Greece and Iraq have agreed to build a monument honoring the Macedonian warrior-king Alexander the Great at an ancient battlefield in southern Iraq.

Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis said the agreement was reached at the talks in Athens with Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari.

Zebari said the battlefield monument would underline the interaction of civilizations in the region.

Paying an honor to the great conquest "must symbolize the mutual influence between the two peoples," the Greek and the Iraqi ones, Bakoyannis said.

The monument will be built at the locality bearing the ancient name of Gaugamela, situated near the city of Mosul. At the time - 331 B.C. - Iraq was part of the Persian Empire, which stretched throughout most of the Middle East. 25-year-old Alexander won a crushing victory over a Persian army and declared himself Emperor of Asia.

MD: Nice political move by our southern neigbours! They just couldn't take it that our highway was renamed 'Alexander the Great' recently. When is this game going to end?


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and he did that with his Macedonian Army. Not Greek because the word Greek didnt exist then you Athenians.

Alexander the Great had 36000 Macedonian Troops and he had 7600 Atheians that he used as slaves when he took over athens. ohhhhh yehhhhhh.

The 'Oath' of Alexander the Great:

“Now that the wars are coming to an end, I wish you to prosper in peace. May all mortals from now on live like one people in concord and for mutual advancement. Consider the world as your country, with laws common to all and where the best will govern irrespective of tribe. I do not distinguish among men, as the narrow-minded do, both among GREEKS and Barbarians. I am not interested in the descendance of the citizens or their racial origins. I classify them using one criterion: their virtue. For me every virtuous foreigner is a GREEK and every evil GREEK worse than a Barbarian. If differences ever develop between you never have recourse to arms, but solve them peacefully. If necessary, I should be your arbitrator. You must not consider God like an autocratic despot, but as a common Father of all; so your behavior may resemble the life siblings have in a family. On my part I should consider all equals, white or blacks, and wish you all to be not only subjects of the Commonwealth, but participants and partners. As much as this depends on me, I should try to bring about what I promised. The oath we made over tonight’s libations hold onto as a Contract of Love”.

ohhhhh yehhhhhh

The role of Greeks in Alexander's service was not much different from what their role had been in the services of Xerxes and the third Darius. - Borza

Basically, they were puppets to Alexander and his Macedonian army.

Oh yeah!

So why can't we find the word "Macedonian" in his Oath? Under your and Borza's theory, the Greeks were the puppets. That's a lot of credit in his Oath for puppets, wouldn't you think?

Oh Noooo!

I'd say the translation is not entirely accurate, as there was no such word as 'greek' back in ancient times to start with. This label was first used by the romans, was it not?

Even today, it is not clear what a 'greek' is. It is not exactly an ethnicity or bloodline per se. It's more of an idea/feeling than anything, and this is backed up by the fact that christian turkish settlers were taught to be 'greeks' when they were transplanted from anatolia to Macedonia after Macedonia's illegal partitioning.

You are so wrong about the origins of the word "Greek."

Graekos was son of Thessalos and great grandson of Pelasgos.

Hellen was the first-born son of Deukalion.

Greece was subdivided into four regions which were alloted to Hellen:

Graecia, Makedonia, Hellas and Magnesia.


Where the FUCK did you come from you kangaroo twat? I'm teaching some shithead history (wasting my time one might say) and along comes you like a fuckin' piece of shit popping out of a kangaroo's ass. Get your own fuckin' conversation you miserable cock socket.


what it means gialtouridis in greek. Is anyone here who speak Turkish. I think the root of this name is turkish.

Pozdrav do site...

a. Greeks were unable to understand people who were makedonizein, "speaking Macedonian". The Macedonian king Alexander the Great was not understood by the Greeks when he shouted an order in his native tongue and the Greek commander Eumenes needed a translator to address the soldiers of the Macedonian phalanx. The Greek orators Thrasymachus of Chalcedon and Demosthenes of Athens called Macedonian kings like Archelaus and Philip II barbarians, which prima facie means that they did not speak Greek.

b.The king Alexander the first (not the great) called by the Greeks "Alexander the Philhellenos".
The title philhellenos (friend of the Greeks) itself implies that the nation that Alexander represented was not Greek (no Greek king needed to called "friend of the Greeks").

Anonymous at 17:53.

I use my real surname to post here and everywhere else and you, who posts anonymously, dare to question my name? Do you have any balls? Do you wear pants or do you piss sitting down? Are you that much of a pussy to ask me about my name when you yourself don't have the balls to post your real name?

Post anonymously and write all the bullshit you want. But when you question my name, do it like a man.

Anonymous at 18:21.

That shit is so old. Where have you been? Don't you read any other blogs? Whatever you just wrote has been proven to be bullshit.

gialtouriski your are just a african monkey your fucken ass wipe and sister and mum still will be taking it up the ass you fucken greek scams

Oh, very constructive. You got me know. Skopian name and all. I don't know what to say. You just presented a brilliant argument.

Go back to your shithole you like to call a country where the unemployment rate is over 35% and try to help those miserable bastards instead of hiding inside a kangaroo pouch you sorry excuse for a human being.


I couldn't give a toss where you think the word 'greek' came from. The truth is that it wasn't used by the inhabitants of the yunanistan nation throughout history, and was only adopted when the nation was created for the first time ever around the 1830's. Nobody was 'greek' before this time. The romans used it a few times in the past, but the people were known by different names at different times in history eg. romaio, yunan. The ancient Macedonians used to refer to them as danaians (danajci), and there is evidence of this in the recent deciphering of the middle text of the Rosetta Stone.

These 'greeks' you speak of are nothing but a mixture of different races - arvanites, turks, vlachs, slavic peoples.

Pozdrav (Greetings),
Your Macedonian friend

How you and your fellow monkeys just learned to read and write and the first thing you do is what? Re-write history.

Hey dumbass, what you just wrote is bullshit. Only your fellow monkeys believe it. Haven't you had enough bananas?

The word 'Graekos' goes back over 3000 years you stupid shit. It's as old as 'Hellen' as is 'Makedon.'

January 29, 2009
To: The EU Parliament, UN Missions, Human Rights Agencies, World Media, US Secretary of
State Hillary Clinton, Hellenic Foreign Minister Dora Bakogianni, & the Hellenic Parliament
We should like to bring to your attention the apparent arrest of Mr. Vasil Gligorov (aka Vasko
Gligorijevic) in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (the FYROM). Reportedly on January
28, 2009 the FYROM police charged into Mr. Gligorov’s apartment where they arrested him
purportedly because of his activist actions. Mr. Gligorov, a university graduate in history, has
devoted his efforts at improving Slavic-Greek friendship through the advancement of
historiographic and anthropological scholarship about Southern Slavs in the Balkans and Greeks as
well as the various aspects of their mutual cultural and political relations. He is a strong critic of the
extreme nationalistic narrative of “Makedonism” and one of the leading members of the Slavic
Philhellenic Network.
At this time, the whereabouts of Mr. Gligorov are unknown although we have learned that he has
since been imprisoned and suffered physical and mental torture and may be close to death.
This alleged government-supported action is a blatant case of extremely repressive behavior akin to
a totalitarian regime as opposed to a country, which aspires to become a member of the European
Union and NATO. In any free democratic society, voices such as Mr. Gligorov’s cannot and must
not be suppressed. We call upon your Agency and other Human Rights NGOs to investigate the
aforementioned case and facilitate the immediate release of Mr. Gligorov from detention.
FYROM must abandon the mentality of its communist past era that has resulted in ill treatment of
its minorities and hostile irredentist behavior towards its neighbors. The FYROM leadership’s eerie
fascist performance is continuous. It was also recently self-exposed when they promoted through
National TV channels an approximately nine minute video, entitled “Macedonian Prayer.” In the
video God himself appeared, telling the people of the FYROM that “he had populated the earth with
three races of people, the white race or Macedonoids, the yellow race or Mongoloids and the black
race or Negroids, while all other people in the world were mulattos”. These extreme racial beliefs,
which underlie a virulent ethnocentric narrative are especially troubling and dampen enthusiasm
about the prospect of a viable and lasting solution to the perennial name problem.
Our Association is a USA based organization and our members’ origins are from Macedonia, the
northern province of Greece. Many are also citizens of Greece and therefore citizens of the
European Union. Moreover, when a misfortune such as Mr. Grigorov’s, occurs, it becomes the
concern of all peace-loving nations on earth.
We thank you in advance for your attention and appropriate action on this matter.
Nina Gatzoulis, President Maria Hatzinakos, Secretary

Hey majum gailturd,

You arvanitovlachs stoop to new lows to try to prove that we are the bad guys, when in fact you cannot account for your own family history. With this grigorov saga (bullsh*t), his own mother came out and stated that he was mentally ill, and was taken to a psychiatric hospital. He was not suppressed you dumb f**k! Get your facts straight. But this is to be expected from yunanistan's government and media. What a heap of sh*t! You people cling onto a psychotic's word HAHAHA!

Here is the story:

Nova Macedonia: Greece accused Macedonia in irredentism

3 February 2009 | 13:39 | FOCUS News Agency

Thanks to the very active Greek lobby in reference to Macedonia even Brussels learned the false story for the so-called arrest of Macedonian blogger who is spreading pro-Greek propaganda on the internet and with flayers in Skopje, Macedonian Nova Macedonia newspaper informs.
The edition informs the arrested blogger is mentally ill and taken to the local psychiatric hospital not in Skopje’s prison as Geek media informs.
Nova Macedonia published statement of blogger’s mother who says her son was treated actively in the psychiatric hospital, because he is sick.

You arvanitovlachs are looking more stupid every day with your false claims. This is becoming a laugh for all of us Macedonians. Carry on yunanistan...

Your Macedonian friend

And gailturd,

It is not bullsh*t, that is the history of the 'greek' label. Look it up yourself, but make sure you don't use arvanitovlach references who are obviously biased towards this label.

Nobody was 'greek' before 1831. No such nation existed EVER before this period. Through evidence, it is easy to see that athens was a majority albanian village, and these 'greeks' of today are made up of a mixture of nationalites - turks, vlachs, arvanites, armenians, slavic speaking peoples, even africans. There is even evidence of the parthenon being used as a mosque before the yunanistan nation was created in 1831.

So spare me this 3000 year continuity crap. The republic of yunanistan was created by the super powers of the day, was given a bavarian flag (that closely resembles the East India Trading Company), was ruled by a bavarian king. All this happened a mere 170 years ago. You didn't even have a standardized language until the 1970's. And at yunanistan's creation, there was a huge possibilty of using the albanian language as the national language. So much for continuity monkey boy.

Pozdrav (Greetings),
Your Macedonian friend

When are you clowns gonna come up with some new propaganda? The same ol' same ol' over and over. One monkey writes all this shit and what do the rest do? Monkey see, monkey do. Get some new material ass wipes. You start to sound like a broken record. I'm sick of answering to the same shit all the time. Besides, it doesn't amuse me any more.

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