Saturday, March 31, 2007



World famous Pop-rock star, P!nk will visit Macedonia! She will hold a concert in Skopje on the 28th of July. A deal between the management of P!nk and Macedonian Avalon productions was finally signed this week.

Wether the concert will be held at the Skopje City Stadium is not known yet. P!nk, born as Alicia Beth Moore, was born in Doylestown, Pensylvania, USA. She started singing in local clubs and as a backing vocal for Diana Ross, soon she scored major hits like, “Let’s get this party started” “Stupid girls” and “Family portrait”.

MD: And again a famous star in Macedonia this year! It’s getting better and better :) We will let you know more about her visit as soon as possible.

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    The sandy rain was falling on Skopje and its outskirts last night, due to air currents from the south and the sand-wind coming from Sahara, meteorologists said on Friday.

    "This is the so-called colored rain," meteorologist Pance Trajanovski told Makfax news agency, adding that such phenomenon cannot cause a damage. The colored rain occurred in the country on several occasions.

    Trajanovski said the humidity will drop in the next few days, therefore, no more colored rain is expected.

    MD: Maybe it will start raining Camels too soon!


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    Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski headed to Portugal, the next holder of rotating EU presidency.

    Gruevski was welcomed with highest state honors. He held talks with the Portuguese Parliament President Jaime Jose Matos da Gama, MTV reporter said.

    The visiting Macedonian delegation includes Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Stavrevski and Interior Minister Gordana Jankulovska.

    Macedonian delegation paid a visit to Economic & Industry Chamber of Portugal, where Gruevski and Stavrevski presented the strategy "Invest in Macedonia".

    Gruevski is scheduled to meet with Portuguese President Anibal Cavaco Silva and the Prime Minister Jose Socrates.

    Macedonian Interior Minister Jankulovska will meet with representatives of Portuguese Home Affairs Directorate to present Macedonia's new biometric passports. They will discuss the bilateral and multilateral co-operation between the two ministries.

    MD: These new Macedonian passports are the latest technology in Europe, Macedonia got them allready, Germany will get them soon too.


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    Queen of bosanova Bebel Gilberto will close this year’s “Off Fest” in Skopje on June 8. Gilberto, who is the daughter of bosanova legend Joao Gilberto, comes to Skopje with a new album titled “Momento”, which came out these days.
    “I bear full responsibility for this album, because it includes a number of risks that I wanted to try out. This is an album about the moment and how to live the moment. A project that refers to who I am as a person and an artist”, said Gilberto.
    Bebel Gilberto, who performed in Carnegie Hall at 9 years of age, became world-famous after her first album “Tanto Tempo”, which received a Grammy nomination. She has cooperated with numerous stars, such as David Burn, Caetano Veloso, Thievery Corporation and Mike Patton.
    Besides Gilberto, world electro-tango attraction “Gotan Project” is the second big star at this year’s festival edition, which is organized for the sixth time by the Skopje Jazz Festival.
    They will perform with a spectacular audio-visual show on May 22, as part of the global promotional tour of their album “Lunatico”.

    MD: Again a famous singer, she is a fantastic artist!

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    Friday, March 30, 2007



    MACEDONIA has it's own identity as a country,
    MACEDONIA has it's own identity as a people,
    MACEDONIA has the need of it's own identity in sports.

    Macedonia has a long and succesfull sport history. There has to be born a new visual identity not only in Macedonian sport but in all of the country!

    Are you tired of walking in a sports store, seeing jerseys of all world teams except Macedonia and get dissapointed over and over again? Tired of sending emails to Puma? Tired of phoning your cousin at the other side of the world to bring you a jersey from MKD? Tired of seeing when arrived that the jersey is really ugly and fake? Tired of seeing MKD getting a boring and old design jersey to play in?

    That's why we present you a national campaign for officially branding the Macedonian National sports teams!

    This campaign, created by MKSportid allows everyone interested to design a jersey and send it in. You have the time to send it in before April 15th. The winning designs will be chosen by a jury made of sports federations, historians, artists, athletes, designers and famous people.

    Visit the website for all the info you need!

  • [MKSportid]

  • MD: This is great! We needed such a thing, now everybody, SEND IN YOUR DESIGNS and let Macedonia have a cool jersey!


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    Ethnologist Sonja Rizoska-Jovanoska from the Institute on Old Slavic Culture will present her film “Prilepskite Meckari” (Prilep Bear Keepers) at festival on visual art in city Tartu, Estonia, which began on March 26. The film received the best foreign film award at the international festival of ethnological film in Belgrade in 2006, as well as the special recognition for contribution in development of ethnological film. The author will also have the opportunity to speak before festival participants at workshop on topic “Interdisciplinary Approach in Visual Anthropology”.

    Sonja Rizoska-Jovanoska took with her in Estonia two masks made by Branko Metlarot, one of the Prilep “bear keepers”, who believe they are the town’s protectors and annually go at Day of Forgiveness through Prilep streets, visiting the homes of butchers.
    Film “Prilepskite Meckari” has been invited to take part at festivals of ethnological films in Budapest (Hungary), Trento (Italy), and Manchester (Great Britain).

    MD: Well done, now on the way receive some more prizes!

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    The career diplomat Clare Birgin has been appointed as the new non-resident Ambassador of Australia to Macedonia, Makfax reports.

    She will fulfill her ambassadorial duty from the Australian diplomatic office in Belgrade, the Australian Foreign Ministry announced.

    The Australian Embassy in Belgrade covers the territory of Macedonia since the establishment of the diplomatic relations in 1995.

    The newly-appointed non-resident Australian Ambassador Clare Birgin will replace John Oliver, whose four-year tenure expires in May this year.

    The Australian career diplomat Clare Birgin was holding posts in consulates in Warsaw, Geneva and Washington, and in 2004, she was appointed as Australian Ambassador in Hungary.

    MD: Welcome to Macedonia!


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    Macedonia was ranked 81st on the Global Information Technology Report (GITR) 2006-2007's "Networked Readiness Index", published by the World Economic Forum.

    The World Economic Forum (WEF), jointly with INSEAD, assessed the progress of networked readiness in 122 countries. The Report uses the Networked Readiness Index (NRI) to measure the degree of preparation of a nation or community to participate in and benefit from ICT developments.

    Macedonia advanced one position compared to previous ranking. The country has 3.41 points same as Guatemala and Algeria. Next is Vietnam with 3.40 points.

    For the first time, Denmark has ousted the US to top the GITR rankings. The GITR attributes Denmark's outstanding levels of networked readiness to "the country's excellent regulatory environment, coupled with a clear governmental leadership and vision in leveraging ICT technologies for growth."

    Sweden, Singapore and Finland follow, while the United States loses ground in networked readiness, falling 6 places to 7th position. The US was down to the 7th position, "mainly due to relative deterioration of the political and regulatory environment." Singapore moved one place down to the third position this year.

    Among other countries in the region, Slovenia tops the rankings at 30th position (4.41), followed by Croatia - 46th, Greece - 48th, Turkey 52nd, Romania 55th

    "Leveraging ICT is increasingly becoming an essential instrument for countries and national stakeholders to ensure continued prosperity for their people," said Irene Mia, Senior Economist and co-editor of the Report.

    "Nordic countries have shown how an early focus on education, innovation and promotion of ICT penetration and diffusion is a winning strategy for increased networked readiness and competitiveness," she added.

  • [Global Information Technology Report

  • [MakFax]

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    A US citizen married to a Kumanovo resident kidnapped their 1-year-old son from the husband parents' family home and took off in unknown direction.

    The parents of Goran Kovachevski, the husband of the US citizen Lesley Kovachevska, reported the case to the Police, Makfax's correspondent reported.

    Eyewitnesses confirmed that the mother kidnapped her child at about 12:00 hrs on Thursday from outside the house of Snezana and Branko Kovachevski located at Angel Duco Street in Kumanovo.

    Lesley Kovachevska reportedly arrived at her father-in-law's house in a vehicle with diplomatic registration plates and left with other vehicle that arrived at the scene just 10 minutes after her appearance.

    There was no immediate word from the Police as to the details of the case.

    The legal custodians of the Kovachevski couple's 1-year-old son Branimir are Goran's parents. The couple is also expecting a new baby.

    Sources close to Kovachevski family said that Goran, currently working in Iraq, was expected to come home this weekend to attend the celebration of his son's first birthday.

    MD: Strange, we let you know as soon as we know more…


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    Thursday, March 29, 2007



    The Milan Junior Camp will be present in Macedonia for the first time, taking place in Skopje in collaboration with FC Rabotnicki Kometal and with the Marco Schembri World Camp, the official for all the camps in Eastern Europe.

    The camp will run from July 16 to 20 where over 300 children between the ages of 9 and 16 will take part in training with Milan coaches.

    AC Milan legend, Daniele Massaro was present at the press conference at the official launch in Skopje and to welcome the guests Kosta Kostovski, FC Rabotnicki Kometal Vice President. Now the Milan Youth Project has a presence in a good 46 countries.

    After a year of negotiations we are bringing one of the biggest names in football to our country," said Rabotnicki vice-president Kosta Kostovski. "It's a great chance for young Macedonian talents to work with coaches from one of the greatest teams in Europe."

    Massaro was well aware that the “Pandevs” of tomorrow could well be among the trainees at the Milan camp. "I'm proud that I came to Skopje and I hope some of young players who will participate in this camp will be the stars of Macedonian football and the national team one day."

    "Why, in the future should some talented player from Macedonia not come in Italy to play for Milan, the same way as Goran Pandev plays for S.S. Lazio? If Rabotnicki win the title this season, we could meet up in the UEFA Champions League next season." He added.

    MD: This is a wonderfull oppurtunity for all Macedonian talents and let’s hope we will see some of them playing at Milan or other big clubs in the future, also maybe they will manage to get a friendly between Rabotnicki and Milan, that would be even better! :)

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    Theatre performance “Timon of Athens”, concert of opera singer Vesna Ginovska-Ilkova, an exhibition of contemporary Macedonian painters, projection of Macedonian films and concert of “Synthesis” will be organized for manifestation “Days of Macedonian Culture” in Bari, Italy. The manifestation should be held on April 15-22, in organization of the Ministry of Culture.

    Macedonian modern painting will be presented through the artworks by Sergej Andreevski, Aleksandar Ivanovski, Argent Karaj and Miftar Memeti.
    Vesna Ginovska-Ilkova will perform with compositions by Macedonian authors, while band “Synthesis” will hold an all-evening concert.

    “Timon of Athens” is a co-production project of Skopje’s Turkish Theatre, Bitola Theatre and laboratory “Nove” from Florence. Branko Brezovec is the director, Jane Calovski is the scenographer, while Marjan Necak is the music author. The performance won the critic award at festival MESS in Sarajevo in 2006, along with awards for best choreography and music at Macedonian national theatre festival “Vojdan Cernodrinski”.

    MD: Nice event, We need more of these cultural event exchanges with Italy! We love Italy! Many Macedonians of the older generation are saying that we are very connected and similar to the Italians.

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    The new and most likely the last round of negotiations with the European Commission on facilitation of the visa regime for Macedonian citizens will take place in mid April, Foreign Ministry's spokesperson Shpresa Jusufi told Makfax.
    She added that the third round of negotiations will be of technical nature, same as the previous two.

    At the beginning of his three-day visit to Macedonia, on Monday, the Director General of the European Commission’s Enlargement Directorate General, Michael Leigh, said that all Western Balkan's countries are due sign agreements on facilitation of the visa regime in May.

    Until the launch of the third round of negotiations, the internal consultations among EU member-countries are expected to be completed. EC is seeking for guidelines on the manner of continuation of the negotiations with Skopje's authorities.
    Macedonian side set out the negotiations on this issue last November. Macedonia requested mitigation of the requirements for visa issuance for broader category of citizens, issuance of multiple visas with prolonged deadline, canceling of the visa issuance fee and setting a concrete deadline for full liberalization of the visa regime.

    According to the announcements, the agreement on facilitation, which is due to come into force by the end of 2007, would be valid for all EU members, except for Great Britain, Ireland and Denmark.

    MD: We are getting tired of this visa stuff, let it be positive and over!


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    Wednesday, March 28, 2007



    On the 4th of May the Metropolis Arena in Skopje will host the visit of the world known DJ, Tiësto.
    He has chosen Macedonia as the only country in the region where he will perform as a part of this year’s tour, “Elements of life”.

    Last year Tiësto had a huge hit “Dance for life”, together with Maxi Jazz of faithless, he hadmany pconcerts in stadiums in South America. On of the biggest performings this year will be his visit to one of biggest festivals in the world, “Koachela” in America and that together with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Paul van Dyk, Bjork and many others..

    MD will inform you more about his visit soon…

    MD: That’s great for his Macedonian fans! In the past he had stated that he loved Macedonia and especially the Macedonian audience, maybe that’s why he chose Macedonia for his tour. This man, born in Holland was performing at the opening ceremony of the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, witnessed by an estimated two to four billion people and has won the title for “Best DJ in the world” several times.

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    The archaeological research works aimed at unearthing the remnants of the St. Kliment's University dating from 9th Century AD continued today at the Plaoshnik locality in Ohrid.

    As many as 200 workers are taking part in the excavation works, including 50 archaeology and arts students. Dr. Vera Bitrakova-Grozdanova is in charge of managing the project.

    According to the historigraphical data, as many as 3.500 students had attended the oldest known European University in the 9th and 10th Century, which was set up in Plaoshnik by Kliment Ohridski.

    The archaeological excavations will go on until August 2007, before the Government announces a public competition for a draft plan on rebuilding of the University, which is foreseen to be completed by 2009.

    "To this end, the Government will set apart 6 million euros from the State Budget", PM Nikola Gruevski said today during his visit to Plaoshnik.

    "By this project, we will revamp St. Kliment's spirit in the 21st Century", said Pasko Kuzman, the Head of the State Office for Protection of the Cultural Heritage.

    "Cultural and scientific centers, icon galleries and a library will be housed in the object, in addition to the archive containing the ancient manuscripts from the Ohrid Museum of Cultural Heritage", Pasko Kuzman added.

    MD: Great! This university is said to be the oldest university along with the university of Bologna in Italy and the university of Al Karaouine. These last two are still operating,


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    World-renowned opera singer Barbara Hendricks will perform in the Antique Theatre within “Ohrid Summer” festival on July 19. Festival director Toni Simonovski and music selector Gordana Josifovska confirmed that an agreement has already been signed.

    According to Josifovska, Hendricks would perform with a project she is promoting at the moment, including jazz-compositions by Duke Ellington and Billy Holiday.

    Barbara Hendricks is one of the leading opera singers of today. She has over 20 active opera roles, performing at Manhattan, the Milan Scala, opera houses in Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Hamburg, Munich.

    MD: Bravo! Another great artist! Let’s hope they still manage to get Andrea Bocelli to Ohrid as we informed you back in October.

  • [Barbara Hendricks]
  • [Andrea Bocelli in Ohrid article]
  • [Ohrid Summer festivall]

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    Tuesday, March 27, 2007


    MD Network

    Nelly Furtado – All good things
    This is the first song in our “Song of the Week” section. Our MD Network will post up one, every week.

    Any ideas for the next “Song of the Week”? Let us know!
    Mail to:

    [MD Network]

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    The Federation of Macedonian Cultural and Artistic Associations of Victoria (FOMKUD) represented the Macedonian community at the Moomba Parade on March 12.
    Moomba has been a cultural manifestation in Melbourne for more than 50 years, which allows cultural groups to showcase their cultural heritage of song and dance to the public.

    Thousands of people from many diverse backgrounds witnessed the Moomba Parade. The Macedonians proudly wore their traditional folk costumes and the streets of Melbourne shook with traditional Macedonian music played.

    MD: Bravo! This parade is a great initiative for presenting several cultures! For more information about FOMKUD and pictures, visit their website

  • [FOMKUD]

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    The New operator of the Austrian Mobilkom will become officially today the third mobile operator in Macedonia, the Macedonian daily Spic reports. Representatives of the Agency for electronic communications will present to the Austrian company today the permission for their activity as a mobile operator.

    Mobilkom paid USD 10 Million for the license on Friday.

    MD: Hopefully prices will drop soon…


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    Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski appeared today unexpectedly at a reception set up by the Greek Embassy in Macedonia on the occasion of the Greece's National Day.

    Gruevski's attendance, as confirmed also by the Greek Ambassador Theodora Grosomanidou, was totally unexpected, prompting the media to jump to the conclusion that the move is aimed at mitigating the strained Macedonian-Greek relations.

    The straining of the relations came after increasing Greek protests over renaming of the international airport in Skopje into "Alexander the Great" and the Macedonian verbal note of protest relating the nationalistic slogans chanted by a part of the Greek Army at a parade in Thessaloniki, which followed shortly after.

    This is the first appearance of the premier at a reception staged by Greece and I am honored and encouraged by this move, Grosomanidou said.

    Greece has initiated a dispute with Macedonia over the country's constitutional name, under the pretext that the name represents claiming to the Greek national history and territorial pretensions by Macedonia.

    The United Nations have been mediating in the negotiations aimed at "overcoming the differences between the two countries", whose current bilateral relations are based on the Interim Agreement signed in 1995.

    In the meantime, as many as 120 countries; three of which are permanent members of the UN Security Council; have recognized the Republic of Macedonia under its constitutional name.

    MD: Well, why not, maybe they’ve talked about football :)


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    Monday, March 26, 2007



    Workers clean ancient statues which are exhibited in front and in the building of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia in Skopje. The antiquities found on different archaeological locations in Macedonia will be exhibited outside and inside the building for an indefinite period of time.


    [MD Network]

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    Nobody in Macedonia has the intention to let the country’s name to be changed and the fact that 114 countries in the world recognized Macedonia under that name, shows who is winning the fight with Greece.

    This was anounced today by the Macedonian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Milososki when talking to the press before his visit to Tetovo.

    He added that the name of the Republic of Macedonia is not for daily politics, but a question of the national interest of this country.

    “In greece this is the question of the day and of the politic elite and government. In Macedonia it is a question of history, and national identity. That’s why nobody has the intention to change their position on this matter.” Said, minister Milososki.

    MD: That’s right, Macedonia is winning it! We just only need that extra goal !


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    In the beginning of 2008 negotiations are expected to be hold between Macedonia and the EU, announced Branko Crvenkovski today in Brussels. At the invitation of king of Belgium Albert, Crvenkovski is visiting Brussels due to the 50 anniversary since the sign of the European Communities Contract.

    The Macedonian President is among the eight heads of state of countries which are not members of the EU, Focus News Agency reported.

    MD: Well, we'll see...


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    Sunday, March 25, 2007



    Macedonia didn't manage to get some points in yesterday's Euro 2008 qualifying match against Croatia in Zagreb. The Macedonians started very well, heavily attacking and Goce Sedloski gave Macedonia the lead in the 36th minute. In the second half Croatia started to dominate the game, Darijo Srna equalised on the hour mark.

    Macedonia was allready expecting the game to end in a draw, but then in the 69th minute Goce Sedloski was then sent off because of a second yellow card. With Macedonia down to 10 men, Croatia's control over the game got even worse and Eduardo da Silva (Brazilian with Croatian passport) snatched victory for Croatia with two minutes of the game remaining to put the Croat's two points clear of Russia at the top of the group.

    MD: Too bad, Macedonia played very well in the first half it looked like we could get some points out of this match but it's probably not meant to be for Macedonia. Now it will be very, very hard for us to qualify, we should say, if there is a miracle about to happen.

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    Saturday, March 24, 2007



    Finally! After all the preparations being made by our National Football Team and after all the attention in the press, today it's the time, the time to take on Croatia in Zagreb in a very important Euro 2008 qualifying match.

    The strong Croatia is the favorite and it will be very hard for Macedonia, but everyone is positive and it is certainly possible to get some points out of this game, even if it's only 1. Macedonia surprises especially on away matches, the results of the last away matches of Macedonia were; victory over Turkey, Ecuador, Estonia and Albania while drawing with giants England and the Netherlands.

    Macedonia always plays better against stronger opponents, most visible of that was the 2-2 draw against the Netherlands in 2004, when after 3 days of that succesfull game they lost to amateurs Andorra(Andorra?! yeah!! unbelievable a?).

    Macedonia will probably start with these 11: Nikoloski, Noveski, Sedloski, Vasoski, Lazarevski, Popov, Sumulikoski, Mitreski, Pandev, Naumovski and Ristic.

    MD: Pandev and Ristic are scoring much these last months, so lets hope they can bring us some points and get higher in the qualifying group tomorrow! But most important is , let us see some great football!

    Powered by

    [MD Network]

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    Football star, Goran Pandev will present Macedonian singer and Eurovision '07 representative to the Italian public.

    Photo's of them together will be put on several billboards across Italy and Macedonia. Karolina met with the footballer of Lazio Roma at the Ohrid Hotel "Inex Gorica" this week when having a photosession by the NT sponsors, Italian fashion company, Gruppo Fiori ( Scroll a bit down and you'll see...).

    "It was an honour for me to shoot pictures with such a great football star. Goran is a great guy and a big professional. I give the NT a big support and i want to wish them much luck at Saturdays game", Said Karolina Goceva.
    On the question wether she knows something about football she answered: - "I know how to defend, depending on who is shooting though".

    Goran Pandev is playing his third season at Lazio. He has been together with his fellow "Strumicanka" Nadica, for several years now. They know eachother even from the first year in high school.

    At the moment with 10 goals on his name he is the star of his team. His name is connected with several European giants, Barcelona, Arsenal, Tottenham and Werder and he is worth an estimated 10 million euro's.

    However, according to the father of Nadica, who is in Strumica at the moment waiting for a Visa to stay in Italy, Pandev has some problems with sponsors in Rome.

    Models and famous Italian girls all try to catch the footballer, but Goran has no need to find himself in adventures. Even his parents were feeling great about Nadica and see her their future daughter in law.

    MD: Looking forward to see the billboards and the reactions of the Italians ;)

    [Vest Newspaper]

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    the “Responsibility and Partnership - “Together Against HIV/AIDS” ministerial conference that took place in Bremen, organized by Germany as the current presiding state of the European Union, adopted the declaration by the same name, “Responsibility and Partnership -” Together Against HIV/AIDS”. Macedonia was one of the countries present at the Conference.

    The Declaration is continuation of the previous Dublin and Vilnius versions and adds several important provisions. It carries special significance for the civil sector having in mind the emphasis it puts on its importance and its invitation to the authorities to involve the civil sector as much as possible in all segments of the fight against HIV/AIDS.

    It puts special emphasis on the “people who inject drugs and their partners, men who have sex with men, young people, women, migrants, children, people in prisons, men and women involved in prostitutions”.

    Macedonia was represented by a delegation that included Snezana Cicevalieva, Head of Ministry of Health Sector of European Integrations and International Cooperation; Milena Stevanovic, the national HIV/AIDS coordinator; Sandra Kuzmanovska from the department of implementation of Global Fund project; and Vlatko Dekov, representative of HOPS – Healthy Living Options NGO.

    MD: Allthough a small country, Macedonia has several AIDS cases and its increasing every year, it's great to see that it is getting some more attention now! You can also support the battle against AIDS in Africa by clicking on the RED campaign banner at the top of this page!


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    The Mayors of Skopje and Ljubljana, Trifun Kostovski and Zoran Jankovic, signed today an Agreement on Fraternizing of the Macedonian and Slovenian capitals.

    The Agreement was signed during Kostovski's visit to Ljubljana, ONASA Agency reported.

    The document contains provisions on cooperation between the two cities in various field spanning culture, art, administration and economy.

    "The capital cities are never rivals", Ljubljana's Mayor said after the signing ceremony.

    Jankovic invited Kostovski to take part at the meeting of Mayors of capitals of the EU member-countries and EU candidate-countries due to take place in Ljubljana.

    The aim of the meeting - slated for early 2008, when Slovenia is due to take-over EU Presidency - is exchange of experiences among the old, new and future members of EU.

    MD: That's great, we are looking forward to see more cultural exchanges with these cities soon


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    Friday, March 23, 2007



    We found out about this interesting Macedonian, his name is Delco Angelov. Delco is a Marathon cyclist. At the beginning in 1998 he started cycling to lose his weight, and he could not cycle more than 2 km a day but Delco persisted. He continued to train and his condition improved dramatically. In the year of 2000 he decided to cycle his first long distance marathon from his present home Tafers, Switzerland to his native city, Sveti Nikole in Macedonia. Completing the distance of 2.140 km. in only 7 days!

    After four more years Delco decided to cycle his first extreme marathon, “Delco’s tour D’europe ‘04”. He managed to cycle 10.095 km. in 37 days, crossing 14 European countries! With that he set a new European recreational marathon cycling record.

    This year Delco want’s to do it again! In attempt to setting a new European record in recreational marathon cycling he will cycle 16.102 km in 59 days which is planned for this spring/summer season.

    We will keep you up to date about Delco and his adventure, in the meanwhile have a look at his website and at the map of his route.

    MD: You may think he is crazy, we did too! But what a performance by this man! We think he is the best and we really hope he can set a new record and finish his tour. GOOD LUCK DELCO!

  • [Delco Angelov website]

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    For the first time the Macedonian footballers will travel to Croatia with a new look! Stylish clothes, a gift from the Italian fashion company, “Gruppo Fiori” who will continue clothing the Macedonian National team in the future. This is very common in Italy, where for example Dolce & Gabanna dressed the Italian NT and AC Milan.

    Yesterday 6 Macedonian footballers had the chance to be a model for once, posing in their stylish suites together with sexy Macedonian singer and Eurovision ’07 participant, Karolina Goceva.

    MD: Nice picture! Let’s hope they will play better because of it :)

    [Makedonski Sport]

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    Macedonian multimedia artist Iskra Dimitrova is exhibiting a work at the Brooklyn Museum in New York, one of the most prestigious contemporary art museums as of today. Dimitrova is taking part in an exhibition, “Global Feminism,” a show by female authors from all over the world.

    The show is promoting Elizabeth A. Suckler Centre for Feminist Art in the Brooklyn Museum. Dimitrova is exhibiting her installation “Tanatomethamorphosis.”
    The selection of the participants has been made after long-year research on all continents.

    MD: Great, you should have a look if in NY!


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    Senka Anastasova has won Voya Kondik, an award conferred to the most successful young research scholar in the area of cultural and literary theory for 2006, London-based British Trust Foundation announced yesterday. Anastasova is the first young research scholar from Macedonia to receive Voya Kondik for cultural and literary theory, i.e. for her research in the area of narrative identity and modern technology of narration and new media.

    The award is bestowed to the best young scholars doing doctor and master courses, scholars in the area of physical and social sciences and humanities in former Yugoslavia, sponsored by the Foundation, who have used their stay in Britain in the most creative way. The goal is for any researcher participant, depending on their specialization and interests, to show how they could convey experience and innovation acquired in the country of their origin.
    Voja Kondik has been awarded since 1997 and consists of a monetary part (£ 500) and a plaque and recognition.

    Anastasova was nominated for the award after her three-month pre-doctorial studies in art projects and essays in London, University of Greenwich in 2005/2006 year.

    MD: Congratulations!


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    Thursday, March 22, 2007



    Macedonia is being represented by 7 swimmers at the 12th World Aquatics Championships which is being held currently in Melbourne, Australia.

    Marathon swimmer, Mihajlo Ristovski was the first to begin the championships tuesday at the open water swimming and is placed 40th on the rankings. He will also compete in the 1.500 m race at the Olympic pool.

    The other participants who will compete later on in the tournament are; Zoran Stamenov (50 and 100 M. freestyle), Miro Krstevski (50, 100 and 200 M. Dolphin), Mirjana Stojanova(50 and 100M. Back, 100 M. Dolphin and 200 M. freestyle), Elena Popovska (50 and 100 M. freestyle, 50 M. Dolphin) and Monika Spasova (50,100 and 200 M. Dolphin).

    And for the first time Macedonia has a contestant in diving as well, Lauren Karatanevski (yeah, -ski not -ska), a Macedonian from Canada has chosen to represent Macedonia. She allready participated in the 1 M. springboard today, and she finished 32nd with a score of 179.25 points of total 37 divers. First she was only planning to compete in 1 discipline, now she also will compete in the 3 M. springboard on Saturday as anounced by the chef of the Macedonian delegation. Lauren is one of the best female divers in the American University league where she swims for North Carolina

    "We had alot of problems for preparing and training, because the swimming pools in Skopje were closed for a long time. But we managed to keep the swimmers in form also by training in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. Under these circumstances the only thing we want is our swimmers to swim their best times!, said the Macedonian coach, Metodija Angelovski.

    MD: Macedonia has not even got one proper swimming pool, so it must be very hard for them, but we wish the swimmers all the best and let's hope they can be very succesfull! If you are from Melbourne you should grab your scarves, flags and head to the pools to support our swimmers a bit!

  • [Melbourne '07]
  • [Lauren Karatanevski Bio]

  • [MD Network]

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    Just a week before Macedonia’s important Euro 2008 qualifying game against Croatia, Our star player, Goran Pandev scored again a magnificent goal for his club Lazio Roma in the Serie A match against Empoli last Sunday.

    Have a look….

    MD: Damn, thats what we call a nice goal! Let’s hope he can show his qualities against Croatia on Saturday, we really need that.

    [MD Network]

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    Wednesday, March 21, 2007



    Here is a bit more information on the Alexander the Great statue competition, for those of you interested and joining, have a look at the link below!

  • [International Competition Alexander statue]

  • MD: Nice, so if you are artistic and you have a love for Alexander, you should give it a try!

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    Music and film linked in an art can give a nice product and present what an artist thinks and wants to express, said Swedish singer Nina Persson, a guest of the Skopje Film Festival together with her spouse, composer Nathan Larson. Persson presented Skopje audience the film “God Willing” by directors Amir Chamdin and Erik Eger.

    “I feel safely in that story,” Persson said. “’God Willing’ was a very amusing project for me. The film met mixed response in Sweden but I am only interested in reviews where I can see that the idea of the film has been understood.”
    Persson said her film career might start or end with this role. The singer of the Cardigans, she said she was happy in Skopje, a completely new environment for her.
    Larson said the project was very amusing because inter alia he was able to learn about new cultures, such is the Finnish one.

    MD: Cool! You may all know Nina Persson of her succesfull world wide known band, the Cardigans and the hit "Lovefool" they got back in '96 which was featured in the Romeo and Juliet movie with Leonardo Dicaprio.

  • [Skopje FilmFest '07]

  • []

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    Ministry of Transport and Communications launched bidding for state-owned construction land intended for multi-storey garage in downtown Skopje.

    The site is located in the central residential area with high density of population and objects. The multi-storey garage will meet the needs or extra parking lots.

    A representative of Transport & Communication Ministry told Makfax news agency that the site is behind Dimitar Miladinov primary school and behind the city's Red Cross Dare Djambaz.

    Given the fact that there is no such facility in the capital, the multi-storey garage is likely to meet the needs.

    The starting price is set at 50,00 denars per squared meter. The bidding procedure envisages an increase in the starting price of at least 100 denars per squared meter.

    The deadline for submitting offers will expire on 2 April. The bidding will take place two days after the expiration of deadline. This is a second site for multi-storey garage in Skopje, offered by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

    MD: Skopje really needs this, the parking is a big problem in Skopje and the other cities like Bitola, Ohrid etc..


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    Macedonia's trade exchange in January 2007 marked a drastic increase compared with January 2006.

    According to the latest data of the State Statistical Office, the increase is proportional in both export and import operations. The volume of exchange of goods in January 2007 totaled $517.249 million. 38.2% accounts for exports and 61.8% to imports. The overall trade exchange in the same period in 2006 totaled $311.531 million. The trade deficit in January 2007 reached over $122 million.

    "Largest portion of exported goods in January 2007 were placed to EU market (70.0%), followed by Western Balkan's countries (27.0%), while most of imported goods came in from EU member-countries (49.7%) and the developing countries (33.3%)", an announcement says.

    Products classified according to the material take up most of exported goods (48.0%) followed by ready-made products (24.0%), while in imports, the products classified according to the material lead the way with 29.9% ahead of the mineral fuels and lubricants (22.7%) also and machines and transportation vehicles (15.9%) in importing sector.


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    Tuesday, March 20, 2007



    Macedonian folkmusic stars, Goce Arnaudov and Suzana Gavazova will head to Australia
    today for a tour. After the many performings of Goce in Europe and Suzana in the USA, they will stay for a month down under.

    They were invited by the Macedonians in Australia, who enjoy their music and especially Goce's hits. The tour will last one month and they will hold 7 concerts in Melbourne, Perth, Newcastle, Wollongong and Sydney.

    Goce is the most favourite guest with the Macedonians in Australia, this is his 12th visit to the country, where he will be always welcome. This time he will be accompanied byone of the most beautifull and most sexy Macedonian singers, Suzana Gavazova.

    MD: Great for the "Maso's" as the Macedonians in Australia call themselves! Many of our visitors living in Australia will attend the concerts and we wish you all a great time! Enjoy!

    PHOTO By Ronald Velasquez(Photo credit should read By Ron Velasquez)


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    10.000 euro's will be given to the one with the best idea for an Alexander the Great
    statue which is going to be placed at "Makedonija" street in the center of Macedonia's capital, Skopje.

    A international tender was released yesterday in which everyone interested can send in their proposals. The best proposal will be chosen by a international jury formed by "Opstina Centar". The goal is to get a big statue portraying Alexander and his horse, Bukefal.

    MD: Great to see our most famous Macedonian to be honoured! This will be the third Alexander statue in Macedonia.


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    “Maria Antoinette” by Sofia Copolla opened Friday the 10th Skopje Film Festival. State Secretary of Culture Elizabeta Kancevska-Milevska pronounced the festival opened.

    “True film art lovers are looking forward to the days when they can give in completely to the film magic and trends in the global cinematography,” Kancevska-Milevska said. “May the following ten days be Skopje eyes’ holiday! The International Film Festival has the latest achievements in the world filmmaking in its programme. The festival advocates promotion of the artistic in film, in particular the independent, author’s film as such that is more creative, of better quality in relation to Hollywood dominating film production.”

    Interior Minister Gordana Jankulovska and US Ambassador Gillian Milovanovich were among the audience at the opening. Actress Arna Sijal said on behalf of the organizer: “Our satisfaction is that we enable screening of rare film creations that meet diverse expectations of viewers. The Skopje Festival proudly sails in its course leading its audience in the mainstreams of the film cinematography and offering moving pictures that enlighten, inspire, provoke.”
    Fifty films will be screened in the ten-day Odyssey included in a few programmes. More than 20 films were shown at the weekend alone.

    MD: This is a nice festival for Macedonia, and if you can, you should have a visit to one of the films

  • [Skopje FilmFest '07]

  • []

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    Monday, March 19, 2007

    2007 ROCK FEST


    Skopje rock’n’roll fans will be able to capture a new wave of rock invasion with young forces at the Castro club on 22nd and 23rd March within the 26th Rock Fest. The competition evenings will see 16 young bands in Macedonia say their views. Only five of them will enter the finals scheduled for 30th March.
    The selection process is as follows: the four bands with best score in the four competition evenings are entering the finals, and the fifth one will be decided by a jury. As in previous years, two winners will be pronounced, one selected by vote of the audience and another by the jury.

    The bands competing to win this year include Sofar, Vandal, Temjan, Panihida (16th March); Scattered, Storm, Hush, Infarkt (17th March); Fade to Black, Gosprav, Vanity Fair, 3D (22nd March), Revolt, Etaoin Shrdlu, Held so Dear, Voodoo (23rd March). The winner selected by the audience will be awarded recording a song in a professional studio, and that selected by the jury recording a video by Carter TP Digital Film.

    MD: Great chance for smaller bands! Good luck!


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    In their native Macedonia, the Matlijoski family lived with the fear that armed men would storm into their home one day and haul them away. They never dreamed it would happen in Clifton.

    But in the pre-dawn hours of Jan. 24, Mirjana Matlijoska and her son, Goran Matlijoski were roused from sleep by a furious pounding on their front door. "Open up! Police!" Goran recalled hearing moments before eight immigration agents burst into the apartment, handcuffed him and his mother, and took them to a New Jersey detention facility to be deported.

    "My life is over – that's exactly how I felt," Goran said Friday, speaking in an interview room at the Hudson County Correctional Center in South Kearny, where he is being held pending deportation to Macedonia.
    "My mom said: 'This is not right,' and she started crying," he recalled. "She said: 'We've been here 14 years.'"
    The family had lived in America since 1992, when Mirjana Matlijoska -- whose last name is spelled differently than her sons' because of gender -- followed her then-husband to New Jersey with their two children: Goran, who was 12 at the time, and his brother, Naume, who was 17. They filed an application for asylum in 1993, and according to court papers, based it on the claim their house in Macedonia had been burned down by Albanians, and that they feared the forced conscription of their sons into the military.

    It took the U.S. immigration service seven years to schedule their first hearing.
    "I don't feel that Macedonia is my country," Goran, now 26, said Friday. "I know it's my homeland, but I feel home is here, my mature years were here."
    Goran became a rising star on the New Jersey soccer scene, from a leading goal scorer at Clifton High School to a valued member of a number of local club teams. There was even talk of him trying out for the pros, until he broke three vertebrae in his neck in a swimming accident. But he made a near-full recovery, returned to playing soccer and secured a good job working for a Hasbrouck Heights mortgage company. His brother started his own construction business, Goran said, in an effort to support the family after their parents divorced and their father disappeared from their lives. His mother worked a number of jobs to keep paying the lawyers she hoped would secure them a legal path to staying in America…

    Read the whole article Here

    MD: What a story, much luck to them!


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    Handing over of the diplomatic residences belonging to the former SFRY will be completed until June 2007.

    This agreement was reached by the Board of successor countries at the meeting that wrapped up in Ljubljana on Friday.

    The Board also decided the buildings of the former Yugoslav embassies and consulates to be handed over to the new authorities by the end of this year.

    "The timeline of handing over of the already allotted buildings has also been set", Slovenian Foreign Ministry announced.

    According to the framework agreement on succession signed six years ago in Vienna, Macedonia will be granted the Embassy in Canberra, General Consulate in Zurich, Consulate in Athens and an apartment in Rome.

    As many as 49 out of some hundred buildings have been allotted thus far. The next meeting of the Board is scheduled for 15-16 May in Belgrade.

    MD: Finally!


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    Sunday, March 18, 2007



    And again, this Sunday a delicious recipe! This time a fresh and sweet Lime Pudding cake! Perfect to make on those boring Sunday's and it's easy as well!

    Cake Ingredients:

    3 eggs, separated
    1 cup sugar
    1/3 cup Butter, softened
    1/4 cup lime juice
    1 tablespoon freshly grated lime peel
    1/4 cup all-purpose flour
    1/8 teaspoon salt
    1 cup fat free skim milk

    Topping Ingredients:

    Powdered sugar, if desired
    Heavy Whipping Cream, whipped, sweetened, if desired
    Grated lime peel, if desired

    Heat oven to 180°C/350°F. Beat egg whites in small bowl at high speed until foamy. Continue beating, gradually adding 1/4 cup sugar, until glossy and stiff peaks form. Set aside.

    Combine remaining 3/4 cup sugar and butter in large bowl. Beat at medium speed, scraping bowl often, until creamy. Add egg yolks, lime juice and 1 tablespoon lime peel. Continue beating until well mixed. Add flour and salt. Continue beating until well mixed. Stir in milk by hand. Gently stir in beaten egg whites.

    Pour mixture into ungreased 1 1/2-quart casserole. Place casserole dish into 13x9-inch baking pan. Place baking pan on oven rack; pour boiling water into baking pan to 1/2-inch depth.

    Bake for 42 to 52 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from water; cool at least 30 minutes.

    To serve, sprinkle with powdered sugar, if desired. Garnish with whipped cream and grated lime peel, if desired..

    MD: Enjoy your Sunday, and Bon appetit!

    [Land O'Lakes]

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    Saturday, March 17, 2007



    Either the ancient Macedonians loved grape juice, or they were making wine nearly 6,500 years ago, according to a new study that describes what could be the world’s earliest evidence of crushed grapes.

    If the charred 2,460 grape seeds and 300 empty grape skins were used to make wine, as the researchers suspect, the remains might have belonged to the second oldest known grape wine in the world, edged out only by a residue-covered Iranian wine jug dating to the sixth millennium B.C.

    Since the Macedonians and the Greeks influenced the Romans, who in turn influenced virtually all of Europe, it is possible that a drink made in a humble, post-framed house in eastern Macedonia (Aegean Macedonia) influenced much of the world’s wine.

    "Production was on a household or communal basis," added Valamoti, who is a lecturer in the Department of Archaeology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

    The scientists also found two-handled clay cups and jars, which they say suggest a use for decanting and consuming liquids. Charred figs were also found near the grape remnants. The presence of figs likely was not a coincidence, according to the researchers, who mentioned that juice from wild grapes often has a bitter taste.

    The ancient Macedonian grapes might change wine history, as experts previously theorized grape wine-making could have first spread throughout the Middle East.

    MD: Great findings! If the oldest wine making country in the world? We don't know, but Macedonia is for sure one of the oldest in wine making.

    [Discovery Channel]

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    The Filmland Bitola Project was promoted in an eight-minute video material at the Epinal Hotel in Bitola yesterday. The project is aimed at attracting film companies to make films in Bitola. The video presented the natural resources and beauties and historical benchmarks of the city, accompanied with Macedonian old original music. The idea is to present Macedonia as a country with high qualities for development of film industry.

    The initiators of the project are Bitola Mayor Vladimir Taleski and Macedonian film workers whose aim is to make Bitola a film centre. Meetings with the German film production Bavaria and Russian Mosfilm have been scheduled. The filmed advertising material presents places in the country that can be readily used for filmmaking, and Bitola is planned as the centre of this activity. Construction of facilities and adaptations of parts of the Bitola barracks for the filmmakers’ needs are expected.

    MD: Let's hope they can attract some great films to be shot in Macedonia!


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    Events to mark the 50th anniversary of massive migrations from Macedonia to Turkey will take place next month in several cities in Turkey.

    Fuad Bicici, the head of Association of Immigrants from Macedonia to the city of Izmit, said a number of associations from Macedonia have been invited to attend the commemoration.

    Bicici underscored that Macedonian immigrants in Turkey want their fatherland to develop, therefore, the emigrants unveiled investments in several spheres.

    He reiterated that the emigrants have urged the Macedonian government to ensure that they acquire Macedonian citizenship. Bicici also called on local authorities in the municipality of Mavrovo-Rostuse to step up the cooperation with the municipalities in Turkey populated with Macedonia's Disapora.

    During the trip to his hometown at Dolna Reka, Bicici donated ambulance vehicle to Health Center in Rostuse.

    MD: Great initiatives, there are many Macedonians living in Turkey


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    Friday, March 16, 2007



    Prilep is the Capital of Culture for this year, according to a decision of the Ministry of Culture three-member commission including Senko Velinov, Boris Trajanovski and Satkija Miftarovski. The town beneath Markovi Kuli (Marko Towers) will organize the City of Culture event because it has the most successful financial construction and cultural offer.

    Interest in the event, which has been held for the fourth time, has been much greater this year. Besides Prilep, eight more towns applied including Veles and Kumanovo, two towns that already hosted the City of Culture event along with Radovis, Kicevo, Ohrid, Kocani, Kavadarci, Debar and Struga.

    MD: Great for Prilep, the city deserves it!


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    Macedonian painter Zlatko Krstevski is taking part in an international exhibition in Brisbane, Australia, as part of an international art project initiated by Australian artist Wayne Rasmussen on the topic “God is Wood, Not a TV.”

    The idea of the show is to comment on daily life. Total 104 artists from 27 countries including inter alia France, Russia, Japan and the United States are taking part in the show.

    A multimedia artistic event, it is accompanied with an authorial five-part happening with five works on canvass done on the same topic.

    MD: Great for Zlatko! And for all of you down under, you should see the exhibition if you can!


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    Popular Macedonian newspaper, Vreme published a article about the diamond robbery in Antwerpen, last week saying, that it belongs to the Netherlands. Since when does Antwerpen lies in the Netherlands? It’s allready been a while (1830 to be exact) when Belgium got its independence.

    Of course, you can say; “What does it matter!?” But this is not the first time such faults are made. It happens alot in the Macedonian press and the biggest problem is that nobody notices and nobody does anything against it.

    Also a big problem is that many people believe these things, simply because they dont know it, and thus getting stuffed with the most ridiculous information. If there are allready being made faults with such small articles, who knows what else of the things the Macedonian press is writing about is wrong? We dont even want to think about it!

    MD: This shows the quality of our domestic newspapers! Look at the picture above to read the article.


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