The new and final proposal of the UN mediator Matthew Nimetz will include the geographical reference "Upper" or "Northern" attached to the name of Macedonia, and the nationality will be defined as "Macedonian" written in Latin alphabet with Cyrillic transcription, Athens-based conservative daily Kathimerini cited diplomatic sources as saying.

Nimetz will return to Athens and Skopje in the beginning in October, with what is likely to be the final proposal of this stage of negotiations, the paper adds.

According to diplomatic sources, Nimetz’s efforts will focus on getting the two sides to accept "Upper" or "Northern" Macedonia as an acceptable solution over the name row.

He will also bypass the issue of ethnic identity of the Macedonian citizens, which authorities in Skopje are trying to add to negotiations, the Greek paper says.

Nimetz will concentrate on the issue of nationality and will propose for it to be stated as “Makedonska” ("Macedonian") in all official documents, including passports, Kathimerini cited diplomatic sources as saying.

MD: No! No! No!, simply as that, Macedonia should not even consider these funny proposals!


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This is ridiculous ! There isn't any other country in the world named Macedonia. Greece should make up their minds.Either call themselves Macedonia or Greece . They can't have both!!!

The Birth of a Clone State

The term clone is derived from κλών (klōn), the Greek word for twig or branch, referring to the process whereby a new plant can be created from a twig.

Most of us are aware of the letters sent by Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski to Greek PM Karamanlis, to the President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso, to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and many other world leaders raising issues of an artificial “Macedonian” ethnic minority in Greece. As Gruevski’s provocative allegations further strain relations between Greece and FYROM and the name dispute remains a hot topic for both countries, I will present a multi-part series on this subject, concentrating on events from 1870 on, while occasionally referencing ancient Greek history only to refute FYROM’s claims as they arise.

Following the veto to it’s anticipated membership at the NATO Summit in Bucharest, Romania earlier this year, FYROM’s political leadership headed by Prime Minister Gruevski is attempting to expand the dispute by provoking artificial minority issues in northern Greece, specifically in Greece’s Macedonia province.

Currently, negotiations for a permanent name for FYROM are being held under the auspices of the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations Mr. Matthew Nimetz. PM Gruevski recently dismissed all of the name proposals which Nimetz had put on the table and unilaterally derailed the negotiations. By embarking on this ethnic minority ‘witch hunt’ he is dangerously treading the diplomatic waters and heading into uncharted territory which some perceive as a suicide mission. His intentions are clear: To isolate Greece as a country which severely violates human rights, carry the dispute and claims of his fledging state within the borders of modern day Greece and as a result have Greece meet the same fate as Serbia. Gruevski is not alone in this. He has recruited lobbyists who are currently very active in the halls of Washington. Such measures can not go unheeded and as Americans of Hellenic descent it is our moral responsibility to our ancestors to stand up to the fabricators of history and help Greece deny them their expansionist ambitions.

In the coming months I will explain through a detailed sequence of events the eventual creation of a “Macedonian” nation, which is FYROM today. This state has nothing to do with the centuries-long evolutionary ethnic processes which resulted in the natural forming of other nations in the Balkan peninsula. It is a state which evolved through oppression, intimidation and persecution perpetuated by the barbarous regimes which laid its foundation.

I will start my analysis with a shocking revelation which only recently came to light. The Prime Minister of FYROM, Nikola Gruevski, has Greek roots. His grandfather, Nikolaos Grouios, was a resident of the village of Ahlada, in the prefecture of Florina, in Greece’s Macedonia province. Mr. Grouios was killed fighting the Italians a few weeks following their invasion of Greece on October 28, 1940. In the center of the village now stands a monument honoring war heroes who were residents of Ahlada. The name “Nikolaos Grouios” is clearly carved in the marble memorial.

During the final days of the Greek Civil War, as the communists retreated into Yugoslavia ousted by Greek, American and British forces, Nikolaos Grouios’ widow and her three children, one being Gruevski’s father, followed for reasons unknown the communists of the ELAS faction into Yugoslavia.

Nikola Gruevski is a perfect example of the diversified backgrounds of Greeks, Bulgarians, Albanians, Serbs, Gypsies and others who today make up the state called FYROM. Through identity theft and deception, oppression, persecution and terror, propagated by generations of deliberate misinformation and history usurpation in FYROM’s educational institutions, evolved this false perception of a Macedonian identity.

In the next segment I will explain how, starting around 1870, a pseudo-Macedonian ethnic identity evolved as part of a Bulgarian plan to annex the entire Macedonian region, coveting the shores of the northern Aegean Sea.

Johann Gustav Droysen, creator of Greece's Fake History

Perhaps it was convenient that German created Greece's history. Only the Germans at the time understood how powerful history was, especially if you twisted, invented and fake it.

People hear “Hellenistic this, Hellenistic that” all the time, envisioning in their mind something very ‘old’, ancient if you will.
If you envisioned something old, you‘d be right, because it goes back to 1833. If you envisioned something ancient, sorry to disappoint you.

What happened in 1833? Greece had just gained its independence from the Ottoman Empire. To be more precise it was given to her by France and Britain.
In return, Greece received a French appointed German ruler, Prince Otto.
Otto was a freshly arrived hit in Greece. He loved the ethnic soup there, though he grew a bit concern as to how he would rule this people.
His biggest concern was Athens, where the Albanians and Turkish dominated.
Prince Otto phoned his twenty seven (27) year old friend Johann Gustav Droysen at Friedrich Wilhelm University. The student turned part time teacher was such an authority on his subject “History” that he was a privatdozent and then a professor (appointed by Otto) without a salary.
Even Prince Otto didn’t think he was good enough to have a salary. Granted, friendship can sometimes go far, as in this case. Johann was hired by Greece’s ruler to create the “new history” for Greece, to unite the populace, give him an idea of a ‘language’ in such a way that the populations wouldn’t be in a conflict.
Johann Gustav had recommended Albanian as the core language of Greece because it dominated Athens. This idea didn’t go well with Prince Otto who explained that people in and outside of Athens spoke Turkish as well. Besides, the idea was to unite the populations.
Johann’s showed his cleverness by suggesting to adopt the long lost Koine language. Imagine Americans today adopting what is now considered the dying Latin language.
Prince Otto loved Johann's idea and it was set in stone. Koine was the language. Better yet, the language was called “Greek”, the German born Greek ruler decided.
Little it was known that Otto’s friend and “history” professor Johann Gustav had transferred to yet another University, this time at Kiel, where once again was not able to get a salary. Shortly afterwards he made a decision to move into Politics! You’d think History would have worked out for him.
We are not done with Greece and Johann Gustav Droysen. Once the Koine language was introduced, Johan decided to further help Prince Otto in uniting the ethnic soup in Greece.
This word was coined by none other, but our remarkable History Professor turned Politician Johann Gustav in 1836.
I understand few of you are disappointed because this term doesn’t go back in ancient time as some believe. 1836 is the year, the word Hellenism was first coined. Not a minute before that. When you consider who created the word, any comment can be superfluous.
By all means, Johann did his job, he was tasked to ’unite’, not to divide. Yes, he went perhaps a bit too far with the Hellenism phrase, not to mentioned calling Koine 'Greek'.
I suggest to Macedonians to adopt the Hebrew language and call it "Macedonian", that way anything they find written in Hebrew, can claim as being Macedonian. Easy enough, if you follow "Greek logic".
Perhaps, I’d accept the term “Hellenistic” to describe something that happened in Athens, though I don’t know what that would be, still, the term "Macedonistic" period should, and ought to be, used to cover any other historical references.
There is no denying that the period from Alexander the Great until well into the Roman time deals with Macedonian Dynasties, their rule, succession and their eventual interaction, or lack there of with the indigenous local populations throughout the Balkan Peninsula, Asia and Egypt.
The term "Hellenistic” can hardly do any justice to historical scholarship since its coverage/domain leaves a huge section of history barely touched. Hellenism, the term Johann Gustav Droysen gave to this era, is such a narrow cultural belt of history that its usage is not only misleading and inappropriate but it very much distorts and minimizes the greatness of the ancient Macedonians.

Perhaps the Athenian contribution, from a cultural point of view, may be argued to have occupied a place of some importance in the administrative sector of the empire, the organizational, the military and the structural components of the Macedonian Empire must have been obtained, delivered and maintained strictly from Macedonian resources and for Macedonian interests.
The concept of an empire, an esoteric notion for the Athenians, was born with the first few initial successes of Alexander, and its meaning, magnitude, scope and structure grew as the string of victories and the success on the battlefields allowed Alexander to enlarge, coordinate and control huge land areas in Asia and Egypt. For almost 3 centuries after Alexander, it was his successors that carried the symbols and the name of the Macedonian Empire.
Thus, the very narrow strip of "Hellenism" that comes, as a residue, attached to the period in question, cannot, in any meaningful way, embrace and encompass the scope and the magnitude of an empire that was built, organized and maintained on the strength and the efficiency of the Macedonian army.
If Johann would be alive today to see what his fake history and the god-father style of creating Greece has caused, I am certain he would have broken off his friendship to Prince Otto.

The ominous prophecy of Harilaos Trikoupis, Greek Prime Minister from 1882 to 1895, foretold what the neighboring Greek state had in mind for Macedonia and its people:
"When the Great War comes, Macedonia will become Greek or Bulgarian, according to who wins. If it is taken by the Bulgarians, they will make the population Slavs. If we take it, we will make all of them Greeks".

'HARY POTTER' was realy better than this... 'Droysen' story...

fuck the fucken greekS or anyone that what to change our name

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