Wednesday, April 30, 2008



Greece denied flyover clearance to a passenger plane of the Macedonian airliner MAT, despite previous approval of the route by Eurocontrol.

After taking off Monday night, MAT's airplane was en route from Skopje to the Egyptian resort of Sharm El Sheikh. While approaching the Greek airspace, the plane was denied clearance to fly over.

The aircraft had to change its route and reach Egypt via Turkey.

This marks the first case of denying permission to a Macedonian airplane since the latest threats of the Greek authorities of doing so.

MAT announced to raise a lawsuit against Greece at an international court

MD: And the comedy goes on...Unbelievable!


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Republic of Ireland introduced free of charge visas to Macedonian citizens traveling to Ireland.

The Ambassador of Ireland, H.E. Declan Connolly, who attended today's farewell meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, handed out a notification letter on free-of-charge visas.

Macedonian Foreign Ministry views the decision by Irish Government as encouragement towards further promotion of bilateral ties between the two countries.

MD: Bravo to Ireland! Recently they've recognized Macedonia under it's constitutional name and now this! Also check out the link below, about an Irishman in Kumanovo!

  • [A bit of EIRE in Macedonia]

  • [Makfax]

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    A rich monastic complex dating from the 12th century or two centuries earlier has been found within the St. Transfiguration Monastery Compound at the village of Zrze. The cave church dated from the 12th century was unearthed in a sedimentary rock cave under the current monastery church.

    A dining room and a monks’ workshop were located next to the church along with four-floor 11 separate sections with total 30 ascetic cells. Each cell was used by a monk. The team of archaeologists and conservationists working at the site say they expect about ten more ascetic cells to be found in further excavations.

    The extraordinary discovery, scientists say, places the St. Transfiguration Monastery at Zrze in a new scientific, cultural and religious context because there are indications that it has cultural layers dating from the 9th century. “Although this is the first phase of excavations, it is not to daring to say that this monastic complex corresponds in religious terms to Clement's complex at St. Naum according to its scope and material occurrences,” Branislav Risteski, the coordinator of the project says.


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    Monday, April 28, 2008



    10.000 christians were celebrating easter this weekend in the city of Ohrid.

    The guests included visitors from Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, Montenegro and numerous foreign diplomats. Ohrid is slowly transforming into a Mecca for the Christians. Every year Easter is marked by many visitors who flock to the ancient Churches on the shores of Lake Ohrid.

    This year, the weather was not the best, it barely passed 0 degrees, but it still didn't stop thousands of believers to mark the Jesus' resurrection.

    St Climent and St Pantelejmon were too small to fit all the believers, nonetheless, everyone had a happy expression on their faces.


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    Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski visited Saturday monasteries St. Kliment and St. Pantelejmon and archaeological excavations on Plaosnik, where St. Kliment's University will be restored.

    - The archaeological excavations, that were kicked off 18 months ago, are progressing well. Surely, another 18 months will be needed for them to be finalised, but the Government will fund all processes necessary for restoring St. Klimet's University for which Euro 6 million will be spent, stated Gruevski.

    He also visited Gradiste site, where archaeological researches are also underway.

    - Construction of the Museum of Water will begin here in May or June. The Museum will become trademark of the Republic of Maceodnia, displaying the historical fact about our country, the PM said.

    Answering a journalist question, Gruevski said VMRO-DPMNE's coalition with other parties had been already agreed and was due to be unveiled next week.

    We're optimistic, said Gruevski, that we will gain the citizens' confidence on the grounds of what has been done in the previous year and a half, and it has been done more than planned.

    - We can do much more with the concrete future 4-year program. But it's more important the confidence to be highlighted with more than 61 MPs in order to implement what we're going to promise. So far, with a number of MPs, we had serious problems in relation to implementing our projects and policy. Therefore we need bigger support, PM Gruevski noted.


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    Saturday, April 26, 2008



    One of the most known symbols of our Easter traditions are the red dying of eggs . The tradition says that the Virgin Mother, Mary, dyed eggs this color to celebrated the Resurrection of Christ and to celebrate life.
    In Macedonian Orthodox households throughout the world, families gather to continue on the tradition.

    You’ll find some instructions below to dye your eggs the right way! :)

    -Purchase a packet or two of red egg dye. You can buy them in most of the stores.
    -Purchase 2 dozen large white eggs. Wash and dry the eggs and examine them for any cracks.
    -Empty 1/2 packet of red dye into a teacup of just-boiled water. Stir until dye is completely dissolved. (If you want to get a deep red color on the eggs, try emptying the whole packet in the water.)
    -Fill a 10- to 12-qt. cooking pot 3/4 full of water and add about 4 oz. of distilled vinegar. Bring the vinegar water to a boil.
    -Add the dissolved dye to the boiling vinegar water. As the mixture reaches a full rolling boil, froth will develop on the surface; skim this froth off before adding your eggs.
    -Put the desired number of eggs to be colored into the dye mixture and boil as you would normally prepare hard-boiled eggs, usually about 5 minutes. You may use all 2 dozen eggs if you like. ** REMEMBER: Place the eggs in slowly and gently to prevent them from cracking.**
    -Remove the eggs from the heat and let them stand in the dye for several more minutes before taking them out of the water.
    -Lastly, if you want to give the eggs a nice glossy shine when you proudly display them, take just a bit of olive oil in a towel and gently rub the whole of the egg.

    MD: Time to dye those eggs! It is said to be good luck if you keep a dyed red egg each year, until the next easter, around the house somewhere.

    [MD Network]

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    Friday, April 25, 2008



    I preserve what is mine - while I write using Cyrillic alphabet - I exist! This is the motto of the campaign on preserving, using and modernising the Macedonian Cyrillic alphabet, initiated by the Macedonian Information Agency (MIA) and "Idea Plus Communications" marketing agency.

    Action for popularising the value and uniqueness of the Macedonian alphabet was launched Wednesday with a promotion in Youth Cultural Center. It was held deliberately on the World Book Day and in 2008, because it is proclaimed by UNESCO as International Year of Languages, since approximately 200 languages in the world, including the Macedonian, are threatened by extinction. The campaign, which will run till June 10, was dedicated at its official start by Head of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, H.H Stefan.

    Although it was invented more than 10 centuries ago on this territory, with zealous determination by Ss. Cyril and Methodius, the creators of Slavic literacy, and with the dedication of their disciple St. Clement of Ohrid, the Cyrillic alphabet is being unjustly neglected and "looses its battle" with the Latin alphabet, when it comes to utilization. Most notably, it is apparent in new global spheres - information technologies, communications and advertising. This was the main incentive for launching the campaign, which will cover several activities aiming at raising the awareness for correct use of the Cyrillic alphabet. The objective is to demonstrate that Cyrillic is beautiful, applicable, noble, gracious, progressive, legible and modern and therefore to be used wherever possible. was specially designed, where a competition on development of correct Macedonian Cyrillic computer fonts is published. Any news and information linked to the campaign will be regularly published and up-dated.

    The project also envisages expert panel discussions on "The Future of the Cyrillic Alphabet" and "Cyrillic and Information Technology", television and radio show, columns in the press. Posters, billboards, ads, advertising products, CDs featuring a song by Vlatko Stefansovski with the "Golden Nightingale" children's choir, as well as numerous educational and entertainment activities have been prepared. Within the frameworks of the initiative, big out-door event on Macedonia square is planned on May 26 to celebrate the Cyrillic alphabet.

    The campaign has unreserved support by scholars, artists, institutions, business community and by the media

    MD: Great campaign, this alphabet and the use of it should be preserved, it was created in Macedonia and by Macedonians after all!

  • [Mojata Kirilica]

  • [Mia]

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    A group of influential European experts and former statesmen urged for specifying 2012 as a precise date for admittance of Macedonia in the European Union.

    According to the experts of the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), the Union should redefine Balkans by dividing the countries into two groups - Adriatic Peninsula and Central Balkans.

    The first group would be comprised of Croatia, Albania, Montenegro and Macedonia, where EU has made some progress, says the article entitled "Goodbye Balkans, Hello Adriatic Peninsula", written by Daniel Korski from ECFR.

    He suggests that EU should give the three countries of the Adriatic Region a date when they can expect to join the EU - Croatia's could be 2010, Albania's 2011 and Macedonia's 2012.

    The Central Balkans group would include Serbia, Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

    Elaborating the proposal for division of the Balkans on two groups, ECFR says that the current enlargement strategy is working in the Adriatic Region. "On the other hand, the intractable territorial and ethno-political problems of the 'Central Balkans' have proven immune to the EU's Stabilization and Association process," ECFR says.

    The members of the European Council on Foreign Relations include Giuliano Amato - former Italian Prime Minister, Joschka Fischer - former German Foreign Minister, Martti Ahtisaari - former Finland's president and former UN Special Envoy for Kosovo, and Chris Patten - former EU Commissioner.

    MD: Well, we'll see!


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    God tells us to do good thinks - to love, to be noble and merciful, to forgive... Hence, let's the Christ resurrection be our spiritual spring, time of mercifulness and forgiveness for all, wherever we are.

    This is the message of the Head of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, Archbishop Stefan, on the occasion of the greatest Christian holiday Easter.

    Archbishop Stefan stresses that injustices have always accompanied Macedonia, but it is the injustice that motivates the unity of the people.

    "The injustices we have suffered are nothing new! The injustice could help us become more united in defending our national and spiritual identity as well as in preserving all that is Macedonia. All us, being offspring of Macedonia, should contribute to preservation of our centuries old history because this is the only way to provide a durable Macedonian future," Archbishop Stefan said.


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    Wednesday, April 23, 2008



    Greece’s offer of economic support in exchange for Macedonia changing its name is exceptionally rude and derogatory, a government spokesman argues.

    “We politely ask Athens to restrain from giving well intended proposals, especially during this sensitive period,” government spokesman Ivica Bocevski said, claiming the proposal was offensive to Macedonia and for Macedonian citizens.

    Bocevski was referring to remarks by Greek Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis who offered €75 million for developing Macedonia’s road infrastructure as well as investment in businesses and gradually scrapping visas for Macedonian citizens.

    The only condition, she said, is for Skopje to give up its “stubbornness’ and accept the changing of its name “Republic of Macedonia.”

    MD: The name is not for sale!


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    ODIHR will send 250 short- and 20 long-term monitors to observe the early elections in Macedonia, A1 TV station reported.

    The same sources said that OSCE already notified all of its member-countries about the decision.

    OSCE's observing mission will include experts in the areas spanning electoral process, implementation of the legislation, political parties' activities, gender equality and statistics.

    The long-term monitors and analysts are expected to arrive in Macedonia by the end of the next week.


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    The film “I Am from Titov Veles” has been awarded two awards at the Film Festival dedicated to the European Film in Lecce, Italy. The Special Award by the jury went to the director, Teona Mitevska, and the award for the best actor to her sister Labina Mitevska for her role of Afrodita.

    Ten extraordinary European films competed in the main competition including Cannes and Venice favourites such as “Magnus” or Russian “Punishment” by Andrei Zvjagintsev. The ninth Lecce Film Festival was the focus of Italian media because of the visit of Russian Oscar-winning Nikita Mihalkov.

    MD: Congratulations!!


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    Tuesday, April 22, 2008


    [MD Network]

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    Greece violated the Interim Accord by the recent blatant breach of Article 11 when it vetoed Macedonia's membership in NATO at the Bucharest Summit, Macedonian President Branko Crvenkovski said in a letter sent to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

    Crvenkovski explained Article 11 of the Interim Accord, pursuant to which Greece shell not block Macedonia's admittance in international organizations if the country is named under the temporal reference FYROM.

    "Disrespecting this legal obligation, Greece objected our membership in NATO at the Summit in Bucharest, conditioning the admittance by reaching a mutually acceptable solution on the name of the Republic of Macedonia, thus directly violating the abovementioned Article," Crvenkovski said in the letter.

    It further adds that the violation of the Accord might trigger long-term destabilization consequences in the South East European region.


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    Young artists Verica Kovacevska, Gjorge Jovanovic, Ivana Josifovska, Ivana Sidzimovska, Marko Manev, Simon Kalajdziev, Hristina Paunovska, and the project Zlust music band will present Macedonia at the Biennial in Bari, which will take place at the end of next month.

    The Biennial will be held at Siera de Lavanda, a spacious fair area that will ba adapted for the event.


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    Monday, April 21, 2008



    Branko Lustig (pictured in the middle), the famous Oscar-winning producer has joined ranks with Macedonian movie director Darko Mitrevski to shoot the film “The Third Halftime.”

    “The Third Halftime” is the story of Ilješ Špic, the Jewish coach of the Skopje football team, “Macedonia” which during the Second World War, under his leadership became the champion of the fascist football league.

    The movie will be produced by the Hollywood production company King Roads Entertainment. The owner of the company, the famous director, Steven Spielberg will also be involved in the team that visits Macedonia soon, in search of shooting locations.

    “This is a story about football that under the specific historical circumstances has become more than a game. It has become a battleground between good and evil,” Mitreski says.

    The director who also wrote the script promises spectacular historical football matches from the 1930 and 1940s but says the movie will also reveal how Macedonia lived under fascist occupation and the sufferings of Macedonia's Jews at the time.

    Nearly all of Macedonia Jews perished in notorious Nazi death camps during the Second World War.

    “One of my favourite scenes from the movie is when 10,000 spectators at the then Skopje stadium shout the name of the team “Macedonia”. A boy climbs on a tree who conveys the events to those who are outside the stadium and says 'they are shouting the name of our team.' 'That is not just the name of our team, that's the name of our country!' one man says to himself,” Mitrevski told local Dnevnik daily.

    Lustig won two Academy awards, the first in 1993 for the production of Steven Spielberg’s “Schindler's List” and the second in 2001 for the epic movie “Gladiator” by Ridley Scott.

    The movie will have cast with Hollywood actors but the director says there will be Macedonian actors involved too.

    MD: Very nice! This is huge for Macedonia, this man has worked on great movies, and made Schindler's list together with Spielberg!! Looking forward seeing this movie!

  • [Lustig @]

  • [Binsight]

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    New Italian Government will do everything in its power for Macedonia, along with Croatia, to soon join the European Union, Italian MEP Marcello Vernova said Thursday in Skopje after meeting Vice-Premier Zoran Stavreski.

    - Silvio Berlusconi is Nikola Gruevski's great friend and the new Italian Government will support Macedonia on its road to the EU, NATO. New Foreign Minister Franco Frattini is also Macedonia's friend. Berlusconi will urge Sarkozy, Merkel and Aznar to support Macedonia and recognize the excellent results achieved by Gruevski's Government in meeting the European criteria, Vernova said, adding that a new group of Italian businessmen will visit Macedonia next month.

    For Vernova, Macedonia is a prosperous country with a stable government, economy - something that attracts Italian businessmen to invest in the spheres of their interest, such as energy, environment, real estate and tourism.

    Vernova announced that the new Italian Government would grant financial support to Macedonia for modernization of the public administration.


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    The US and the Republic of Macedonia on May 7 will sign bilateral military-technical agreement with which Washington will guarantee the security of the country.

    The agreement, as Zoran Jolevski, Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia to Washington said for the Voice of America - Macedonian language programme, will be signed by Macedonian FM Antonio Milososki and the US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in Washington.

    The negotiations for concordance of the points of agreement are in progress between the Foreign Ministry and the US Department of State. Both from American and Macedonian side several institutions and legal experts are included aimed at the agreement to be legally valid.

    The US announced signing of bilateral military-technical agreement after Bucharest Summit at which due to Greek veto Macedonia did not receive NATO membership invitation.

    They regret in Washington that the Republic of Macedonia did not receive the invitation for membership at the NATO Summit in Bucharest however they hope the problem regarding the difference with name will be resolved as soon as possible and the country will obtain the membership invitation, Ambassador Zoran Jolevski said.

    According to what was announced in Skopje and evaluations of the US Administration, early elections will not have any serious influence on negotiation process, Ambassador Jolevski said in the statement for the Voice of America - Macedonian language programme.


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    Saturday, April 19, 2008


    MD Network.

    As anounced, we present you the exclusive interview we had with Macedonian singer, MIYATTA. Take some minutes of your time and read the interview with this magnificent singer. You will probably know her songs "Veruvam vo sebe" and her new song "Postojam" about our existence as Macedonians, this emotional song which you have seen for sure over the last week. Click on the link below to read the interview.

  • "A moment with...MIYATTA"

  • [MD Network]

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    The Police raised formal accusation against the first suspected serial killer in Macedonia, after clearing up the murder of the street foreign currency dealer Trajce Cocevski from Ohrid.

    The man suspected of murdering Cocevski is his fellow-citizen L.R., 61, who admitted the murder committed on 13 April, 2008, the Police announced.

    Two days later, Cocevski's body was found in the vicinity of a Struga's autocamping site.

    In a search of L.R.'s house, the police found a rifle, knife, boots covered with blood and substantial amount of foreign money.

    According to the Police, L.R. is suspected of having committed three more murders of street foreign currency dealers from Ohrid, including T.T., killed on 25 February, 1999; J.R., who went missing on 29 May, 2006 and S.S., killed on February, 2007.

    L.R. knew the victims very well, as they all worked together in the Ohrid's factory 'Zastava'.

    "There are numerous indications suggesting that L.R. is standing behind these murders," the spokesman of the Interior Ministry Ivo Kotevski said today.

    Police sources said that L.R. had previous criminal record of drug trafficking, burglaries and counterfeiting personal documents.

    MD: Tragic what happened there in Ohrid, may Cocevski rest in peace. People in the area are shocked by these incidents, but happy to see someone is caught for these mysterious dissapearings.


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    Macedonian authorities delivered a note of protest today for banning MAT to make charter flights over Greece's air space.

    The note sent to the Greek Ministry of Transport and Communication says that the Greek authorities' decision represents blatant violation of the international laws.

    "The decision of the Greek Airline Administration to reject permission to the company bearing the name MAT - Macedonian Airlines, is a blatant violation of the European Union's fundamental values and has no legal basis in the international acts regulating the air traffic," says the note of protest.

    It further reminds that the European Common Aviation Area Agreement allows to airliners of the EU member-countries and of Macedonia to enjoy unlimited rights in terms of operating charter and regular flights between all points in EU and in Macedonia.

    MD: This is unbelievable, these actions the Greeks have taken is what a 8 year old would do.


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    Friday, April 18, 2008



    The first Macedonian film festival organized by group for promotion of Macedonian culture in Great Britain “Krug” will be held in London on April 29-May 5, MIA reports.

    Several feature and documentary films will be screened in the course of six festival evenings. “Shadows” of Milco Mancevski will open the festival.
    The program also includes projections of “Gypsy Magic” of Stole Popov, “The Great Water” of Ivo Trajkov, documentaries “Planetarium” of Kiro Urdin and “To the End of the World” of Marina Dojcinovska, as well as “Bal-Can-Can” of Darko Mitrevski, and “Upside Down” of Igor Ivanov. The audience will also have the opportunity to see several films from the opus of Macedonia’s oldest living film director Blagoja Drnkov.

    Macedonia's Ambassador to Great Britain, Marija Efremova will open the festival, held in cinema hall “Prince Charles” near London’s Leicester Square.
    “Krug” founder Vesna Sokolovska told MIA the event aims at promoting Macedonia’s culture before Britons, and offer a different image of the country, its possibilities and achievements in culture.

    MD: Nice! Great to see such activities, for all of you in the UK, this is really worth a visit! For more info and purchasing tickets, click on the link below.

  • [Macedonian Film Festival - London]

  • []

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    From April 17-19, tens of thousands of students, teachers and businessmen will converge at the Macedonian Opera and Ballet for Macedonia’s largest student-focused event, the third annual Education Rendezvous.

    The Education Rendezvous provides a forum for high school students to market themselves to future employers and to demonstrate their leadership and business skills through competitions ranging from writing business plans to public speaking, USAID said in a statement.

    Sixty-six high schools will present their programs to graduating primary school students and their parents in an attempt to attract the best students.

    "The Educational Rendezvous has become a major event, show-casing the ability of vocational schools in Macedonia to produce students ready to excel in the global economy,” said USAID Mission Director Patricia Rader at the opening ceremony.

    The Youth Association of Vocational High Schools in Macedonia (MASSUM), USAID, through its Secondary Education Activity, and the Ministry of Education and Science organized the event.


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    A protest against changing the name and identity will be held this weekend in Geneva, Switzerland. This peacefull protest is organised by the Macedonian National movement.

    Time?: 12.00 - 15.00 local time.
    Date?: Sunday the 20th of April 2008
    Where?: In front of the United Nations building in Geneva, Switzerland.

    [MD Network]

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    The Young and talented violinist from Bitola, Marko Pop Ristov won first prize at Australian music performing competition, which was held at London’s “Australian House”.

    Princess Alexandra attended the competition, and followed with great interest the performance of the young Macedonian virtuoso.

    Pop Ristov has been selected as one of six biggest talents out of 82 candidates, who applied at the “Royal Music College”. He is registered as representative from the Republic of Macedonia, whereas positive review on his performance has been published in London’s “Resonate” magazine.

    MD: Congratulations!


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    Thursday, April 17, 2008



    Archaeological research will begin in the monk cells within monastery “Sveto Preobrazenie” in Prilep village Zrze these days. Excavations, funded by the Ministry of Culture, will be carried out by experts from the Prilep Bureau for Protection of Cultural Monuments and Museum.

    “The space under the monastery had been an enormous monastic complex. Excavations will be conducted in two stages. There has not been any research in that part thus far, and I expect significant findings”, says archaeologist Branislav Risteski.

    Monastery and church “Sveto Preobrazenie” are built at a rock over village Zrze. The church includes rare icons and frescos, such as icon “Jesus Christ”, created in 1393, and “Bogorodica Pelagonitisa” from 1422.


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    A dozen of high-school and university students have been lightly injured in a bus crash that took place this morning at the Prilep-Bitola road.

    The Bitola Police's spokesman Djoko Strezovski told Makfax that none of the passengers required medical treatment since no one sustained heavy injuries.

    According to preliminary information, the collision of the two buses was caused by non- respecting of the distance between the two vehicles.

    The accident took place at about 7:10, when the trailing bus crashed into the one in front of it. The buses, owned by Uniturs company, made round trips from Prilep to Bitola, transporting students.


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    German President Horst Koehler will pay a two-day visit to Macedonia from Wednesday to Thursday.

    During the visit to Zagreb on Tuesday, the German president pledged support to the accession of the Western Balkans into the European Union.

    Germany wants the European project to include Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania, Koehler said.

    He stressed that Europe's division would be definitely bridged once the Western Balkans become members of the European Union.

    During the stay in Skopje, President Koehler will meet with Macedonian President Branko Crvenkovski, Parliament Speaker Ljubisha Georgievski, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and with representatives of political parties.

    President Koehler and his wife will hold meetings with representatives of NGO sector and religious communities. They will visit a number of educational facilities and cultural-historical sites in the country.


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    Wednesday, April 16, 2008



    Ireland is likely to recognize Macedonia by its constitutional name, Greek daily Eleftheros Typos said on Tuesday. The same source says Macedonia and Ireland signed a treaty to skip dual taxation. Macedonia's constitutional name was used in the bilateral agreement on the avoidance of dual taxation, signed on Monday during the visit of Macedonian Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki to Dublin. Ireland's government replaced the provisional reference FYROM and used Macedonia's constitutional name despite Greece's strong opposition.

    Ireland is the second country among 15 old EU member-states, along with Great Britain, to express readiness to recognize Macedonia by its constitutional name, Eleftheros Typos said.

    The paper says no official statement has been released by Greek Foreign Ministry thus far, but back-stage steps have been already taken to "freeze" the recognition.

    Macedonian Foreign Ministry said the Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki and Irish Minister for European Affairs Dick Roche initialed the agreement on avoidance on dual taxation.

    "This is the first bilateral agreement between these two countries with use of Macedonia's constitutional name, which formalizes Ireland's position that it recognizes the Republic of Macedonia by its constitutional name," Macedonian Foreign Ministry said.

    MD: Wonderfull!


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    Renowned Macedonian pianist Simon Trpceski announced that his international tour would resume next week in several world centers.

    “I will perform in Porto alongside Portugal’s National Orchestra, followed by the England tour, where I will play together with the Royal Symphonic Orchestra in Liverpool. I will complete this season with concerts in French cities Strasbourg and Bretagne, then in New Zealand, and the finale is to occur in Perth, Melbourne, and of course Sydney’s Opera House”, said Trpceski.

    He performed in Bitola this past Friday, playing pieces by Claude Debussy, Sergey Rachmaninoff, Brahms, Verdi, Prokofiev etc. He is scheduled to hold a concert in Struga on Monday evening.

    Trpceski’s concert tour throughout Macedonia is organized by association for culture and art “KulturOp”, and funds are donated to charity.

    MD: Bravo to Simon, he is travelling the whole world!!

  • [Simon Trpceski]

  • []

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    The Environment Ministry set apart 20,000 euros for building of a hatchery at the Debar Lake.

    The funds have been already transferred to the concession license holders - the eco-organization 'Deshat' and the fishery club 'Trofta' from Debar, Makfax's correspondent reported.

    "The new hatchery will enable more cost effective fish planting of the lake, above all with trout, which will be nurtured in the hatchery," said Fatmir Daci, the President of Trofta.

    He pointed out that the up until now, the spawning was carried out with fish supplied from other hatcheries.

    The last fish planting of the Debar Lake was carried out at the beginning of this year.

    'Trofta' is responsible for issuing of licenses to the sports fishers, who come to Debar Lake in large number from all over the country, as well as from Kosovo and Albania.


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    Tuesday, April 15, 2008


    MD Network.

    Take a bit of your time to watch and to listen this beautifull song by Macedonian singer, MIYATTA. The song title is; "Postojam" which means; "I exist". The song is about the oppression Macedonians have been trough and that we still exist. The videoclip has some very emotional footage of the Macedonian exodus from Aegean Macedonia in 1948.

    Stay tuned next saturday to read an exclusive interview with singer, MIYATTA on our website, MD!!

    [MD Network]

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    The UN mediator in the Greece-Macedonia “name” dispute will visit both countries this week to urge a fresh talks, according to reports.

    Matthew Nimetz will visit both Athens and Skopje according to reports by Greece’s state-run NET Television.
    Greece recently vetoed Macedonia’s invitation to join NATO at the alliance's summit in Bucharest because of its objections to Skopje’s use of the name 'Republic of Macedonia.' Athens agues it could lead Skopje to make territorial claims over Greece’s own northern province which is also called Macedonia.

    Talks over the long-running dispute between the two countries have been ongoing for 15 years under United Nations auspices.

    The latest round of talks come after the United States pushed both parties to a quickly resume negotiations after the NATO summit. Last week the U.S. envoy to NATO, Victoria Nuland told media in Skopje that her country is hoping for a solution for the dispute “in days or weeks, not in months.”

    On Saturday, Macedonian legislators voted to dissolve parliament and call early elections set for June 1.

    While Macedonia’s Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said he is committed to the name talks, the country’s main opposition, the Social Democrats argued the early elections, which were supported by the ruling parties, would stall efforts in finding a solution to the dispute.

    NATO said Macedonia’s invitation will be handed as soon as the row with Greece is solved.

    Under Greek pressure, Macedonia entered the United Nations in 1993 using the provisional name, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, FYROM.

    However more than 120 countries, including the U.S., Russia and Canada, have officially recognised the country as Macedonia.

    MD: Again, Macedonia should not continue the talks! But they have big pressure from all sides.


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    As Athens and Skopje brace for a fresh round of UN-mediated talks on the name dispute, the Greek government now prefers the composite name New Macedonia rather than Upper Macedonia, which it had favored for its geographical dimension.

    According to Greek daily Kathimerini, the abrupt change of tune in Athens has been prompted by a report from eminent Greek academics citing extracts from the writings of ancient scholars Herodotus and Thucydides – and from the speeches of ancient warrior Alexander the Great – which refer to Upper Macedonia.

    The Upper Macedonia mentioned in these texts corresponds to four Greek prefectures, the report says, and so could fuel irredentism, Kathimerini daily said.

    Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis did not mention any shift in strategy on the Macedonia name issue on Saturday during a speech before New Democracy’s central committee. However he did reiterate his appeal to the authorities in Skopje to return to the negotiating table.

    The latest opinion poll shows that vast majority of Greeks remain steadfastly opposed to a composite name for the neighboring country - "New" or "Upper Macedonia". They insist that the name of neighboring country does not contain the word Macedonia.

    MD: No comment...


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    The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) plans to increase financing critical infrastructure projects in Macedonia, including investments in transport and energy.

    A senior EBRD delegation, led by First Vice-President Varel Freeman will visit Macedonia on 16-17 April. The visit underscores the importance EBRD attaches to the development of Macedonia and the Bank's support for the country's economic reforms, the Bank said in a statement.

    "Macedonia is a key country for EBRD's activities in the region and the Bank expects that its funds resources and programmes be used to encorage Macedonia's economic development," The Bank said in a statement.

    The EBRD delegation includes Peter Reiniger, Business Group Director for Central Europe and the Western Balkans, and Claudio Viezzoli, Director for the Western Balkans.

    The delegation will meet with senior government officials, business partners and representatives of the international community in Skopje.

    The EBRD is committed to continuing its support to the process of transition and economic reform. The EBRD officials will present the Bank's programme to boost investments in the country, both in the public and the private sector. The EBRD is planning to increase its activities in Macedonia by financing critical infrastructure projects, including investments in the areas of transport, municipal infrastructure, energy and energy efficiency.

    Furthermore, the Bank is ready to inject equity capital in local private companies to support their expansion, as well as to further expand the EBRD activities with local financial institutions. This will provide for better financial intermediation and help stimulate the growth of the real economy

    Active in the country since 1993, EBRD investments to date amount to more than €415 million and the Bank has helped generate a further €566 million from other sources. The majority of investments are in key sectors including power and energy, general industries, financial institutions and the private sector.


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    Monday, April 14, 2008



    Cornerstone of the additional building to national and university library “St. Kliment Ohridski” in Skopje will be laid on Friday at noon.

    The new Digital Library will be intended for processing, protection, preservation, use, and presentation of literary and other type of special funds that represent a national cultural heritage, as part of the European Digital Library.

    Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski will lay the cornerstone, whereas library director Mile Boseski will address the ceremony.


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    Macedonian legislators have voted to dissolve parliament and hold early elections amid a row with Greece over the country's name. Greece wants the country to change its name, saying it implies a territorial claim over its northern province of the same name.

    Greece blocked Macedonia's bid to join Nato a week ago over the name issue. Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said opposition parties had been blocking his plans for reform.

    "We remain committed to our goals to join Nato and the European Union," Mr Gruevski said. "But the necessary reforms are halted with a blockade of parliamentary procedures."

    Seventy of Macedonia's 120 deputies voted to dissolve the parliament, with 50 opposition members boycotting the vote. The opposition Social Democrats said early elections could further harm Macedonia's bid to join Nato.

    Elections had not been scheduled until 2010, but a vote must now be held within 60 days.


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    The Greek Ta Nea newspaper publishes a portrait of the Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski titled “Skopje’s bad boxer.”

    The newspaper says that the PM, who started his professional career as a boxer, has one great loss and one great victory on the political ring. Five years ago he ended with a knockout the internal political battle in VMRO, while at the NATO summit in Bucharest he was knocked out by the Greek PM Kostas Karamanlis, who managed to veto the membership of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

    The Ta Nea pays attention to the fact that Gruevski’s father has his ancestors in the Greek town of Florina (Lerin). The newspaper says that in 2006 when Gruevski’s daughter was born he was so happy that he asked the band to play Greek songs.

    In conclusion, the paper writes that Gruevski is the worst person Greece came upon in the negotiations on the solution to the name dispute, because he is unpredictable and nobody knows how far he can go.

    MD: Unbelievable, the Greek media...more stupid articles every day. Anyway, he really was a boxer, and he did great untill now, Support for Nikola!


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    Saturday, April 12, 2008



    The song "We will never end" by Vladimir Cetkar, from Ohrid, is finding itself in the top 20 chart list at the prestige Brittain musical magazine "Soulwalking". This is the result of the support Vladimir got of about 60 Brittain radio stations, where they play his album often.

    In the meantime "Soul tracks", a US based musical magazine has issued a wonderfull recension on Vladimir's new album. They are speaking of:
    "...The secrets this disc is containing are unbelievable..."

    "Vladimir Cetkar is born in the beautifull, historic town of Ohrid in Macedonia. He is an artist who owns several talents; composer, arranger, dirigent, vocalist and guitarist."

    "This album reflects Sexuality, Energy, Passion and love..."

    MD: Bravo Vladimir! His succes is rising, and his music is really good!

  • [Soulwalking top 20]

  • [Soul Tracks]

  • [Cetkar website]

  • [Ohridnews]

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    Citizens of Ohrid, angry at the Greek policy towards Macedonia are organising a protest in the city of Ohrid today.

    The organisator of the protest, "Hristo Uzunov" anounced that the peacefull protest will start at the "Cinar" square and will lead the protesters in front of the shops of Greek companies; "Cosmofon(Cosmote)", "Germanos", "Stopanska Banka" and "Alfa Banka".

    The organisers of the protest also called upon the citizens to boycott every Greek product, in a way to protest against Greece's absurd demands in the name issue.

    MD: More and more actions by citizens are taken,this is a good thing, it sends a clear message to Greece and to our government, that the people oppose a name change! Wether it's a good thing to boycott? we don't know.


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    Macedonian Film Director removes "Shadows" from the Euro Film Festival to be held from April 21 to April 23 in Brussels.

    One month ago, Mancevski had sent a letter to the Brussels' Film Manifestation organizers advising them to remove "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" from the catalog and put the proper name. As well, the main actors of the film were not mentioned. "Unfortunately, the errors made were not fixed in due time.

    You did not put the names of the main actors. At the same time, the film was made in the Republic of Macedonia, not in the former yugoslav republic of Macedonia. Because of this, please remove my film from your catalog and do not present it." says in the letter sent from Mancevski to the organizers.

    MD: Bravo, Mr. Mancevski!


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    A rare phenomenon of yellow fog occurred over Skopje on Friday morning.

    The phenomenon, featuring thick clouds and yellowish fogginess, has been prompted by hot air from south packed with dust particles and moisture, creating a yellowish light effect, Hydro-Meteorology Institute told Makfax news agency.

    It is not clear whether the phenomenon can cause side effects on human's health. Ministry of Environment will release a report on hazardous particles concentration on Saturday.

    MD: The temperatures in Skopje are very high this week, some meteo stations are talking about 27 to 30 degreec celcius.


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    The controversial mayor of one of the biggest municipalities in Macedonia, Kiril Todorovski, was arrested on late Thursday on suspicion of corruption.

    Todorovski, mayor of Aerodrom, a municipality in Skopje, was taken under police escort from the municipal building as an angry mob shouted insults at him.

    Along with three of his subordinates Todorovski is suspected of accepting bribes worth around €100,000, police said. He allegedly took the money in exchange for granting building permits to investors.

    Todorovski`s lawyer denied the allegations against his client. Todorovski is a member of Macedonia’s main ruling party, the centre-right VMRO-DPMNE.

    He was previously suspected of spending municipal funds on expensive gifts and shopping excursions, which he claimed were a legitimate part of representing the municipality.

    Todorovski has gained a reputation for quarreling with the media. He has often accused journalists of spreading lies about his work and tried unseuccessfully to establish a separate TV station in his municipality.


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    Friday, April 11, 2008



    The Government strongly condemns the latest incidents that took place in Macedonia's southern neighbor Greece, Government spokesman Ivica Bocevski told journalists.

    "First of all I would like to remind that the house of Father Nikodim Carknias, archimandrite of the Macedonian Orthodox Church in Greece, was a target of a stone attack."

    "This week we were reminded of the unpleasant events we had been witnessing on the Balkans for the last two decades, when some people, who refused to identify themselves, sent the most ferocious threats(terorrist video) to the Republic of Macedonia," Bocevski said.

    These acts violate the fundamental human rights and freedoms of an EU citizen and bring harm to the good-neighbourly relations, Bocevski said, pointing out that the Republic of Macedonia is the one and only Balkan country that respects all of its neighbors.

    Macedonian Government appeals to Greece's institutions to condemn these incidents in the spirit of good-neighborly relations, which are in favor of both countries, Bocevski added.

    MD: Good to see a reaction by our government finally, however they should have been more furious and they should end the talks immediatelly! To see those threats he is talking about have a scroll down.


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    Bitola has been declared 2008 City of Culture. A commission comprised of Culture Minister Arifhikmet Xhemaili, actors Petar Temelkovski and Osman Ahmeti, and conductor Borjan Canev passed the decision.

    Bitola takes over the organization of the manifestation from Prilep, which hosted about 120 events in 2007.

    City of Culture has been established for the purpose of creating conditions for revival of culture at a local level.

    MD: Congratulations to Bitola, a city that deserves to be this years city of culture.


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    Early elections will be definitely held in Macedonia in early June.

    The parliament is due to adopt the formal decision today, which already demonstrated consensus to call for snap polls.

    The lawmakers unanimously decided to extend the session - which has been repeatedly adjourned - until the final decision is made.

    The course of the parliamentary debate indicates that the pre-election campaign has already started.

    Although the MPs belonging to opposition parties confirmed they would back the motion for holding early elections, they accused the ruling VMRO DPMNE of trying to leave space for election forgeries by refusing to specify the electoral rules.

    VMRO DPMNE rejected the allegations, describing them as an attempt to block the parliament's activities.

    The international community signaled that the snap polls - the first in the history of Macedonia - may put off the invitation for membership in NATO and start of the accession talks with EU.

    MD: While Macedonia is preparing for early elections, EU representatives called upon Macedonia to focus on the reforms.


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    A large-scale fire broke out in the Skopje's shopping center Leptokarija on Thursday afternoon, setting ablaze several stores, the Fire-Fighting Office confirmed.

    Fire brigades have been dispatched to the site immediately to contain the blazes.

    An eyewitness said that the fire most likely broke out in Fluid cafe, located near the central fountain of the shopping center.


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    Thursday, April 10, 2008



    ‘A so called Greek terrorist organization EKEP has addressed a video message to Macedonia in the style of the terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda, the Macedonian TV channel Sitel reported.

    A video, posted by the organization, shows six men wearing masks, and holding guns, which demand that Macedonians remember the history. They also threatened Turks and Albanians in their speech.

    ‘You are hiding behind someone else’s graves; if you want the good for your land, stop the game. It would be good to look back to history and learn what have our grand fathers from Crete done to your grand and grand-grand fathers. Learn the history’, the people on the video read.

    The video is said to be coming from the "Mountains of Crete".

    MD: EKEP? Untill now all the Greeks we've asked don't know anything about this so called EKEP. Hmm the mountains of Crete, maybe they have something to do with the Zoniana(click 2 see) criminals? Anyway, you can watch the vid at the link below.

  • [Video @ Google]

  • [Video @ YouTube]

  • [Focus Bulgaria]

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    In the city of Ohrid, for a few days now the old original Macedonian flag instead of the current one, has been waving in the town as a sign of protest. The director of the Ohrid Summer festival organisation, Toni Simonovski has said that the adding of our old flag which was changed in the nineties because of Greek objections, is a sign of personal protest against the Greek veto for Macedonia's NATO entry.

    "This is my personal action. I want to show my national feelings and to highlight the injustice of Greece. There is a lot of support from the people of Ohrid for this action." Simonovski said.

    He added that more flags of the 16 ray sun symbol are waving at several locations in the city of Ohrid.

    MD: Bravo to Ohrid and Simonovski!! This is the real Macedonian flag, representing our nation, people and history.


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    Macedonia has come just a step away from holding early elections, after the two largest coalition partners VMRO DPMNE and DPA backed the motion for dissolution of the parliament.

    These stands of the ruling VMRO DPMNE and DPA on the DUI's motion are due to be formalized at the extraordinary parliamentary session scheduled for Thursday.

    "We discussed the political situation in the country with the PM Nikola Gruevski and shared the opinion that the institutions are blocked. I briefed him about my intention to propose supporting to the idea for holding early elections at today's session of the Central Presidency of DPA," the leader of the Democratic Party of Albanians (DPA) Menduh Thaci said Wednesday afternoon.

    "There is no better solution that the nation to decide to hold early elections, because it would secure a new mandate, a more efficient parliament and greater capacity to achieve real results and complete the reforms necessary for accelerated Euro-Atlantic integrations," Macedonian Foreign Minister and VMRO DPMNE's senior official Antonio Milososki said after Gruevski-Thaci meeting.

    Milososki added that the snap polls would have no impact on the process of negotiations on the name differences with Greece, led by the mediator Matthew Nimetz.

    The Constitution stipulates that the elections are be set up no later than 10 June, provided the lawmakers pass the motion.

    MD: The Socialists (SDSM) of the opposition announced that they oppose any holding of early elections.


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    Macedonia stands ready to resume the talks with Greece in order to reach a mutually acceptable compromise on the name issue, which would not endanger its identity.

    Macedonian President Branko Crvenkovski stated this today during a meeting with the visiting US Permanent Representative to NATO, Victoria Nuland, his Cabinet announced.

    "The compromise should enable integration in NATO and start of accession talks with EU, but it should by no means bring into question the national cultural and linguistic identity," the announcement says.

    Ambassador Nuland on her part conveyed that the incumbent US Administration is fully committed to support Macedonia's efforts toward integration in the Euro-Atlantic structures.

    She also stressed the importance of Macedonia's active participation in the negotiating process under UN auspice.

    President Crvenkovski also held talks today with the Director of the General Secretariat with the Council of the European Union, Stefan Lehne, which were focused on the current political situation in the country.

    "Lehne said that Macedonia should define its priorities and raised concerns that the initiatives for holding early elections might stall Euro-Atlantic processes of the country," the Cabinet of President Crvenkovski announced.

    MD: This is wrong by the Macedonian government, they should not continue the talks after the veto was issued. But of course the government is under huge international pressure.


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    Wednesday, April 09, 2008



    Athens has protested US Under-Secretary of State, Daniel Fried’s statement that there is a Macedonian language and Macedonian ethnicity.

    “The Macedonian language exists. Macedonian people exist,” Fried told media at a Monday press conference in Washington, “The ethnicity is – you know, it’s just a fact as far as I can tell”.

    Greek Foreign Minister, Dora Bakoyannis told media Tuesday that “these kinds of comments are not useful for talks.” The Greek daily Ethnos reported that the Greek ambassador Alexandros Mallias had sent a protest to Washington.

    Fried stated “It’s quite clear” that Skopje has “no claims” over the Greek northern province of Macedonia. He reiterated the United States’ support for the long running name talks under United Nations auspices.

    Athens denies the existence of the Macedonian language and ethnicity. The Greek Foreign Ministry’s website claims that the Macedonian national identity is fake as their country “was formed from scrap” during the former socialist Yugoslavia.

    "We are punished for who we are and not for what we have done," Macedonian President Branko Crvenkovski said in his statement after the NATO summit in Bucharest.

    Meanwhile media in both countries report of intensified U.S. diplomatic activity in order for the UN-sponsored talks to continue. Citing unnamed sources, media report that Fried contacted both Athens and Skopje to confirm whether they are ready to return to the negotiating table.

    MD: Mister Fried just told the truth, the truth is hard for Greece. And the world is seeing yet again that the Greeks do not recognise our existence.


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