Macedonia has sent a letter of protest to the NATO Secretary General Jaap De Hoop Scheffer.

The protesting letter sent by the Defense Minister Lazar Elenovski refers to the incident that occurred in the course of the NATO military exercise Steadfast Junction in France, which forced Macedonian Army's officers to cut short their participation in the exercise, A1 TV Station reported.

On 22 May, two Macedonian officers who participated in the military exercise, were verbally attacked by a Greek officer, who demanded from them to take off their uniforms labeled with the name of their country - Macedonia.

Macedonian officers refused to do so, and after consultations with the ARM General Staff and the Defense Ministry, left the exercise early.

Because of this incident, the Defense Ministry cancelled the participation of two ARM HQ officers at the same exercise that took place in Norway.

This exercise was aimed at evaluation of the NATO forces and the Alliance's partners as part of preparations of the rapid intervention units' for participation in peacekeeping missions.

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After Veto to Nato !!!
here comes the Veto to European Union too as it seems!!!

The albanians will eat you now
hahaha !!!

Oww well its your problem and not a Greek problem :)

Say bye bye to EU Mr-Fyrom or
Vardarska Banovina or what the hell your previous country name was

As the Greek minister of foreign affairs clearly said also in τhe Nato summit


As long as you do not take things seriously and you still live with your arrogance about your fake identity then Greece will not cooperate with your small country anymore

Veto is only the beginning
and if you continue keeping your arrogant stance then who knows
maybe you will meet also a nice Embargo, or Closing borders,
even a Casus Belli...

Greece is a more powerful country from you :)
30% of the Fyrom industries are GREEK

Greece does not need Fyrom
Fyrom needs Greece to survive :)

Imagine of what damage we can do to your small country...and with the Albanians in the corner i am sure they are going to enjoy it too

By keeping your arrogant stance Greece will also become a more harsh component and a big enemy for you

Well it depends from your stance of how things will turn out in the future

Negotiation = Friends
No Negotiations = Enemies

Come to the negotiaton table and Greece may show you mercy and maybe we will become friends

If NOT...
Well...things are going to become way WORSE for you as i said above

Now what Greeks really believe about Fyrom


Not in 2012 and not in 2900 :)

Ancient Makedonia is in reality DEAD years ago...

Stop making territorial dreams using the past or get ready to pay the consequenses

End of discussion

Hey malaka! Hows your university course going?

Macedonia and Macedonians aren't going anywhere. Sorry!

It seems our little country is scaring big tough greece.

My my my

1st you greeks wana give Macedonia a history lesson that it is greek
2nd you greeks wana tell
Macedonia how to run there religion
where they should go or not to go
Now they they think they are generals of the worlds army telling Macedonia soilders what they should wear on nutral land
Whats next hang on a minute i know you greeks will be claiming Mars is your planet next There's only oneway i can decribe all you greeks is that your all a BUNCH CUNT"S

Mr Anonymous

arrogance? please,
greeks are the most arrogant people i have ever met. there is difference with proud and arrogant.

we are proud of who we are and simply defend our rights to be who we are.
we do not force our identity and demands in peoples throats as do the greeks.
greece is showing sign of weakness by constantly trying to do more and more against macedonia. why now? because the world recognizes us and stands behind us while greece stands alone as the fool

Protest for what? Claiming what? I am very curious to read this letter of complain of an non NATO member. I wonder what will it say.

Greece is a NATO member. FYROM is not. So, basically, FYROM has no rights inside NATO. But you desperately want to be part of it. Why?
If you want it that bad, why don’t you try to find a solution with the name?

I am can guess the responses…
“Our name is Macedonia and it will be for ever, fuck you Greeks”.
And you speak about arrogance...?

Dear God please give us paitience against the brainwashed,arogant, selfish,egoistic idiots from the EX TURKISH REPUBLIC OF greece, and please infect them all with COLERA!!! AMIN

Ok, fyromians pigs, listen how the things are: Soon bush is leaving white house and omaba is coming. So this means that no more support for slavic pigs, YOU. It's time that 200.000 of Greeks that leave in fyrom to speak their GREEK LANGUAGE free! And tell to gruefski, that his family was greek communists that we threw out of border in 1945. And about you? Your brothers, the bulgarians and your lovely enemies the albanians will eat you soon!

Michelos Mechelos

You still dont under stand we know Macedonia is not part of NATO its all the counrtys that reconiced MACEDONIA as THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA that was MACEDONIA to part of NATO do think we give a shit if we dont get in NATO or the EU your goverment is scared because we have a president thats got balls to stand up to you goverment.

And you 23.23

you where saying 200,000 GREEKS that live Macedonia should speak there own language how about your Goverment let the hundred and thousands of Macedonia speak the there's in your counrty so stop speaking Shit

Mr Anonymous

Oh shit sorry guys that was a cut and paste job

the web page is www.youspeakshit/allyougreeks.com.gr

Mr Anonymous

Mr Anonymous…

It’s clear that you (ordinary people of FYROM) don’t give a shit about NATO and EU. Even you come to Greece and start asking people you will reallise that most Greeks don’t not like NATO and many of them don’t like EU either. Unfortunately, the governments don’t not always follow their people demands. Even if you don’t care about NATO, your government has invested a lot in it! Otherwise… how do you explain all this effort to appear worthy and participate in NATO procedures and exercises as much as possible?

And about the Greeks that live in your area…
I can’t be sure about that number. It appears too large for me. But I suppose that there should be enough Greeks inside your territories. Mostly refuges from civil war. For me, it’s very hard to believe that in this (our) unorganized state, somebody denies the right to speak his / her language. I understand that this could be a practice of the past. After all, this practice was used by all Balkan nations (and the rest of the world) in the past. Some still use it until today (Turkey – Kurds). So, I have to say nothing. I don’t believe that today somebody is denying the right of speech. After all, how a Greek can separate Bulgarian from “Macedonian”. Bulgaria is an EU member, so Bulgarian language is official EU language!

To the friend that called us ex Turkish : The boundaries of the Ottoman empire exited Your part of Macedonia. So, you are as Turkish as I am!

It amazes me that Athenians continue to monitor this page and other Macedonian pages....

Looks like they really care about what we write about and what we are upto

Sounds to my like Athenians are feeling insecure...

To my freind Michelos, hey you are talking about a past blog , turkish I am not, Greek I am not, Macedonian I am not. So guess what I am??????
This Blog is about how a Greek officer intimidated Macedonian Officers??? So stick to the comments which were very intimidating..

Mrs Anonymous

Hey Malaka Head in responce to 15.12

Albanians eat us Macedonian's and
the Turkish we fuck you Greeks

Oww well its your problem and not Macedonian problem

The reason they want us Macedonian;s to be part of Nato and Eu is to stabilize the region with Kosivo and Serbia at logger heads and the world knows that you dont shake unstable ground because we go down you Greeks and Albanians are coming with us too so who give's a fuck what your goverment says or does

what ever you guys do we will still be macedonian. michaols you still got a hand stuck up your ass .those macedonian soilders just prove once a macedonian allways a macedonian not you fucken greeks now you what to be called macedonian!!!! you guys a a joke

Fyromian animals, let me say it again: The greatest joke of the year is that the western governments want to stabilise balkans by enetering fyrom in nato and eu! fyrom is a bomb tha will explode soon, albanians will fuck you all one by one! And the rest belongs to bulgaria, YOU ARE VARDASKA! MACEDONIA IS GREECE. I am happy that today in your monkey elctions died some animals, less bullets for us :-)


What you skopjians don't seem to understand is that we are ready and willing to defend and protect our name, our identity and our integrity. And we will continue to do so for as long as we have to. So at every turn you provoke us, we will be there. As you can see, we are stopping you every time and no one does anything about it. Because they know that we are right.

You just became a country. Act like one. Your childish behavior is tolerate for now. Just like children are tolerated while they're young. At one point, however, you will be expected to act like grown ups. And if you don't, well I assure you there will be consequenses.

14.49 fuck off and grow up yourself
Go on a Greek Blog. What you trying to learn from the true Macedonians

Macedonia is Greek
your end is soon bevare of the Albanians

the fake rebublic of macdonalds

you are slavs nothing more
nothing to do with the macedonians

your days are over....

To my dear friend Mrs Anonymous…

You are right, some of my comments were not related to the subject but it was a response to 22:22 which called us Turkish. But you will agree that the last comments (Greek and.. non-Greek) are unrelated to the subjects. Hopefully, you will forgive me! What are you anyway? :-)

To 10:03:
I am not Athenian but a Cretan living in Thessaloniki. But this says not much because I am and feel very Greek. I monitor this blog, among others (MINA, MAKFAX etc) in order to be informed about your point of view on the subject, compare it with our sources and produce a result. Obviously, you are allowed to do the same!
I post on this blog because I want to share my point of view (which of course is not your point of view but some times it’s not most Greeks point of view).
So, we collect information. And you know that information is power (!) and the more you know your opponent (and his positions) the more you will be able to handle him!

I am waiting for the election results!


Your a fucken peice of shit gialtouridis. Big tough works from a souvliki eating mother fucking GREEK.

Od ebi si vo picko maicina!


stop stealing Macedonian history u scum

Michelos, you have to read your lines very carefully and ask yourself do you know what your talking about?

You said:, how a Greek can separate Bulgarian from “Macedonian”. Bulgaria is an EU member, so Bulgarian language is official EU language!

Ask yourself how long has the EU been operational? What a poor excuse, but 10/10 for creativity....so you need to be an EU member to have an official language do you? Therefore Serbia, Croatia, Albania do not have an official language??????

Greece has not recognised the Macedonian language way before EU has formed....as a guess lets say around 1913 onwards.

A greek lady in her 60s started chatting to me in a hospital waiting room. She asked me what my nationality was. I said Macedonian. Straight away she replied... you speak bulgarian...she didn't even know me....I thought what a fucking pig you are lady.

Greeks would want nothing more than to erradicate the macedonian language and existance.

The UN would recognize Macedonia in A HEART BEAT if it wasn't for Greek pressure. ADMIT THAT!

You also wrote:.......it’s very hard to believe that in this (our) unorganized state, somebody denies the right to speak his / her language. I understand that this could be a practice of the past.

What past, you pathetic government and people can't even stand the macedonian insigma on trucks, our aeroplane or a macedonian preist.
It's happening right now!....are you blind? I'm not even in Greece and I have to tell you.

And you still refer to macedonians exciled from greece in the 1940's as "slav speaking people" you can't even bring yourself to refer to them as they themselves - Macedonians.

But, you are a puppet to your government and people because there are more holes in your postes than SWISS Cheese.

First, I must say that you twist my post in the way that it fits you.

When I was referring to EU, I was talking about the present. Not the past. In fact I said that “I understand that this could be a practice of the past. After all, this practice was used by all Balkan nations (and the rest of the world) in the past.”. Hopefully, now I made it more clear to you now. If not I will rephrase it by saying “Yes, in the past such practices (not allowing free speech) was a common practice among nations. Are you happier now?
I mentioned Bulgarian language because your language is similar to BG (Do you deny that?), so for a foreigner it may sound exactly the same.

Greece has not recognized Macedonian language. I guess there is (at least) one other country that has not recognized that language. Guess who? :-)

Now, about the events with the cars, I will be the last man on earth that will defend them. People that acting like this are tough nationalist and I don’t respect them. I suppose you are filling the same about the people that replace the cross on our flag with the swastika symbol. Am I right?

The rest has nothing to do with the language issue I mentioned before. You have your point of view and we have a different one. So, we argue!

And of course I refer the slav refuges as slav speaking because they really are slav speaking! You are also slav speaking, aren’t you? I never understand why you feel offended by the word Slav. What’s wrong with it?

So, the next time try to read more carefully my posts. If you can’t understand them (sorry, my English may not be as good as I thought) just ask for an explanation. I will gladly give it to you.

OK Michelos, so Greece followed the rest of the bulkan nations in not allowing free speech...and the rest of the world...in the past of course.

What do you think were greece's motives in not allowing for free speach "in the past" to Macedonians?

Who would they have replicated "in the past". Germany? Cause Germany did not recognise Poland.

So is it a good thing to not allow free speech "in the past" and basic human rights "in the past"?

If not, has Greece realized it's mistakes? If so, what has it done "in the present" to rectify the problem with the Macedonian minority in Greece. Please provide me examples, links or references.

I'll give you examples of what the Australian goverment has done for the native aborigines. The present RUDD government gave a speach saying "sorry" to the aboriginies. It has allocated over a thousand square hectares of land in northern New South Wales to the Aboriginies. As the Aboriginies refer to it as stolen land. And countless other tasks.

So, Michelos you can (as a resident of Greece) point out plenty of present day examples of how Greece operates in the 21st century towards the oppressed Macedonian people to rectify the past.

(This will be good!)

And that one other country might be Bulgaria, am I right?

Should I be offended when you call me/us slav speaking people?


That is a reference to a race of people covering many countries. Get it, a reference.

Guess what! A reference is not a name. If 10,000,000 people keep refering you as Tom's cousin (for example) rather than your name all your life then you'd get pretty pissed off, wouldn't you?

I am not actually offended, I find it quite commical. Why don't you practice saying Macedonian is simular to Bulgarian.

I might just start referring you greeks as Former Ottomans. That is a reference right! You should have no problems with that by your reconing.

So who is provoking who?

That portrail of a Nazi greek flag, I don't support and never would.

And don't worry your english is good, as I said your words are contradictory.

I have no ideas about the motives. Perhaps it’s because of the past problems with Bulgaria. As you probably know, BG wanted to get an exit to Aegean very badly. The language (which they identify it as Bulgarian) could be good excuse for them to “liberate” the lands and the people! However, I can’t say too much about that issue since I don’t know enough.
But what I know is that after the end of our civil war, many communist Greeks fled to your country. What can you tell us about them? What do they speak? Are they oppressed?

I never said that what happened to the past was good. Such things are not good. Wars are not good. Civil wars are also not good. Unfortunately, they happened. And many Greeks suffered from this unwanted civil war.

Ask for forgiveness? From who? From the “refuges”? All refuges that left the country after the civil war are allowed to come back and their property (or part of it) is restored. Of course, these people have to be Greek! Why? Because the civil war happened in the land of Greece. Not in a distant land!

You talked about oppressed Macedonian people. Where are they? It happens to live in central Macedonia and I don’t see anybody oppressed!

Now, about that Slav issue again..
So, you get pissed off because there are some hundreds millions people sharing that title? Why? It’s a part of you! I haven’t seen any Bulgarian to be upset when I call him Slav speaking. Also my wife has no problem to accept her Slav origin. But from all Slav people, only you get pissed off..
That “Slav” word describes perfectly your language. How else can I describe it? You prefer me to call it like “something between Bulgarian and Serbian”? :-)
And don't expect me to call it Macedonian because for me, macedonian has to be connected to ancient macedonians and your language is not!

You want to talk about 21st century? You want to talk about how your country operates? Let’s talk about your elections then!

Unfortunately for you, the story of the modern civilized nation that wants to participate in EU and NATO is no more. You proved (and everybody saw it) that you are unworthy for that. Even your so-called ally, the USA, recognized the problem.

You may refer us as Former Ottomans. You maybe right. Just remember that you are as Ottomans as we are!

michanos or what ever your name is ,you might be injoying your work i would too if i'm getting paid for it.what ever you do on this site and what ever copy and paste you put on we are still MACEDONIAN and that must hurt you so much.and you being on this site for so long you your self are becaming a true MACEDONIAN not the one that the greek gov pretends
i know that it hurts but you i will pay more and you'll be pro macedonian.history has proven that you guys change side when your losing

Getting paid? Ha! Ha! This is the funniest thing ever! You think that my presence here is the result of a conspiracy, against you, by the Greek government? Well... hearing something like this from you, could be an honor but unfortunately, I am doing this for free.

You think I will get converted to a “true Macedonian”? So you got to my point!
Your “macedonians” are converted from something else. A better word could be “produced” by somebody else.

Sorry fellows, we could be friends and allies in this area, after all we have more in common than these things that separate us. But you push it too far.

Michelos, I’ll give you two jobs straight away 1. either a soccer player in centre midfield or 2. politician because you dribble so much and dance around issues so much it’s not funny.

So, you can’t say too much about Greece’s motives because you don’t know enough.
I will keep a tally – that is your fist lie. Greece wants nothing more than to eradicate the Macedonian identity. You know that very well.

All refuges that left the country after the civil war are allowed to come back and their property (or part of it) is restored. This is your second lie. There is very well documented evidence to prove “refugees” with Macedonian last names are denied re-entry and as for their land, forget it. So tell me what does being Greek mean when it comes to owning land before the civil war. Can only a Greek own land in Greece? Honestly what a backward country you must live in. Or if I just say I’m greek and or change my name to greek last name then I can go in greece and get my land back. You tell be if it’s that easy.

You don’t refer to Bulgarians as merely Slav speaking people. This is your fourth lie. All I need to do is read some of your recent posts and can prove you refer to Bulgarians as Bulgarians. I asked you to do that once with Macedonians and you can’t. Oh yeah, only the ones that speak Greek. You guys must be a dime a dozen over there. Racist and deluded Pigs!

You’ve just diverted my question about 21st Century Greece to 21st Century Macedonia. Although it’s not a lie, technically it’s a lie…your fifth………because you have completely not answered my question. Yes we don’t want those fucken Albanians do you? You can have them!!!! Personally I don’t care if they shoot themselves. However they make us look bad and they should all be deported or severely punished for such actions.

As for the Greeks in Macedonia. Well I know first hand that in many casino’s all waiters and staff are required to speak Greek. Macedonians aren’t allowed through the doors. Some cafani close to the greek border play greek music on request off course freely. So I’m sure that in the Republic of Macedonia they live quite well indeed.

That’s not bad Michelos, you made five points above and have lied five times. Not to worry as long as you score 100% in greek history.

Thank you for these highly profitable jobs. Unfortunately, I am not a soccer fun so it will be boring to me. Now about that politician job you offer.. well.. I will think about it!

You believe that we want to eradicate the Macedonian identity. That’s your first.. hm.. how to say it... "illusion"?
Why you think we want to eradicate you? Can you tell me a good reason? Maybe it’s in our DNA, to grow up and hate you? Maybe you can answer that because you are deeply involved in genetic science.

What we, the Greeks, don’t accept is to feel that somebody is stealing a part of our history. We also don’t accept you to claim our lands. I hear more and more about that united Macedonia. How do you think does this sound to the ordinary Greek? Does this make him like you? Why don’t we hate Bulgarians? After all they have so much in common with you!

Now about the refuges issue, you seem to forget the situation before and after the civil war. The civil war occurred AFTER the end of world war II. Those we call refuges were the losers of this war. When the people started to come back and claiming property (I think that started to happen in the late 70s) they needed to present some kind of proof of their origin. I am sure you can understand that the Greek government could not start giving land to anybody with the name *ski or *its just because he says I had property there.

I refer Bulgarians as Bulgarians because everybody in the world recognizes them this way. When I said that Bulgarians are not offended I didn’t mean in this blog. It’s obviously that Bulgarians have nothing to do with it!
We cannot call you Macedonians because we consider this word as Greek. We consider the use of this word as an attempt to claim our rights. So we don’t use it to define you.

About the 21st century… well.. first of all, I must admit that you are answering my question, by accepting that you don’t care if people are shoot themselves. As for the Albanians, we have enough! Thank you!

What we do? Well, after years of staying in Greece, many Albanians that live in Greece manage to have properties, have a good life, obtain Greek citizenship and many of them (and specially their children) don’t want to go back to their homeland. I know they faced many difficulties; they still face many difficulties but who doesn’t. If you want to know how Greeks feel about other nations then I will reply that my wife is Ukrainian and I have some BG friends. But that’s me. I know that many Greeks do not share the same values. Many of them hate foreigners. I feel pity for them!
How the government operates in 21st century? Thank god we are part of EU and we have to obey their orders because I trust none of our politicians. So, we operate, more or less, according to EU commands.

As for the Greeks living there… you now some casino stories and you believe they live well? So, I assume if you visit Las Vegas you will get the all the picture you need about United States and their way of living I suppose. For your information, casinos suppose to look luxury. Don’t use casinos to define the way of living.
And the staff has to know Greek because the casinos are visited most by Greeks. If Albanians were frequent visitors I am sure that Albanian would be the preferred language…

this guy is a joke

he's not a joke he's a wanker

until 1988 greece claimed that MACEDONIANS did not exist within her imperial borders.

until 1988 greece claimed that MACEDONIANS did not exist within her imperial borders.

if we wanted all of Macedonia we would of claimed it when Tito was in power so there was never anything said or mentioned about Macedonia back then that it belong to the greeks so why now I'll tell you why Dora was still in her Nappys shitting her self haha
Back then the yugoslav army would of crushed you scum bags now you picking on the little guys with only about 8000 0r so soilders but will still fight till the end

Right. I assume that you are very young to remember and to understand.
The civil war was a partly a result of this desire. The desire, of the communists, to have an exit to the Aegean.
I also have to remind you that Greece is one of the oldest NATO allies. If your Yugoslav army wanted to invade to our territories then it would have NATO against you (it would be very funny to have Turkey fighting by our side!). So my friend, that powerful army could do no much in this case.

Today, your army can do even less. That’s way you desperately want to enter into alliances like NATO and EU.

You are welcome as long as you stop claiming our land and history.

michionos you have been tracked down you fuckwit you work for the greek goverment .all along i've been telling you but you being a fucken lair as most of you cunt are

You were telling me what? What are my lies? We are an old NATO member, this is not a lie. You can check it for yourself!

But of course.. it’s in your nature.. everything that you can’t handle are the result of malicious actions of the Greeks!

Michelos, I've got no sympathy for greeks and the civil war. Don't forget greece occupied the territory for no more than 30 years before the war started.

They were just greek settlers fighting to keep what was given to them.

If land stayed as Macedonian proper, then no greeks to worry about a civil war. It would have been a Macedonian problem.

In the words of a macedonian from the Lerin Region (living in Diaspora) I asked him how he feels visiting that region, his reply was:

"On the outside I have to be greek, in my heart I am Macedonian....fuck the greeks!"

If I had a dollar for every Macedonian that said that (from that region of course) I would be a millionaire.

If you had a dollar for every “Macedonian” you couldn’t survive for a year!

I understand that you have no sympathy for the Greeks. After all, the source of your problem is our existence. The land you are mentioning belonged to the Turks and then we liberated it or as you say we occupied it. But we didn’t take it from you! So, this land was never yours! And if a nation can claim some connection to the ancient Macedonia then, definitely, this is Greece.

People living in Diaspora may think like you think. So, what? Does this give you any more right?
I can find several that will feel Greeks! But you don’t accept that, because for you, if you are Greek, you are not Macedonian, and this way you solve all your problems! How easy you made it sound!

And you call us racists?

greeks are short ugly dogs with big bent noses, and they stink like pigs, greece has a tiny country that is very very poor ,they are still paying there dept back to europe from the olympic games,greece is poor greece is poor

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