The name dispute is unnecessary and unfounded, since Macedonia was called the same in the time of former Yugoslavia and this did not cause any problems then, says former U.S. Secretary of State, Lawrence Eagleburger.

"The country that is now named Macedonia was called the same during its existence as a republic within the former Yugoslavia. Did this fact lead to serious problems between Greece and Yugoslavia or between Greece and the Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia? There were misunderstandings now and then, but they never reached a point when they would pose a threat to peace in the region. Is there anything more immature and more foolish than 'blackmailing' a nation by denying its membership in international organizations, which goal is to preserve the peace and protect their members from aggression of non-members", says Eagleburger in an interview with NTV station.

Pertaining to Greek accusations that Macedonia is creating 'antiquisation', Eagleburger stresses it has no right to make the antique Macedonian history its own.

"Greece claims that Macedon or Macedonia, as well as Alexander of Macedonia are its own. This is a false claim and it is time someone confirms this. The Antique Greeks considered Macedonia a half-civilized region, representing a source of raw materials and nothing more. Macedonia's rise in the time of Phillip and his son Alexander was greeted with opposition, resulting in a defeat of several cities. Phillip and Alexander were considered tyrants who destroy Greeks' freedom. The claims of modern Greeks that the antique kingdom of Macedon was their own ignores a historic fact", adds Eagleburger.

Due to these facts, he cannot accept the validity of Greece's request for ownership of name Macedonia.

"Ancient Greeks had never been eager in claiming Macedonia was theirs and they never accepted either Phillip or Alexander as their own legitimate rulers. The Greek claim about Macedonia is based on historically incorrect information and are therefore not fact-based", says the former U.S. Secretary of State.

Eagleburger has sympathies for the Macedonian people, although he realizes it is not wise for a foreigner to interfere with internal affairs of two states.

"However, my excitement from the strength of character that the Macedonian people has demonstrated in the course of this debate justifies the fact of my taking sides", underlines Lawrence Eagleburger in the NTV interview.


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Eagleburger not only is an incompetent historian (which explains why Bush unfortunately recognized FYROM in 2004)but he even 180 contradicts past US State Department positions on this issue.

"This (US) Government considers talk of Macedonian "nation", Macedonian "Fatherland", or Macedonia "national consciousness" to be unjustified demagoguery representing no ethnic nor political reality, and sees in its present revival a possible cloak for aggressive intentions against Greece." - U.S State Department Foreign Relations Vol. VIII Washington D.C. Circular Airgram - 868.014/26 Dec. 1944 http://tinyurl.com/nel46d

The Macedonians of the Republic of Macedonia, the surrounding countries, and also in the Macedonian diaspora in th USA, Canada, Australia and everywhere else around the world already know all of what Eagleburger is saying. Now we Macedonias have to educate the rest of the world about the injustices these people in the south are putting us Macedonians through. Slowly it is happening.

Macedonia can only be Macedonian. Christian turks transplanted from Anatolia to Macedonia prior to 1913 cannot dictate to what we Macedonians call ourselves. It is good to see that world diplomats can start to see the absurd requests coming from the racist nation to the south.

Pozdrav do site Makedonci niz svetot!

The Greek Government knows that greeks were never macedonians but the reason it does not want another country to be known as macedonia is because it then would have to recognise the Macedonian minority and the Macedonians in northern Greece would then demand to be allowed to speak their own macedonian language and Mix with their fellow macedonians from the republic of Macedonia after all these people are brothers and sisters the division between the two peoples was effected only recently back in 1913.

Eagleburger, an ex usa-yugo diplomat is partial and wrong. Greece does have the right to claim the name Macedonia and Alexander the Great as it's own because they are both clearly exclusively Greek.

The name Makedon and Macedonia are from the origins of the Greeks. The son of the Greek God Zeus is Makedon and even Mt. Olympus home to the Greek Gods is in "Greek" Macedonia. Everything Macedonian in history is Greek: the names, the people, the language, the culture, the coins, the writings, the cities etc.. There is extensive historical evidence. Greeks often fought other Greeks, called each other names - this does not make one side not Greek.

Greek Macedonians point out that the FYROM government' ethnic narrative of itself dramatically conflicts with what they told the world only 10 short years ago. (and now apparently claim to Macedonian Greeks).

"We do not claim to be descendants of Alexander the Great.' said FYROM'S Ambassador in Washington, Mrs. Ljubica Acevshka on January 22, 1999. We are not related to the northern Greeks who produced leaders like Philip and Alexander the Great. We are a Slav people and our language is closely related to Bulgarian."

"We are Slavs who came to this area in the sixth century ... We are not decendents of the ancient Macedonians" .. "we have no connection to Alexander the Great." said Kiro Gligorov (FYROM's first President).

Fyrom is actually Ancient Paionia. It was then called Vardaska until Tito called it Macedonia because the Communists wanted to take over Northen Greece. Greece is correct and many Fyrom people talk about a "United Macedonia." Fyrom' people historically were never called Macedonian. Krste Misirkov, in 1903, said, "our fathers and grandfathers and great-grandfathers have always been called Bulgarians and he is also on record calling them "pure Bulgarians."

Fyrom should not use the name Macedonia or change the name. Greece is correct.

The name should change for stability in the region.

"Macedonia, of course, is a part of Greece". - Strabo

"It is historically proven that the Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia was created by Stalin, Tito and Dimitrov, aiming at the stealthy removal of a large part of Northern Greece. This Republic was used during the period 1944-1949 in order to destabilise Greece" -- US deputy Foreign Minister Mr. Thomas Niles

“During the [German] occupation…a combined effort was made to wrest Macedonia from Greece — an effort that allegedly continues, although in altered form… The main conspirational activity in Macedonia today appears to be directed from Skopje.”

THE NEW YORK TIMES - July 16, 1946

To all of the uneducated people posting here.

Those Macedonian Greeks you refer to are Macedonians, living in what is today "Greece". Greeks themselves deny and then don't deny that they are Macedonians and exist as Macedonians.

These people have been persecuted for being Macedonian, have been forced to migrate from their own homes, have had "Greek sounding" names imposed on them, their villages, rivers, mountains and roads. All of this evidence is provided for your information at the Amnesty International and Helsinki Commission for Human Rights web sites.

Instead of spreading the hatred through repetition of what's been happening over the last hundred or so years, let us live as Macedonians and don't try to deny us that right of being Macedonian.

Sort our your own internal problems first, of which you have many.

The name Macedonian is a Greek ethnic name and the name of a province/region of Greece-Hellas.

"Bulgarian-Slav" people came to the region between the 6th - 10th century AD.

These people (Fyrom) were first used by Bulgaria and then by the Communists to take over Northern Greece or Greek Macedonia. They were given the name "Macedonians" by politicians.

After WWII, 35,000 Greek children were abducted by the communists and brought to Fyrom to be made into communists. Very few ever returned to Greece.

The Greek name Macedonian should only be for Greeks. If "Bulgarian-Slav" people (Fyrom) want to use the Greek name "Macedonian" they should change the name to Slav-Macedonian and not steal Greek history.

The new country should not be named Macedonia, this is a Greek name and part of Greece. Fyrom people should not use the Greek name Macedonia.

"We are Bulgarians, more Bulgarians than the Bulgarians in Bulgaria themselves." - Krste Misirkov

"We are Bulgarians and we always work and will work for the unification of the Bulgariandom.” - Dame Gruev

"We are Bulgarians" - Gotse Delchev

Thank you Mr. Eaglenurger, enough said.

Thank you Mr. Eagleburger, enough said.

Very very well said Mr Eagleburger.

Eagleburger's remarks are absurd.

Macedonia is a Greek name and Greek history. Alexander the Great' tutor was Aristotle a Macedonian Greek who was "racist" against all non-Greeks. Of course Alexander and Macedonians were Greek, everything about them was only Greek. After 2,500 years FYROM want to tell the "ancient Macedonians" they were not Greek, because FYROM wants the Greek name Macedonia?

It is easy for FYROM to change a new name, it is a very new country. But Macedonia is a Greek name with Greek history and meaning.

The communists wanted a "Macedonian nation" but even they referred to the population as Bulgarians, Serbs, Greeks.

Communist leader Dimitrov' Secret Diary, - "we talk about Macedonian Nation which consists of Bulgarians, Serbs and Greeks? Is it possible for Macedonia to exist as an independent state or in the frame of the confederation of Southern Slavs, regardless of the ETHNOGRAPHICAL CONCOCTION that it is?"

FYROM is causing instability in the region and not helping its citizens, by not changing the name.

To all albanians/vlachs/turks who call themselves pure 'greeks' - It is not enough to simply say that 'Macedonia is greek'. It is blatantly obvious that no part of Macedonian land was part of greece before 1913. This is historical fact, and it is still fresh in the minds of all Macedonians as it was really not that long ago when this happened. What we also know is that christian turks were transplanted from Anatolia into greek occupied Macedonia after 1913. These christian turks did not know this greek language that you speak today, and they had to learn it. There is also evidence that when greece was formed as a nation for the first time ever in the 1820's (there was no greek nation before this point in time), there was some confusion as to what the official language would be at the time, either Albanian or this modern day 'greek' language.

No matter what this pseudo-greek nation claims, we Macedonians are living proof that Macedonians are not greeks, and there's not really much they can do about it except twist facts and claim blatant lies. The lies are the reason why this 'greek' nation is falling apart, as it is obvious for everyone in the world to see.

Makedonija za Makedoncite!

Greece is Hellas, meaning homelands of Graekoi-Hellenes (Greeks).

For those liars talking about Christian Turks, there was never a Christian Turk transplanted in Greece - only Greeks coming back to mainland Greece-Hellas. Many of them are real Macedonians, which can only be a Greek. Of course Macedonian is a Greek name for ethnic Greeks. Bulgarian Slavs using the Greek name Macedonian came from far away are were never called Macedonians. Greek Macedonian Byzantines defeated Tsar Samuel the Bulgar. Greeks always spoke Greek throughout history and in Anatolia, as real Macedonians and all other Greeks always have.

Nicholas Hammond, "the name of the ancient Macedonians is derived from Makedon who was the grandchild of Deukalon, the father of all Greeks."

Fyrom is brainwashed by communist lies and lies about Makednoids. Many lies about Greeks are given, but the truth is Macdedonian is a Greek name for Greeks. Like Kretans, Rhodians, Thebans, Epirotes, Samiotes, many others but all Greeks.

The Byzantine Empire was called the Greek Empire. The Byzantine Empire was the longest lasting empire in history. Byzantium governed and administered "Macedonia" as a Greek region and with the Greek language. The Byzantine Macedonian Dynasties were clearly Greek.

Some Fyromians want to lie about Greeks, but even those Anatolian Greeks that returned to Greece proper were not under Turkish dominance for as long or as severely as FYROM. FYROM calling other people "Turkish Christians" is funny and Bulgarians are from the Turkic ethnic branch. FYROM hero Misirkov said FYROM is pure Bulgar.

Those anatolian 'greeks' never knew how to speak the 'greek' language. It was taught to them when they were first transplanted to Macedonia after it was illegally partitioned after 1913. So these non-greek speaking anatolian christian turks are the true Macedonians???? Lol that is the dumbest thing that you modern 'greeks' claim! Your claim to Macedonia is through transplanted people who had nothing to do with Macedonia prior to their arrival in 1913.

If the Macedonian name was yours, you would have taken it by now. 'FYROM' only exists in your head and in your debt ridden country. Everywhere we Macedonians travel we are recognized as Macedonians, whether you like it or not. We are infact winning this absurd issue, as the world is seeing what kind of people we are dealing with.

Golem pozdrav do site Makedonci niz svetot! Ne se plashete od ovie lazhgovcite. Ne si ja znat nejzinata istorija

Denko Malevski, FYROM First minister of Foreign Affairs - "since you made us invent a history .. we did invent it."

JOSEPH STALIN The Kremlin, 7 June 1946, "That a Macedonian consciousness has not yet developed among the population is of no account. No such consciousness existed in Byelorussia either when we proclaimed it a Soviet Republic."

U.S State Department Foreign Relations Vol. VIII Washington D.C. 1944, -- "This (US) Government considers talk of Macedonian "nation", Macedonian "Fatherland", or Macedonia "national consciousness" to be unjustified demagoguery representing no ethnic nor political reality, and sees in its present revival a possible cloak for aggressive intentions against Greece."

FYROM hero Krste Misirkov, "We are Bulgarians, more Bulgarians than the Bulgarians in Bulgaria themselves."

"The chief authority was conceded to the Albanian shipowners; George Konduriottes of Hydra was elected president of Greece, and Botasses of Spetzas vice-president…..The Greeks are the most prejudived of all Europeans when there is a question of the purity of the Hellenic race, and no people regards education with more favour; yet with all this nationality and pedantry they intrusted their public affairs, in a period of great difficulty, to two men who could not address them in the Greek language. (George Finlay, History of the Greek Revolution)"

Macedonia for the Macedonians!

"Athens, twenty-five years ago, was only an Albanian village. The Albanians formed, and still form, almost the whole of the population of Attica; and within three leagues of the capital, villages are to be found where Greek is hardly understood. Athens has been rapidly peopled with men of all kinds and nations..........Albanians form about one-fourth of the population of the country; they are in majority in Attica, in Arcadia, and in Hydra..…..(Edmond About, Greece and the Greeks of the Present Day)"

"Greece is the most artificial of all artificial nations that resulted from the dissolution of the Ottoman empire." Yerasimos Kaklamanis (Analysis of Neohellenic Bourgeois Ideology,page 13).

DEMOSTEN = Macedonians are not grekos.

Hi know's that !!! beter then anyone of us today.


Macedonia cannot be 'greek' as 'greece' didn't exist before the 1830's. You cannot change history no matter what haters say!

'greek' history has albanian and turkish roots

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