Friday, October 31, 2008



The Council of National Bank of Macedonia (NBM) decided today to put into circulation denominations of 10 and 50 denars in coins.

The banknotes of the same denominations will not be withdrawn from the cash flow circulation.

In the media statement released Thursday, NBM did not specify the date of introduction of 10 and 50-denar coins.


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FORGET the Hollywood version – Melbourne has the real-life Karate Kid.

Ten-year-old Pece Naumovski has returned triumphant from the Go-Kan-Ryu Karate international championships in Britain.

The tiny fighter punched, kicked and blocked his way to the gold medal on points with more than 60 different defensive and offensive moves.

Just 18 months into his chosen sport he is being hailed a true talent of a martial art that combines explosive fight action with the grace and poise of a slow dance routine.

"I practise six days a week and I have got very professional trainers who help me reach the best of my ability," the humble hero said.

Not content to let his hands and feet do the talking, Pece gets his father, Vasil, to keep his impressive mohawk clipped.

"It makes me look like a warrior," he said.

Already a brown belt with the coveted black belt in his sights, Pece said he owed a lot to the local Lalor community, which helped fund his recent winning trip to Birmingham.

Thomastown Meadows Primary School, where he is a grade 5 pupil, and the City of Whittlesea chipped in to send Pece to the competition.

GKR Karate state coach Jason Knight said Pece was ahead of the pack.

"To get to black belt would normally take about five years and the fact he is almost there is incredible," Mr Knight said.

"It just shows the mindset he's got, which at age 10 is extraordinary. Yet he always shows a lot of humility. He's a very humble boy and very well-mannered."


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Macedonian Police seized eight tons of cigarettes after inspection check of a storehouse belonging to the company "Popeco Tabak", an authorized cigarette wholesaler for Eastern Macedonia.

Police sources confirmed for Makfax late Thursday that the owner of the Strumica-based Popeco Tabak was detained in the action, conducted as a part of the crackdown operation codenamed "Ashes" .

The confiscated cigarettes are of brands "Drava", "Stil" and "MT". Kumanovo Tobacco Company, owned by the recently arrested tobacco boss Bajrush Sejdiu, holds the production license for these brands.

In cooperation with the Public Revenue Office, the Police established that the tax stamps on the seized cigarettes were false.

The Interior Ministry said they would reveal more details on the operation on Friday.


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Thursday, October 30, 2008



LiveScore online portal placed Macedonia's constitutional name back on its website Thursday, and apologized if the provisional link "Republika Makedonija" offended the people of Macedonia.

Namely, Makfax news agency posted a letter to Live Score seeking an explanation of LiveScore's abrupt decision to use other name rather than the name it was using since 2002. The news agency wanted to know whether such a move was prompted by pressure.

"If we did offend anybody then we apologize and we have already removed the link "Republika Makedonija" from out main Menu. If this is the case and if this is the way people of your country insist on calling the country's name in your own native language, then we would've never imagined that something you've been fighting for in excess of 15 years is something that offends people of your country," LiveScore said in its reply-letter to Makfax.

"LiveScore was one of the very first and very few to take the view on this matter many years ago when at the time of UN and EU acceptance of using provisional reference FYROM we refused to accept calling people of your country "fyromians" an at the time when FIFA and many others were referring to FYROM, we were calling your country Rep. of Macedonia despite many protests from other users."

The portal said it's saddened that after such an effort has been made to enable coverage of Macedonia's top football league, it's now in a position where it can't even enable Prva Liga on its website.

"This is not just for the reason that we received so many complains from users from your country, we in fact received complains from the users who are on the other side of the dispute - and not just .gr users (Greece), users from .it (Italy) and others do not accept Republika Makedonija either," says the letter.


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Greek Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis said she was displeased with US interference in the name dispute, alluding to recent disclosure of a classified document.

"To express interest in encouraging and aiding negotiations is one thing. An attempt to sabotage the process directly or indirectly is another thing," Bakoyannis told Parliament's Defense and Foreign Policy Committee.

Greek daily Naftemporiki says Bakoyannis did not state her position as to the contents of the non-paper. She probably meant the news report published by Ethnos daily 10 days ago.

Naftemporiki daily quotes Bakoyannis as saying that Athens would make no concessions exceeding the red line on the name issue.

The newspaper says Athens plans to hand its objections to the latest proposal of UN mediator Matthew Nimetz in the coming period.


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Macedonian Alliance for European Integration, the party of Macedonian minority in Albania, is set to hold its first congress on November 9, Makfax correspondent said.

According to Prespa newspaper, a paper run by Macedonian community in Albania, the congress comes after many years of hard work.

Macedonians in Albania expect the upcoming event to be a congress of unity and unification.

They expect the party to do its outmost to ensure that Macedonians in Albania may exercise fully and effectively all their human rights on equal terms with others in society. Macedonians also expect to be entitled to higher posts in public life.

The congress of the Macedonian alliance for European Integration will be of high significance to the party's preparations for elections slated for next year.


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Kumanovo mobster Bajrus Sejdiu, apart from owing millions of euros in back taxes to the Government, was fined additional 50 euros for spitting on the ground while he was being led out from a police vehicle.

He did not kept in mind the new garbage/environment laws in Macedonia.


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Tuesday, October 28, 2008



Kursumli An was a destination where a video aimed at promoting Macedonia as a tourist destination was being shot on Friday by director Milcho Manchevski.

The shooting had started in Konjsko, Ohrid Area and had been followed by shooting in parts of Veles – houses in Vernaliite, Marko Towers in Prilep, the Monastery of St. Jovan Bigorski, Kokino, Stobi, Kurbinovo, Krusevo, Ohrid…

The shooting scene at Kursumli An was visited by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and Minister of Culture Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska. Earlier, the Prime Minister announced five more videos on Macedonia. Manchevski’s crew included international renowned professionals. The video is financed by the Macedonian Government and the Ministry of Culture and will be aired on CNN and other known channels in the near future.


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Russians will be able to enter Macedonia without visas for a period of up to 90 days starting on October 31, Russia's Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

The agreement between Russia and Macedonia on visa-free mutual visits for citizens of the two countries was signed on June 19.

"The agreement enables mutual visa-free travel for businessmen, citizens traveling to participate in professional, scientific and technological, educational, cultural and sports activities, short-term training, medical treatment, as well as for private purposes for a period of up to 90 days," the ministry said in a statement.

Russian tourists will be allowed to stay in Macedonia without a visa for up to 30 days if they have appropriate documents confirming their travel itinerary.

However, people traveling for the purpose of employment must still apply for an appropriate visa.

The same conditions apply to Macedonian citizens traveling to Russia.


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Macedonia remains committed to reaching a settlement on the name issue as soon as possible, which stands as the only condition for realizing the invitation for membership in NATO.

Macedonian President Branko Crvenkovski made this remark after the meeting with the U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Stuart E. Jones.

Jones on his part said he was hopeful that the much-awaited solution would be found soon in order to unblock Macedonia's admission in the Alliance.


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Monday, October 27, 2008



Wine cellar 'Tikves' has joined a group of 30 producers of major wine brands at one of the most prestigious world food fairs - SIAL (www.SIAL.FR.) in France. Tikves is the only winery from SE Europe selected as world brand.

'Tikves' has deserved its place in this company due to the 'innovative character, commercial success and resulting value creation is stimulating the market,' SIAL representatives say.

The group of top 30 includes 16 wine brands from France, three from Australia, per two from Germany and Argentina, per one from Portugal, Spain, Italy, New Zealand, Chile and China.

- Being part of the wine world's elite is a great honor. It is the best verification of our efforts and investments in the development of the wine industry and culture, not only in Macedonia, but also worldwide. This is an additional driving power to keep producing top-quality wines, 'Tikves' Director General Gjorgi Petrusev said at the presentaion of major wine brands at the SIAL fair.

At the event, 'Tikves' presented the unique Macedonian wines 'Vranec' and 'Temjanika' of its Special Selection and Limited Edition series.


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Exhibition “Byzantium 330-1453”, including eight icons from the Ohrid Gallery, was opened in London’s Royal Academy of Arts on Tuesday.

According to Milco Georgievski of the Ohrid Icon Gallery, the opening was reserved only for special guests and representatives from countries participating with exhibition icons. The opening for the public is scheduled on October 25.
Georgievski says this display is similar to the icon exhibition in the New York Metropolitan Museum four years ago.

The London display will be open until March 22.


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The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs offered "supplies" to the African nation of DR Congo, if they were to change their position regarding Macedonia.

From high diplomatic sources MINA news agency finds that Greece had offered the following to the DR Congo: 100 Tanks, 1,000 pieces of weaponry and several old combat planes. Most of the arms were free, and the rest were being offered at a greatly discounted rates.

Because of the new weapons contract with France, Athens is stuck with large quantities of old weapons and is trying to discard these by offering them to the less fortunate African nations in exchange for their siding in regard to the name dispute.

DR Congo refused the deal offered by Athens. Mexico was also offered military supplies, mostly naval equipment. That offer was also refused.


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Saturday, October 25, 2008



The Permanent Mission of the Democratic Republic of Congo to the United Nations yesterday sent a note to the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, confirming that their position regarding the name of the Republic of Macedonia remains unchanged and thus observing the joint Communiqué, which laid the foundations for the countries’ diplomatic relations in 1999.

MoFA told MIA that DR Congo’s response is a result of intensive diplomatic contacts between countries’ officials in the past few days.

Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki yesterday sent a letter to his Congolese counterpart Antipas MBusa Nyamwisi in which he expressed gratitude to the Government of Congo for using the constitutional name of Macedonia together with other 125 countries in the world, including USA, Russia, China, Brazil, Great Britain…, hence observing the right for determining own name and identity.

As of this month, India, one of the most influential Asian countries, also uses Macedonia’s constitutional name in bilateral communication.

The Government of India on Oct. 6 informed the Macedonian MoFA that the newly opened Macedonian Embassy to New Delhi was registered in the state diplomatic protocol under the constitutional name, instead of the reference Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

With this, MoFA estimates, the euphoric diplomatic success of official Athens was proved to be short-lived. In the past few days, Athens revealed false successes of its attempts to work out a change in the use of Macedonia’s constitutional name from other countries. The Greek offensive came to a halt in DR Congo, a country for which the southern neighbour claimed it would use the interim reference FYROM in the future.


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President Branko Crvenkovski and Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski wrapped up consultations Friday on the new proposal tabled by UN mediator Matthew Nimetz for settlement of the name issue.

So far, there has been no official statement about the outcome of today's meeting of the president and the prime minister. Macedonia is expected to post a reply alongside objections to mediator Nimetz in the coming period. Both the president and the prime minister share the position that Nimetz's suggestions should undergo serious changes.

Macedonian authorities are unlikely to reject the proposal directly, but rather seek modality on how to implement their objections to the draft.


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Tuesday, October 14, 2008



The reporter crews of A1 and A2 TV Stations and a journalist of Nova Makedonija daily have been detained today by the Greek police in the Lerin's nearby village of Zabrdani, A1 TV Station reported.

The three journalists and a cameraman were asked to show IDs and were questioned about the subject of their reports, and the police demanded from them special licenses from the Greek Ministry of Information for recording.

The Greek policemen prohibited further recording to the crews, and after the check, they were released, but police officers still accompanied them.

After returning to the village of Zabrdani, the police forbid to the journalist to talk to the local inhabitants, because they allegedly disturbed them by asking questions.

Afterwards, the reporter crews were sent off by the police to the border crossing Bogorodica.


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Macedonian government is deeply concerned about the events in Florina area, northern Greece.

This is the initial reaction of the Macedonian government after the news reports on clashes between Macedonian local residents in Florina and Greek special police forces.

One person was injured and four other were detained following the late Monday's incident in Florina, where locals tried to thwart a military exercise of Greek army near the village of Zabrdeni, A1 TV said.

Even though the local residents reached an agreement with the Greek troops, asking them not to destroy the arable land, not to use armored vehicles and not to conduct live-fire exercise, the Greek authorities had dispatched a new contingent of troops, backed up by police, at the same area.

A1 TV said Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski today will notify Brussels on the latest development of events in northern Greece.

Meanwhile, Macedonian Ministry of Interior took preventive measures, authorizing security upgrades in front of Greek embassy in Skopje


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One Macedonian has minor injuries and four have been arrested, after incidents which took place yesterday in the area surrounding Lerin (Florina). Eleven days ago, after the requests from the local population, the Greek army withdrew from its training camp near the village of 'Zabrdeni'. Today, the Greek army returned to the region.

This time, the Greek army came with a strong police presence as well as tanks and other large automotive machines.

The Greek police specialists intervened when the local ethnic Macedonian population tried to stop the Greek army from setting up camp and heavy-military training right next to their village.

"They were arresting people and sending them to jail. They have four so far and by nightfall, they will surely arrest more", said a Macedonian from the Lerin region.

One man, an ethnic Macedonian, has been injured during the pushing and shoving, whilst four (4) ethnic Macedonians were arrested.

It is expected that trumped-up charges will be laid against them as early as this evening, for alleged assault on uniformed officers. According to Greek laws, one may face a few years in prison for such offences.

Macedonians from a few villages surrounding Lerin including Zabrdeni and Ovcharani are still in position blocking the path to the new training camp of the Greek army.

"We are sitting and lying down in front of the tanks, the people do not want the army to conduct its training with all this heavy weaponry. There are some 150-200 policemen here and those numbers will be strengthened, they will bring in the specialists. The village is Macedonian, it is called Zabrdeni", announced an ethnic Macedonian from the village.

After the last incidents which took place ten days ago, local leaders made an agreement with the army that in its actions in the region, it would not destroy the crop-growing fields, it would not use heavy vehicles and it would not use live ammunition for target practice, near the populated areas.

However, without any prior announcement, the Greek Government sent a new contingent of soldiers reinforced with police, who today created an incident in the Lerin (Florina) region. Local Members of Parliament were not informed of these activities by the Greek army, despite their parliamentary requests last week for the army not to disturb the peace of the local population in this region.

In stark contrast to the actions of the Greek army who withdrew without any problems, because of protests in the Peloponnese and other places, this time in Aegean Macedonia, the Greek Government has


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Monday, October 13, 2008



Serbian coach Ratko Dostanic left current leaders in the Macedonian league, FK Vardar. He brought his decision to resign because of Macedonian recognition of the independence of Kosovo.

Ratko Dostanic surprised everybody as he didn't show up on the morning training with FK Vardar. At the same time he already had left Macedonia without informing the club and the players about his decision. He proved his unprofessionalism by involving politics in sports and allowing himself to influence his career and the progress of the most famous Macedonian football club, because of politics. The Serbian coach who is well known of his very short spell with all former clubs, stated that his decision was personal and brought only for support for Serbia, because of the recognition of Kosovo by the Macedonian government.

FK Vardar from Skopje are current leaders of the Macedonian first league and biggest title candidates. But this surprising decision was not so shocking for Vardar's fans because of the not so impressive performances, despite the leading position.
On his press conference in Serbia, today he stated that Vardar had five points lead and one match played less. But it's really not that hard to have a look at the standings in the Macedonian first league and see that his statement is far from true.
After the defeat by Makedonija GjP, it was only a question of time when Dostanic would have been fired and according to some rumors, that would have happened after the next surprise (no win) by Vardar. Most of the comments by the people who have good knowledge about the current situation, are that Dostanic timed his decision so he leaves Vardar during the beginning of the season while holding the leading position so he can be remembered with his good record, before he is fired by the club and at the same time he becomes Serbian hero because his statements that he brought the decision because of patriotic reasons.

Serbian media have been very harsh on Macedonia after the descision by the Macedonian government to recognise Kosovo, but that's not the case with the objective people who don't want to involve politics into sport. There are many comments on the Serbian websites and the most interesting one is:
"What would have happened if Dostanic coached Liverpool or Chelsea? Would he have resigned after Great Britain recognised Kosovo?"

MD: Really pathetic, to mess politics with sports!


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Priests - football players of the Macedonian Orthodox church played a football tournament in Skopje's Karpos 4 neighborhood. The Skopje Eparchy beat the team of the Strumica, Bregalnica Eparchy.

The tournament was filled with students of the Theology University, priests even archbishop Naum of Strumica. Women priests were also present and part of the decor, filling the fans stands. They cheered each goal.

Interesting to note was the outfits of both teams in the final. The Skopje priests showed up in professional football gear, while the priests from the Strumica and Bregalnica Eparchy, in their true spirit showed up in "Priest Gear".


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Macedonia obtains assurances by the European Commission that 2009 is the year when Macedonian citizens will be able to travel to EU member-states and the Schengen Zone visa-free, said Vice Premier Ivica Bocevski at Sunday's Government session.

"Macedonia is at the finish line from the aspect of the visa liberalization process. We have received confirmation from the European Commission that Macedonia is ahead of all other countries within the process. We are currently the only country that has a national visa center, biometric passports and national center for integrated border management. Now the Union has to pass a political decision", stressed Bocevski.

According to him, integrated border management has been fully realized, which is the last prerequisite for visa regime liberalization.

Besides a general assessment, the European Commission will also provide an evaluation on the eight benchmarks given by Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn.

"We have reached a 90-percent completion of benchmarks, and I expect the EC to note serious reform progress", added Vice Premier Bocevski.

He said that Macedonia should focus, in the next two weeks, primarily on the adoption of the changes in the Constitution and the Electoral Code.

"The most important thing in the next 10-15 days is for political parties to abide by their word, so that changes in the Constitution and Electoral Code are adopted, thus giving weight to the EC Progress Report", emphasized Bocevski.

According to him, most of EU-tagged laws envisaged for 2008 have already been adopted, whereas the remaining are in Government or Parliament procedure.

Pertaining to the EU assistance within the CARDS projects, Bocevski underlined there is a 97-percent use, while accreditation of national institutions on IPA funds would be encircled in 2009.

The agenda of Sunday's open Government session also includes NATO accession priorities, Framework Agreement implementation, as well as issues within the economic policy, political system, human resources and sustainable development.


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Saturday, October 11, 2008



Macedonian Ambassador to Albania, Blagorodna Mingova-Krepieva, asked for opening of Macedonian-language schools in Albania during the Thursday's meeting with Librazd's Mayor Kastriot Becaj.

Ambassador Krepieva said that opening of the schools is of interest of the both countries, our correspondent reported.

According to her, Macedonia stands ready to make an investment in road infrastructure. The meeting in Librazd included also talks on opening of a new border crossing in the area of Golo Brdo.

The Albanian press described the demand of the Macedonian Ambassador as "tendentious".
Considering the Albanian minority in Macedonia has Albanian speaking schools, there is nothing 'tendentious' that the Macedonians in Albania should have their own schools.

Shqip daily says that Skopje is copying Athens by its request to open new Macedonian-language schools, as the Greeks in southern Albania requested the same for Greek schools. In the commentary, the paper qualifies Macedonia's demand as "abrupt".


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Macedonian Ambassador in Belgrade Aleksandar Vasilevski has been declared as "persona non grata", sources of he Macedonian Foreign Ministry (FM) confirmed for Makfax agency.

The decision of the Serbian authorities comes after the Macedonian Parliament and Government recognized Kosovo's independence this week.

The decision means that the Ambassador Vasilevski is due to return to Macedonia in the next 48 hours, which will "bring down" the Macedonian Embassy to a level of second-ranked position until Serbia changes its political will, FM sources added.

Macedonia has no intention to introduce reciprocal measures toward Serbia.

"Recognition of Kosovo is not an act aimed against Serbia, but a move motivated by the state interests and we do not expect aggravation of the Skopje-Belgrade relations, for which we hope to continue developing in the spirit of good-neighborly relations," Foreign Ministry's sources said.

Macedonian Embassy in Belgrade will remain operational and execute the consular and other activities, but with no Ambassador.


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Macedonia marks Saturday the 67th anniversary of the Anti-Fascist Uprising and People's Liberation War (NOV).

An attack of the First Prilep Partisan Detachment on Bulgarian police station and phone-telegraph network in Prilep on October 11, 1941, unleashed the uprising of Macedonia against the Bulgarian, Italian and German occupiers for the country's liberation.

Kumanovo Partisan Detachment joined the uprising on the very next day. October 11 symbolizes the continuation of the aspirations for freedom of the Macedonian nation, woven in the previous uprisings and the efforts for social, national liberation invested in the Balkan and World War I.

By joining the Anti-Fascist coalition, Macedonia stood for the progressive mankind and against fascism as the darkest ideology of the modern history and strongest denial of civilization, democratic values.

From the first partisan detachments by the end of the four-year war, Macedonia's fighters had turned into a well-organized army, including military formations of division and corps ranks.

Decisions of the First Session of the Anti-Fascist Assembly of the National Liberation of Macedonia (ASNOM) in 1944 crowned the fight and made real the centuries-long ideals for establishing the Macedonian state.

After its development within the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY), and for the last 16 years as an independent country, Macedonia today is on the road to the Euro-Atlantic integration.

The anniversary's observation kicked off late Friday with a formal academy at the Skopje Army Hall.

Referring to the post war development of Macedonia, Gruevski mentioned the decisions of the First Session of the Anti-Fascist Assembly of the National Liberation of Macedonia (ASNOM) as crucial for the country's to gain its independence on September 8, 1991, which is now modern, European state, UN member and ambitious candidate for the European Union and NATO membership.

"Today, when we are building a democratic, European state we must not fail to pay respects to our predecessors, some of them present here, who have felt the spirit of the time and put themselves into service of their own people, fighting for the ideas of freedom and justice. Today's Europe we are aspiring to is based on freedom, justice, democracy and human rights, on anti-fascism as a joint front of all of those to whom the human dignity is the holiest value. The Republic of Macedonia may be proud of being part of that great movement and contributing to the birth of new Europe", Gruevski said.

Speaking about the current developments, Gruevski called for unity in dealing with the present challenges.

"We are obliged to realize the century-long aspirations of the Macedonian nation to preserve and build our country, to fight and work for it. Therefore, I call on all citizens of Macedonia to join these processes, efforts to make our country successful, prosperous, strong and dignified", Gruevski said.

The traditional "October 11" Award for life achievements in science, art, business and other spheres of public interest will be presented today at the Parliament. This year's laureates are Prof. PhD Kosta Peev - linguist; Prof. PhD - Mihajlo Minovski-historian; the Research Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology - part of MANU (Macedonian Academy of Science and Art) and writer Bozin Pavlovski.


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Macedonia wants serious changes in the latest proposal of the UN mediator Matthew Nimetz, which is aimed at finding solution on the name dispute with Greece.

President Branko Crvenkovski's Cabinet announced this Friday afternoon, after Ambassador Nikola Dimitrov briefed him on the course of the talks in New York and on the latest set of ideas of the mediator Nimetz.

"The initial conclusion is that without serious changes, this set of ideas could not serve as a basis for further negotiations and resolution of the dispute," the announcement adds.

President Crvenkovski will convoke a coordination meeting of the state leadership, aimed at developing a joint stand on this issue.

MD: Basically the latest proposal was Macedonia to be named Northern Macedonia by all countries in the world, the people to be named Northern Macedonians and the language to be named "Makedonski". Acceptable? Hell no!!


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Thursday, October 09, 2008



Three-month archaeological excavations of the medieval fortress, Isar, overlooking Stip have given initial results. Wall canvasses on the acropolis have been determined, and an internal tower in the central part of the fortress has been found. Furthermore, the south defensive tower in the fortress wall has been located.

The findings also include ceramic material, a small one-nave church with graves around and some bones of former inhabitants of the fortress within.

Archaeologist Zvonko Beldedovski of the Stip Institute for Protection of Culture and Museum Stip, the head of the project involving 10 archaeologists and sixty workers, says new findings will shed light on organization of life in the medieval fortress in different periods of its existence.


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If the whole world could vote for US president, Democrat Barrack Obama would win by a landslide, according to a survey that was part of a global poll.

The Economist has created a "Global Electoral College" in which readers in all of the world's 195 countries can cast votes on its website.

So far, Republican John McCain was preferred in Macedonia, Georgia and Andorra.

In the region, same as in other countries throughout the world, McCain has been leading in opinion polls. In Greece and Serbia, 91 percent of respondents said they would vote for Senator Obama.

So far, Senator Obama had tallied 8.455 global votes and Senator McCain 16 from Macedonia, Andorra and Georgia.

Mirroring the US Electoral College, candidates need to win 270 of a total of 538 votes to win the White House.

MD: Obama is under heavy influence of the Greek lobby in the Macedonian issue, so it's probably better for us, Macedonians if Mccain takes the victory.


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The authorities in Skopje did not release any official statement regarding the latest set of ideas for settlement of the name issue, tabled by UN mediator Matthew Nimetz on Wednesday.

Makfax news agency tried to contact sources in the Government and in President's Cabinet, but none of them was available to make comment.

Macedonia's top official failed to hammer out a common position on the name ahead of the new round of UN-brokered talks held in New York earlier this week.

Asked whether the discord among Macedonia's top officials had a negative impact on the negotiation process, mediator Nimetz said the inner issues do not affect the process he leads.

"My task is to mediate in negotiations between the two countries, both members of the United Nations," Nimetz said on Wednesday.

Greek foreign ministry said they are evaluating "with the necessary care and a constructive approach" the new set of ideas presented by the UN envoy Matthew Nimetz and they "will brief him on their conclusions at a later point."

Greek Kathimerini daily said on Thursday that Greece's initial reaction on Nimetz's proposal is positive. The paper said Skopje also views the proposal as positive.

Nimetz's proposal foresees the name "Republic of Northern Macedonia" to be used in international communication, while the constitutional name of Macedonia to be used within the country and in bilateral relations with third countries which decide to use the name Republic of Macedonia, Kathimerini said.

In passports, the name can be written in three modes: Republic of Northern Macedonia, Republic of Macedonia, Republika Makedonija.

The paper says they only part of Nimetz's proposal that might cause dissatisfaction in Athens is the language to be referred to as "Macedonian".


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Wednesday, October 08, 2008



Golden medals with the image of Perseus and recognitions of gratitude in promotion and affirmation of Macedonianism in its historical and cultural continuity will be bestowed by the Association for Promotion o Gradiste – Perseida Antique Site in Bitola.

The medals will be given to Free European Alliance – Vinozito in Lerin, Greece, OMO Ilinden Pirin Goce delcev in Bulgaria, Evtim Mitrevski of the Association of Macedonians in Albania at the village of Globocani – Prespa as well as Professor Angelina Markus in Macedonia.

The medals will be handed to the winners on in the Promotion Room of St. Kliment Ohridski University Library in Bitola on Thursday.


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Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski signed on Tuesday a memorandum of cooperation with Korean company TriView. Co. Limited in Government's premises.

In accordance with the memo, Gruevski announced, a plant for production of LCD monitors will be built in springtime in Bunardzik, the technical-industrial free economic zone. The investment will be worth Euro 4 million.

- TriView. Co. Limited will occupy 2,5 hectares, whereas the two-storey factory hall will spread on 4.200 square meters. 80 to 100 people will be employed in the initial stage. The annual production is projected to be 60.000 TV sets of the brand HAYER in a total amount of $40 million, intended for the European market, stated PM Gruevski after signing the document.

The production process is expected to start in late 2009.

- This cooperation for Macedonia is of high importance, because it will be invested in high technology products, which haven't been manufactured here so far, he noted.

According to John Shen, company's vice president who signed the cooperation memo representing the Korean side, the Macedonian Government has offered an excellent investment package. The Seoul-based TriView. Co. Limited sells its products thus far on the local market and in USA. The company is one of the 10 leading manufacturers in the world of LCD monitors.


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The 19th annual meeting of defense ministers of Southeastern European countries, part of SEDM process (SEDM), kicked off in Ohrid on Wednesday, Makfax correspondent said.

The meeting brought together delegations of 12 countries, participating as full members of SEDM, and four other countries with a status of observers.

Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski opened the meeting and highlighted Macedonia's commitment to meeting the NATO membership criteria.

"It was a great disappointment that Macedonia did not get the expected and well-deserved invitation to NATO membership at the summit in Bucharest due to reasons that we all are aware of," Gruevski said.

He stressed that Macedonia remains fully committed to continue the processes and activities that would eventually lead to the country's integration into the Euro-Atlantic community. The government enjoys a full support from the citizens in pursuing this goal, he added.

Macedonia will continue to promote a modern and stable democracy and strengthen democratic capacities and the functioning of multiethnic society. The country also will develop the political dialogue and finalize the decentralization processes.


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Monday, October 06, 2008



The huge humanitarian international concert titled "We Love You Too Tose", held yesterday evening in Skopje's City Stadium in honour of the Macedonian musical icon Tose Proeski summoned over 40.000 people from Macedonia and the region, who sang for him for almost four hours.

Tose's wish to sell out the City Stadium again with his music, after his successful and what turned out to be his last ever concert on Oct. 5 2007, was fulfilled last night.

Fifth October to become the day and humanity and music - was the message conveyed at Sunday's concert.

Kaliopi, Simon Trpceski, Aki Rahimovski, Adrijan Gaxha, Ruslana, Sintezis, Bilja Krstic, Marija Sestic, Bojan Marovic, Goca Trzan, Toni Cetinski, Nina Badric, Zeljko Samardzic and many more performed last night in honour of Tose Proeski, who was killed last year on Oct. 16 in a car accident in Croatia.

At the beginning of the concert the 40.000-strong audience was addressed by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, who also received a statuette symbolising humanity by the Tose Proeski Foundation.

Furthermore, the Foundation launched its activities and projects towards preserving Tose's body of work with Sunday's concert.

The music spectacle was aired live in over 20 countries - in all former Yugoslav republics, including Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania.

The concert, organised by the Tose Proeski International Foundation, was held under the auspices of the Government of Macedonia and the Ministry of Culture.


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A woman in Macedonia has had to have breast reduction surgery after her breasts swelled up to a 34ZZZ size.

Afrodita Kamberi, 24, had to persuade doctors to remove the 33kg bosoms that had ballooned after she became pregnant, as they were causing her too much pain.

"I always knew my breasts would grow after I found out I was pregnant, but in my case they just carried on growing," the Sun quoted her as saying.

"I couldn't sleep at night properly, eventually I just had to lay down all the time. I had to make bra by tying a blanket around myself," she added.

The doctors in the south-eastern European state agreed to remove the offending breasts only after they saw how much pain she was in, and it took seven-hours for the operation to complete.

"Cases like this are extremely rare but it does happen," Dr Borce Antevski who took part in the operation said.


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Al Di Meola, the most trophy winning guitarist of all ties is having a concert in the Universal Hall on 16th November. The musician has been declared the best guitarist in the world by the most prestigious Guitar Player magazine for four times.

He is coming to Skopje within his worldwide New World Symphony Tour. Al Di Meola will be accompanied by three top-ranked musicians Gumbi Ortez, Peo Alfonsi and Fausto Bezzalosi.


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Sunday, October 05, 2008



An enormous international humanitarian concert will take place under the name "WE LOVE YOU, TOO", dedicated to Tose Proeski on Sunday at 19:30h on the location of the Skopje City Stadium.

The concert is organized by the International Foundation Tose Proeski, and under the auspices of the Macedonian Government and the Macedonian Ministry of Culture.

This international humanitarian concert marked with a sense for tradition is preserving the date of realization from last year's concert by Tose, held on the exact same location and date - the 5th of October 2007. By this, and through the preservance of its humanitarian motive, the organizer is simply sending out a message for continuance of Tose's life and his significance through his work of art and his humanity.

The international characteristic can not simply be divided from Tose's music being performed in various countries and in direct cooperation with many famous musicians. This international characteristic will also be included in this particular event where besides the presence of numerous and famous Macedonian artists, many other friends of Tose will join in forces, that come from countries all over the Balkans.

The humanitarian mission also has its international dimension, meaning all medias that broadcast the concert would have a special opportunity to organize their own humanitarian activity in their own country, in order to raise funds for causes that they determine, but are consulted with representatives from the International Foundation Tose Proeski.

The concert "WE LOVE YOU,TOO" is in fact a present to the people in the world. The concert will also be transmitted through a sattelite signal in order to offer an opportunity for live air broadcast for all those who are of interest.

In Macedonia, all donated funds will be gathered from the entrance ticket fee, as well as through donation of funds realized from special donation numbers opened by the Macedonian Telecommunications, T-Mobile, Cosmofon and Vip operators for this purpose. All Macedonian citizens can contribute towards realization of this humanitarian activity by donating 100,00 MKD through simply initiating a telephone call towards 143 100. In dependance upon the complete sum of funds gathered by the humanitarian activity, the purpose will be decided after the event is finished. All activities concerning the final purpose for usage of donated funds will be transparent for the public and decided by a committee concluded by representatives of the International Foundation Tose Proeski and the Macedonian Ministry for culture. All undergone activities will be strictly intended for the cause of continuance with Tose's humanitarian beliefs.

The concert "WE LOVE YOU, TOO" will gather 25 eminent musicians - friends of Tose that will perform many of his own or songs that Tose was keen on. All musicians will be accompanied by the Macedonian opera and ballet orchestra under the guidance of conductor Sasha Nikolovski - Gjumar and Tose's band. The live broadcast of the concert will be realized by the Macedonian radio television as the media auspices of the event.


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The first cargo train on route Skopje - Bar has started. The cargo shipment had been loaded since 10am this morning after a joint meeting between businessmen and Government officials of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

Present were members of the largest metallurgy companies in Macedonia who this summer picked the Montenegro port as a replacement for Greece’s Solun port.

Goods would be transported via Kraljevo which besides a train link offers road connection both ways. Blockades at the Solun port, frequent closings of the border had blocked the Macedonian metallurgy industry from exporting. The metallurgy contributes 20% of the Macedonian GDP. Topped with the current political situation and possible future complications, Macedonia looked for a way to ditribute its goods by bypassing Greece.

The Montenegro port was ideal, has terminals for all kinds of goods, and because it is in a region of free economic zone, it will become the center for Macedonian exports. The advantages of Bar over Solun are also the much lower tariffs.


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The Agency of Youth and Sports (AMS) is embarking on a large project financed by the Government that will put Macedonia on the ski jumping map. The Government had put aside an initial 5 million euros for the project.

We will send several of our experts to Slovenia for consulting. We don’t know the location yet, however, the ski center in Mavrovo and Kozuv are our top locations – says Dragan Gjurcevski, Director of AMS.

Macedonian Vice Premier Zoran Stavrevski had asked the initial plan and project for the ski jumping facility to be done by December 31. From the Balkan countries, only Slovenia has a world class ski jumping facilities, two of them, the ultra famous Planica and Kranj, both of them part of the World Cup competition.

None of Macedonia’s neighbors have similar facility that would satisfy World Cup or Olympic norms. This is very serious work, and this is how we are approaching it. It will be the largest facility of its kind in the Balkans, where world’s elite will compete. Our deadline is to complete this project by the end of 2009, latest by mid 2010. The goal is for our ski jumping center to be part of the World Cup Calendar. – concluded Gurcevski.


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Friday, October 03, 2008



Around 30 Macedonians from the village of Ovcarani, northern Greece, staged protests in front of Greek military training site in the village of Zabrdeni urging the army to pull out of the area.

Shortly before 8 p.m. Tuesday, Macedonians set up roadblocks to avert a convoy of four military vehicles from deploying in the area.

The police and public prosecutor arrived at the site to negotiate with protesters. The locals left the site shortly before midnight.

Greek soldiers who slept in tents under the open sky were woken up late at night from the sounds of church bells from the surrounding villages who all rang at the same time.

Ethnic Macedonians in Greece are fed up with the Greek Army intimidation tactics to show up with tanks surrounding their villages, under the auspices of ‘training’. Local resident who wished to remain anonymous explained that the Greek Army always chooses to show their might in cities and villages where ethnic Macedonians are the majority.

"They come here, surround our villages with tanks and stay here for weeks, sometimes months. They think we will get scared. Why don’t they do their training in Athens?", says an ethnic Macedonian from Ovcarani who also complained of the pollution the tanks caused to his crops.

They massed again on Wednesday to voice their discontent with intimidation by Greek army and the military exercise held near the villages populated with Macedonians.

Three special police units were dispatched at the site to thwart the protesters from entering the training site.

MD: Very interesting, this is probably the first time Macedonians in Greece are openly protesting against Greek harrasment in such a way.


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Wednesday, October 01, 2008



The Republic of Macedonia has been presented on the pages of the latest issue of the BBC History Magazine, a magazine that is a part of the British National Radio Broadcasting Corporation BBC and the bestseller historical magazine in the United Kingdom.

The September issue of the magazine read by academicians, culture tourists and educated people interested in topics of the world history and archaeology, brings a short article, “Top Ten Locations in the Republic of Macedonia” by US travel writer and year-long resident in Macedonia, Chris Deliso.

The author of “Hidden Macedonia,” a travel story that has become well known to the Macedonia public, Deliso recommends in the BBC History Magazine locations throughout Macedonia to be seen including famous places like Ohrid and interesting locations less known to foreigners such as Kratovo and Strumica.

Deliso believes promotion of historical and archaeological sites of Macedonia in foreign media is an important step towards elevating the awareness among foreigners of the cultural treasures of the country, which will in turn improve its chances to become a part of the Europe tourist map.


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If an agreement on the name issue is reached with Greece, a referendum should be set up to enable the citizens to make the final decision on this.

Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski made these remarks at a press conference held on Tuesday, in response to President Branko Crvenkovski's accusations against him of shying away from the responsibility on the name issue.

"Crvenkovski can keep on with public or secret meetings, make deals and continue attacking me, I can go along with that, and even accept shared responsibility. But he mustn't forget that whatever the agreement and regardless of his or my stance, the citizens will be the ones to make the decision if a final proposal acceptable for the other side is laid on the table," Gruevski said.

The prime minister added that he asked for 24 hours to review the new proposals, but that Crvenkovski insisted for the negotiator Nikola Dimitrov and the government's representative Martin Protogjer to leave immediately for additional consultations in New York.

"Probably out of fear that we would respond to the questions the following day, Mr. Crvenkovski staged a press conference yesterday, at which he launched heinous attacks, personal accusations and slanders. I would like to ask him publicly what is the benefit of spreading negative energy and sparking quarrels over this issue, what would the country gain from such behaviour," Gruevski asked.

According to him, the country has entered the final stage in the cycle of UN brokered negotiations on the name, which adds to the importance of this round of negotiations.

"In the eve of the next round of negotiations, we have to join forces with our allies and find the best way to achieve our state and national interests," Gruevski said.


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Macedonia earned a bronze medal in Kendo, the ancient Japanese Martial Art discipline. The Greeks had made plans for their lunch, the inexperienced Macedonian Kendo National team. However, the stubborn neighbors made different plans, defended their name, defeating the hosts in Volos, 3-1.

Macedonia is recently admitted member of the European Kendo Federation (less than a year), had beaten the experienced Greek team for the bronze medal at the Balkan Championship held this weekend in Greece.

Greece is a member of the European Kendo Federation for over 15 years, but the Macedonian heart defeated all barriers that the host purposely put up.

Macedonia’s troubles started as expected, at the border.
Their customs officials held us there for hours. They turned over every peace of paper and clothing we had on us, looking for something so they wouldn’t let us pass. But, they didn’t find anything and after several hours we were allowed to enter - says Zlatko Keskovski, Kendo Master and national team member.
The rest of the national team members are Andrej Atanasovski, Mensur Bojda, Nikola Baleski and Matej Josevski.

The terror waged on the Macedonian Kendo national team was transferred from the border over to the local authorities in Volos. To intimidate the Macedonians, Greek authorities sent members of the Anti-Terror Unit to watch the training of the Red and Yellow team.

Their authorities were fairly agitated. We are accepted in the European Kendo Federation under Macedonia, with the MKD abbreviation. The host tried to scare us, we were told we would be eliminated from competition. We didn’t budge, told them we will sue them. This went back and forth and the start of the Tournament was delayed by three hours. The Greeks saw we are not backing down, and the other national teams started to get angry with the hosts, so the Tournament started.

The clever and experienced Greeks thought of a very good way to humiliate Macedonia, by fixing a draw against the Macedonian team, what they considered to be the least experienced team from all.

The draw was fixed, even the other national teams knew it. The Greeks even brought in TV Crews to record the huge victory for Greece. But, they left the battlefield humiliated, in front of their fans. The Greeks had no chance against us. They were shocked by the loss, did not wish to shake hands, but were forced to do it because of the Japanese Tradition.- continues Keskovski.
After Macedonia won its bronze, it lost to the new Balkan champion, Montenegro, though it did win the hearts of the rest of the five national teams, Greece being the only exception.

We are Macedonians to everyone. The rest of the teams were shocked by Greek behavior. The Bulgarians and Montenegrins were particularly disgusted.


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