Macedonia withdrew from the Balkan Badminton Championship in Greece in a protest of host's blackmail related to Macedonia's name, Makfax news agency reported.

Greek town of Polikastro hosts the Balkan Badminton Championship for youths under 19, which brings together young players of Balkan nations. Six Macedonian players, accompanied by two coaches, were to take part in the event.

Macedonia's badminton players, angry that they were told by the host to remove the name "Macedonia" from their national dress, withdrew on the eve of the tournament Thursday in protest at the host's improper conduct.

Greece, the host country, offered Macedonian players to wear T-shirts with FYROM reference.

"The players, after consultations with the Badminton Federation of Macedonia (BFM), decided not to take part in the tournament and left the venue," Dime Stefanovski, the President of Macedonian Badminton Federation, told Makfax news agency.

Stefanovski added that BFM has already notified the Balkans Badminton Federation about the incident.

"Puzant Kassabian, the President of Balkan Badminton Association, welcomed Macedonia's move and endorsed it as only option," Stefanovski said.

Greek side did not accept the proposal of the Balkan Badminton Federation i.e. if the host is insisting that Macedonians play without national insignia, all other national teams should also play under same terms.

Macedonia has been admitted to the World Badminton Federation by the name FYR of Macedonia. The country has been admitted to the European Badminton Federation by the name Macedonian Badminton Federation.

MD: Ridiculous! This is already the second time in such a short time that a Macedonian sport delegation leaves a tournament because of Greek blackmail. Two weeks ago same thing happened in Serbia at a sailing regatta. Greeks wanted Macedonians to take jackets off which said "Macedonia" and complained with the organizers. Is this sportsmanship? No, it's childish, very childish.


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How this can be childish? For several years we (your country and ours) suppose to have a dialog about your country’s name. I am not the one who will judge that this dialog is fair or not but YOU agreed to take part in this! Since this issue remains unsolved, how can you expect from us to accept your presence with the name Macedonia?

As long as the issue remains unsolved, you should expect things like this.

Michelos, the Republic of Macedonia is not threatening Greek Macedonia or Greece - however, there are neo-Nazis in Greece that want to invade the Republic of Macedonia to get that border with Serbia they're dreaming of. If anyone should start behaving, it's you Greeks.

Oh yeah, 126 nations recognizes the Republic of Macedonia. Not the A-B-C-D-E name you Greeks are suggesting.

We, Macedonians, don't have an issue with our constitutional name. It is athens that has an issue with it. So the athenian government should deal with it internally. President Ivanov said it correctly when he mentioned that athens cannot legally make us Macedonians do anything, as it has no jurisdiction over another nation, that other nation being the Republic of Macedonia.

Your Macedonian friend.

So what? You want us to recognize you as Macedonia because of these 126 Nations? Is this an argument?

And yes, I agree. There are people in Greece that dream borders with Serbia. But I have a question for you. Which country’s prime minister put flowers under a map that contains not only his country but large part of another country? How you call him?

As for the other friend (the Macedonian one), you are right. Legaly we can not force you to change the name. However, you agreed that a name issue exists! Otherwise why you officially participate in the negotiations? As for us, we can only do what is legal to do. And since our country does not recognize you as Macedonia, we will try, legally, to reject you, as much as we can.

126 nations out of about 200 nations is a majority, Michelos. Not that it stops people like you from advocating genocide against the Republic of Macedonia.

Btw, there's another country that's existed for millenia, which borders a former Communist Republic separated by a region with the same name of that country - Iran and Azerbaijan, which is also the name of northern Iran. Do I hear Tehran force Azerbaijan to rename to "F.S.R.O.A." or face brutal punishment? No, the Iranians know better.

Once again, you prefer to talk for different issues than the one we discus on this topic. Was it or was it not YOUR prime minister that supported the map that contained part of our country? You talked about Nazis. Not me.

As for the 126/200..
Are we voting for something? Is this a television show? A reality perhaps? 2 (TWO) countries are officially (under UN, makes it more officially than anything else) discussing about a name. So, both countries agree that there is something to discuss about. If for one country there is nothing to discuss then why are you sitting on the negotiations table?

Michelos, you are obviously dodging the fact that a majority of nations endorse the Republic of Macedonia. But hey, if ONE nation ignores the opinion of 126 nations, that must mean you're way better, right?

I know for a fact that you Greeks don't want a independent Republic of Macedonia. You don't even want it named "Former Yugoslav Republic" for the hell of it. You and your ilk want to invade and annex the country and put 2 million Macedonians under a Greek jackboot-heel, right?

Fact remains, the Macedonian PM was honoring the historical region of Macedonia, whereas Greek neo-Nazis are calling for a war against the Republic of Macedonia yesterday. Again, if anyone should start behaving properly - i.e. not blurring out MKD during basket games and whatnot...

I must admit that my English are very poor. Otherwise I can not imagine a reason for you answering on different issues than these I raise! I am very sorry for that, but I will continue...

Did I say that we are better? No! All I said is that YOU AGREE that there is a name issue between us. Since this issue is between you and us, why should we consider the opinion of 126 other countries?

As for the “fact” that you know, can you share this “fact” to the rest of us? Because I have never seen anybody from our government to support maps for some greater Greece like your PM did. So, as far as we know, it’s you who imagine the expansion of your country, not us.

And Greek nationalists aren't talking about invading the Republic of Macedonia and reuniting the historical region under Hellenic rule? Wow, you are one delusional person.

I'm gonna ask you one last time - have Iran threatened Azerbaijan over sharing the same name as northern Iran? As for the fact that Greek neo-Nazis are threatening the Republic of Macedonia: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_6nvZlnqI5gs/SISXpiryU6I/AAAAAAAADLI/oJaGJWJccmE/s1600-h/Greek_neo-nazi.jpg

So, you compare these Greek neo-Nazi with your prime minister? :) Great!

And by the way.. there are Greek neo-nazi that wants borders with Serbia, others that want to reoccupy Constantinople and others that dream of taking back small Asia. Sure they exist. You really want us (you and me) to talk about this kind of people with this kind of IQ?

And the link you provided does prove what? It’s a car with a Greek flag! Nothing more!

"So, you compare these Greek neo-Nazi with your prime minister? :) Great!"

Wow, you're fucking retarded.

Michelos, you obviously get paid to troll around on pro-Macedonian sites and yell that the Republic of Macedonia should not be independent, that it should be invaded and occupied, blah blah blah... And I'm having a day off today; I have more important things to do than argue with an idiot who doesn't know when to fold the cards and take a rest. So, here's my final word:

Obviously, you don't comprehend what I'm writing, so I'm going to explain so you can understand. (I can use colored crayons, if you like.) This is what the Republic of Macedonia wants of Greece:

a) Diplomatic recognition as the "Republic of Macedonia".

That's it! That's all they want. No territorial expansions involving Greek Macedonia, just a recognition of the constitutional name. Here's what Greece wants:

a) Republic of Macedonia renames to "Former Yugoslav Republic" or "F.Y.R."
b) Greece invades "F.Y.R." and annexes the territory.
c) The population in the occupied territory are used either as slave labor, or "shared" (read: deported) between Albania and Bulgaria.

Good neighborly relations, eh? It's unbelievable that you would have such hatred towards a neighbor, considering they wanted to help you out during the forest fires of 2007, and you turned them back. What does that say, Michelos? Couldn't some lives have been saved, hadn't you turned to jingoism?

126-1. Period, have a nice day.

“yell that the Republic of Macedonia should not be independent”

Can you point one of my posts that says something like this? When did I said that you should not be independent. On the other hand, what I said is that these neo-nazis you mention (those that wants borders with Serbia) have very limited IQ. I said that in my previous post.

It’s not my fault that you can not follow your own arguments. When I told you about your PM that accepts a map with Greek territories, you responded “And Greek nationalists aren't talking about”. So, who’s fault is it? Your’s or mine?

And the things you imagine that Greece wants does not make any sense. Why to force you to change your name if we plan to occupy you? :) Come on!
I challenge you : Give me any link, any kind of proof that Greece as a government want to occupy your country.
My argument? : This

Have a nice evening!

"PASOK vows to solve name dispute, let Aegean Macedonians return"

"Support for PASOK has risen by 0.5 percent since last week to 41.5 percent. [...] When translated into parliamentary seats, these results would give PASOK 153 in the 300-seat House."

Live with it - game over.

Oh my god! So, you say that 41,5% does NOT want borders with Serbia?
Where are these Nazis you are talking about all this time? Nobody mention them because they are so few that nobody pays attention to them!

He! He! You run out of arguments?
Maybe it’s time for you to sleep! Sweet dreams!

Just using info to my advantage, like your allegation that the Macedonian PM is out to invade Greek Macedonia. Btw, you have a Chrysi Avyi meeting to attend tomorrow, so you better get your sheet and hood cleaned before tomorrow.

"He! He! You run out of arguments?"

What about Iran and Azerbaijan, asshole? Did you miss that, or was that question to hard for you? Hell, I don't expect a Chrysi Avyi Nazi like you to understand what "jingoism" means. Too many letters in that word.

Now you start using the F*** words. Nice. Did I made you mad? Why?

What made you mad? The picture of your PM putting flowers under a map that contains parts of Greece? And then you call me part of Chrysi Avyi? Specialy when I already said that I want nobody to invide Macedonia and after I said that all these Greeks that dream of Serbian borders are stupid?

Nice attitude!
And by the way, how can I comment something I am completely unaware of? What did you want me to say about Azerbaijan? I have no idea what is happening there. You refuse to comment what is in front of your eyes and you want me to comment about Iran and Azerbaijan?


Take care!

Your astounding ignorance, Michelos. You willfully ignore the facts I'm laying on the table, and then proceed to patronize and insult me. You don't think you'll be getting the same back?

What I was talking about with northern Iran, is that there's a region named Azerbaijan, just like the country. And yet, the Iranians are not being half as big chauvinists like you, going on sites yelling "kill all Monkeydonians".

You've lost this argument, and you know it. You just don't know how to shut up.


Where were your athenian claims towards Macedonia when the Republic of Macedonia was part of Yugoslavia? Why didn't you racists object to our ethnicity back then? Truth is you arvanitovlachs have no connection to Macedonia prior to Macedonia's illegal partition in 1913.

And michelle, haven't we already established that your family (parents/grandparents) don't even speak athenian at home as their mother tongue? Wow, some pure athenian you are!

Pozdrav do site Makedonci, I nemoj da gi ostavate ovije ofchari da ve ucenvaat! Makedonija e za Makedoncite!

Your Macedonian friend

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