 12 at the end of the third quarter, 62-50 behind a 15-4 run in which four players scored.

    If Germany had any plans to come back they were shattered quickly inside the fourth with three additional turnovers, which allowed Macedonia to push it to a 17 point lead, and decide the night.

    "We had a tough loss two days ago but just like it happened with our tough loss to Greece and then the win over Israel we recovered quickly," analyzed Tasovski.
    "Now we need to beat Russia and make it to the Quarter-Finals."

    Macedonia wrote 14 steals on the night against only four of Germany. Stefanov himself had more than the entire German team. Those extra possessions and easy fast break points made the difference.

    Vrbica Stefanov of Macedonia saved his best performance for the most important game, and won't rest until he helps his team make more history. He finished a huge game with 25 points on 73% shooting from the field and five steals - the second best individual high in the entire tournament. Stefanov scored ten points already in the first quarter and added eight in the third to bring his team 40 minutes from the quarter-finals.

    [Eurobasket 09]

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    Milcho Manchevski starts filming his film LIKE A BABY on December 18, 2009.
    This -fourth - film by Macedonia’s most successful filmmaker and one of the most respected film directors in the world, will shoot in Skopje and in Mariovo.

    The film will premiere next spring.

    LIKE A BABY is a European co-production. It has been supported by the Macedonian Ministry of Culture and the Macedonian Film Fund.

    LIKE A BABY is a modern multi-narrative, a 21st century take on life and punishment.

    The script and the storyboard have been finished; the visualization and the casting are ongoing.

    The documentary and test pre-shooting will be executed first week of October.

    The crew will be diverse – Macedonian and foreign. Besides Macedonian film workers, there will be also people from UK, Italy, Taiwan, USA, Australia, Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia and France.

    The production designer is David Munns, who worked on Manchevski’s previous three films, the director of photography is Vlatko Samoilovski, the music composer is Kiril Dzajkovski, the costume designer is Elisabetta Montaldo and the key make-up artist is Mario Michisanti (both of whom worked on SHADOWS). The editor is John Scott (who also edited the QUIET AMERICAN, the SEXY BEAST etc.)

    Manchevski is the director of BEFORE THE RAIN winner of Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. He also directed DUST and SHADOWS.


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    Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov is set to meet with German President Horst Koehler in Berlin on Monday.

    During the stay in Germany, President Ivanov will meet with German lawmakers and government officials.

    Ivanov will visit the German Army Command in Potsdam.

    Macedonian delegation includes business people who are due to meet with their German counterparts to discuss strengthening of cooperation.

    Ivanov is scheduled to meet with representatives of Macedonian Diaspora in Germany.


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    Saturday, September 12, 2009



    France booked their spot in the quarter-finals with an overwhelming 83-57 victory over Macedonia to remain perfect at EuroBasket 2009.

    Florent Pietrus and Nando de Colo led five scorers in double figures for Vincent Collet's team with 14 points each while Tony Parker, Ali Traore and Nicolas Batum all added 13 points. The French improved to 3-0 in the Qualifying Round Group E and join Greece into the final eight, which start on 17 September in Katowice.

    "We started very strong. We wanted to put a lot of pressure on Macedonia. We watched their other games and saw that if they could develop their game that they could shoot, including their big men. And we didn't want them to have their position. And that helped us early. And the game was over at half-time," said Collet, whose team used a 17-3 run to start the game and never looked back.

    Macedonia slumped to 0-3 in the group despite nine points each from Jeremiah Massey and Darko Sokolov while Predrag Samardziski had seven points and eight rebounds for Jovica Arsic's team, whose team shot just 35 percent for the game.

    "They played much better than my team. We didn't play defense like we should have. They scored almost 50 points (48 points) in our point. And that is unacceptable," said Arsic.

    Riste Stefanov nailed a three-pointer about two minutes into the game as Arsic's men took their only lead of the game at 3-2. Pietrus and Batum led a 15-0 charge which eventually saw the French lead 24-9 after one period. Parker scored the first seven points of the second quarter for France, who opened the period with a 14-0 surge for a 38-9 advantage. Todor Gechevski finally got Macedonia on the scoring board with four minutes left in the second quarter and Arsic's underdogs trailed 49-18 at intermission.

    Pietrus's triple to start the second half pushed the gap to 34 points and Collet's team would not allow their opponents any closer than 28 points in the period and led 67-35 after three quarters.

    The French's final reserves came on in the fourth and watched Macedonia go on a 9-3 run to cut the deficit to 70-44. But France scored the next seven points and the gap did not go lower than 26 points the rest of the way.

    MD: Again, same as like the one vs Greece, our players looked like lost in there. They did not do their best, this isnt how we are used to play, we dont know what happened, but got crushed big time. Next up, Germany and Russia.

    [Eurobasket 09]

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    Another earthquake struck Debar area Friday evening, Makfax’s correspondent reported.

    The quake measuring 3 degrees at the European Macroseismic Scale has been registered at 18:41 hrs.

    The Seismological Observatory with the Skopje Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics announced that a series of mild tremors have been detected in Debar epicentral area.

    The strongest in the latest series of quakes in Debar area was reported on 6th September. It measured 5.3 Richter and caused substantial material damages, but fortunately, no human casualties.


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    A large-scale police operation is under way in the premises of the tobacco company “Makedonija Tabak” located in the Skopje’s Municipality of Aerodrom, reports Makfax agency.

    The reasons for the police operation in the premises of Macedonia Tabak, currently undergoing bankruptcy procedure, are yet unknown.

    A large number of police officers under full equipment and some dozen police Land Rovers are deployed at the site.


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    Friday, September 11, 2009



    The Macedonian basketball team moved to the city of Bydgoszcz, where it plays a match today against France, marking the beginning of the struggle for securing a good result in the European Championship.

    By losing two games from Greece and Croatia and beating Israel, the Macedonian team for the first time ever advanced into the second stage of a European Basketball Championship, looking at another historic opportunity - to secure participation in the World Basketball Championship, if they finish at least in seventh place.

    To achieve this goal, we would have to win at least two games in the Group B, comprising except for Greece and Croatia also Russia, France and Germany.

    Anyway, after 10-year hiatus, Macedonia is again part of a Eurobasket. What’s more, the victory over Israel means that our team is already the 12th best team in the continent.

    MD: Interesting match today, it will be very tough, since France has a outstanding team, they have about 5 NBA players with Spurs's Tony Parker being their best man. He will be dangerous for us. Let's hope we can show some good play, also on the defensive end.


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    Up to 10,000 Macedonian profiles on the popular Internet social networking site Facebook might have been caught up in a massive instance of personal data theft.

    Up to a quarter of the country's Facebook users' profiles may have been compromised by hackers, daily Utrinski Vesnik daily reported Thursday, citing IT experts.

    Police say the exact number of those affected cannot be determined, and warn that the hackers' scam is still ongoing, urging people to be careful.

    The hackers send a false notification to a user's profile that says friends have written something on their wall. After clicking on the notification, the user is diverted to a false Facebook site and are asked to retype their user account: e-mail address and password.

    “Many people were caught in the scam” the editor of IT.com.mk portal Damjan Arsovski told the daily. “This is an easy way to steal someone’s personal identity because the perpetrator can log in instead of the real user and read his messages and have access to his mail and personal data,” he warns.

    Arsovski explains that this scam might be even more harmful for users who tend to exchange their company documents or other sensitive data via e-mail.

    The portal has started a search engine to help users determine whether their accounts have been misused.


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    Former German President Roman Herzog received the order "September 8", Macedonia's highest decoration for a foreign national.

    President Gjorge Ivanov presented the order to Herzog in the Ohrid villa "Biljana".

    The decoration is presented for Herzog's exceptional merit in the strengthening of Macedonia's international position, especially as member of the Badinter committee, which decided that the country has the right to secede from the former Yugoslav federation.

    Order "September 8" has thus far been given to French senator and international law expert Robert Badinter and former US ambassador to Macedonia, Christopher Hill.


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    Thursday, September 10, 2009



    "Macedonia wielka jak jej krol Aleksander" says a nice interesting article which was published in Polish newspaper Gazeta.pl , about the Macedonians and our National team in Poznan. You can read the Google translated version at this link: [Macedonia wielka jak jej krol aleksander]


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    Macedonia lost to Croatia yesterday with 81-71. Vrbica Stefanov and his teammates very nearly pulled the upset.

    Macedonia will start the next round with an 0-2 record, but didn't expect much more than that coming here. Nevertheless it wasn't far from being the other way around.
    The group of Jovica Arsic held a 39-22 lead in the second quarter and entered the break with a 14 point lead.

    Planinic led Croatia on a beautiful ride in the end of the second half when they erased the gap in the first minutes of the third quarter, and took over the game completely in an impressive team display in the last period with a 27-2 run.

    Three players - Vrbica Stefanov, Darko Sokolov and Jeremiah Massey - scored 12 each.
    Macedonia missed a chance for a huge upset, but can gain confidence from dominating Croatia this way in the first half. Stefanov scored eight points already after 5:30 to make it 16-11 in favor of his team.

    Banic and Vujcic were the only ones to make it happen for Croatia but when Sokolov found his spot and took over Stefanov's streak with eight of his own until the buzzer, Macedonia led 26-20 after ten minutes.
    Gecevski and then Stefanov scored from distance and Massey finished a fast break to shock the Croats with a 34-20 lead and cap a total of 13 unanswered points.
    The gap reached already 39-22 but Croatia was just about to strike back.

    Ukic and Davor Kus scored from distance to write a 13-2 run, but lack of focus around the rim and a technical foul on the Croatian bench, stopped the momentum.
    Macedonia converted it to five points in a row and entered the break up 48-34.
    Croatia came back from the locker-room with a different spirit, and after four minutes it was already a 48-46 game.

    Vojdan Stojanovski with a lay up and Pero Antic with a big alley-hoop dunk shook up the Macedonian offense, to set the ground for Vrbica Stefanov to nail a three ball and set the margin on nine, 61-52.

    After five minutes with no points Massey finally broke the drought from Macedonia after an offensive board but Planinic dished another assist and Popovic completed an additional three point play to regain the Croatian run.
    A technical foul and a big play by Planinic capped the run on 27-2 and showed Croatia is finally here, before the margin was cut in the closing minutes.

    MD: Tomorrow we play France. It will be very hard, but we have shown we can be a tough team to beat.


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    Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski rejected the Transport & Communications Minister Mile Yanakieski’s offer to resign over Lake Ohrid tragedy.

    Yanakieski filed his resignation in the aftermath of tour boat accident at Lake Ohrid Lake which left 15 Bulgarian tourists dead.

    Based on boat sinking analysis, the recommendations and suggestions from VMRO-DPMNE’s parliamentary group and my own convictions, including the analysis on the cause of the accident, Prime Minister Gruevski has decided to let the Minister of Transport Mile Yanakieski keep his job, local media said.

    The same sources quote opposition parties as saying that if an official steps down for ethical reasons, such a resignation cannot be reviewed but just confirmed.


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    A state delegation led by the Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski kicks off a visit to the People’s Republic of China to take part at the World Economic Forum, taking place in Dalian.

    In the course of the visit, Gruevski will have a bilateral meeting with his Chinese counterpart, the Premier of the State Council, Wen Jiabao and will hold talks with Dalian’s city authorities.

    Macedonian delegation will take the advantage of attending the summit to hold meetings with representatives of several world companies and to visit the free trade and high-tech zones in Dalian, Macedonian Government announced.

    PM Gruevski is also scheduled to have an address at the panel discussion “Facing the employment crisis – the impact of the economic crisis on the employment,” set up in the frameworks of the Forum.

    This year’s “Summer Davos” summit held under the theme "Relaunching growth" will bring together about 1,300 participants from 86 countries.


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    Wednesday, September 09, 2009



    Nerve racking match, in which Macedonia decided their faith whether they'll quailfy to the next round. Once again plagued by horrific three point shooting and a Serbian referee the Macedonians managed to defeat Israel 82-79.

    With this victory, Macedonia will move to the next round, while Israel is going home. Reverse of fortunes there, for a change Macedonia moves on and Israel will pack their bags.

    The red and yellow had started the match on a positive note, slowly building up their lead which early on jumped to seven points. Everything was well until a Serb referee took over the match and started to call non fouls on Macedonia while ignoring most offensive and defensive fouls by the Israelis. This kind of refereeing helped the Israelis claw back within two points.

    On half time, Macedonia lead with 40-39. In the second half, Macedonia once again lead by seven and later by nine points, though Israel once again managed to reduce the lead to a single point with 2 minutes left.

    The referees gave Israel more than three chances to take the lead, but Israel took the gifts for granted and failed to score each time.

    Massey and Pero Antic were the key to Macedonia's offense and defense. Jeremiah Massey in particularly showed how the red and yellow jersey needs to be represented. Massey blocked shots, scored threes, scored in vital situations and rallied his team mates. Massey finished the match with 15, while Antic added 19 points.

    MD: Macedonia advances into the next round and will likely play against France on friday.


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    After Andorra, Macedonia signed a document establishing diplomatic ties under the constitutional name with the south African country of Botswana.

    The protocol was signed by the UN Chiefs of both countries in New York City, Slobodan Tashovski and Charles Ntwaagae after which a letter was sent to UN Secretary Ban Ki Moon and all the UN delegation informing them of the signing.

    The Republic of Botswana is world's largest diamonds exporter located in the southern part of Africa with roughly 2 million people.

    After the signing both parties have agreed for a bilateral meeting during the 64th General Assembly in the second half of September, says in the communique of the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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    Macedonia is ranked 32nd of the 183 economies covered by the World Bank Doing Business 2010 report, 37 places up from 69th a year earlier.

    Macedonia is also ranked third among the global top ten reformers.

    Macedonia’s ranking in the Doing Business 2010 report makes it the highest- ranked country in the region – Bulgaria (44th), Slovenia (53rd), Romania (55th), Montenegro (71st), Turkey (73rd), Albania (82nd), Serbia (88th), Croatia (103rd), Greece (109th), Kosovo (113th), Bosnia and Herzegovina (116th).

    Doing Business analyzes regulations affecting the small to medium-size firm - business start-up and operations, trading across borders, paying taxes, and closure. The ease of doing business index ranks economies from one to 183.

    The Central-African Republic, Congo, The Democratic Republic of Guinea-Bissau, Sao Tome and Principe, and the Republic of Congo are at the bottom in the Doing Business 2010 report.

    Doing Business 2010: Reforming through Difficult Times recorded 287 reforms between June 2008 and May 2009, up 20 percent from the previous year. Reformers around the world focused on making it easier to start and operate businesses, strengthening property rights, and improving commercial dispute resolution and bankruptcy procedures.

    This year, there were four newcomers among the global top ten reformers: Liberia, the United Arab Emirates, Tajikistan and Moldova. Others, aside from Rwanda, are Egypt, Belarus, Macedonia, the Kyrgyz Republic, and Colombia.


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    41 percent of the total agricultural production of Macedonia is exported to European market. Tobacco, wine, vegetables and lamb are the most frequently exported products.

    Only few years ago Macedonian export was oriented towards ex Yugoslavian countries, while today it is more Europe-oriented. The most important trade partners of Macedonia are: Germany, Greece, Italy, France, the Netherlands and Great Britain.


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    Tuesday, September 08, 2009



    Greek tv channel NET TV wiped out the Macedonian name from the tv screen when airing the game between Macedonia and Greece yesterday.

    MD: Now that's something a 4 year old would do! Unbelievable


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    The Republic of Macedonia celebrates Tuesday its 18th anniversary since the successful referendum, at which Macedonian citizens voted for independent and sovereign state.

    A convincing majority exceeding 95 percent of citizens who came out at the referendum on September 8, 1991 responded positively at the referendum question - Are you in favor of independent Macedonia with the right of its accession in a future alliance of sovereign Yugoslav states?

    The results from the referendum were preceded by the adopted Declaration for Independence at the first multi party Macedonian Parliament on January 25, 1991.

    The will of the people for independent state was confirmed with the declaration for acceptance of the results from the referendum on September 18, 1991 at the Macedonian Parliament.

    The next important step in strengthening of the state was the adoption of the Constitution on November 17, 1991, which was supplemented after the 2001 conflict and signing of the Ohrid Framework Agreement.

    The international-legal status of the state was definitely confirmed by an acclamation of the United Nations General Assembly on April 8, 1993, when Macedonia was admitted as the 181st full-fledged UN member. However, due to Greece's opposition and pressure regarding the constitutional name, the UN accession was carried out under interim reference Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). Talks for overcoming of the name dispute are still ongoing under UN auspices.

    Macedonia today has already established diplomatic relations with 160 states worldwide and is recognised under its constitutional name by 125 countries, three of which members of the UN Security Council - China, Russian Federation and the USA.

    The 18 years of Macedonia's independence did not pass without problems and difficulties. Three-digit inflation at the beginning of the 1990s, the Greek embargo, Kosovo refugee crisis and 2001 conflict were real challenges and threats to a young Macedonian state which hindered her way in accomplishing the strategic goals - strengthening of democracy and integration in Euro-Atlantic structures. In 2005 Macedonia gained EU candidate status. Process of approximation of Macedonian legislation with EU legislation, power decentralisation and defence reforms marked recent years.

    Despite meeting all criteria for full-fledged membership in NATO at the Bucharest Summit in April 2008, the Republic of Macedonia received only conditional membership invitation after Greece - due to the name dispute - used the right of veto and blocked the accession.

    Macedonia celebrates its 18th anniversary in light of the new report from Brussels on the country's progress on the road to European integration, as well as date for start of EU membership talks. Greece threatens again that due to the name dispute it will also block country's EU accession.

    Independence Day is celebrated with numerous ceremonies and events. Parliament Speaker Trajko Veljanovski organised Monday evening a reception in the Parliament and the Macedonian Army marked the holiday by firing 10-gun salute in Skopje's Ilinden barracks.

    On Tuesday, an academy will be held in the Macedonian Opera and Ballet, addressed by President Gjorge Ivanov.


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    MACEDONIA LOST - 86-54


    Macedonian national team started with severe defeat the European Basketball Championship that kicked off in Poland today.

    In its worst game so far, Macedonian team lost from the World Championship runner-up Greece.

    Only five minutes into the game, Greece amassed 15 points lead which continued increasing up until the final 86:54.

    Throughout the match, Macedonian players showed nothing but confusion. The team was nowhere near being up to the task in both defense and the attack, with disastrous field-goal percentage, especially the three-point shooters.
    About 300 Macedonian and some 50 Greek fans were among the attendants of the match played in Poznan. No incident broke out on the stands and the players of both teams shook hands in a friendly manner.

    Macedonian continues its participation at Eurobasket on Tuesday with the match against Israel – the crucial game for making it to the next stage of the tournament.

    It was interesting in Skopje, where Macedonians sat together with Greek fans at a coffee shop near the Greek Consulate. Good atmosphere throughout the match, fans enjoyed 'Skopsko beer' with salad and roasted chicken.

    MD: Too bad, congratulations to our Greek readers! But it was sure nice to see the face of the Greeks when they saw our huge flag.


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    Monday, September 07, 2009



    Macedonia versus Greece match is set to open the European Basketball Championship in Poland today.

    Euro-Basket is the biennial basketball championship contested by European nations and held by FIBA Europe. The tournament, which will be hosted by Poland, will begin on 7 September and will conclude with the final on 20 September.

    This is the second time that Macedonia participates in the European basketball championship, after its debut in France 10 years ago.

    Coach Jovica Arsic has ended his dilemma and picked American-Macedonian Jeremiah Massey over Darius Washington (former NBA)to play at Eurobasket, since no more than 2 neutralized players are allowed on one team.

    Macedonia will play against the current world vice-champion Greece.

    The premiere duel begins today at 16:39. The residents can watch the match on a large video beam at the Skopje's central square Pela.

    In the Phase 1, Macedonia - placed in the Group 1 - will play against Greece, Croatia and Israel.

    MD: This historical match between two rivals being played tonight will be very interesting. We were always waiting for Greece to find them in the same group with us. This is very important, if we win, we already kinda won the tournament. Many Macedonian and Greek fans are expected as well as half a stadium of policemen since the game is being marked as high risk by Polish organisers. Salute to our southern neighbours; Enjoy the game, no hard feelings and may the best one win!


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    The wreckage of sunken Ilinden boat at the bottom of Ohrid Lake will not be retrieved until Wednesday, Bulgarian expert Georgi Iliev, who is member of the mixed commission which investigates the cause of boat accident, said.

    Iliev said that weather conditions are not favourable at the moment underlying that detailed plan on ways how the boat will be pulled out is being prepared. It is in the interest of the investigation the boat to be retrieved undamaged.

    Commission decided new underwater shooting to be carried out since the former one did not respond to investigation's requests.

    Meanwhile the relatives of the 15 Bulgarian victims are heading to Skopje to identify them.

    Bulgaria's Deputy Prosecutor General Kamen Sitnilski arrived in Skopje on Monday for a meeting with Macedonia's Public Prosecutor Ljupco Svrgovski as part of the investigation efforts.

    Bulgaria declares Monday national day of mourning in memory of the victims in the tragic event with the sunken Ilinden boat in Ohrid Lake.

    There were fifty-five Bulgarian passengers on the boat. Fifteen Bulgarian nationals died in the accident, which happened on Saturday.


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    An earthquake measuring 7-8 degrees according to European Macroseismic Scale was felt late Sunday in western and central Macedonia.

    Epicentre of the quake, which happened at 23:49h, was 110 km southwest of Skopje.

    Seismological observatory within Faculty of Science and Mathematics in Skopje reported that epicentre was on the territory of the neighbouring Albania, 15 km southwest of Debar.


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    Sunday, September 06, 2009



    The government has declared Sunday the 6th a national day of mourning due to the tragic boat accident which happened in the Ohrid lake in which 22 people (sources may vary) have died so far and 50 survivors.

    So far, the reason for the accident seems to be the break of the hawser, maintaining the boat balance, team experts said.

    Ilinden boat, produced in 1924, had maintained its balance with the help of hawsers. It is assumed that one of the hawsers broke and right after the boat broke in half and sank.

    According to announcement by the Macedonian government, the first assumptions of the boat accident were overload and significantly more passengers than usual.

    Ilinden boat was registered to transfer 43 passengers, and at the time of the accident it is said that it had over 70 passengers on board.


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    Saturday, September 05, 2009



    Foreign news agencies and e-media from almost every country in the world reported about the tragic accident that happened today in Lake Ohrid.

    With reference to Macedonian agencies and their correspondents in Ohrid, Reuters, Hsinhua, RIA news reported about the accident and right after the world service BBC, the global network SNN, New York Times website, NOS Dutch news reported as well.

    The fastest information about the Ilinden boat sinking, which transferred Bulgarian tourists and in which 22 people died, were reported by media from the region.


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    The Minister of Transport and Communication Mile Janakievski resigned due to moral reasons.

    The Minister’s resignation is due to today’s boat accident at Ohrid Lake and according to latest information the number of victims is 22.

    Janakievski’s resignation was expected. According to government sources,his resignation won’t be accepted, due to his successful governing with the resource.


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