Greece officially submitted a reply to the address of President Gjorge Ivanov before the UN General Assembly through its ambassador Anastasios Mitsialis.

Greece reacts on Ivanov's mentioning of Macedonia's constitutional name in his speech, instead of the reference in resolutions 817 and 845 of the UN Security Council.

"Fyr Macedonia authorities have demonstrated they do not respect Security Council resolutions, assuming an uncompromising position in bilateral talks under UN auspices, thus preventing a settlement in the name row. Instead of using the interim name, the Fyr Macedonia authorities are always using the constitutional name and deepening differences between the two countries", reads the Greek reaction.

Athens also sees Macedonia's suit against Greece before the Hague-based International Court of Justice following the latter's veto to Macedonia's NATO accession at the Bucharest Summit as violation of the 1995 Interim Treaty.

"Greece remains fully committed to the bilateral talks under UN auspices, which would result in an acceptable settlement that takes into consideration the legitimate interests and the sensitivity of both countries, thus closing the issue that directly effects regional stability. The name dispute should not have winners or losers, but be in the interest of both countries. Such a solution can be reached only if neither side tries to acquire exclusivity in the name use by monopolizing wider geographic term Macedonia", reads the note.

Ambassador Mitsialis is to deliver the reply to Ivanov's address at the General Assembly debate on Tuesday, where he is scheduled to speak on behalf of Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyiannis.


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Good on Ivanov keep up the good work let the world know who are the real Macedonians of Alexander the Great.

Greece the Hellenic republic was created in the 1830s which makes Greece 179 years old.

Macedonia has over 4000 years of History. and has been occupied by foriners for almost 100 years Greece occupies 51% Serbia occupied 40% and Bulgaria occupies 9% of Total of Macedonia land. Greece quickly changed the name to Southern Greece Serbia changed the name to Sourthern Serbia and then changed it again to Vardaska Bonavina and Bulgaria changed the name of there occupied land to Pirin, Macedoians won there freedom in 1945 in Yugoslavia in 1945 and where allowed to be called Macedonians again. in 1991 the Macedonian people wanted to indipendent so they broke away freely in 1991 with out war like normal people do.

The only two occupied states are in Greece and in Bulgaria. Greece change the name in 1989 when they herd the Macedonians from Serbia are going to be Indipendent, they quickly changed the name back to Macedonia and stated puting all claims on Macedonian and how it belongs to Greece but before this date they wanted nothing to do with Macedonia.

Macedonia 4 the Macedonians

Alexander the Great is Macedonian he is not Greek serb or bulgarian or even Albanian these names never existed in his time so get over it and move on with your lives he is a Macedonian his empire was called the Macedonian empire and it was the Macedonian era at the time. there was no such thing as Hellenic this name was created in the 1830s. Macedonia 4 the Macedonians

To worst thing for you is that these names and the language existed long before 1830 as you claim!

Even the name Alexander has a Greek meaning but have no meaning in your language.

Oh.. and by the way... what happened to that encyclopedia of yours? The one that created using scientific methods?

Greeks have nothing to do with Macedonia Macedonia was founded by the Vlahs they are the True Macedonians. Many Greeks have been tought that the Vlachs are Greeks that speak latin and have been romanzied from the roman empire era. well thats not true the Vlachs are the true Macedonians we are the first latin speakers in the world the romans set foot on Macedonian soil in 146BC but the Vlachs have been there for well over 5000 years. The name Macedon means tall because the Vlachs where known for there hight. We never called our selves Vlachs or Vlachos that was just a slang word used by foriners in the Bzy time. but we are known as the real Macedonians.

The only point that the athenians put forward is ancient history, as if they are the only ones in the world whose civilisation is a continuation from ancient times until now. We all know that is bullshit, and no one in their right mind takes them seriously. If you scratch the surface of athenian history you can easily find that athens is made up of a multitude of ethnicities ie. vlachs, turks, albanians, Macedonians, jews, armenians. But they claim to be pure. Unfortunately for you athenians, you have a 2000 year gap in your theory of continuity.

While I agree that vlachs are widespread, and helped fight off the ottoman grasp of Macedonia along with the Macedonians, it is incorrect to label them as Macedonians. They are recorded fighting alongside the Macedonians against the ottomans. Vlachs have their own language/culture/customs different to that of us Macedonians. Your dubious claims are also laughable, as are the athenian claims as always.

How about we leave Macedonia to the only people indigenous to the Macedonian land, the Macedonians. There is no physical evidence of migration to Macedonia, only theories that cannot be proven. Whereas we know that christian turks were transplanted into Macedonia after Macedonia's illegal partition, and these turks were taught to speak athenian, and today try to call themselves Macedonians, when infact they have no connection to Macedonia prior to the 1920's.

You can only hide the truth for so long.

Your Macedonian friend

Of course we put forward ancient history, because there are proofs in that. You “Macedonians” claim ancestors that you are unable to understand. And yes, once again, I am talking about language. According to your beliefs, ancient Macedonians was the only great civilization that hasn’t left us any written documents! Or is the only ancient civilization that.. preferred not to use it’s language but another one!

I understand that it makes so much sense to you, but sorry, it doesn’t make sense for the rest of the world!

Oh, and by the way, can you tell me about that encyclopedia of yours?

The truth is that you athenians had no 'greek' conscience before the 1830's, as the powers of the time had not yet created the nation of athens. There is clear evidence that athens was nothing more than an albanian village. There is also proof that the newly formed state of athens was realistically looking into making albanian the official language of this new state. So much for your ancient roots...lol. You have better luck looking for your history in turkey.

PS - the encyclopedia was supported by the government's opposition caused to stir trouble. Generally,I as a Macedonian, am also happy that it was discontinued, even though it did include some truth regarding the shiptars that they didn't like.

Now lets talk again about how your family background speaks a different mother tongue at home other than athenian, yet you claim to be connected with an extinct race of people.

Back to the drawing board for you michelle

Your Macedonian friend

So, there was no “nation of Athens” but the was nation of “Macedonia”? And this “Macedonia” (of yours) had roots with the ancient? LOL! So, if nobody was speaking Greek, how in the end we manage to make them all speak Greek? (in the small village of Athens? :P)

It seems that you had not such problem. After all you rejected your ancient roots (ancient Macedonian language) long time ago!

The truth is, whatever you believe about our connection to the ancient greeks, that ancient Macedonians were speaking, writing and feeling Greek. You don’t speak, write or feel greek, so you are not related to them.

It’s so funny, all the time, to try to dig in my family’s background. For some reason it excites you so much! Thanks!
So, my grandmother and her mother were not speaking modern Greek. True. Because they were coming from Pontos. Also my grandfather was not talking modern Greek. Because they were from Crete. To add more on that I will reveal to you that the language in Ionian and Cyclades islands was also slightly (and still it is) than “modern Greek”.

What you may also miss is that the language, in your own country maybe different from north to south.

What you don’t want to accept is that language is a living thing. It can evolve in its own. Think that the first Greeks that arrived in the area of Pontos were centuries before Christ. How can these people speak the same language as in the homeland after 2000 years?

As for the encyclopedia.. that’s the best joke I have heard!

The encyclopedia was supported by the government. You don’t believe me? Check the MINA article then : MANU promotes Macedonian Encyclopedia

Your PM said : “it scans authentically Macedonia's point of view about its cultural and political past”.

And now you tell us that the opposition supported this? I suppose your PM told you that.

Sweet dreams my friend!

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