Wednesday, February 28, 2007



Serbian superstar, Zeljko Joksimovic will perform in the “Metropolis Arena” in Skopje on the 17th of march.
His special guest will be the hottest Macedonian singer at the moment, Elena Risteska.
The Serbian heartbreaker really wanted to have the beautifull Elena Risteska as his guest.

There will be a press conference on 6 March with a cocktail gala at the Skopski Saem at 13.00. There are 4000 tickets on sale for the price of 350 denars, which can be bought at Jugoton.

He will introduce his new songs “Misel”, “Lud i Ponosan” and “Milo za Drago” to the Macedonian audience.

MD: Everybody wants Elena! She is a great artist, so is Zeljko. He is extremely popular in Macedonia and of course you all know him of his hit “Lane Moje” which he performed on the Eurovision song contest.

  • [Zeljko Joksimovic]
  • [Elena Risteska]

  • [Vest]

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    To our surprise, we found out that there is even a hinduism community in Macedonia.
    The community consists mainly by Hare Krishna and the Satya Sai Baba Organisation. There is a Hare krishna center in Skopje and there are four Satya Sai Baba centers in Skopje and one in Stip.

    The Macedonian Satya Sai Organization has its roots at the end of the 1980s. At that time a group in Skopje was formed spontaneously. After a while, when the membership of this group rapidly grew up, the first centre was formed. A few years later two more centres were formed.

    The communities are recognized by the government and deceased president Trajkovski always invited the communities when meeting with other religious leaders in Macedonia.

    MD: Very interesting :) we would not have expected this in Macedonia. Take a look at their website.

  • [Satya Sai Macedonia]

  • [Hare krishna on wiki]

  • [ Sai on Wiki]

  • [ Wiki]

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    Macedonia and Montenegro on Tuesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding in field spanning defense.

    The memorandum was signed in Skopje by Macedonian Defense Minister Lazar Elenovski and the visiting Montenegrin Defense Minister Boro Vucinic.

    The agreement formalizes the pledges for co-operation between the two countries that were spelled out during the recent visit by Minister Elenovski to Montenegro.

    After the signing ceremony, both ministers underscored the joint commitment of the two countries to speed up the integration into Euro-Atlantic community. Macedonia, a member of the NATO's Partnership for Peace (PfP) Programme, Adriatic Charter signatory-country and serious candidate for NATO membership, is ready to share its experience in the process of Montenegro's integration into NATO.

    MD: Macedonia also signed cooperations with Slovenia on healthcare yesterday

    [ MakFax]

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    Tuesday, February 27, 2007



    Blending electronic music, hip hop beats, and hard-edged folk music from the Balkans, North Africa, and the Middle East, the internationally acclaimed collective Balkan Beat Box is out to prove that the entire world is, indeed, a stage. Featuring members of NYC's premier underground bands including Firewater, Gogol Bordello, J.U.F, Big Lazy, Shot'nez, Victoria Hanna. and DJing around the world. Collaborating with VJ's and MC, Vocalist, Percussionist Tomer Yosef, the BBB show came to life.

    BBB is a natural reaction of musicians who wanted to erase political borders. On the dance floors from NYC to Middle East. From Berlin to Macedonia to Bloomington Indiana to Tokyo to Jerusalem to San Francisco to Bordeaux and Brussels. People are listening and moving to the new BBB sound.

    Accomplished with tools and disciplines (extreme instrumentalism, DJ'ing accross the globe) and a strong urge to create a new musical breed that surpasses the old reality borders and takes just people and culture in their extended roots from East to South, From Romania to Yemen, Balkans to North Africa, Ramallah to Tel Aviv, around our little Mediterranean pond there is more common to us then the news and politicians let people think.

    With deep knowledge of their own Mediterranean roots as well as other cultures and In collaborations with artists from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Morocco, Spain, Israel, and Palestine and through events synchronized with VJ's, BBB has created a magical show. BBB is just off an amazing summer tour through Bonnaroo, Central Park Summerstage, Paris, Switzerland, Berlin, and Tel Aviv, from where they called into NPR's The World last week to talk about playing in Israel during wartime and what it felt like to be Israelis touring the world this summer. Don't miss this rare opportunity to see BBB in your city!

    MD: Their music is very cool, we really like them! They are touring the US and Europe, at the link below you can see the locations and the dates of the tour, you should really attend one of their performings!

  • [Balkan Beat Box]

  • [Tour Dates]

  • [BBB]

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    Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, in focus, attends a ceremony marking the third anniversary of the late Macedonia's President Boris Trajkovski, at Butel cemetery near Skopje, Monday, Feb. 26, 2007. (AP Photo/Boris Grdanoski)


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    Monday, February 26, 2007



    Macedonia has two representatives at the third Festival of Documentary Film, Zagrebdox that will be held on 26th February to 4th March. The documentaries “The Macedonian Dream: A Girl and Her Accordion” directed by Biljana Garvanlieva, and “The Grandmothers of Revolution,” a co-production between Slovenia, Cuba, Macedonia and the Netherlands will compete for Grand Seal.
    “The Macedonian Dream” tells a story about Emilija who receives an accordion at seven and wins in the Macedonian national competition at 14. Emilija is the only woman in Macedonia to play the accordion and has to prove herself in the man’s world. She champions for the right to compete in an international competition where the condition is to have a professional accordion. The director, Garvanlieva who is also the dramaturgist, lives in Berlin. “The Macedonian Dream” is her first film and she is planning a long-length documentary and a feature film.

    “The Grandmothers of Revolution” is a co-production between Slovenia, Cuba, Macedonia and the Netherlands. The film is directed by Petra Seliskar, and the script and production is by our Brand Ferro and Petra. Filip Grcevski is editor, and the author of the scores is Macedonian prominent composer Nikola Kodzabashija. The story is about the extreme lifestyle in line with the ideology of the director’s ancestors. It is a story about families divided between Europe and South America and the political situations there. The film is full of emotions and humour that show love for values and belief in three different political ideologies.
    Macedonian directors Suzana Dinevski and Marija Dzidzeva will be the guests of this year’s Zagrebdox. They will present the projects “The Nigerian Case” and “I’m Looking for A Bride.”

    MD: And again a film festival! Let’s hope they will get some prizes!

  • [Zagrebdox]

  • []

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    Karolina Goceva, with her song “Mojot svet” (My world) has been chosen to represent Macedonia at the Eurovision songcontest ’07 in Helsinki on the 10th and 12th of may. This is the second time Karolina will participate in the Eurovision songcontest. She went to the Eurovision song contest in 2002 with the song, “Od nas Zavisi” in her amazing golden ancient Macedonian dress, if you all can remember.

    You can see and listen her song below:

    MD: Congratulations to Karolina, we wish her much luck and let’s hope she can give Macedonia finally some glory on the ESC, but personally we don’t think she will get any far with this song, if Elena Risteska couldn’t do it with the great "ninanajna" neither will Karolina. And MRT should really do something about their poor sound and video quality, it’s a shame, just like every year!

    For downloading the winning and the other songs, go
  • [here]

  • [Eurovision Helsinki ‘07]

  • [Oikotimes]

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    UNESCO will financially and logistically support the World Conference on Dialogue Between Religions that will be held in Ohrid on 26-29 October. The amount the world body will allot for the gathering of representatives of the world religions has yet to be announced but it is certain that support has been approved. The Pope will not come to Ohrid, Vice Minister of Culture Slobodan Despotovski explains, and still, the conference will be attended by members of the Orthodox, Roman Catholic and several Protestant denominations, of the Sunnis and Shiites, representatives of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism etc.

    “We are expecting a number of religious dignitaries. This is about an ambitious project that will result in affirmation of Macedonia worldwide. The conference is devised to take place in every two or three years and develop into an institution, though it is too early to speak about that. UNESCO has already given its support, which has also been expected from other international organizations. We still do not know how much the conference will cost but despite the difficult economic situation of the country, it is less important relative to what Macedonia is getting internationally,” Despotovski says.
    According to Lidija Topuzovska, Secretary of the UNESCO National Commission of UNESCO for Macedonia, they “The dialogue between religions is a current topic anywhere in the world. If we want to have dialogue and peace among the humankind, the religious token of all religions, of all peoples is important besides the respect of culture and civilization. This is why the topic of the conference is contribution of faith and culture to universal respecting and cohabitation,” Topuzovska explains.
    She says Ohrid has not been chosen accidentally as the venue for the conference. Ohrid is a UNESCO-protected town and our shrine. She confirms that the world organization has officially informed our country that it will support the world gathering. Asked what is this expedience owed to given that the idea of conference is relatively new, Topuzovska says:

    Asked about the meaning for Macedonia of the fact that a world conference is organized with us in a very short time, Topuzovska replies:
    “This is more of an opportunity to present ourselves as a cultural treasure and treasure of different religions that have been able to live together, mutually communicate culturally and regionally, have coexistence and reflect daily living for centuries through many shrines that are a part of the cultural heritage. Our century-long destiny is to be located geographically on the crossroads of Europe, the oldest continent, to be the crossroads of many civilizations, religions and cultures. We want to show that we cherish that tradition. The term dialogue may be used today but such connection has existed for centuries between different cultures and different religions living here. This continuity is going on today. We want to show immediately that example not only as an important regional event but on a higher level, in the world frameworks, Topuzovska says.

    MD: Very nice! Ohrid needs more of these events, it’s the perfect place. Too bad the pope will not come though


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    The Macedonian Embassy in Ankara held a reception honoring the 15th anniversary of the recognition of the independence of the Republic of Macedonia by Turkey.
    Macedonian Ambassador Melpomeni Korneti gave a speech at the gathering held at the Swissotel yesterday and reminded the audience that Turkey was one of the first countries to recognize Macedonia's independence. Korneti also expressed her country's gratitude to Turkey for its political, economic, military and educational support following independence.

    Korneti informed the audience that about 300 members of the Macedonian military forces have been trained in Turkey. The Macedonian ambassador also said the cultural ministries of Turkey and her country are working on a project to establish cultural centers in Istanbul and Skopje. The Macedonian Embassy presented each participant in the event with an envelope and stamp specially designed by the Macedonian Philatelists Association for the 125th birthday of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish Republic. Atatürk had studied and served in Manastır, a Macedonian city, during his youth, hence is regarded as a hero by the Macedonians as well.

    MD: Today, Macedonia has strong ties with Turkey, and there is a cooperation on alot of fields.

    [Turkish Daily]

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    Saturday, February 24, 2007

    “A Moment with….Emilija”


    Dear Macedonia Daily readers, today we got you a Moment with, “Bitolcanka” , Emilija!

    She was elected as Bitola’s, “Najpufla” where she won a trip to Greece and that news even made it to several newspaper!

    Click on the link below to read the interview:

  • ["A Moment with...Emilija"]

  • [Macedonia Daily]

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    Macedonian artists Ana Matovska and Mira Mitrova are exhibiting their works in the Prima Centre in Berlin in a show, Multiplying the Concrete, opened yesterday.

    Matovska is presenting 10 prints, and Mitrova is displaying a space installation. The show runs through 8th March.

    MD: Interesting, if you are in Berlin, have a visit!

    Look for more info at the link below:
  • [M&M]

  • []

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    At least 9 customs officers, 26 police officers and three restaurant owners have been arrested Friday morning during police raids conducted at the border crossings Bogorodica, Medzitlija, Deve Bair and Tabanovce.

    The operation is still under way.

    The detainees were tailed by special surveillance equipment for some time. They were suspected of abuse of power and taking kickbacks.

    At the press conference staged today, the Interior Ministry said this information is valid for actions taken until 13:00 hrs, and did not exclude the possibility of increased number of detainees.

    The arrested are due to appear before an investigative judge as soon as the necessary documentation is completed.

    This marks the most comprehensive operation of busting policemen and customs officers ever.

    Previously, a source from Interior Ministry gave an unofficial to Makfax that 33 customs officers and 13 police officers have been arrested.

    MD: There are many corrupt policemen in macedonia, it’s hard to fight that


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    Friday, February 23, 2007



    Macedonian music artist Dragan Dautovski performed with the International Orchestra of Traditional Instruments in the Dialogue Between Civilization through Culture, an international event that took place in Havana on 13-20 February.
    Dautovski performed “Unfinished Symphony” by Schubert within the event that saw participation of more than 50 countries in the world instigating ovations by the audience. He also gave a lecture at the International Institute of Music Arts with Havana University and presented the main features of the Macedonian music.

    Macedonian author Jordan Plevnes also took part in the event in capacity of UNESCO National Association Vice President. Within the International Book Fair and debate dedicated to dialogue between civilizations, Plevnes presented the Macedonian culture and its treasures in the European and world spiritual areas.
    Plevnes informed that he had intensive diplomatic contacts within the preparation of the World Conference on Peace Between Peoples and Religions, which will be held in Ohrid in October on the initiative of Prime Pinister Nikola Gruevski, accompanied by Director of the UNESCO Strategic Planning Bureau Hans d’Orville.
    “Addressing the international assembly, d’Orville said this great gathering will give Macedonia again the place it historically deserves as the regional leader in inter-civilization dialogue, the basis of universalism of the Macedonian culture,” Plevnes said.

    MD: Great work!

  • [MD October Article]

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    Disguised man dances walking in a carnival procession on the closing carnival night, late Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2007, in southeastern Macedonia's town of Strumica. Several thousand people with masks participated in Strumica Carnival Tuesday night. Strumica Carnival has a centuries-old tradition, it changes the date depending on date of Easter and it is always on Tuesday after Ash Monday.

    (AP Photo/Boris Grdanoski)

  • [Strumica Carnival]

  • [Yahoo! News]

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    Combat against human trafficking has a key importance for Macedonia’s NATO membership, state secretary in the Macedonian Interior Ministry and national coordinator of the Commission for Human Trafficking Dr. Goce Dzukleski told the Vecer newspaper.

    “NATO is not only a military but also a political organization, which supports combat against all types of crime, especially organized crime,” Dzukleski said.

    Amendments to the Criminal Code are to be worked out. These amendments will more clearly and precisely determine crimes in the area of people trafficking.
    The Macedonian Interior Ministry prepared 53 charges against 111 perpetrators in the field of human trafficking, forced prostitution and emigrants trafficking.

    MD: Macedonia is often used as a transit route for human and drug trafficking into the EU and is really considered as a prostitution ‘Mecca”. Read an article about this at the link below.

  • [MD October Article]

  • [Vecer]

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    Macedonia will export lamb meat to Qatar, including the surplus of meat products amounting to 3.500-4.000 tons, according to a deal signed today by both countries.

    The agreement was hammered out during the meeting of the Macedonian Deputy Prime Minister Zivko Jankulovski, Minister Gligor Taskovic and Qatar's Minister of Municipal Affairs & Agriculture Abdul Rahman bin Khalifa bin Abdul-Azis al-Thani. The interlocutors discussed the possibilities for Qatar to open slaughter-houses and agricultural processing plants in Macedonia's free economic zone.

    "We have agreed to deliver the first shipment of Macedonian lamb meat as soon as possible. In the future, there will be exports of lamb meat, chicken meat and meat products to Qatar," Macedonian government said in a statement.

    The construction of hotels and shopping malls at attractive sites in Skopje, including the instruction of residential areas at Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa coastline will be discussed during the upcoming visit of Qatar's business delegation, slated for March 1.

    MD: Let’s build a Macedonian version of the Burj al Arab in Ohrid! 


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    Thursday, February 22, 2007



    Three months after footballer (Footballer? We mean, model!) David Beckham’s jeep turned up in Macedonia at a border police control, he still hasn’t picked his car up yet.

    When Ljubomir Mihajlovski-Dzango was still minister when his jeep turned up, he got a letter from David Beckham where he asked not to write so much about his jeep.

    If David will not send another letter in which he asks his BMW X5 jeep to be returned, the ownership will be handed over to the Macedonian government or the car will be sold at an auction.

    “His jeep is confiscated at our court, if he wants it back, he should call before it is too late, and it has been sold” , Macedonian police said.

    The police also announced that if he decides to call, Macedonian minister Gordana Jankulovska is willing to hand over the keys to him personally. David is famous for being a women-magnet and minister Jankulovska is a fan of David. The closest she came to David was at his wax figure at madame tussauds where she shot some pictures with him. Now, with the jeep, she has the chance to meet him in person.

    The article of November, when his jeep turned up in Macedonia, can be read here:

  • [Beckham Jeep]

  • MD: Let minister Jankulovska’s dream come true! If not, you can be driving his jeep on the streets of Macedonia!


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    We found out that even in Peru there is attention for the Ohridska Pastrmka (Trout), this is the translated Article:

    The endemic trout of the Ohrid lake is in extinction danger, according to experts.
    The endemic trout of the lake of Ohrid, the oldest of Europe located in the southwest of Macedonia and shared with Albania, is in danger of extinction due to the uncontrolled fishing and the contamination of the water. The scientists affirm that he represents a "alive fossil" on the planet, but notice that the situation is so alarming that perhaps this so flavorful fish will not be able to be saved nor even through prohibit its fishing during the next years.

    "Here, near the border no trout can be found anymore. From these two mornings I have only caught ' plasicá (fish of about 15 centimeters)", says Klime, a old man of 75 years.

    The lake of Ohrid was formed more than three million years ago and is one of the oldest of the world along with Baikal, to the Southeastern of Russia, and the Tanganica, to the east of Africa.
    In scientific circles the Ohrid lake is known as "A living fossil museum", then, in addition to the trouts, there are at least other 146 endemic species, like crabs, worms and moluscos.

    "It is necessary to do something with urgency. One is the survival of the trouts ", recently explained the Macedonian minister, Imer Aliu.

    The authorities of the city of Ohrid, raised on the foot of a medieval strength constructed by the emperor Samuel, assure that in spite of the temporary prohibition the fish is in all the menus of restaurants specialties.

    Many are afraid that if the trouts dissappear, the lake could lose it’s status of natural wealth granted by UNESCO in 1979.
    "It is very difficult to control all premises of the municipality. He is expensive to establish if the fish comes from the lake or some deprived breeding ground, as the retailers allege ", commented the president of the municipal Council, Vlado Chingovski.

    In one of the numerous restaurants next to the dock, waiter Mihail, a 36 years old man, who says not to know from where they bring the fresh fish, receives to the clients with a long menu of fish specialties, of at least 30 euros the ration. They are popular, mainly, the traditional soup of fish and roasted "makalo", with garlic, rice and lemon, sprinkled with white wine.

    In the Institute of Hidrobiología, that from 1935 works under a great rock outside the city and where limpid mountain springs run, they affirm that this fish can get to weigh until more than 10 kilos, which is a great challenge for the expensive restaurants. "Imagíne that it needs about seven years for a trout to reach a kilo and people eat it in only fifteen minutes," said Zoran Spirkovski, biologist of the Institute. During the this and the next month artificial insemination of the fish will be made there. The trouts of the last year have only grown two centimeters.

    Most of the surrounding towns lack facilities to purify the waters and the municipal authorities say to notice that there is influence for the increasing tourism as well. "the lake needs 83 years to renew the water completely. For that reason, which is contaminated today will remain in the ecosystem other so many years ", adds the biologist. In the concrete breeding grounds of their institution 2.5 million trouts grew up through artificial route, which is only half of the necessary number for a sustainable biological development in the lake. In the municipal police station they explained that they seized during the last three months about 300 kilos of fish and 1,500 nets of the lake.
    They presented penal denunciations against 20 people, but they explain that to save these fish a joint operation of Macedonia, Albania, the UN and the European Union is needed. The fine for the furtive fishing in Ohrid is only about 25 euros.

    MD: It seems that everyone cares about the fish, except Macedonia!

  • [Peru 21 - Ohrid trout article]

  • [Peru 21]

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    The Bishops of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, Naum and Timotej, are due to meet today in Istanbul with the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I. Metropolitans Naum and Timotej will come forward before Patriarch Bartholomew
    with MOC's requests for granting an autocephalous status and recognizing the name of the Church.

    Macedonian Bishops declined to give any comments before their departure to Istanbul yesterday, announcing statements upon their arrival back in Macedonia.

    The Ecumenical Patriarchate qualified today's meeting as an attempt for re-establishing the communication with the Macedonian Orthodox Church.

  • [Patriarch Bartholomew I on Wiki]

  • MD: They need to recognize the Macedonian Orthodox Church, let’s hope this visit helps a bit. Patriarch Bartholomew I is on this position since 1991, He is a Greek born from the Turkish island of Gökçeada

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    Wednesday, February 21, 2007



    The Macedonian government is planning to build 3 skyscrapers of about 50 stories next to the “Holiday inn” hotel in the center of Skopje.
    The first ground analyses for the realization of this project, have allready been made. It is planned, the complex to have appartments, offices, parking spaces, galeries, restaurants, congress and sport centers.

    There are also some ideas mentioned to connect the 3 buildings by a bridge or additional objects, just like the Petronas twin towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    The government has come up with these ideas, because of , what they say, the nation’s capital must finally have a modern look as how a metropolitan city should look like. Allready the government is joking by calling the project, “Manhattan in Skopje”.

    The decision for an international tender has allready been made. The towers will be constructed by foreign companies for example from Japan or the USA.

    It is not clear how the skyscrapers should look like, it will be decided in the next fase. According to the government officials, it should take about 7-8 years to realize this project.

    MD: Great initiative! Let’s hope they will really realize this project, but after we’ve seen the other promises and projects, many are not so positive.


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    The national eurovision songcontest is coming up! It will be held on the 24th of February.

    The full running order is now as follows:
    1. 1,2,3 - Maja Sazdanovska & Jovan Jovanov (Jovan Jovanov,Maja Sazdanovska,Elvir Mehc)
    2. Peam - Elena Petreska (Grigor Koprov, Vesna Malinova, Vladimir Dojcinovski)
    3. Kavijar Is Svila - Maja Grozdanovska-Panceva (Blaze Temelkov,Darko Tasev)
    4. Ako Te Rasplacat - Marijan Stojanovski (Vanco Dimitrov, Ognen Nedelkovski, Damir Imeri)
    5. Nebo - Dajana Nikolovska (Vladimir Dojcinovski, Risto Samardziev)
    6. Epizoda - Andrijana Janevska (Aleksandar Stefanovski-Jablan,Damir Imeri)
    7. Pomogni Mi - Vasil Gavranliev (Vasil Gavranliev, Davor Jordanovski
    8. Letni Dozdovi - Gjorgji Krstevki (Gjorgji Krstevksi)
    9. Belo e Se - Lambe Alabakovksi (Robert Bilbilov , Elena Risteska :D )
    10. Cuvaj Me - Biba Dodeva (Vladimir Dojcinovski, Biba Dodeva)
    11. Odi Si - Ivana Andonovska (Ivana Andonovska, Vesna Malinova, Darko Dimitrov)
    12. Mojot Svet - Karolina (Grigor Koprov, Ognene Nedelkovski, Vladimir dojcinovski)
    13. Potseti Me - Super Nova (Damjan Lazarov, Elvir Mehic)
    14. Kazi Koj Si Ti - Tamara Todevska (Aleksandar Masevski)
    15. Otrov i Lek - Sanja Lefkova (Jovan Jovanov, Elvir Mehic)

    The guest stars at this year’s national final will be Boris Novkovic who represented Croatia in 2005, Elena Risteska last year’s winner of the Macedonian final and Dmitry Koldun who will represent Belarus at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

    In the meanwhile you can enjoy some previews of the participating singers at the link below, right click and "save as".

  • Macedonian Eurovision remix

  • MD: We are looking forward to it! This years voting will be only televoting, which makes it more fair. MD allready has some favourites!


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    Second Deputy Premier and Minister of Energy and Industry HE Abdullah bin Hamad al-Attiyah, yesterday held talks in Doha with visiting Macedonian Second Deputy Premier Zivko Jankulovski. They reviewed bilateral relations. Al-Attiyah briefed the Macedonian minister about projects under way in Qatar in the oil, gas and petrochemicals sectors.

    The two sides also exchanged views on issues of mutual concern. The meeting was attended by senior officials from the two countries.

    MD: Qatar has alot of money, and they are interested to invest in Macedonia, petrol stations for example.


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    Tuesday, February 20, 2007



    The Executive Council of the Serbian Province of Vojvodina promoted yesterday the first issue of the information and political bulletin of ethnic Macedonians in Serbia, “Makedonska videlina”. A number of guests from the political, public and cultural life in the province and minority communities in Serbia attended the event.
    President of the Provincial Govenrment Bojan Pajtic welcomed the revue. He pledged that the province would further enhance execution of the democratic and minority rights under the highest European standards.

    “In multiethnic and multicultural Vojvodina and Serbia, any citizen should feel at home,” Pajtic said.
    “Makedonska videlina” is published by the Macedonian Information Publishing Centre (MIIC) founded by the National Council of the Macedonian Community in Serbia. Macedonian Ambassador Viktor Dimovski congratulated the editorial ataff of MIIC and wished them success on behalf of the Republic of Macedonia.

    MD: Great news! Vojvodina should be as an example to Greece, Albania and Bulgaria!


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    Simon Trpceski’s latest CD with Four Scherzos and Sonata No. 2 by Chopin was released a week ago by British producer Emi Classics. Two days later on 9th February, critic Geoff Brown wrote an exalted review for the prestigious “The Times.” Read it below:

    “Lovely sea breezes blowing through French windows that open on to a patio overlooking a starlit sea murmuring of endless love.” That was what a Toronto critic, Stanley Fefferman, wrote last October, clearly whisked to seventh heaven by Simon Trpceski’s concert handling of Chopin’s fourth scherzo for piano.
    Modesty forbids us to imagine his raptures when faced with the pianist’s present disc. For it contains all four of Chopin’s scherzos, plus the second sonata — the one weighed down with the funeral march.
    Yet we should not mock. If any young musician on earth deserves effusions, it is Simon Trpceski. Four years after his graduation and still not yet out of his twenties, this Macedonian pianist has already conquered some of the stoniest critical hearts around, and you don’t need to venture far into this CD to know why.

    Give him a section marked “ presto con fuoco ”, or even a hard-driven allegro, and he hurls along with incredible muscle and velocity. It’s truly exciting to listen to; Horow-itz’s ghost, beware. Yet there’s no showman’s bludgeoning in his force. Intelligence and finger power serve the music first, and leave the pianist’s ego trailing.
    Trpceski is also, on demand, intensely poetic. Time and again in these familiar pieces Chopin swings between fast fury and slow meditation. Trpceski underlines the contrast with reflections brought close to fragility with delicately managed rubato, replete with pocket pauses. Yet the sense of onward motion is never lost, as it might be with Evgeny Kiss-in; nor do we ever lose fibre.

    Nothing wilts with Trpceski, or arrives drowned in tinsel. Listen to the extreme, poised beauty of the B major middle section in the first scherzo, or the way the second sonata’s cortege is carefully pitched between overt sobs and frozen grief. There are many other revelations on this disc. Young though he is, Trpceski already offers the mature virtuoso performances that seasoned players would die to command. Trpceski’s Chopin is an explorer of the soul, never a boudoir entertainer.

    “Probably the best Macedonian pianist of all time,” says the current Wikipedia entry for Trpceski. But why garland him with faint praise? If Stanley Fefferman doesn’t update the entry, I might well do it myself.

    MD: Proficiat!

  • [ST Review]

  • []

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    Macedonia has been fined by the European Court of Human Rights over the slowness of its courts in 2006 and the country has to pay EUR 90.000 fine for violation of the right to court trial within a reasonable term.

    "These verdicts confirm the protracted proceedings in national courts. The bitter aftermath of slow courts thwart the citizens to exercise their rights within reasonable deadline," the report says.

    Macedonia's Helsinki Committee said the verdicts of the European Court of Human Rights are prompted by "inaction of judicial system, focus on "more" important issues and non-compliance with the timetable for launch of court documents".

    MD: In its latest report, the Macedonia's Helsinki Committee said the Macedonian courts are slow and inefficient.


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    Monday, February 19, 2007



    Macedonian football star, Goran Pandev played very well yesterday by scoring twice for his team Lazio Roma against northern Torino in Sunday’s match.

    By his two magnificent goals he brought the “Biancocelesti” edged closer to the final Champions League place, currently occupied by Empoli. The gap between the two sides is now just a point.
    Pandev opened the scoring in the 11th minute, the striker opting to clip the ball over Toro keeper Christian Abbiati when a powerful strike was expected by all.

    The Macedonian sealed the win with his second on the hour mark after Stefano Mauri had played him in with a lovely reverse pass. Pandev did the rest, finishing with typical aplomb to give Delio Rossi's side all three points.

    Other news in football, Artim Sakiri is back in the game again after a period without club, he signed a contract with Liechtenstein’s Vaduz which competes in the swiss league, for 6 months while Macedonian league top scorer, Stevica Ristic signed for the Korean club Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors, who were last year’s winners of the Asian Champions league.

    MD: Nice news for them, Sakiri propably ended his national team career, because of his age and Stevica Ristic just started to play for the nt in the last game against Albania, in which he scored the winning goal.

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    The constitutional name of the Republic of Macedonia appeared for the first time in an influential Greek newspaper, albeit in a single daily edition.

    The respectable daily paper "To Vima" published an add paid by the Macedonian Government in the framework of the campaign "Invest in Macedonia". The add was published in English language, and the country's name read Republic of Macedonia.

    The high-circulation "Elefterotypia" commented that the add caused numerous complaints and negative reactions among the readers.

    "To Vima" was quick to remove the add and ran an apology in the next edition, assuring the readers that mistakes like this one won't happen again.

    The Greek Government commented nothing, except that publication of the advertisement concerned nobody but the newspaper that ran it.

    MD: Oops! What if you by mistake publish the truth? …. You apologize and go on with the lies!


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    Sunday, February 18, 2007



    February 18, 2007. -Macedonians wear masks during a carnival in Prilep. The city marked the Orthodox Forgiveness Day with a carnival.

    REUTERS/Ognen Teofilovski (MACEDONIA)

    [Yahoo! News]

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    Saturday, February 17, 2007

    “A Moment with…..Marga”


    Dear Macedonia Daily readers, today we got you a very interesting interview which we’ve conducted with Macedonian musician, Marga Sotirovska!

    Marga is a well known Macedonian musician, she makes ambient, electronic music flavored with Mediterranean, ethnic elements and inspired by Balkan folk music and Macedonia. She fills her music full of emotions by adding female vocals and a myriad of different instruments. She has released several albums and she has been finding herself on many Macedonian top charts. We think she is one of the hottest Macedonian artists at the moment!

    Click on the link below to read the interview with Marga:

  • [Interview with Marga Sotirovska]

  • [Macedonia Daily]

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    We would like to inform you about this Macedonian event in Detroit, USA coming up: The Detroit Ignition and St. Mary's Macedonian Youth Group host : MACEDONIA DAY At the Ignition vs Kixx indoor soccer game!

    Come see the STARS of soccer as MACEDONIA'S OWN Dino Delevski and Sandre Naumoski of the Philadelphia Kixx come to take on YOUR Detroit Ignition!

    St Mary's very own dance group TANEC will be performing the in half-time show!

    The party continues after the game at Ginopolis Restaurant (inside the arena)
    Kickoff is at 4:35 PM at Compuware Sports Arena (14900 Beck Rd, Plymouth, MI 48170)
    Order early and enjoy the SPECIAL DISCOUNTED PRICE of $17 per ticket!
    Tickets go on sale soon at St Mary's Macedonian Cultural Center
    For more information, call MakLink, Dalibor at 586.801.7375

    For more info click on the link below:
  • [Macedonian Community Day]

  • MD: Seems like a real nice event! Also everyone is expected to wear Macedonian colours, jerseys, flags, and maybe even Tapani, to make some noise ;)

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    The International Strumica Carnival will be held in an earlier term than last year’s, on 17-21 February. The traditional carnival event is organized under the auspices of the Strumica Municipality Mayor and Council with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and sponsors and donors. The organizer is the Municipal Committee of the Federation of the European Carnival Cities (FEEC).
    The start of the carnival ceremonies will be tomorrow (Saturday) evening with a traditional mask ball where the prince and princess of the carnival will be symbolically pronounced. They will open the official start and manage the main carnival event.

    On Sunday within the Children’s Carnival, the youngest masked participants will march in the streets of Strumica as a herald to the central carnival feast.
    A traditional exhibition of masks made by students of primary and secondary schools will be opened at Anton Panov Culture Centre on Monday along with an exhibition of cartoons, aphorism reading and an award-handing ceremony to the winners of the Eighth International Cartoon and Aphorism Festival.
    The main carnival spectacle will be on Tuesday, 20th February where 2000 masked people are expected to take part. Given the international character, individuals and groups from neighbouring countries and officials from FEEC will take part in or attend the festival.

    MD: This is a very interesting and popular carnival, we wish all of those going there, a great time!

  • [Strumica Carnival]

  • []

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    Friday, February 16, 2007



    Macedonia's reported cases of hepatitis C are on the rise, as eight new cases have been reported last month.

    The hepatitis C is a serious blood-borne disease and the incidence rose sharply, said the Association for Fight against Blood-Transmitted Diseases HEPTA at today's presentation of the grant comprising hepatitis C detection tests.

    Reported cases of hepatitis C had risen from 92 in 2005 to 114 in 2006.

    According to general estimates, the Association says the number of hepatitis V cases ranges from 25.000 to 30.000, as number of people who contracted the disease in the past now are discovering they have the virus.

    "The state must find a way to help the people infected with hepatitis C virus," Rozalinda Isijanovska, HEPTA president, told the press conference.

    She stressed that there was an apparent lack of therapy and medical treatment for people who have been diagnosed with hepatitis C.

    "According to unofficial information, the Health Insurance Fund provides therapy to 10 persons infected with this virus on early basis," Isijanovska said, adding that there is a lack of communication between HEPTA and the Health Insurance Fund. The Fund doe snot provide any information as to the funds set apart for treatment of hepatitis C.

    Hepatitis C is a blood-borne, infectious, viral disease of the liver caused by hepatotropic virus called hepatitis C. It is spread by blood-to-blood contact. The infection can cause liver inflammation and permanent impairment of the liver, accompanied by other health disorders.

    Roughly 180 million people across the world have been infected with hepatitis C virus. It is largely deemed as the disease of the 21st century, as the number is expected to triple and claim more lives than AIDS.

    MD: Let's hope they find something to stop this soon! Hepatitis is mostly seen in Africa and South-America, in Europe it is mostly seen in Ukraine and Romania.


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    Milena Jovanova, a nurse, left her life in Switzerland and accepted a position with five-time lower income to go and help victims of the civil war in Sudan.

    Milena Jovanova, originally from Negotino, Macedonia, went to Sudan as a volunteer last year. Her only contact with the world was her satellite phone, for which she paid the bill herself. A resilient humanitarian activist, Milena plans to go again on Doctors Without Borders mission, this time to Liberia. “There are no words that can express the joy I felt when I would see those children happy,” says Milena.

    She likes to tell the story of 10-year-old Adam. The boy had received severe wounds from a grenade, and we had to amputate his right hand. He had open wounds all over his body and was hospitalized for a long time. After the operation, Adam was very depressed and did not want to leave his bed, retold Jovanova.
    She took an immediate liking to Adam and nursed him back to recovery, step-by-step.
    I took some paints and drew the Macedonian sun on the wall. I missed it so much then, and I thought I could cheer us both up. However, once I saw the sad expression on his face, I realized my mistake. So then I started drawing clouds and rain and he got into a much better mood. His smile was a precious gift for me.
    She tells many stories from the hospital where she worked. Her kind word and drawings helped many children in their recovery, not only from the physical but also psychological wounds. She nursed a young girl who was shot in her knee and fed a two-month-old baby that lost his mother to pneumonia. Among others, she recalls 5-year-old Nasaim and 10-year-old Faiza, who were in the hospital for a long time, suffering from tuberculosis.

    “We understood each other through sign language and a few words I learned from the native language. I also tried to teach them a few Macedonian words,” says the volunteer. As a token of appreciation, Faiza’s grandmother gave her the only decorative object they owned. “Every time they would see me they would yell “kavadja” or white person. When I left I was quite sad, and so were they. They sent me off with tears.” In her hamlet in Haliba, a little place in the Sudanese region of Darfur, Milena only had two beds, a table, and a chair.

    To her colleagues and the locals she pointed out Macedonia on the map of the world they had hanging on the hospital wall. “There were moments when I asked myself: What am I doing here? Those were the moments when I missed a glass of red Tikves wine and pizza,” admits Jovanova. The village where she volunteered had some 20,000 inhabitants.

    MD: She is really doing a great job, and us Macedonians can be very proud of her! Milena lived in Negotino untill the age of 16, when she moved to Switzerland. She left for Africa trough the non-profit organization “Doctors Without Borders”.


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    Macedonia will take part in the 11th Eastern Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Fair (EMITT) in Istanbul, upon an invitation of the Turkish Tourism and Culture Minister Atilla Koc.

    Macedonian Economy Minister Vera Rafajlovska attened yesterday's opening of EMITT 2007. The Bitola-based Epinal hotel and the Mavrovo Hotel Ski Center will represent Macedonia's travel offer.

    Participants from more than 50 countries are expected to attend the EMITT fair, including 15 travel agencies from Macedonia. The participation of Macedonian travel agencies was organized by the Association of Travel Agencies of Macedonia (ATAM) and the Hotel Association of Macedonia (HOTAM).

    On the sidelines of the fair, Minister Rafajlovska will hold a bilateral meeting with Turkey's Minister of Culture and Tourism Atila Koc, Macedonian Economy Ministry said.

    MD: Nice! Representing our country in any way is always good.

  • [EMITT ‘07]

  • [MakFax]

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    German electronic giant Siemens will invest in a software development center in Macedonia.

    Siemens's regional manager for development, Vasilis Kastanis, and the Macedonian vice-prime minister in charge of economic issues, Zoran Stavrevski, announced this today in Skopje.

    The software center, which will be located in Skopje, plans to employ 10 to 20 persons in the initial stage of the project, Kastanis said.

    According to Stavrevski, opening of the Siemens's software center stands as a proof of increasing interest of the foreign companies to invest in Macedonia.

    "We expect for the software development center in Macedonia to grow and to supply large portion of Siemens's demand", Stavrevski said.

    He expressed hopes for broadening of the cooperation with Siemens to the fields spanning transportation and healthcare.

    Kastanis underlined that his company has great confidence in Macedonia's potentials.

    "The facility to be set up in Macedonia will be part of the company's global network, spread across 190 countries throughout the world", Kastanis said.

    MD: Great, another invest! Let’s hope the invest wave lasts longer


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    Thursday, February 15, 2007


    Food and Drinks.

    Yesterday it was St.Trifun day, the saint guardian of wine and wine growers, that's why we took this oppurtunity to introduce and tell you something about Macedonian wines.

    The rich Macedonian wine tradition began already at the time of Philip II and Alexander the Great of the Macedonian royal family who appreciated good wine. During the Roman Empire this tradition continued, and Macedonia - part of the Eastern Roman Empire until the seventh century - was one of the most important regions for grape cultivation in the Empire. Grape growing continued and was freely developed until the fourteenth century. During the period of the Ottoman Empire (1350-1918), winemaking was kept alive in Macedonia's abundant monasteries.

    Macedonia is one of the oldest wine producing countries in the world, so what about today? Unfortunately Macedonian wines are not so popular in the world and it is very hard for Macedonia to compete with winemaking countries like France, Italy and all the newcomers like Australia, South Africa and Chile. It's also probably the way we present it or sell it why they are no succes. The winemakers blaim the politicians and the bussinesmen blaim the winemakers, in the meanwhile people are slowly trying to promote our wines with the help of USAID.

    Today 4,000 small vine growers with an average holding of 2.3ha dominate the industry. They sell grapes to medium and small size wineries that produce and market wines. There are about 38 wineries in all of Macedonia, 25 of which export on foreign markets in more than 26 countries around the world.
    Macedonian wines have done extremely well in competitions in recent years, winning several awards and medals at events such as the International Wine Challenge in England and the Mundus Vini in Germany where Fonko's chardonnay won the gold medal in 2006. These awards are important marketing tools for wine producers, which, at the same time, enable them to see how Macedonian wines fare against other countries' wines on the international market.

    MD: Macedonia's wines are indeed great wines. It has improved allready which can be seen in the number of bottles shipped to other countries, such as to Germany, Holland, Japan, the UK, and the US. Currently Macedonia is the fourth largest exporter of wine to Germany. For those of you who haven't tried any Macedonians wine yet; What are you waiting for!? Go to your local wine importer and you will certainly find some Macedonian wines there. Nazdravje!
    Have a look here:

  • [Wine MK]
  • [Wine shop USA]
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    Noted Palestinian poet, Mahmoud Darvish has been awarded the 2007 International Struga Poetry Festival prize. He competed with poets from Mexico, Turkey, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Macedonia competed for the award, Iran Daily reports.
    Darvish is one of the most famous contemporary poets of the Arab world and is considered a representative of the Palestinians through his poetry which mainly deals with banishment, migration and statelessness of the people of the lost land of Palestine.
    Born in 1942 into a Sunni Muslim family, the poet was imprisoned several times when he was young because of a political activity or his public poetry readings. He has earned his world literary reputation not only as a poet but a novelist and literary theoretician. His work includes about 30 poetry books, eight prose books, and a total of 40 titles within other studies and publications.

    MD: Congratulations to him! The Struga Poetry festival is one of the oldest and most accredited poetry festivals of the world that is held in Macedonia.

    [Iran Daily]

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    Macedonian government announced a public tender for water concessions for 60 small hydro-power plants for electricity generation with installed capacity of up to 5 MW.

    The public tender, announced today by the Ministry of Economy, specifies that water concession would be provided for electricity generation according to the DBOT model (Design, Build, Operate and Transfer), at the confluences of Vardar River, Strumica River and Crn Drim River.

    The domestic and foreign companies and individuals that will pick up tender documents and meet the requirements will be considered eligible bidders.

    The tender documents will provide, among other data, site specific information about the exact location, hydrological conditions, and possibilities to feed the produced electricity into the public distribution grid, as well as site access and land ownership. Sites will be tendered separately.

    The deadline for pick-up of tender documents will expire on 16 March 2007. Bids are to be submitted not later than 14 June 2007.

    The unsealing of bids will take place on 15 June 2007. The water concession will be granted for a period of 20 years, in accordance the law on waters.

    The bidders could submit offers for one or more locations for small hydro-power plants, but no more than one offer per location.

    A several public tenders will be launched soon given the government's announcement on planned construction of 400 other small hydro-power plants.


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    Wednesday, February 14, 2007



    Macedonian basketball got an all new fresh look in 2007, the new website of the Basketball Federation of Macedonia is running for a while now. They also changed their logo and we must say it looks really good!

    Soon there will also be a web shop on the site where you can buy the official Macedonian basketball apparel, let's hope the Macedonian Basketball Federation uses at least original Nike clothes instead of some Prilep fabricated jerseys, as the Football Federation did.

    In the meanwhile on the European stage, Macedonia awaits it's chance to qualify itself in a tournament for the European cup in Spain next September. However it will be very hard to do so because there are 10 countries fighting for only just 1 place in Group A of the tournament. 15 countries allready have qualified of which Greece, Russia and Serbia are in Group A, awaiting for the new arrival to be anounced.

    Macedonia has to take on Sweden and Estonia in group B of the qualifying tournament, the winner of group B will head to a new group stage, the winner of that group will qualify.

    If Macedonia (God bless) will qualify itself, it will certainly be interesting to play in a group with Greece and Serbia, but also very hard because they are the best teams at the moment, Greece is the defending champion and Serbia(Yugoslavia) has won the most prizes all time.

    MD: All the luck we need! Also an interesting fact is that there are 3 Americans playing for the Macedonian national team, Ryan Stack, Kevin Fletcher and Michael Wilkinson.

  • [Macedonian Basketball Federation]

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    In a bid to increase the amount of international business in Macedonia, the government of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski has launched a promotional campaign aimed at foreign investors. "Invest in Macedonia, a new business paradise in Europe" is the slogan.

    Through paid commercials in 50 leading papers and magazines in 35 countries, including 21 EU members, the government hopes to make international investors aware of the business advantages in Macedonia. These include low tax rates, a one-stop shop system for business registration, access to a burgeoning consumer market, 3.1% inflation, and the promise of EU accession.

    The government also has announced a tender for 20 consultants who will be tasked with placing information abroad concerning business in Macedonia, the prime minister noted. He said the Foreign Investment Agency, whose budget has been increased five times over the past year, would readily provide information for investors through a special phone line.

    The promotional efforts are already having an impact, according to the Foreign Investment Agency. "So far, the Agency has received up to 70 e-mails, mostly from US companies that are asking for more detailed investment information," agency head Viktor Mizo said, expressing optimism that the trend will continue.

    MD: This is a nice initiative! As we said before, foreign investments are very low in Macedonia, let's hope this will increase it a bit.

  • [Invest in Macedonia!]

  • [SETimes]

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    Tuesday, February 13, 2007



    Macedonian opera stars Ana and Igor Durlovski will be the guests of the glamorous traditional 51st Opera Ball in Vienna. On invitation of the Director of the Statz Opera the Macedonian soprano and bass will be found among many famous names in the world of showbiz.

    The invitation comes after Ana Durlovski’s debut on the stage of the Statz last year with the role of the Queen of the Night in Mozart’s “Magic Flute.”
    As for the ball, around 4600 guests of all spheres of life fill the state opera hall making it the main event of the year.

    MD: Nice news, for Ana and Igor!


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    Macedonian Scholar Association and Macedonian-Italian Friendship Association in Bitola are organizing a scientific meeting on Perseus, the last King of Ancient Macedonia. The meeting is expected to see home and foreign scholars, historians and others taking part with scientific studies on parts of history and archaeology related to Perseus.

    The necessity to organize such a meeting, the organizers say, is multifold. Above all, there is the need to shed light on the reasons for the break-up of the Macedonian Empire, the consequences of discontinuation of Macedonians’ traditions and further shaping the ethnicities in the area of Ancient Macedonia as well as explaining the economic, political, social and cultural consequences of the empire’s break-up.

    The material sent to scientific institutions states that Perseus’ defeat by the Roman Republic in the Third Macedonian-Roman War (168 B.C.) resulted in definitive destruction of one of the largest empires in the world history, the Macedonian Empire. That could be seen as the end of Alexander the Great’s endeavour to create a global empire – as a cultural and economic community of people. The fall of the Macedonian Empire opened a process of establishing another empire – the Roman Empire. Following that war, the Macedonian Monarchy was transformed into a republic. The Kingdom was divided in four separate republics and their respective people were banned from any communication and cooperation. The process of complete tearing of the Macedonian tissue thus started.

    Bitola scholars who have worked on shedding light to Perseus’ life for a while, have discovered hat his final retreat was a town at the place of the present-day village of Crnobuki, on the right side of the Bitola-Demir Hisar road. Many archaeological items have been found there. However, a delegation of archaeologists and town representatives visited recently the site of Alba Fucens, 100 km. to the east of Rome where the tomb of Perseus is located. Contacts with scholar associations there were made with the aim to arrange the surroundings of the tomb and make it available to visitors and those having interest. The meeting on Perseus is expected to shed light on other moments of his life, as well as that of Ancient Macedonians in these areas.

    MD: This is very interesting, it all started when Italian and Macedonian archeologists, discovered Perseus tomb in 2005, along the Via Valeria near Magliano de' Marsi (Aquila) in Italy. It's especially great because the Italians invited Macedonian archeologists to help and research instead of calling Greeks.


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    UNESCO will financially support publication of four books on Macedonia. The publications should be attractive and should present our country in the world and help development of cultural tourism. The project is being prepared by the UNESCO National Commission for Macedonia in close collaboration with the Ministry of Culture. The conceptual work on the project will be entrusted to the Directorate for Protection of Cultural Heritage.
    UNESCO National Commission for Macedonia Secretary Lidija Topuzovska explains the details agreed on the four publications. She says the main job has already completed – a contract with UNESCO has been signed.

    “Four books will be published, and each will deal with a separate entity – on Macedonian churches; Ohrid as a UNESCO protected town; Ottoman monuments; and archaeological sites in Macedonia. The publications should be attractive and rich in photographs. Experts will work on the texts that will include expert information written in universal language that can reach out to ordinary people. In a way, the edition is aimed at promoting cultural tourism, cultural heritage and beauties of Macedonia, Topuzovska says. It will be bilingual, Macedonian and English. According to Topuzovska, the books will be prepared in such a way that can be used as promotional material.

    “In that way, printing of these publications will be most cost-saving. The project should be carried out by late this year. We have been granted really substantive financial support by UNESCO so we have made a project that can meet their requirements,” she explains.

    MD: Very nice to hear, let's hope Macedonia can attract lot's of tourists to visit our beautifull country. They should make a new commercial for CNN too this year!


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    Skopje citizens’ favourite event, the Skopje Film Festival will be held on 16-25 March. The organizers have maintained the concept of the festival to show new discoveries and the classics of the world modern film from the previous year. The main programme will includes the likes of “Fountain” by Darren Aronofsky; “Marie Antoinette” by Sofia Coppola; “Apocalypto” by Mel Gibson; “The Black Dahlia” by Brian de Palma; “Summer Palace” by Ye Lou, a Chinese controversial film once banned from screening in China, and regional films “Seadm i po” (Seven and a Half) by Miroslav Momcilovic, “Volim te” (I Love You) by Dalibor Matanic. Unlike last year, workshops and guests have been announced with a workshop on Scores in Film led by Nathan Larson and Nina Persson from the Cardigans provoking great interest.

    Besides the main programme, Anima Fest is dedicated to the animated film, and Sound and Fury to documentary films dedicated to music. Cooperation with the Edinburgh Film Festival and complete cross-section of influential Bill Plymton’s work have been announced.

    MD: Cool, we are looking forward to it. They also have a very nice website, so have a look!

  • [Skopje Film Fest' 07]

  • []

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    Monday, February 12, 2007



    The construction of Johnson Controls' factory began Monday at the free economic zone Bunardzik near Skopje.

    Mavrovo Engineering construction contractor is to build the plant within next seven months. Johnson Controls Inc, a global market leader in automotive systems, will produce automotive interior electronics.

    Meanwhile, Macedonian government undertook to provide the necessary infrastructure in Bunardzik. The electric power, water and gas installations are scheduled for completion by October at Bunardzik zone.

    The Johnson Controls' investment in Macedonia is put at $20 million. The company said the first phase of investment will provide 150 jobs and 500 new jobs in the next five years.

    MD: Nice, keep the investments coming!


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    In the last two years about 357 Macedonians have emigrated to Australia, who have the right to legally stay there. In the same period 954 Macedonian tourists visited Australia.

    These statistics were announced by the Australian ministry of Emigracion, MakFaks reported.

    According to the latest census, Australia has 20 million and 749 thousand inhabitants and about 68,000 Australian citizens have left their country in the past two years, of which most of them moved to New Zealand, Great Brittain, USA and Hong Kong.

    MD: We wonder what the exact number of Macedonians in Australia is. Many diffirent opinions on that, if anyone happens to know, Tell us!


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    The quality of life in Macedonia is like that in Guatemala, Namibia, Thailand and Tunis, according to the Quality of Life annual index, prepared by the International living magazine.

    Macedonia comes 77th from a total of 195 countries in the World. In 2006 the country stood 12 placed higher, regardless of the fact that the index never changed and is 62 from a total of 100.

    Compared to countries from its region, Macedonia is better only when compared with Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, which share place 91. Croatia is 16th, Albania – 64, Turkey – 71, Greece – 37, Bulgaria – 34.

    MD: That's no real surprise, and the topscorers on the list arent surprising either, it's just the usual, Netherlands, Switzerland and Denmark.

  • [ILM-Quality of Life '07]

  • [ILM]

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    Macedonia's largest opposition party, the Social Democratic Alliance for Macedonia (SDSM), threatened to leave parliament on Monday (February 12th), unless the ruling majority withdraws a motion that would impose time limits on deputies' discussions.

    The party says the idea is intended to silence the opposition. Two weeks ago, the main ethnic Albanian party, the Democratic Union for Integration, withdrew its representatives from parliament and has threatened to suspend participation in all state institutions.

    MD: What a mess! Is it never going to end?


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    Sunday, February 11, 2007



    For the people who don't know, on Sunday's is our day off, so no new posts. But we do have some interesting recipes for you! Today we have you a delicious Raspberry chocolate heart tart!

    Estimated Time Needed:
    Est. Preperation: 10 mins
    Est. Cooking: 10 mins
    Est. Refrigating: 5 mins


    1 purchased refrigerated pie pastry for 9-inch pie
    1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
    2/3 cup sweetened condensed milk
    2 teaspoons vanilla extract
    2 cups raspberries, rinsed and dried
    1/8 cup sifted powdered sugar

    PREHEAT oven to 425° F.

    PLACE pastry circle with plastic removed on lightly floured surface; roll out slightly. Trim small amount of pastry away to form heart shape. Place heart on ungreased baking sheet. Turn edges under 1/2 inch; flute. Prick pastry with tines of fork.

    BAKE for 10 to 12 minutes or until golden brown. Cool completely on baking sheet on wire rack.

    MICROWAVE morsels and sweetened condensed milk in medium, microwave-safe bowl on HIGH (100%) power for 1 minute; stir. Microwave at additional 10-second intervals, stirring until smooth. Stir in vanilla extract. Spread over crust. Refrigerate for a few minutes or until chocolate is set.

    arrange the raspberries over the chocolate then sprinkle with powdered sugar.

    MD: Bon appetit! We will be back updated on Monday!

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    Saturday, February 10, 2007



    No concession should be given on the Lake Ohrid as long as the new law on fishing is enforced and the industrial fishing is banned, experts said, adding that an agency should be tasked to safeguard the lake.

    These are the guidelines spelled out at the meeting of experts, associations of environmentalists and sport fishermen, representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Environment, Makfax correspondent said.

    The environmentalists claim the Ohrid trout fauna has dropped sharply lately. The most probable reason is overfishing and possibly the destruction of spawning grounds.

    So far, 500.000 fish eggs have been collected to meet the artificial spawning needs and help the trout population recover. It is nearly three times lower than the same period last year. Roughly 200.000 fish eggs were collected in Struga area this year i.e. 100.000 less compared to last year and five times lower than in 2005, when more than 1 million spawns were collected in Shum spawning ground.

    The meeting aimed to assess the fish fauna situation in the Lake Ohrid, which will help set out the priority measures to protect the endemic fish species.

    MD: The special Ohrid trout is almost extinct and it will be soon, if nothing happens to stop it! Many do not understand the big value of this fish, these are "living dinosaurs" as foreign scientists call the Ohrid trout.


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