The 105th anniversary from the death of ideologist of the Macedonian revolutionary struggle Goce Delcev was marked Sunday with a prayer at his grave in church "St. Spas", and laying flowers at his monument in Skopje's City Park.

Vice Premier Zivko Jankuloski, Ministers Trajko Slaveski and Mile Janakieski, along with a number of civic and political delegations laid flowers at Delcev's grave.

National recognition for outstanding achievements in the field of science "Goce Delcev" for 2008 was presented in the Macedonian Parliament. This year's laureates are academician Vladimir Serafimovski, Frosina Tasevska-Remenski PhD, Valentin Mirceski PhD, Sebojka Komorski-Lovric PhD, and Milivoj Lovric PhD.

Goce Delcev, a visionary who more than one century ago saw the worked as a field for cultural competition among peoples, was killed by the Turkish army in village Banica on May 4, 1903. The goal of his last journey was to prevent or delay the early uprising, which was agreed at the Smilevo Congress (May 2-7) in Dame Gruev's home. Delcev believed the political situation was not ripe for an uprising, which eventually occurred three months later.

Goce Delcev was born on February 4, 1872 in Kukus. He was educated in Salonika high school and the Sofia Military Academy. Delcev worked as a teacher in Stip, but as member of the Secret Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (TMORO), he was active in establishment of a network of bases, committees and companies. He took part at the VMRO Salonika Congress in 1896, and was VMRO representative in Sofia until 1901.

In the letters that have been preserved until today, Delcev says he fights for free and independent Macedonia, with a range of rights for the poor population.

"The success of the struggle will come through hard work. We will convince the educated Turks, Greeks, Vlachs that we truthfully fight for a progressive-culture state, based on radical and social principles in life, and then they will voluntarily extend their brotherly hands, so that we resume the struggle together. I see the world in this way: as a field for cultural competition of peoples".


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With a name like Delcev he sure sounds Macedonian, just like Philipos and Alexander

You have humor.

It's a good thing that Philip and Alexander kicks the greeks in the arse and used them as slaves and paramilitary.
It sure helped us Macedonians conquer Persia.

You do NOTHING!!

You are Slav... Your slavs ancestors come to this area almost a 1000 years after the Greek king Alexander the Great!

The only thing you do is to try to steal the Greek history....

People from Fyrom co-operate with Nazi on the Second World War to atack GREECE that is your history....

The world know that.

That is FYROMS shame.....

You are wrong! The Yugo(slav)ia idea was born in 1930 and died in 2004 when Serbia and Montenegro desolved the idea.

Slavs permiated the balkans long before Alexander and Philip. Also the so called Slav invasion of the 6th centry AD (if there ever was one) would have transended into the greek city states.

Macedonians weren't allowed to compete in the olympic games.

You tell me which day in the 6th centry Macedonia was born so we can have a public holiday.

We cannot steel what is already ours.

Here is same Macedonian Olympic winers:

320 b.c.Damasias Makedon - Stadion
328 b.c. Kliton Makedon - Stadion
292 b.c. Antigonos Macedon - Stadion
348 b.c. King Philip Macedon - four-horse chariot race
352 b.c. King Philip Macedon -four-horse chariot race
356 b.c. King Philip Macedon - four-horse chariot race
268 b.c. Selefkos Makedon - Stadion

The rtuth is that you are Slav. And your country real name is VARDARSKA.

The truth is that you try to high jacking Greek history and heritage...

For us Greeks Makedonia is our history and heritage.You have to understand that we will never give up on Macedonia... NEVER!

" ...Your ancestors came to Macedonia and the rest of Hellas and did us great harm, though we had done them no prior injury. I have been appointed leader of the Greeks, and wanting to punish the Persians I have come to Asia, which I took from you..."

Arrian, Anabasis of Alexander II, 14, 4 (Loeb, P. A. Brunt) - Arrianos II (Anabasis) Historian, 95-175 A


"For I Alexander myself am by ancient descent a Greek, and I would not willingly see Hellas change her freedom for slavery." (Herodotus. IX, 45, 2 [Loeb])

To all the greeks born in 400 BC please enlighten me with answering this question.

You hang on the word Vardarsdka like it is a Greek life support system to erradicate the Macedonian name when in fact it lasted for less than 10 years origanally from a Serbian ideology.

However Macedonia was the name of the territory occupied by now greece for 3000 years and yet you see fit to change the name to Greece.

If Macedonia was Greek and the whole world new it why didn't you leave the name as is when the republic's name was refered to as Vardarska.

So greeks with turkish DNA please respond!!

If you want to go back to 400BC I wonder what language you will hear at the Macedonian land. Macedonian or Greek? Until now we knew that the major characteristic of a civilization was its language. But here you come and change this!

I find hard to understand your question. You ask us why we didn’t name our Macedonia as Macedonia?

Personally, I don’t think that Vardarsdka is the proper name for you. Neither I believe that you don’t have rights to Macedonia name. But you don’t have exclusive rights!

By naming your country Macedonia is like claiming exclusive rights, which is not accepted by us.

So, will you explain to us, you Macedonians with Greek DNA?

You find my question hard to understand??? Bingo! we find you greeks hard to understand going on about Vardarska.

Monopoly or not we identify ourselves as Macedonians. There is no such thing as an ethnic New Macedonian or Upper Macedonian.

You have no right to dictate what our name is you just have a means via NATO or EU. If and or when they see the sence in not interfering in a bilaterral issue you greeks will have nothing.

Gee thats a lot of Macedonians competing in the olympic games.

Show me a list of participants representing macedonians in the olympic games.

You can't because they were not considered greek.

Only after the success of Alexander he, his dad and all macedonians became instant greeks (just add water)

To Anonymous | 04:55
Try to read and learn history....

The speech of Alexander I, when he was admitted to the Olympic games
"Men of Athens...
Had I not greatly at heart the common welfare of Hellas I should not have come to tell you; but I am myself Hellene by descent, and I would not willingly see Hellas exchange freedom for slavery....
If you prosper in this war, forget not to do something for my freedom; consider the risk I have run, out of zeal for the Hellenic cause, to acquaint you with what Mardonius intends, and to save you from being surprised by the barbarians.
I am Alexander of Macedon."
(Herodotus, The Histories, 9.45)



Monopoly or not?
So, this gives us the right to deny your right to identify yourself as Macedonian. You name yourself Macedonian just because you live in Macedonian land. What about me? Don’t I have the right of being called Macedonian?
If you think I cannot then we have a fight and let’s see what weapons will be used and who’s going to win.
We have the larger part of Macedonia, so we have rights.

And about Alexander
No matter if it was before or after his success, the fact that he recognizes his Greek origin and the fact that he was speaking Greek makes him something like Greek, right?
Of course there are people that didn’t like Alexander. After all he wanted to rule Greece and not all Greeks liked that. This doesn’t make him non – Greek.

Alexander was part hellenic from his mother. His father was Macedonian ie. non greek. He was led to believe by three greek priests into thinking he was the son of Zues at the Oracle in Egypt. This is 2000 years before conception was understood in 1600 AD.

So no matter what Alexander was led to believe, he is Macedonian.

Your greek myths won't save you in the 21st century.

Tell me, if greek mythology is so accurate and useful today why isn't it taught in every primary, highschool and tertiary curriculum??

Maybe because they're 2000 year old half baked ideas.

Just like a lot of your posts.

So start learning your 90 year greek history of forced assimilation.

Greeks and Bulgarians are Cocksuckers!!!!! you can all eat a dick... no matter what youv done 2 us over the years we still standing and exist..

Nice! So, the story goes. You say what it pleases you without answer to the case!

So, Philip was Macedonian? Tell me, why they choused the name Philip?
(I suppose you know what Philip means, right?)

Today I learned something new. That some nasty Greek priests made Alexander think that he was the son of Zeus! Not because he was ambitious, neither because he wanted to easily conquers the distant lands (to increase the moral of his troops and decrease the moral of the opponents)! It seems that you don’t show enough respect to your so-called “ancestors”.

As for the mythology, I learn it in the first classes of primary school. Were I also learned religion. It’s enough for the Childs to learn mythology at that time. No more is needed.

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