Debate in Greece, one that was kept secret for several weeks by Greek media, perhaps not to embarass the Government.

Thanks to Athens based British journalist from The Guardian, the secret is out. Several prominent (older) Greek historians have been disobeying Athens and had voted against erecting a monument of Alexander the Great.

Greek politicians led by nationalist euforia have pushed for the sculpture to be placed in the center of Athens for greater exposure. However, a handful of historians and archeologists in Athens, who together form a powerful lobby, were against putting a sculpture of the ancient hero in the capital.

According to the group, "Alexander came to Athens as a conqueror, an enemy". The parallel would be if the Polish decided to erect a statue of Hitler in Warsaw.

More Greek historians are raising their voices and displeasure with the Greek Government who via numerous policies spanning 80 years have replaced their history with scenes from a disney movie, the facts with myths.

While trying to usurp the history of a whole region, Athens historians and archeologists are worried Greece may lose the history that rightfully belongs to them.


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see even your own greek historians dont want a statue of alexander the great in athens because alexander the great was considered as the enemy. so get over it you greeks Alexander the Great is Macedonian not greek. and for the record the word Greece or Greek didnt exist in his time the word greece was created in the 1800 and so was your national flag. but owe Macedonian flag with the 16 ray sun was around for over 4000 years and our country name.

Macedonia was split in to three in 1913 by the western powers. Greece got 51 percent of occupied Macedonia Serbia got 40 Percent of occupied Macedonia and Bulgeria recevied only 9 percent of occupied Macedonia. Greece changed the name to southern Greece Western Greece and Northern Greece and Serbia called there part Sourthern Serbia and Vardaska Bonavina and Bulgeria renamed there part of occupied Macedonia to Pirin. it wasnt to 1945 when Macedonians in the serbia part of occuipied Macedonia won there freedon and where allowed to use there right full name and to be called Macedonians. and greece didnt have a problem with that name change until 1989 when The Macedonian People from Yugoslavia where going to split up and the greeks where afraid that two million people are going to make claims on there occupied land.


i believe that that was 17 years ago (the issue of whether or not to put it) but nice attempt to make it seem current...

that article said 1972-last time i checked that was awhile away from 2009...i really have a hard time uderstanding how this article can be spun to make it seem as though Greeks are against alexander themselves...now im not from Greece or Macedonia...just from America...but this sort of media coverage is just disgusting! It wasn't even this bad with media coverage against Palin and McCain in the election over here!

and btw the cross in the Greek flag=christianity which wasn't created in 1800...come on dude your killing history here bro

Macedonia s a geographical region who 95% is in the Greek territory since today...
Skopia owns a 3% of the ancient Macedonia teritory and the rest 2% is divited to Bulgaria and Albania...
All Macedonian greek cities and ancient monuments discovered only in the actual macedonian teritory of Greece.
As Cretans, Cypriots, Pelloponesians, Athenians, Thessalians, Thracians, Ionians, Aegeans, Epiroteans, also Macedonians were, and are Greeks...
Common culture, religion, language, enemies...
Today Macedonians have one and unique enemy: slavobulgarian tribe of Vardaska Banovina...
No greek historian, has ever discussed a possible monument of Alexander the Greek in Athens, as this means nothing... This is a Vardaska Banovina's propaganda, because of the near election in the southcentral state of balkans.
The fact that slavobulgarian people of Vardaska call themselves ''macedonians'', that doesn't mean anything to the Macedonians of Greece, that always will look for the enemies...
We Macedonians are Greeks, and the whole world knows it, as it is written to every history in all the countries of the whole world...

even your name thressalonik was given to you. by the ancient romans that occupied the area in the roman rule they where called the acient thressilians from rome even that word is not greet. wake up a smell the coffee. Macedonia has never been greeek. Macedonians are just macedonians we are not greeks or serbs or even bulgerians. We are Just Macedonians.

its only written in greek history books. read a book written by italians orthers and eguipen orthers dont read the ones written from greece because thats all just greek Myths. like all your heros and gods where just Myths. you cant say u Believe in zues come on. even saying thats alexanders farther its all a joke. and for the record there not greek gods there Mediterranean Gods because every one in the region belevied in them not just greeks how can a god just speak greek a god can speak any language.

These so called 'greeks' (whatever that means) of today are nothing other than a hotch potch of races, be it albanians, turks, vlachs, armenians, jews, Macedonians, or bulgars. If you do your research you will find that there was never a 'greek' nation before the 1830's. This is a cold hard fact. There were Macedonians long before the yunanistan nation was created, and we are those Macedonians. The christian turkish settlers who were transplanted from anatolia to Macedonia after 1913, cannot be Macedonian. The best they can be is christian turks, or athenians. They have no history in Macedonian lands before 1913. These settlers had to learn the athenian language at night schools, as they did not know it before being transplanted from anatolia. Just ask your parents/grandparents. They probably still know some of the original language they used to speak at home before learning the yunanistan language. Arrogant monkeys, you cannot see that we Macedonians are dominating this so called 'name dispute' with cold hard facts.

Research your family background, and prove that you have no ties to the arvanites, or vlachs, or any number of races that make up the population of people who inhabit the desert you call athens.

Pozdrav (Greetings),
Your Macedonian friend

I believe that the South Slavonians of FYROM have been working hard and spending a lot of money for briberies of sose so-called Athenian historians and archealogists to stir milleniums old political and civil rivalries between Macedonia and Athens to revive the old animosity between those two city-States and create a sort of diviseveness among us in order to make us look in the world that that there is a rather fragile unity among us Macedonian Greeks and the Athenian Greeks who still think that the other Greek people are not as good as they are or have been. I suppose that for some Athenian Greeks regional glory is more important than national glory. However, I find it hard to believe that this was a spontaneous reaction on the part of those Athenians but I really believe there is something else, perhaps, bribery money that made talk like that instead of their mind. I am aware of other so-called professors and historians who have done the same thing for money. Money talks never had a better meaning than now a days where corruption and fraud prevail in our daily business.
I can only pray that we do not have to deal with an enemy within the walls of our fragile and rather weak castle. Nick H.

"The parallel would be if the Polish decided to erect a statue of Hitler in Warsaw."
Very inappropriate, as Poles never had collaborating government nor served in Hitler's army. But we had quite a lot monuments of Stalin after WWII. Thankfully they all long gone:-)

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