Thursday, November 26, 2009



Italian civil engineering company is interested in investing EUR 14m in the construction of a luxurious sports-recreational centre and a spa-centre in Katlanovo's famous spa resort. In the area of 22,500 sqm, a six-story hotel of high category will be built, while sports terrains of professional dimensions intended for preparation and trainings of athletes will be built around it.

The Municipality of Petrovac informed that the location has been urbanised and the plan documentation is in the final stage. The investor is company Euroitalia, which has a company registered in Skopje. Head of the Municipality of Petrovac Borce Mitevski reviewed this investment last month in Italy.


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The State Statistical Office has said that the average net salary in September stood at 20.004 denars (approx. 325 euros), while average gross-salary stood at 30.002 denars.

According to the data of the State Statistical Office the index of average monthly net-wage paid per employee in September 2009 in relation to September 2008 is 118.7. As of January 2009, by applying the concept of gross wages, there are structural changes in the data on net wages due to the inclusion of allowances for food and transport in the wages.

This increase is caused by the increase of the average monthly net-wage paid per employee in the sectors: Health and social work, Fishing and Electricity, gas and water supply.

The biggest growth in the average monthly net-wage paid per employee compared to the previous month is noticed in the sectors: Transport, storage and communications, Manufacturing, Financial intermediation.

For September 2009, 2.6% of the employees in the Republic of Macedonia have not received any payment which is by 5.7% less in comparison to the same period previous year.


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According to GFK study, 52% of population aged 15 years in Macedonia use the internet, which is by 2% more compared to 2008.

About 71% of internet users make use of the internet for general browsing of a variety of websites, 68 % is used as a source of the latest information, 65% is used for sending and receiving mails and 64% is used for chatting.

About a fourth of internet users make use of the internet for playing online games, downloading music, films, songs and 7 to 8% use the internet for e-banking.

The study showed that the growth of internet users of all age groups in Macedonia has been stable over the past years.

About 88% of the interviewed aged 15 to 24 years use internet. Macedonian citizens aged between 25 and 34 years make internet use of 77%. The use of the internet falls with increasing age.

GFK study showed that about 80% of the interviewed said they had no intention using the internet or had no idea what mobile internet is.


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Wednesday, November 11, 2009



The Hollywood movie "Candyman", where a hook-wielding man butchers elderly women, was Viktor's inspiration, who picked his victims according to Raskolnikov character from "Crime and Punishment" by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

The suspected serial killer, Viktor Karamarkov (28) has been known among his neighbors in Gjorce Petrov 2 as the Candyman. "Yes, I known Viktor very well or as we all call him Candyman, an old horror movie, which is his favorite", an elderly neighbor said.

The police investigation on the murders of four elderly women, allegedly committed by Karamarkov, has officially started right after the first murder, committed March 2 under the pseudonym Raskolnikov. Police said that the connection between Viktor Karamarkov and Dostoevsky's character was cleared, when it was established that the suspected serial killer has a profile of highly intelligent man, whose favorite character was Raskolnikov.

Viktor's neighbors can't believe that "the quiet intelligent boy committed those terrifying murders".

Neighbors say that Viktor was different from the other children by his intelligence and his respect towards elderly people.

His entire life transformed after he came back from the army, the time when he started using drugs and started stealing", one of the neighbors said.

He argued with his mother a lot, and some say that he even beaten her up.

The indirect reason for his serial killer behavior is probably his loneliness, psychiatrist Stanislav Petkovski said.

Loneliness can cause to feel double the pain. On the other hand, he grew up raised by a single parent under specific life conditions. The fact he attacked elderly women, confirms his anger towards his mother", psychiatrist Stanislav Petkovski said in his interview for Makfax news agency.


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Two gold and one silver medals were presented to Macedonian innovations at international trade show "Ideas - Inventions - Innovations" (IENA) in Nuremberg, Germany.

Innovator Ivan Kungulovski won a gold medal for invention "Cleansing Station for Detoxification and De-Colorization of Industrial Waste Water through Application of Granular Microorganisms", whereas inventor Ratko Joncevski for "Multifunctional Mechanical and Electric-Mechanical Automatic Door Lock".

"Gas-Generator Filling of Devices for Aerosol Fire Extinguishing and Production Technology" by Boris Jankovski was given the silver medal.

Moreover, Macedonian inventors won awards from institutions of participating countries, whereas the State Office of Industrial Property received a diploma from the international IENA jury and a plaque from the Turkish Patent Office for its participation and contribution in innovation promotion.

The November 5-8 Nuremberg event included the participation of 34 countries and more than 800 inventions.


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Macedonia and Croatia should join forces for their debut at the European and world market because they are not each other's competition, both PM Jadranka Kosor and Nikola Gruevski said.

Kosor believes that there is a great potential for uniting companies from both countries, particularly in construction building, food industry and tourism.

Macedonian PM Nikola Gruevski believes that besides the great friendship between both countries, the economic potential is not used enough and there is a chance for improving economic cooperation between both countries.

He used this opportunity to present the government measures for improving business climate in detail.

Trade exchange in both countries marked a significant drop due to the economic crisis. The Macedonian trade exchange has dropped by 56 million dollars or by 35.8% compared to last year, while Croatia's import has dropped by 20.6 million dollars or by 22.3%.


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Saturday, November 07, 2009



Some episodes of the A&E tv-series, the Beast revolve around Macedonia. Starring Patrick Swayze. The Beast was Swayze's final acting performance on screen before his death.

The Beast compiled clips of its storyline of the first season revolving around an American conspiracy that happened in Ohrid, Macedonia. Watch the clip below;


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luxury five-star hotel is going to be built at Ohrid Lake. Ohrid-based Trudbenik and Macedonian businessman living in America Spiro Trajcevski signed the agreement on joint investment in the hotel construction.

The hotel is USD 33 million worth and will be built on an attractive location with the surface area of 15,000 square meters. The construction should begin in March and should be completed in two years.


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The Liaison Office in Pristina will soon turn into Macedonian embassy, foreign minister Antonio Milososki said after meeting his Kosovar counterpart Skender Hyseini.

"Kosovo's procedures for opening an embassy are little bit more complicated, but after the decision of the Macedonian government, a procedure will be launched for opening the country's first embassy in Pristina, Macedonian foreign minister said.

Milososki and Hyseini vowed to step up the bilateral cooperation in fields spanning energy, policing cooperation, defense etc.

The bilateral economic treaties are expected to step up the cooperation between the two countries.

Kosovo's foreign minister said he was pleased with the cooperation between the two countries, saying "Kosovo is committed to participate in all regional projects on cooperation among neighbors, and the Republic of Macedonia could help the new country through experience sharing."

"Not all countries in the region are willing to include Kosovo in regional projects," Kosovo's foreign minister said, adding that he was hopeful of timely shift of Serbia's position

The two ministers shared the view that deepening of cooperation between Macedonia and Kosovo could contribute to the stabilization of the region and towards accomplishing of common goals - EU integration processes.


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Monday, November 02, 2009



VMRO-People's Party (VMRO-NP) on Monday launched the procedure of collecting 10.000 signatures to formally table the motion of changing Macedonia's coat of arms.

The party wants to reinstate the former coat of arms dating back to 1620.

The Ministry of Justice said it would open its offices across the country to enable the citizens put their signatures.

VMRO-NP has already authorized its representatives to all 34 offices of the Justice Ministry. The party seems confident that it will collect the needed signatures in short time.


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Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Ljupco Dimovski visited Saturday Grkov winery to taste the first organically produced wines in Macedonia.

This confirms that the Government passed the right decision to propose a bill stipulating organic agricultural production, stated Dimovski after visiting the winery.

The bill, which is being reviewed in the parliament, promotes the perspective of organic production, which offers a wide range of opportunities to farmers - much easier sale at foreign markets, better quality and lower price.

The Ministry together with manufacturers and tradesmen will launch activities to promote organic products to consumers, the Minister said.

Macedonia is the first country in the region which in early 2010 will enact a new law on organic agricultural production, fully harmonized with EU's legislation. The bill is expected to be adopted by the end of November. The country is also a leader in terms of organic production development and financial support.

Established in 2004, Grkov winery merchandises its products only in Macedonia in specialised shops for organic food. It is located on the foot of Mount Kozuf (26 km away from Kavadarci).


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