Macedonia is a small country that has a great name, which sometimes is more popular than necessary, and has been enjoying Ukraine's support in principle of its constitutional name for the last 13 years since the establishment of the diplomatic ties, Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki said Wednesday in his address before students at the Kyiv Slavonic University.

The two countries, which have been nourishing close relations, are being connected by common cultural values, similar fate in terms of the struggle for independence and aspirations for becoming part of the Euro-Atlantic institutions, which may further develop their ties to the level of bilateral alliance, Milosoki said.

Today, Milosoki has become an honorary PhD of the Kyiv Slavonic University. Late Macedonian President Boris Trajkovski and Academician Nikola Kljusev were also recepients of this title.

Within the observance of 2008- the Year of Macedonian language, the Kyiv Slavonic University opened a Macedonian language program within its Department for Slavic Languages on an initiative of the Ukrainian Embassy in Macedonia.

Milosoki's working visit to Ukraine kicks off tomorrow. Besides meeting with his host Volodymyr Ohryzko, Milososki is to hold talks with President Viktor Yushchenko and Parliament Speaker Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

Milososki and Ohryzko will sign a Programme for cooperation between the countries' foreign ministries.

Milososki will also lay flowers at the monument of the 1932-33 Ukraine Famine (Holodomor) victims.


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A Slavonic language, as Officials confirm, but intentionally are calling 'macedonian' instead of 'slavomacedonian', in order to confuse it with the macedonian idiom that was and is Greek!
The Country's aggressive nationalism, is creating serious troubles in the balkan area, with the support of the administration Bush (for they want to create a protectoratum in order to control the balkan area!).
It would be so clear to find an honest compromise with Greece, admiting oppenly the 'slavomacedonian' name for the people that grew up and lived in the historical region of Macedonia, as identity - language and a name as 'Upper Macedonia'' for the state, so to include also the albanians - bulgari - serbs - turks - greeks - roma ect. and respect the Greek historical name and the greek macedonians.
Playing the game of the Bush administration could gain a worst future for the country and permit fascism and ultranationalist elements to control it.
A serious and honnest compromise, respecting the history of Greece and of the Balkans would be; 'UPPERMACEDONIA' with a SLAVOMACEDONIAN IDENTITY and LANGUAGE!
This would be the identity of the slavic tribes that came in the region after the 5th century and in the 20th century wants to be called a slavic macedonian nation.
Skopia and Greece could proceed faster in a friendly cooperation excluding countries that the only thing they are looking is to CONTROL!

If you athenians want to be serious, then just look at the modern history of the athenian nation. The athenian nation first existed in 1831. It never existed before this time, EVER!. In 1913, the superpowers of the day carved up Macedonia and gave land to athens, serbia, and bulgaria (the three wolves). No part of Macedonia ever belonged to athens before 1913 - EVER! These are actual facts and you can research them yourself. Our Macedonian language, belongs to the slavic family of languages, and our ethnicity has always been, and always will be Macedonian. There is no such slavic blood, as the athenians wish to portray. 'Slav' is a linguistical group, not an ethnicity. What about slav-russians, slav-serbs, slav-slovenians? Athenian logic is flawed and can be easily disproven. The athenian govt has lied constantly lied to its public over the these issues, and now the athenians have become radical towards us Macedonians. Also, I challenge any athenian to give to the world ONE piece of evidence of the so called slavic migration myth. Only ONE piece of evidence. This was a myth that was created so that the athenian nation can have a more solid claim on Macedonian land that was never athenian. Do your research, and you will find how german historians have created athenian history in order to legitimize the taking of lands illegally. One more point - Settlers from christian turkey transplanted from Anatolia to Macedonia after 1913 cannot be ethnic Macedonians. Only ethnic Macedonians can be Macedonians.

I love you when I hear this! You call us as an Athenian nation that.. were never existed? Of course it never existed because it was all about Greek nation which of course it’s well documented that it existed!

You have to decide. Are we Athenians or not? And what about the Greeks that were living in Crete, Peloponisos or Macedonia? How would you like us to call them? :P

I am a real Macedonian, living in Real Macedonia, greek descendant by blood-language and culture as my ancestor Alexander the Great, and I declare that I have nothing in common with the slavs of Skopia!
Not because I don't like them, but because this is the truth!!!
All historical sources in World History proves this and if you don't want to admit the truth then live your myth!!

I refer to you athenians as athenian, in the same way you refer to us Macedonians as 'skopjans'. What about the Macedonians born/living in Ohrid, Bitola, Strumica, Prilep etc. Are they all Macedonians from Skopje??? I think not. And you are incorrect, there never was a nation called 'greece' before the 1830's. You can research this yourself, and you don't need to try to influence me because I can do my own research, and my research shows exactly this. And the most ridiculous claim from the athenians is that they are direct descendants from the ancients. The ancients are long gone, and if you want to be taken serious, i wouldn't be claiming direct descent from people that you have only read about. The truth is that christian turkish settlers were transplanted from Anatolia to Macedonia after 1913. These christian turkish settlers did not know how to speak/communicate in the athenian language. They had to be taught the language. That is also fact. So how can new comers to Macedonia have any descendancy to ancient Macedonians, or ancient hellenes if they were not from that area ever? This is the biggest athenian myth. I repeat my statement, 'slav' is not an ethnicity, it is a linguistical group. Our ethnicity has always been Macedonian, and our Macedonian language is related to the slavic family of languages. When you athenians refer to us as 'slavs', it is not as offensive as you may think, as we Macedonians, or any other slavic speaking nation know that there is no nation in the world that is slavic by ethnicity, be it Russia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia etc. We Macedonians have never left the region of Macedonia, and have never been transplanted from another region to Macedonia. So why are we not Macedonians???

Sloboda ili smrt!

Never a nation called Greek? So, when Alexander the Great was calling himself as Greek, what this Greek meant? Not a nation? And what about all other ancient writers that used the word Greek (or Hellenic if you prefer)?

Christian Turkish Settlers? Anything coming from Turkey is Turkish? I assume you like to forget that ancient Greeks were living in the coast of small Asia. Do you want evidence of that? Just go and visit these areas!
It’s very funny when I hear you calling us Turks. Let’s see some more facts (since you like to use that word)

(1) Athens was captured from Ottoman Turks in 1458 and the city was liberated in 1821.
(2) Skopje was captured from Ottoman turks in 1392 and the city was liberated in 1912.
(3) Thessaloniki was captured from Ottoman turks in 1430 and the city was liberated in 1912.
(4) Trapezounta was captured from Ottoman turks in 1461, and the Pontian refugees migrated to Greece in 1923.

Skopje was under Turkish yoke for 520 years.
Athens was under Turkish yoke for 363.
Thessaloniki was under Turkish yoke for 480 years.
Pontian refugees were under Turkish yoke for 462 years before they came to Greece.

Skopje was under Turkey for:
157 years MORE than Athens.
40 years MORE than Thessaloniki.
58 years MORE than the Pontian refugees.

End of Turkish fairy tales

The ominous prophecy of Harilaos Trikoupis, Greek Prime Minister from 1882 to 1895, foretold what the neighboring Greek state had in mind for Macedonia and its people:
"When the Great War comes (the Balkan wars), Macedonia will become Greek or Bulgarian, according to who wins. If it is taken by the Bulgarians, they will make the population Slavs. If we take it, we will make all of them Greeks".

Greek radical democrats want Macedonia recognized by Athens

We are hoping with our actions in Greece, the Macedonians will form a positive opinion regarding our citizens. We have never had an issue with Macedonia's constitutional name and our initiative is aimed at Greece recognizing your country under the constitutional name.

This was the opening statement from the Greek Radical Democrats, an organization out of Athens who is currently visiting Bitola, southern Macedonia. The organization is said to be undertaking "Anti-Nationalist", "Anti-Militaristic" initiative all over Greece.

At todays' meeting with representatives of the Aegean Macedonians, the Greek radical democrats confirmed they are opening a widespead campaign in Greece to ban and remove the racist laws implemented in the past 20 years which forbids Macedonians born in nothern Greece from entrance in the country and return on their land.

"This is unacceptable, racist behaviour of official Athens. This is, in fact a major crime that is being waged on the Macedonians until present day, even though the very same people gave their lives so Greece can be a free country today," says Nikos Janopoulos, representative of Greek radical democrats organization.

This meeting was seen in positive light from the Aegean Macedonian communities.

"Our meeting with our friends from Athens will bring about positive developments so Greek Parliament can remove the laws brought against us, so we can sooner return to our properties." says Gorgji Donevski, the head of the Aegean Macedonians Association.

MINA finds that resentment by ordinary Athenians against official Athens is growing, particularly in the past two months. Many believe their Government has crossed the line with its policies regarding Macedonia.

And I will add to the previous post (10:33) that, at the time that Harilaos Trikoupis said that, Macedonia was Turkish.

Now, what’s your argument because from what I know, in the area of Macedonia there were Greeks, Turks, Jews and (of course) Bulgarians.

STOP and FINISH the offencive dialogue that takes part between Macedonians and Slavomacedonians!
We have to live together and we have to open our minds for the common interest of all and peace!!!

Which of you believe that a close relation of the 2 countries isn't the best solution?

Macedonians have to accept the existence of Slavomacedonians and Slavomacedonians have to accept the fact that Greece has historical rights on macedonia and the 90% of the macedonian geografical territory!
Both can share the macedonian history that is part of Greek history not offending each other!
Let's start a serious dialogue on the issue!

Slavomacedonians feel ethnic as macedonians but forget that in greece feel macedonians too!!!
Any way we have to leave aside the hostility and understand that greeks aren't enemies of slavomacedonians but they are angry because they see maps with hostile messages from official sources, symbols to be used as belonging to the slavomacedonian side (having found only in greece and bellonging to the greek history but can be shared in other ways..)etc.


Expressing the sense of the Senate that the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) should stop the utilization of materials that violate provisions of the United Nations-brokered... (Introduced in Senate)



1st Session

S. RES. 300
Expressing the sense of the Senate that the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) should stop the utilization of materials that violate provisions of the United Nations-brokered Interim Agreement between FYROM and Greece regarding `hostile activities or propaganda' and should work with the United Nations and Greece to achieve longstanding United States and United Nations policy goals of finding a mutually-acceptable official name for FYROM.


August 3, 2007
Mr. MENENDEZ (for himself, Ms. SNOWE, and Mr. OBAMA) submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations


Expressing the sense of the Senate that the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) should stop the utilization of materials that violate provisions of the United Nations-brokered Interim Agreement between FYROM and Greece regarding `hostile activities or propaganda' and should work with the United Nations and Greece to achieve longstanding United States and United Nations policy goals of finding a mutually-acceptable official name for FYROM.

Whereas, on April 8, 1993, the United Nations General Assembly admitted as a member the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), under the name the `Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia';

Whereas United Nations Security Council Resolution 817 (1993) states that the dispute over the name must be resolved to maintain peaceful relations between Greece and FYROM;

Whereas, on September 13, 1995, Greece and FYROM signed a United Nations-brokered Interim Accord that, among other things, commits them to not `support claims to any part of the territory of the other party or claims for a change of their existing frontiers';

Whereas a pre-eminent goal of the United Nations Interim Accord was to stop FYROM from utilizing, since its admittance to the United Nations in 1993, what the Accord calls `propaganda', including in school textbooks;

Whereas a television report in recent years showed students in a state-run school in FYROM still being taught that parts of Greece, including Greek Macedonia, are rightfully part of FYROM;

Whereas some textbooks, including the Military Academy textbook published in 2004 by the Military Academy `General Mihailo Apostolski' in the FYROM capital city, contain maps showing that a `Greater Macedonia' extends many miles south into Greece to Mount Olympus and miles east to Mount Pirin in Bulgaria;

Whereas, in direct contradiction of the spirit of the United Nations Interim Accord's section `A', entitled `Friendly Relations and Confidence Building Measures', which attempts to eliminate challenges regarding `historic and cultural patrimony', the Government of FYROM recently renamed the capital city's international airport `Alexander the Great Airport';

Whereas the aforementioned acts constitute a breach of FYROM's international obligations deriving from the spirit of the United Nations Interim Accord, which provide that FYROM should abstain from any form of `propaganda' against Greece's historical or cultural heritage;

Whereas such acts are not compatible with Article 10 of the United Nations Interim Accord, which calls for `improving understanding and good neighbourly relations', as well as with European standards and values endorsed by European Union member-states; and

Whereas this information, like that exposed in the media report and elsewhere, being used contrary to the United Nations Interim Accord instills hostility and a rationale for irredentism in portions of the population of FYROM toward Greece and the history of Greece: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the Senate--

(1) urges the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) to observe its obligations under Article 7 of the 1995 United Nations-brokered Interim Accord, which directs the parties to `promptly take effective measures to prohibit hostile activities or propaganda by state-controlled agencies and to discourage acts by private entities likely to incite violence, hatred or hostility' and review the contents of textbooks, maps, and teaching aids to ensure that such tools are stating accurate information; and

(2) urges FYROM to work with Greece within the framework of the United Nations process to achieve longstanding United States and United Nations policy goals by reaching a mutually-acceptable official name for FYROM.

Just a few proves that Greece allready recognised Macedonia and the Macedonian nation a lot of times prior to this fabricated "dispute" :





We, Turks, were in Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia and ... so on for centruies. Do you realy believe that after centruis, there are still Greeks, Bulgarians or so on? I believe that our grandfathers made your countries TURKISH ? If you dont believ me, check yoru DNA

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