A quiz show on the British television channel Challenge TV caused a clash between Greeks and Macedonians over the nationality of Alexander the Great, Greek media reported.

The show “Take it or Leave it” considered the answer ‘Greek’ to a question about the nationality of Alexander the Great as wrong. The correct answer, according to the show, was ‘Macedonian’ and it was announced, accompanied by the image of the Macedonian flag appearing on the screen.

Hundreds of Greek and Macedonian web users clashed in the forums of the television channel’s webpage and the video website YouTube, where a clip of the game show was posted, followed by various comments, as you can see on the film below.

Alexander the Great, also known as Alexander III of Macedon, was the ancient military commander and king of Macedonia who reigned in the second century BC and successfully conquered most of the world known back then, including present-day Macedonia and Greece. His nationality is one of the biggest points of conflict in the dispute between Greece and Macedonia about the latter’s name, which has marked the tense relationship between the two countries for more than 50 years, reaching a high point in recent months.

MD: Nice to see when somebody tells the truth! For the Greeks, the truth obviously hurts. Congratulations to the creators of the show! Take a look at the fragment below


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Obviously, we don’t expect a TV show to learn and find out the truth. There are numerous documents that prove exactly the opposite about Alexander the Greats nationality.
Of course Alexander was Macedonian. And Leonidas was Spartan. And also Periklis was Athenian.

According to FYROM logic, these 3 people are having different nationalities!

Sparta and Athens etc. were greek city states. No discussion about their greek nationality. But Macedonia was an independant country with own nationality.
According to greek logic, there is no greek logic at all, not possible without brain.

No question about that? Thank you for that!

However, for us, it’s the same case. Ancient Greek (and not only Greek) were calling themselves by the name of the area they live. So, obviously, Alexander was Macedonian, Leonidas was Spartan and so on.

This rule also applies today, not only in Greece. For example my grandfather describes himself as Macedonian because he lives in Macedonia. But that doesn’t mean that he has Slavic origin...

..if you got my point..

Thank you for your patience while we’ve looked into all of this.As we said on Monday, the clip on YouTube is from an episode of Take It Or Leave It from over two years ago.

We want you to understand that we do not want to take sides in any international disagreement
– contrary to lots of the opinions that have been put to us via email and in the web forums.

To be totally clear: we're not trying to promote a cause, or stir up any trouble. We're just an entertainment channel.We do recognise the importance of conducting quizzes fairly though, which is why we’ve gone back and checked our paperwork.

On the question itself, we have looked back at the records, and we are happy that the question and answer were fair and accurate.
As usual, we checked this with two trusted sources. However, one of the main issues you’ve raised is the use of the flag of FYROM to illustrate the question and answer. Having heard many of your arguments on this, and having looked into it ourselves, we can see that this was inaccurate, and confusing for the audience. We unreservedly apologise for any offence that has been caused - that was certainly not our intention.

It is very obvious that this particular question is about ancient history,not modern-day Europe.

Using modern day flags is therefore inappropriate, so we’re going to re-edit this particular episode so that the flags are not shown again.

We hope that this goes a long way to addressing people’s concerns, and completely removes any suggestion that we’re making some kind of political statement. We’re sorry to have got this wrong.

With best wishes,

michelos i thought that you went to where come out from but we can only hope in the near future

Sorry for disappointing you. I followed your footsteps but I didn’t want to enter to that hole. Sorry. Maybe we can meet in another place.

The Birth of a Clone State

The term clone is derived from κλών (klōn), the Greek word for twig or branch, referring to the process whereby a new plant can be created from a twig.

Most of us are aware of the letters sent by Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski to Greek PM Karamanlis, to the President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso, to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and many other world leaders raising issues of an artificial “Macedonian” ethnic minority in Greece. As Gruevski’s provocative allegations further strain relations between Greece and FYROM and the name dispute remains a hot topic for both countries, I will present a multi-part series on this subject, concentrating on events from 1870 on, while occasionally referencing ancient Greek history only to refute FYROM’s claims as they arise.

Following the veto to it’s anticipated membership at the NATO Summit in Bucharest, Romania earlier this year, FYROM’s political leadership headed by Prime Minister Gruevski is attempting to expand the dispute by provoking artificial minority issues in northern Greece, specifically in Greece’s Macedonia province.

Currently, negotiations for a permanent name for FYROM are being held under the auspices of the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations Mr. Matthew Nimetz. PM Gruevski recently dismissed all of the name proposals which Nimetz had put on the table and unilaterally derailed the negotiations. By embarking on this ethnic minority ‘witch hunt’ he is dangerously treading the diplomatic waters and heading into uncharted territory which some perceive as a suicide mission. His intentions are clear: To isolate Greece as a country which severely violates human rights, carry the dispute and claims of his fledging state within the borders of modern day Greece and as a result have Greece meet the same fate as Serbia. Gruevski is not alone in this. He has recruited lobbyists who are currently very active in the halls of Washington. Such measures can not go unheeded and as Americans of Hellenic descent it is our moral responsibility to our ancestors to stand up to the fabricators of history and help Greece deny them their expansionist ambitions.

In the coming months I will explain through a detailed sequence of events the eventual creation of a “Macedonian” nation, which is FYROM today. This state has nothing to do with the centuries-long evolutionary ethnic processes which resulted in the natural forming of other nations in the Balkan peninsula. It is a state which evolved through oppression, intimidation and persecution perpetuated by the barbarous regimes which laid its foundation.

I will start my analysis with a shocking revelation which only recently came to light. The Prime Minister of FYROM, Nikola Gruevski, has Greek roots. His grandfather, Nikolaos Grouios, was a resident of the village of Ahlada, in the prefecture of Florina, in Greece’s Macedonia province. Mr. Grouios was killed fighting the Italians a few weeks following their invasion of Greece on October 28, 1940. In the center of the village now stands a monument honoring war heroes who were residents of Ahlada. The name “Nikolaos Grouios” is clearly carved in the marble memorial.

During the final days of the Greek Civil War, as the communists retreated into Yugoslavia ousted by Greek, American and British forces, Nikolaos Grouios’ widow and her three children, one being Gruevski’s father, followed for reasons unknown the communists of the ELAS faction into Yugoslavia.

Nikola Gruevski is a perfect example of the diversified backgrounds of Greeks, Bulgarians, Albanians, Serbs, Gypsies and others who today make up the state called FYROM. Through identity theft and deception, oppression, persecution and terror, propagated by generations of deliberate misinformation and history usurpation in FYROM’s educational institutions, evolved this false perception of a Macedonian identity.

In the next segment I will explain how, starting around 1870, a pseudo-Macedonian ethnic identity evolved as part of a Bulgarian plan to annex the entire Macedonian region, coveting the shores of the northern Aegean Sea.

The Greek Tv show follows students of Cyprus-Rhodes University who partake in the school's Greek system. It follows the life of Casey Cartwright and her brother, Rusty Cartwright. Most of the characters belong to either the fictional fraternities Kappa Tau Gamma (ΚΤΓ) and Omega Chi Delta (ΩΧΔ), or the fictional sorority Zeta Beta Zeta (ΖΒΖ).

didnt anyone hear the presentor stating "...he (Alexander the Great) was born in Pella.." Look at Pella, where it is located. Read about Makednon on Wikipedia. Get educated. This is appalling stuff. Stop insulting our intelligence.

This show is obviously a dramatization, not a documentary in any way of Greek life, or college life for that matter, although it does hold a lot of truth, albeit exaggerated for the most part. If you watch the show for the value it contains as a TV show, and nothing more, it is very entertaining.Catch all eps Download Greek here...

TO CHallenge Show:

It's not only about the FLag that is the issue here. You should base answers from facts that were gathered and validated by historians.

SO does this mean that I am from Alabama, born from that place, my parents are from California(Half-Italian mother) and ALabama(my father) and I'm still not an American?

Doesn't this logic also apply to the Hellenic society of that time? Weren't they speaking the same ancient language and understood each other despite of the different State and State laws they have?

So Alexander the Great is no doubt an "Ellenas" from Macedonia and that makes him Greek. For God's sake, just come and see for yourself his family's tombs in Vergina village here in Northern Greece and let those idiotic English tv show historians still say that he is not a part of ancient Greek. And come on, it's been two years and they haven't resolved the issue or corrected themselves until they found this blog and just randomly commenting on it that it's a 2-year unresolved issue? That tv show shows how inconsistent and stupid shows such as this so they better be not making them at all. They have never cared for their audience. They have never cared for history at all.

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